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ASA / USA Softball : The official site of the ASA (The Amateur Softball Association).

AThroughZ Softball : The USSSA site for Woodland, CA
NSA / Extreme Softball : The NSA site for Northern CA
Northern California USSSA : The official site of the Northern California USSSA softball program.
USSSA in the South Bay : The USSSA site for San Jose, CA
All Star Tournaments : The USSSA site for Sacramento, CA
Minnesota Softball
Red Hook Softball : Chronicling the different leagues in Brooklyn, NY
Northwest Softball
CA Slow Pitch
Steve Dimitry's Softball History
The Softball Times
The Sandbagger
Illinois Softball Report
B & N Softball Page (Bat Reviews)
National Softball Association of the Deaf
Mohr Softball
NorCal Softball
Softball Planet
Greenwood Lassie League in Greenwood, Indiana
SportzFusion Recreational Softball in Scotia-Glenville, NY
Sports Know How
Asian/Pacific Island Pride Softball Tournament
The Old Scout : Major divisions spotlighted
Big Cat Softball
The Softball Show : Internet radio show regarding softball
Softball Today
National Softball Association of Washington
Hal Skinner's Smart Softball
Michigan Slow Pitch
The Softball Guru
Bat Reviews
Softball Magazine
Softball Ontario
Softball West
Sofball  Elite Pro Softball Camps nationwide
Sports Bleachers
Meco Softball & Ballpark
Softball Fever
World Softball Association
The Music City/Worth Classic








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