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Facebook has taken the world by storm and like many of you, I spend a significant amount of my day camped out on it.  Below are some tips I've put together to make your Facebook sessions both more enjoyable and safe, along with some Facebook urban legends & hacks that are not feasible.

How can I withdraw a friend request on Facebook?  

Good question.  There are no Pending Friend Request links; fortunately, there is a roundabout way to cancel friend requests that you have made.

Click on Privacy Settings

You will now see the option to Block People.  Type the person's name whose friend request you would like to block in the space provided and Facebook will give you the option to choose the exact person you'd like to block.

Blocking a person on Facebook deletes all connections you have with them, which would reverse the friend request.  The person you are blocking is not notified that they are being blocked.

After that you are free to remove the person from your blocked list if you truly don't want the person blocked or you can leave them on the blocked list if you'd like no association with them at all.  You can even send them a new Add Friend request if you'd like.

Facebook is blocked at my work and I'd still like to use it at work.  What can I do?

Many workplaces are blocking Facebook.  One way that sometimes works is connecting using Facebook's IP Address instead of typing

This will not always work, many IT & Network administrators are wise to this idea and block the IP Addresses as well.  That said, it doesn't occur to many of them!

I found two that work for me, feel free to try them: 

How can I tell who looks at my Facebook profile?  Is there a hack or script or some way to figure this out?

No, there is not.  Facebook wisely does not allow any scripts to run on their members profile pages and there is no way to track who looks at your page.  There are websites that offer hacks and some of them run scripts but always be aware that you may be putting your own computer at risk.





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