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A Martinez

Adrianne Leon

Amber Rose Tamblyn

Anders Hove

Anna Lee

Anne Jeffreys

Billy Warlock

Brad Maule

Brittney Powell

Cari Shayne

Chad Brannon

Constance Towers

Cynthia Preston

Dylan Cash

Finola Hughes

Jack Wagner

Jaime Ray Newman

John J. York

Katie Stuart

Kelly Monaco

Lane Davies

Leigh J. McCloskey

Leslie Charleson

Linda Dano

Lindze Letherman

Mary Beth Evans

Nancy Lee Grahn

Rebecca Herbst

Rick Hearst

Ricky Martin

Robyn Richards

Sarah Brown

Scott Clifton

Scott Egan

Sean Kanan

Stephen Nichols

Steve Burton

Tava Smiley

Tyler Christopher

Wally Kurth


Fan Sites

3rd Times a Charm Lucky & Liz)

A Brook and Lucas Fan Site

A Modern Fairytale (Nikolas & Emily)

A Nancy Lee Grahn Website

A Place For Genie Francis Fans

A Star Born To Shine (Robin Christopher)

Alexis and Jax- Friends and Newlyweds

Alexis and Luke - Partners in Crime

Alexis's Realm: A Nancy Lee Grahn Fansite

Alicia Leigh Willis Online

Alicia Willis Central

Alicia's Web

Amber Tamblyn Homepage


Angel Boris

Angel Boris Online

Ashley's Lucky & Liz Page

Audrey Hardy

Beauty: A Nikolas & Emily Graphics Site

Beem's Obsession Maurice Benard

Billy Warlock Online

Billy Warlock!

Bobbie Spencer

Bobbie Spencer Online

Brooklyn: A New Star

Callen's I Love Scotty Page

CarLo Advocate (Carly & Lorenzo)

Carly & Jax=Fusion, Sweet Caroline and the Corporate Raider

Carly and Lorenzo [dot]com

Carly's Realm

Casper: Just Smile (Jax & Courtney)

Catherine Wadkins Online

Cesar Faison

Chad Brannon Online

Chloe Hate

Chloe Morgan Guardian Angels

Classic Romance: Nikolas and Emily

Club Carly

Club Cerasoli

Coltin Scott Online

Cool Hand Luke: A Tony Geary Website

Cottage Cuties (Nikolas & Gia)

Courtroom Love (Ric & Alexis)

Curly Locks Inc. (Rick Herst)

Cynthia Preston Official Fan Club Information

Cynthia Preston Web

Dancing Cheek to Cheek: A Jax and Chloe Site

Dancing Hearts (Jax & Chloe)

Dee's Nexis Website (Ned & Alexis)

Devoted to Skye Chandler-Quartermaine

Dillon & Georgie's Sweet Haven

Dreamer: (Zander & Emily)

Dreams of Gold: Lucky and Elizabeth

E & Lovers (Emily & Lucky)

Edward Quartermaine

Eileen Boylan Online

Elizabeth and Lucky Online: Over and Over Again

Elizabeth and Ric Online

Emily's Pad

Eternal Love (Jax & Brenda)

Faith Roscoe Fan World

Faith, Justus, & Chocolate Covered Cherries

Faith: The Queen of the Mafia

Faithful Followers Of Lucky & Liz

Fan Tribute to Jax & Brenda

Fans of Alexis

For the Love of Sonny

Forbidden (Sonny & Sky)

Forever Amber

Gate Keeper Assocation (Ned & Alexis)

General Hospital Photo Album

Genie Francis Website

GQ Daily (Dylan & Georgie)

Heather's General Hospital Homepage

Heart, Mind & Soul (Sonny & Carly)

Helena Cassadine Wyndemere's Black Widow Spider

Here's to Sax and Sexis (Jax & Sky)

Here's to Sax and Sexis (Sonny & Alexis)

Hopelessly Reckless (Ric & Alexis)

Ingo Rademacher

Ingo's Canadian Angels

Inside & Out: A Jonathan Jackson Tribute

Is Alex Anna?

Jack Wagner Homepage

Jacob Young Appreciation Page

Jamie's Sonny & Brenda Homepage

Jason & Liz Memory Page

Jason & Robin Online

Jason & Robin Reuniters

Jason and Elizabeth

Jason Morgan's Protective Angels


Jax & Alexis

Jax & Brenda Love Without End

Jax and Alexis

Jax and Brenda Online

Jax and Chloe Addicts Anonymous

Jen & Amy's Jax & Brenda Homepage

Jennifer Skye Fan Page

Jessica Ferrarone Fan Site

John Stamos Live

John Stamos Mania

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson Homepage

Journey Online (Jason & Courtney)

Julian Stone Fan Club

Julie's Sonny & Brenda Homepage

Just Breathe (Sonny & Alexis)

Kamarie's Jax & Chloe

Katherine + Nickolas= FIRE

Katie Stuart Online

Keeper of Jax and V's Hearts

Kelly Monaco Web Site

Kelly Monaco's Place

Kimberly McCullough

Kimberly McCullough

Kin's Korner

Kiss of the Souls (Jason & Elizabeth)

Klymax: A Kyle and Maxie Fansite

Krisitina Wagner Online

Kyle and Maxie: We're Magic

L& L Brigade Headquarters (Lucky & Liz)

L&L Homepage (Luke & Laura)

Laura and Scotty

Laws of Attraction (Ric & Alexis)

Lesli Kay Fansite

Leticia's Diary

LiRic: The Melody of 2 Hearts (Ric & Elizabeth)

Liric's Song (Ric & Elizabeth)

Liz & Lucky

Liz & Lucky Scene Clips

Liz's Stephen Nichols & Mary Beth Evans Scrapbook

Lois and Lorenzo: Light Hearted Romance

Love in the Afternoon (Sonny & Alexis)

Love Without End (Jax & Brenda)

Lucky & Liz GH's Next Supercouple

Lucky & Liz: A Modern Day Luke & Laura

Lucky and Elizabeth Online

Lucky and Gia Online: Hands Clean

Lucky and Lizzie Transcripts

Luke & Laura Tribute

Luke & Laura Un-Revised

Luke and Laura- The Rape

Mad About Marisa Ramirez

Making Almost Count...for Jason & Carly

Malibu Way (Jax & Brenda)

Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard Time

Maurice Benard World

Melissa's Kevin and Lucy Site

Michael Saucedo Online

Mike Corbin's Guardian Angels

Mr. & Mrs. Jacks (Jax & Alexis)

Mrs. Brenda Corinthos

Ms.CEO: Skye Chandler Quartermaine

My Jonathan Jackson Homepage

Nancy Lee Grahn Home Page

Nancy Lee Grahn Online

Nancy Lee Grahn: Woman Extraordinaire 

Nancy Opening (Nancy Lee Grahn)

Natalia Livingston Online

Natalia Livingston Online

Natalia Livingston’s Unofficial Website

Naturally Natalia

Ned & Alexis...What the Heart Wants

Ned and Alexis: Heartmates

Nik and Gia

Nikolas and Gia Lovers

Nikolas and Sarah's Chapel

NoAngel [dot] net - Music Video's and More (Ric & Elizabeth)

Nobody Leaves (Jax & Brenda)

No-Name S&C Video Files (Sonny & Carly)

Operation: Heaven on Earth (Jax & Sky)

Page for Total AJ fans

Perfect Timing, Dillon Quartermaine & Georgie Jones

Playing For Keeps (Jax & Courtney)

Port Charles' Liz Webber and Lucky Spencer

Practical Magic (Jason & Carly)

Privileged Cassadine

R&S Forever (Robin & Stone)

Rebecca Herbst Forever


Rebeccca Herbst Online

Reckless: Ric and Alexis

Reckless: Screencap Parodies (Ric & Alexis)

Remember Nia (Nikolas & Gia)

Rexis- A Love of a Lifetime (Ric & Alexis)

Ric & Alexis Fans

Rick Hearst Online

Rick Springfield's Rock of Life

RJH (Robin & Jason)

Robert and Holly Transcripts

Robin Christopher Online

Robin Scorpio Sanctuary

Robyn Richards Website

Romance Without Bounds: Nik and Gia

Roy DiLucca

Ryan Carnes Online

Same Old, Same Old (Nikolas & Gia)

Sarah Brown Corner

Sarah Laine Online

Save Nexis (Ned & Alexis)

SBGHF (Sonny & Brenda)

Scorpio Files (Robin & Anna)

Scott Clifton Online

Sean Kanan

Sexy Top Cops of Port Charles (Marcus Taggert & Alex Garcia) 

Simply Divine (Katie Stuart)

Simply Sonny and Alexis

Skye & Jax- Picturesque


Smile For Tava- A Tava Smiley Fan Site

Sommaire (Vanessa Marcil)

Sonny & Brenda Corinthos

Sonny & Brenda Lovers Society Homepage

Sonny & Brenda Online

Sonny & Brenda Remembered

Sonny and Alexis Forever

Sonny and Brenda: Fate's Passion

Sonny and Carly's Jukebox

Sonny Carly Collision

SOS-B Save Our Sonny and Brenda

Stefan & Katherine- General Chemistry

Stefan and Laura Online News

Stefan and Laura Spencer: What if...

Stephen Nichols and Genie Francis Fan Central

Steve Burton Central

Steve Burton Online

Stone Addicts Fan Club

Strangers in the Night (Jax & Chloe)

Stuart Damon Website

Summer Romance, Dillon & Georgie

Support Lucky & Lizzie

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Surrender (Lucky & Elizabeth)

Sweet Surrender (Ric & Elizabeth)

Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun Online

Tamara Braun Online

Tava Smiley Beauty's Rose

Ted King Gallery

Temple of Vanessa Marcil

The Adrianne Leon Fan Site

The Alicia Leigh Willis Connection

The Anthony Geary Webpage

The Antonio Sabato Page

The Billy Warlock Fan Page

The Bobbie and Jerry Zone

The CarJax Haven

The CarMichael Society (Sonny & Carly)

The Cassadine Home Page

The Chloe Haters Page

The Corinthos Connection

The Crush: A Maxie & Lucky Site

The Eternal S & B Warriors

The Finola Hughes Page

The Goddess of Port Charles, Leslie Charleson

The House of Andropolous

The JaVa Junkies Jax & V)

The Jax & Brenda Homepage

The Jax & Brenda Sounds Page

The John Beradino Memorial Page

The Lindze Letherman Archive

The Lizzie Webber Protection Association

The Lorenzo/Ted King/Alcazar Website

The Lucky & Lizzie Zone

The Lucky and Liz Luv page

The Maurice Benard & Steve Burton Web Page

The Maurice Benard Corner

The Maurice Benard Tribute Page

The Mobster & The Lawyer (Sonny & Alexis)

The Mobster and The Model

The Morgans: Fire & Ice

The Nickolas and Robin Zone

The Official Amber Tamblyn Fan Club

The Official Ingo Rademacher Fan Club

The Official Maurice Benard Online Fan Club Web

The Official N&Lovers Webpage (Ned & Lois)

The Official R & 4Ever Homepage (Stone & Robin)

The Purists Page (Jonathan Jackson)

The Robin Christopher Dedication Pages

The Sarah Brown Webpage

The Sean Kanan/AJ Angels

The Sunshine After the Rain (Emily & Juan)

The Ultimate Jensen Buchanan

The Unofficial Billy Warlock Site

The Unofficial Blake Gibbons Fansite

The Unofficial George Alvarez Homepage

The Unofficial John Stamos Homepage

The Unofficial Jon Lindstrom Fan Page

The Unofficial Real Andrews Page

The Unofficial Rena Sofer Fan Site

The Unofficial Robin Christopher Fansite

The Unofficial Spencer Homepage

The Unofficial Wally Kurth Home Page

The Vanessa Marcil Corner

The Vanessa Marcil Homepage

The Venus Ardanowski Webpage

The X Factor - A seXis Website (Sonny & Alexis)

There's More to Sonny

This is Now… A Georgie & Lucas Fansite

This Love: Jason and Sam

Tim's Becky Herbst Page

Totally Tamara

Totally Tamara Braun

True Love's Journey (Jason & Courtney)

Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher Central

Unexpected Chemistry (Sonny & Sam)

Until the End of Time (Alexis Davis)

Untried Passion (Jason & Gia)

V. Ardanowski Homepage

Vanessa M Page

Vanessa Marcil Connection

Vanessa Marcil Fan Page

Vanessa Marcil Online

Vanessa Marcil Page

Vanessa Marcil Web

Welcome to the Scorpios (Robert & Holly)

Whipped Cream (Ned & Kristina)

Wubqueen's GH Scoops











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