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The Wrestling Booking Sheet


Issue # 002

Date:  Sunday July 5th, 1998  3:33 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The nWo Wolfpac has become arguably the most popular clique in wrestling. These men are WCW's superheroes and the success of the promotion over the next year will depend partly on whether The Wolfpac can maintain their momentum. Right now, they are over. Here's one viewpoint on how to keep that success going.

First of all, the membership is key. The group is only as good as the sum of its parts and for the most part, the roster is very powerful. It currently consists of Sting, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Konnan, and the injured Randy Savage. Several modifications are in order. Luger & Savage leave the group, to be replaced by Scott Hall and Juventud Guerrera Jr.  This issue will focus on the exit of Luger and the return of Scott Hall.  Our next issue later in the week will ponder the debut of Juvi as a member of the Wolfpac. With Scott Hall rumored to be returning to action tomorrow night at The Georgia Dome we may see him return to the Wolfpac much sooner than is forecast below.

Luger has actually shown some new fire since joining The Wolfpac, showing the first signs of enthusiasm we've seen in years. Still, the guy is not cool. While Nash mocks Hogan for his lack of coolness, Luger's public persona is not much spicier. His interviews are uninspired, and he only has his spot due to being somewhat "over". 

Worse yet, his work in the ring is awful. This is not a group with great workers to begin with, and a super worker needs to be added to carry the lions share of tag matches. Here's how to get rid of Luger: Lex acts strange for several weeks, rarely joining the Wolfpac for
interviews, and acting bored when he is around. He then demands some interview time and walks to the ring alone. He announces his anger at Sting, since Sting chose Nash to join him as WCW World Tag Team Champions. Lex thought of Sting as a brother; Sting turned his back on him. Luger's new quest is to win Championships and he will start with the tag team belts. Luger assures the crowd that he is not turning NWO Hollywood but is returning to WCW. DDP is then announced as Luger's new tag team partner and they challenge Nash & Sting to a title match at Road Wild. Sting tries to bring Luger back into the fold but Lex refuses. The title challenge is accepted.

The next week, Scott Hall asks for some interview time on Nitro. He also enters the ring alone. Hall says that Lex is making the biggest mistake of his career and he that would know. He announces that he was suffering from some pretty serious problems when he turned on Nash
and he has regretted it ever since. He contends that Nash is familiar with these problems and he can only hope for his forgiveness.  Sometimes brothers wound brothers. The real test of the relationship is when the bad brother asks for forgiveness; will it be accepted?

Nash, Sting & Konnan are watching on a monitor in the back. Nash is impassive as Sting and K-Dawg look on.

The entire nWo
Hollywood joins Hall in the ring. Bischoff asks Hall what the story is, who's he trying to swerve this time?  Hall announces he's done being a lackey and he orally resigns from NWO Hollywood. At this point the entire group beats the hell out of Hall.  The Wolfpac watches on the monitor, with both Sting & Konnan waiting for Nash to make the save. Instead, he leaves the arena through the back door, his face hidden from view. Nobody bothers making the save for Hall.

Scott Hall is interviewed on Nitro the next week, and is asked about the lack of response from Nash. Hall says that he understands. He wouldn't accept back a "bad brother" that easily either, forgiveness takes time. Hall does say that he has Nash's back and that nobody will do to Nash what was done to Hall the week before.

Hennig, Adams and Vincent all storm the ring and beat on Hall once again. Hall gains the upper hand, until The Giant enters the ring. The tide turns and Hall is on the ground decimated. Sting and Konnan are watching in the back, look at each other, and run down to make the save. They make quick work of Hennig, Adams, & Vincent. Konnan & Sting then double clothesline The Giant out of the ring. Although Hall is on the mat destroyed, Sting and Konnan don't check on Hall, their compassion only extending so far.

Road Wild- Nash & Sting square off against DDP & Luger. Hall is nowhere in sight. Luger is on the offensive until he receives a kick to the back from Nash. This is all Sting needs to deliver the Scorpion Death Drop onto Luger and to score the pin. To no ones surprise, the entire NWO Hollywood group storms the ring. Nash, Sting, Luger, & DDP put aside their differences and join forces and hold their own against the overwhelming odds for a while. The tide turns though. Konnan joins them in the ring and his presence helps.  Still, it's not enough. The babyfaces are outnumbered and they are about to go down. Suddenly, Scott Hall crawls out form under the ring and slams Hogan with a steel chair. This gives the rest of the
Wolfpac some adrenaline and they take control as nWo
Hollywood is sent
crawling back to the dressing room.

Nash takes the microphone and admits he was skeptical about Hall's intentions. He also admits he was wrong and has never been so happy to be wrong. Hall & Nash hug and K-Dawg announces Scott Hall as the newest member of the Wolfpac.
Below are some readers comments regarding The Return of the Horseman.  Please send in any comments that you would like to share with our audience.

Reader: Hythen
I liked the outline but I think it would look better maybe with someone younger than Flair filling the last spot so they can say they are the NEW Horsemen and are younger. Just picture Booker T instead of Flair, he turns all the chances down because of Stevie Ray, but
Heat continue to lose over the few months leading into Fall Brawl, Double A announces the new horseman, the Horseman music plays, and nobody walks out.  Then Booker T nails Stevie ray from behind and Goldberg nails him with a Jackhammer, Benoit & Malenko run out and all 4 stand in the ring.

The next night, Booker T says that Stevie Ray was holding him back and he couldn't take it anymore. It would make a GREAT YOUNG 4 Horseman and could throw some GOOD heel heat on them like the old Horseman. I remember, when they introduced Sting and pulled a traditional double cross and injured him back in 1990. It would show that the NEW Horseman are the same as the old.

Reader: Dlharteens
What about Goldberg Monday the 6th of July getting Hogan’s belt.... and don't you think that Mongo would be a part of it?? I mean he already took his "vacation"..

Reader: Dhdstaeven
I agree with everything until Fall Brawl. I think DDP would make a better member at this point considering Flair's legal entanglements.  However, as I'm sure you understand, Nitro booking is not done until
5pm on Monday the day of the show which would prevent any type of storyline of this quality from happening. Only Vince McMahon could accomplish this type of a storyline.

Reader: Chris Plano
If you have Flair coming out at Fall Brawl, wouldn't it be fitting to have Flair returning and slamming someone’s head in the doorway of the cage just like it was done to him at the last one that I attended in Winston-Salem, NC. That would get a big pop seeing Flair always gets
people back the way they did him. I feel the story line is too complex with too many people involved, it needs to be a much smoother line with only several people involved.
Thank you,
Chris Plano, Owner
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC

Reader: IllxwuxIIl
Great booking...but I have one question for you though.  Why do you think that Flair will come back when he doesn't want anything to do with "dub ya c dub ya"?

You should do your next issue on the Kliq, like the return of HBK, Hall probably being released from his prison, what the status of NAO will be because they aren't in the Kliq, and how Nash will feel if he's the only lone member of the Kliq in WCW, or can we see the tide all change if HBK finds a job in WCW over anger against McMahon for not giving him TV time and can we see Val Venis join DX? His gimmick fits it perfectly, don't you think?
New Dimension Wrestling gearing up for biggest indy wrestling show ever.  New Dimension Wrestling is putting the final touches on what is being compared to as an NWA (Jim Crockett level) independent wrestling show that is coming to
Concord, NC. It is part of the New Dimension Wrestling "One Hot Summer Night Tour '98". The show is to take place on Friday night, July 17, 1998 in Concord, NC at the Concord MotorSport Park (Route 601 in Concord), 8:00p.m. bell time.

The following is the official line-up and information for the big
wrestling show:
Tully Blanchard vs. "The Nature Boy" Buddy Landel
Original Four Horsemen Member (Champion)

Abdullah The Butcher vs. Beastmaster
Rick Link
(Challenger) (Champion)

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. The Iron Sheik
(Former WWF World Champion)

Craig "Pitbull" Pittman vs. One Man Gang

The Bushwhackers vs. The Fantastics
(Butch & Luke) (Bobby & Jackie Fulton)

Manny Fernandez vs. Willie Clay
"The Ragin Bull"

The Ringlords vs. Colt Steel & Rikki Nelson

Ring Announcer: Christopher Plano
Referee: Tony Hunter
T.V. Announcer: Chris Cruise (former WCW announcer)

Tickets: Golden Circle Seats: $15.00 includes picture
w/favorite wrestler
General Admission: $10.00 Adults
$5.00 Children Under 12
Tickets available at: Concord MotorSport Park: 704-782-4221
The Colonial Inn: 704-782-2146
AM1440 WLXN, Lexington, NC 336-248-2716
New Dimension Wrestling shows
New Dimension Wrestling hotline: 336-882-4921, leave a message /
E-mail at CPLano or radioman
Or by mail order at: New Dimension Wrestling
P.O. Box 10211
Greensboro, NC 27404-0211
(please add $2.00 shipping & handling to all mail orders)
This will undoubtedly be the biggest gathering of independent wrestling star talent in one night. Don't you dare miss this one.
Christopher Plano
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC
Below are two more press releases for upcoming indy shows:

NWA All Star Wrestling is happy to announce the opening of our new 5,000-square-foot training center in
Charlotte, North Carolina. The state-of-the-art facility houses two wrestling rings, more than $15,000 in weight equipment, locker rooms with showers for men and women, and our new offices. The center is open and available for use, free of charge, by any wrestler around. In the near future, we will be conducting tryouts and training classes for prospective pro wrestlers.  Once completed, the center will also feature a complete line of souvenir merchandise for sale (not only NWA, but also ECW, WWF, and WCW).

For more information, please call the NWA hotline at 704-529-2912.  This week is a big week for us. NWA World Champion Dan "The Beast"
Severn puts his belt on the line for the first time ever in North Carolina. His opponent will be Sgt. Craig "Pitbull" Pittman on Friday night (July 10) in Jacksonville, N.C. For the complete lineup, check


The following night, July 11 in Shelby, N.C., Dustin Rhodes battles former tag team partner Barry Windham. Tickets are moving briskly for this event, so please don't wait until the last minute to get your tickets. For the complete lineup, check out

Also, don't forget: Wednesday, August 5 Sanford Civic Center; Sanford, Florida
ECW World TV Championship: Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Sabu with Bill Alfonso vs. Hack Myers /

NWA Florida Championship: Dory Funk Jr. vs. Bobby Duncum Jr.

Madd Maxx & Fly-High Eddie vs. The Border Patrol /

Mike Marcello vs. Pepe Prado

Any help you can provide in spreading the word about NWA All Star Wrestling is much appreciated.
Greg Price

ICW invades
Wallace, NC on Saturday July 25th with a 7:30pm belltime.
  Part of this show will be a TV taping. Main event will see ICW Pro Champion Scotty McKeever defend the title against Mean Marc Ash

The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy

Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed.

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