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The Wrestling Booking Sheet


Date:  Friday July 3rd, 1998  11:46 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The Four Horseman will be returning, WCW television has made that clear. What remains unclear is if the Horseman can make an impact on today's wrestling scene. Will they be given victories in high profile matches at the expense of nWo Hollywood & nWo Wolfpac?  Does the public still care? How does Ric Flair fit into all this?  The Flair answer may be the key.

The current WCW storyline shows Chris Benoit in the beginning stages of reforming the Horseman. He gets jumped, Steve McMichael makes the save and the four fingers are raised. The crowd pops huge, especially if it's done in a market where the Horseman once reigned supreme. Most fans think this may have something to do with Ric Flair, since most don't know of Flair's legal situation. As much as some of the fans may love the idea of the Horseman they are likely in for a huge disappointment.

Who will make up the new Four Horseman? Here is the proposed lineup: Arn Anderson will be their manager, filling the classic JJ Dillon role.  Chris Benoit will be the leader. The other three members will be Dean Malenko, Steve McMichael and Fit Finlay.  Definitely the weakest group of Horseman ever.

They will never be given victories over the nWo and will not even be dominant in WCW itself, since DDP, Goldberg, and Booker T will all be given bigger pushes. How should the formation of the new Four Horseman be handled? Below, one possible scenario is outlined:

July 6th (Nitro)- Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael are challenged by Bret Hart and Curt Hennig to a tag match. Arn doesn't accompany Benoit & McMichael to ringside; the nWo is accompanied by Rick Rude. The match ends when Hart locks Mongo into the Sharpshooter. Hennig & Benoit are brawling at ringside and Mongo submits clean. Brian Adams, Hollywood Hogan, Scott Steiner, The Giant, Vincent, Eric Bischoff, & The Disciple all storm the ring. They beat the hell out of Benoit and then the real damage begins. Hart locks Mongo back into the Sharpshooter and keeps him in it for several more minutes.

Tony Shiavonie is going crazy; assorted babyfaces try to make the save.  nWo
Hollywood repulses them all and they finally leave Mongo for dead in the middle of the ring.  Hogan stands over Benoit, ranting on and on that the Horseman are dead and will never be a threat to nWo Hollywood again. The announcers comment on the fact that the entire NWO Hollywood took part in the attack and all the guns were out in full force.

For the next two weeks Benoit is competing in
Japan. The announcers speculate on the future of the elite organization in the history of WCW. It is announced that Benoit is refusing to comment on the situation and has cancelled his bookings for the immediate future.  Arn Anderson is asked to comment and simply holds up the four fingered salute.

July 16th (Thunder)- Booker T defends the TV Title against Brian Adams.  After Booker wins cleanly, Vincent, Curt Hennig, & The Disciple hit the ring and team up on Booker T.  Stevie Ray tries to make the save and is immediately destroyed. Out comes Benoit, a chair wielding Arn Anderson & Dean Malenko. They quickly take the offensive and most of the NWO jobbers are thrown from the ring. The Disciple is the unlucky soul left with the Horseman. Benoit locks him in the Crippler Crossface and keeps him in it for several minutes. Hogan & The Giant finally attempt to make the save and right as The Giant steps through the ropes he is nailed squarely on the head with a chair shot wielded by Dean Malenko. The Giant is knocked out cold. As the Horseman make their strategic retreat Hogan is shown in deep emotional pain over the prone figure of the Disciple.

July 20th (Nitro)- It is announced through the commentary that The Disciple is out of action indefinitely. From the start of the show it is hyped that Arn Anderson has asked for interview time later in the program. Finally, near the end of the second hour, the Horseman's music begins playing. Benoit, Anderson, & Malenko make their way to the ring. Tony Shiavonie is conducting the interview & Arn starts off the interview. He begins by announcing that Steve McMichael suffered a cracked vertebrae, and doctor's aren't sure if Mongo can ever return
to action. He warns not to bet against McMichael but to be aware that sometimes injuries can knock the toughest out of the game. He warns that even though he may be unable to compete in the ring, he's still prepared to do whatever it takes to bring The Horseman back to the top. The microphone is then turned over to Chris Benoit.

Benoit announces to the fans that the biggest honor yet of his professional career was when he was invited to join The Horseman. He wants to lead the Horseman into the next millennium; a group of Horseman has more heart than the entire nWo combined. Benoit then introduces the newest Horseman, Dean Malenko. He explains how Malenko has been an opponent of his for close to a decade and there are very few opponents he has ever respected as much as Malenko. He warns that so far, there are only two and in the weeks ahead the other two slots will be filled. The mike is then handed to Malenko.

Malenko thanks Arn & Chris for the privilege of being a Horseman and proclaims it the greatest honor of his career. He proclaims that there is one thing The Horseman have been known for above anything else and that's winning titles. All champions in WCW are on warning:  The Horseman are coming after your belts.

Malenko then comments on the nWo Wolfpac. He claims that while The Horseman have nothing against them they also have no allegiance to them. The Wolfpac do not represent WCW, The Four Horseman have represented the best of WCW for the last 12 years.  There is no mention of Ric Flair.

July 23 (Thunder)- Malenko & Benoit team up against Brian Adams & Curt Hennig. The match ends when Benoit & Hennig are brawling at ringside and Malenko makes
Adams submit to the Texas Cloverleaf.  While Arn & Benoit stand guard with chairs, Malenko keeps Adams in the Cloverleaf. Adams is disabled and never heard from again.

July 27 (Nitro)- The Horseman have interview time. The first thing they announce is that they want the head of Bret Hart &
Hollywood Hogan. Benoit invites Booker T to join them in the ring. Both members of Harlem Heat enter the ring. Benoit formally invites Booker T to join the Horseman. He gets all excited and announces that both him and his brother would be happy to join. Malenko interrupts Booker and informs him that Stevie Ray is not being asked; the invitation is exclusive to Booker T.

Stevie Ray loudly proclaims that him and his brother don't want anything to do with The Horseman anyway. Booker T tells him to hold on. He thanks the Horseman for the offer and asks that he be given some time to make up his mind. Arn tells him to let them know next week on Nitro as Stevie Ray walks away shaking his head.

July 30 (Thunder)- Eddie Guerrero is interviewed and announces that he would like to join The Horseman. He feels he would be the perfect fit for the group and he knows they will feel the same way.

Diamond Dallas Page in interviewed and he is asked about the possibility of joining the Horseman. He says that while he would definitely consider it he has not yet received an offer.

August 3 (Nitro)- Decision time as Harlem Heat joins The Horseman in the ring for an interview. Booker T announces that he must respectfully decline the invitation to join The Horseman. His brother is his blood and he can't leave his brother behind, no matter how prestigious the career opportunity may be. Booker T is told that they respect his decision and they wish him luck. Benoit then challenges Booker T to a TV Title match at Road Wild.  Booker accepts and they shake hands.

August 6 (Thunder)- The Horseman announce that they will introduce their newest member Sunday at Road Wild. Benoit proclaims this announcement will electrify the wrestling world and the rest of WCW will stand up and take notice.

August 9 (Road Wild)- The Horseman go to the ring prior to the ring entrances for the Television Title match. Arn Anderson introduces the newest member of the Horseman, US Champion Bill Goldberg. Goldberg enters the ring and raises the four fingers. 

The Horseman return to the back for Benoit's match against Booker T.  Great back and forth action. Midway through the match Stevie Ray comes to ringside. When Benoit is thrown over the top rope, Stevie Ray starts kicking Benoit. Goldberg rushes the ringside area and spears Stevie Ray. Booker T is concerned about his brother and goes to the ropes.  Benoit slaps him in the shoulder and tells him to wrestle. Although distracted, Booker T gives it his best shot. Benoit eventually catches him in the Crossface and forces the submission.

August 10 (Nitro)- Benoit, Arn, Malenko, & Goldberg enter the ring for an interview. Malenko repeats his vision that The Horseman have always held Championships and this group of Horseman will be no different. He points out Benoit & Goldberg as being good examples of this. No Championship is safe, Malenko declares. Arn then reminds the crowd that there is still one more slot to fill in the group.  They are evaluating their options carefully and the man they fill the spot with will be incredible. Benoit takes the mike and praises Booker T for a super performance the night before. He pledges to be a fighting Champion and challenges Stevie Ray to a TV Title match later that night on Nitro.

Benoit wins the match clean when Stevie Ray submits to the Crippler Crossface.

The focus of the Horseman will not be on either faction of the NWO for the next month. The Wolfpac VRS. NWO Hollywood will headline Fall Brawl, and most of their angles will be against each other for the next month.

August 13 (Thunder)- Malenko goes to a 20 Minute Draw with Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho.

Goldberg & Benoit defeat Sick Boy & Scotty Riggs when Benoit makes Sick Boy submit to the Crossface. 

Eddie Guerrero comes to the ringside area during the match, and begins having a conversation with Arn Anderson. When Kidman tries to interfere Guerrero wallops him. Arn stands watching, with a big grin on his face.

August 17 (Nitro)- Interview time- Arn comments on the upcoming War Games. He mentions how he doesn't care who wins but he hopes both groups beat the living hell out of each other. He comments that both groups will have to contend with The Horseman when they stagger, bloody and bruised from the enclosed cage. He mentions how he has competed in as many War Games as anyone and he knows the toll it takes on your body.

He brings up when Brian Pillman suffered a separated shoulder at the hands of The Horseman during a previous War Games. Arn then comments on the enthusiasm Eddie Guerrerois showing for joining the Horseman.  He comments that Eddie is one of the most promising young pieces of talent in the world. Still, there is just one problem. The Horseman can't stand the guy. 

Eddie joins the group in the ring. He acknowledges a few character lapses but decrees that nobody's perfect.  Eddie reminds Arn about when the Horseman broke the arm of Dusty Rhodes in a parking lot with a baseball bat.  Eddie declares he would love to bust up his opponents in that manner.  Benoit & Malenko look at each other and they throw Eddie over the top rope.

August 20 (Thunder)- Dean Malenko & Chris Jericho are signed to a 2 out of 3 falls, 60 minute time limit match for Fall Brawl. Chris Benoit signs to defend the TV Title against Eddie Guerrero.  Harlem Heat challenges any two of the Horseman to a tag team match at Fall Brawl. Stevie Ray is the aggressor, claiming there is no way The Horseman can defeat them in a tag match, crowing on and on about being seven time tag team champions. Booker T seems uncomfortable with Stevie Ray's tone.

August 24 (Nitro)- The four men are assembled for an interview.  Benoit announces how he will enjoy teaching Eddie Guerreroa lesson in respect for his elders. Malenko then addresses his need for a Championship belt and how
Jericho, a man he hates, is as good a target as any. Arn comments on Goldberg's undefeated streak and decides it's past time for Goldberg to receive a shot at the WCW World Title. He warns Hogan that his time as Champion will be short lived.

Arn then addresses Harlem Heat's challenge. He accepts, and ponders out loud which members will fill out the team. Malenko & Benoit already are signed to compete; perhaps the 4th member should finally be unveiled. Goldberg & The mystery Horseman will take on Harlem Heat at Fall Brawl.

August 27 (Thunder)- Speculation begins on the part of the announcers as to the identity of the newest Horseman. Benoit's extensive contacts in
Japan are mentioned and there is speculation that perhaps the Horseman will be a Japanese competitor. Mike Tenay thinks DDP will fill the spot.  Goldberg squashes Scott Norton.

August 31 (Nitro)- Goldberg, Malenko, & Benoit wrestle
Jericho, Guerrero, & Alex Wright in a six man tag. Goldberg pins Wright to end the affair.

DDP is interviewed by Mike Tenay, who comments that DDP is not signed to wrestle at Fall Brawl. He is asked point blank if he is the newest Horseman. DDP says that while he has the utmost respect for Arn Anderson he would prefer not to comment on the matter.  Bobby Heenan claims Jushin “Thunder” Liger will be the newest Horseman.

September 3 (Thunder)-
Jericho brings a mummy to the ring and begins interviewing it, calling it Boris Malenko.  All Four Horseman surround the ring. Jericho was only expecting Malenko and only has Alex Wright watching his back.

Wright is destroyed immediately and Jericho is quickly surrounded in the ring. Malenko pounds him and each time Jericho attempts to escape, the other Horseman prevent him from leaving. Malenko places Jericho in the Cloverleaf and a dozen jobbers and WCW security storm the ring, forcing Malenko to relinquish the hold.

September 7 (Nitro)- Malenko & Benoit face off with Jericho &
Guerrero in a tag showdown.  Guerrero pins Benoit clean with a frog splash.  Shiavonie thinks the new Horseman will be Kevin Green.  Shiavonie comments that being a Horseman may be the one honor prestigious enough to make him retire from the NFL.

September 10 (Thunder)- Mike Tenay hosts a special segment going over all the possible new Horseman. Tenay comments that he feels DDP would be the natural choice. He mentions Jushin Liger & Shinjiro Otani as options, mentioning that Benoit & Malenko have long time associations with both men. Roddy Piper is another option.

Tenay mentions Ric Flair, but rejects the idea, stating that Flair is no longer under contract to WCW and he doesn't see that situation as resolving itself. He also mentions UFC Champion Don Frye as a candidate.

Arn, Benoit, Malenko, & Goldberg do an interview. Benoit mentions that Guererro showed the world Monday night why he is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world. Malenko comments on the respect Benoit feels for Guerrero but remarks that he feels no such respect for Jericho.  Arn tells the world that the newest Horseman will not disappoint, the world will feel the wait was worth it.

September 13 (Fall Brawl)- Benoit & Guerrero go to a 20 minute draw in their TV Title match.  This opens the show and they are allowed to go all out.  Neither man has a significant offensive advantage.

Dean Malenko defeated Chris Jericho 2 out of 3 falls to regain the Cruiserweight Title in just over 35 minutes.  Jericho takes the first fall by forcing Malenko to submit to the Lion Tamer. Malenko forces Jericho to submit to the Texas Cloverleaf to win the second fall and he works over Jericho's back the entire third fall. He reapplies the Cloverleaf and wins the third fall (and the title) by submission.

Harlem Heat is introduced first. Arn Anderson walks out alone to introduce the two Horseman. He begins by introducing the US Champion, Bill Goldberg. After Goldberg joins him in the ring Arn introduces the newest Horseman. The theme from 2001 blares and 13 Time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair walks to the ring.

The match ends when Flair makes Stevie Ray submit to the Figure Four. Benoit & Malenko enter the ring and they all pose together for the first time. Flair takes the microphone and explains how the lawyers for Hogan & Bischoff kept him out of action all these months. Flair explains how it's past time a Horseman once again held the WCW World Title and he vows one of them would acquire Hogan's prized possession.

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