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The Wrestling Booking Sheet


Issue # 003

Date:  Thursday July 9th, 1998  10:26 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The WWF has Steve Austin, arguably the top draw in the business.  Unfortunately, they don't have much else. Titan's thriving business is rested squarely on the shoulders of one man, one man who is one serious neck injury away from partial paralysis. To be fair, both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are major draws in their own right; however, their drawing power doesn't even approach that of Austin.  Let's briefly list the major supporting players, and afterwards try to examine their future roles.

These are the men Titan is hoping to elevate to super stardom: Rocky Maivia. HHH. Owen Hart. X-Pac. Ken Shamrock. Steve Blackman.  Jesse James. Billy Gunn. Kane. Dustin Runnells. Val Venus. Taka Michinoku. Jeff Jarrett. Dan Severn. Edge. Brian Christopher. Steven Regal. Marc Mero. Cactus Jack.

There are several reasons the WWF is working so hard to create new stars. The first, and probably the main one, is that big stars sell tickets, move merchandise, etc. The second is to provide credible back ups in case Stone Cold is put out of action. WWF business would get flushed down the toilet right now if
Austin missed significant time out of the ring. The third reason, and it ranks right up there with the first two, is that Austin needs opponents. As popular as Austin is he needs interesting enemies that force the fans to
actually care about what Stone Cold will do this week.

I'm asking you, to send in your ideas on how to create a superstar. Pick a wrestler from the above list and draw up a detailed booking plan that is a map to super stardom. Explain character development and angles that you would pursue to move one of these men up a level. Please be super detailed and explain what opponents would help shine the spotlight on your superstar. Use as an example the Savage/DDP feud of last year, which made DDP a legitimate star.

We will print as many quality ideas we can fit into available space.  The responses to previous booking plans have been great, what is needed is more of them.

A tribute to Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat can be found at

Two other sites you are encouraged to check out are and The last two sites are terrific places to find all the scoops.

One of the weaknesses of the nWo Wolfpac is the quality of workers in the group.  Both Sting and Konnan are adequate, if uninspired. Kevin Nash has always been lazy and makes his mark due to charisma and size. This is not the worst thing; all three men are effective in different ways. Scott Hall, my choice to replace Lex Luger, while a step above Nash, Sting, & Konnan, is still only an above average worker. The plan is to add a super worker to The Wolfpac, one who is both dynamic enough to carry the load in tag matches and someone who could use the rub of the Wolfpac to get himself over. My choice for the spot is Juventud Guerrera Jr.

Although he is given little respect by WCW bookers, Juvi has still earned great reactions from the fans. To have a chance to jump to the next tier the audience needs to be informed that Juvi is someone they are supposed to care about. At this moment, Guerrera is lacking in star power. He has won few big matches and has lost to every top cruiserweight. The crowd needs to be told by Nash that Juvi is cool and that he deserves their attention.

Many of you think it should be Rey Mysterio Jr. who joins the Wolfpac. Although I’m a huge fan of Rey, his character hasn't suffered the damage Juvi's has. He can still get over with his current gimmick and doesn't need The Wolfpac rub.  Neither does Randy Savage. Savage is better served as the lone wolf, he loses his edge if he's identified as a team player. When Savage returns (which won't be until early 1999) have him feud with both factions of the nWo. He
hates The Wolfpac for allowing him to be destroyed, he hates NWO
Hollywood for doing the destroying.
Below are reader responses. This feature will be expanded as soon as more booking ideas are sent our way, I hope to see your ideas here soon:

Reader: NIRVANA533
I think the idea concerning Luger, Hall, and both factions of the NWO is good. The only thing that doesn't look right is the tag partner of Luger, DDP. At Fall Brawl, I can see DDP fighting Hogan, since I think he may get another push. I see him getting the belt late '99 or
Starcade 99. The reason I say he won't team with Luger is that DDP is probably the only person in WCW who hasn't fought with Hogan. By that I mean only superstar. Also, they both are avid bikers, which may induce bikers to see 2 of their own to fight 1 on 1.

Reader: Sundan3600
Do not see it all the way you do. Hall? What makes him SO great? Sorry, I was never impressed w/him. Especially with his toothpick (re:Razor Ramon days) and his survey........hey yo? Idiot language!!!!! Hogan is a washed up moron. Put him and Flair out to pasture.  Now, Sting is
the man (in my book) along with Nash. Goldberg rising fast & will kick ass........SPEAR!!!!!!! Hennig? Poor idiot cannot do anything without Rude and others to kick butt for him.

Reader: HBK2132
Speaking of the 4 Horsemen, there is no Four Horsemen without Flair. He must be the leader. I don't see Goldberg as a Horsemen. Get rid of Mongo also but bring back Queen Debra to be their valet and that could lead to a feud with Mongo, maybe even a setup. The Horsemen should be
managed by Arn, their valet Debra, and their leader Flair. The other 2 for sure should be Benoit and Malenko. The perfect 4th would be Buff Bagwell after he returns from injury, also a possibility would be the return of Dustin Rhodes to WCW, but again without Flair the
Horsemen are boring just like WCW will be. Bischoff, if you're smart you'll sign Flair quick or be prepared to lose to Vince every week.  Whooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reader: Dhdstaeven
Again a fine piece of "what the world would be like without egos" wrestling journalism. However, no matter how much I think about it I can't get
ONE THOUGHT out of my mind. I mean this thought blocks out any other thoughts that want to come into my mind. I will remember
this thought for a very long time.

The time is approximately five minutes of eleven (eastern standard time) and Goldberg has just won the WCW World Heavyweight Title. I look around the ring and see in the background Hollywood Hulk Hogan glance up and then "do his duty" and roll out of the ring. I have been waiting since 1979 to feel this feeling. This all encompassing thought that is crowding out all other thoughts is just one simple word. That word is "FINALLY". Now I'm able to sleep peacefully again.

The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed.

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