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The Wrestling Booking Sheet



Issue # 004

Date:  Wednesday July 15th, 1998  6:55 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

We'll start out the issue with a poll similar to one conducted by Wade Keller the past several years.

Here's the scenario: You have been placed in charge of a new wrestling promotion. You have the pick of any five wrestlers in the world, these are the men you will build your promotion around. Who are they? List them in order of preference.

Here's a hypothetical format for your list, using wrestlers who will probably not be on any lists:

1) Bill Mulkey

2) Alan Jackson

3) SD Jones

4) Jim Powers

5) Van Hammer

Your first choice will receive five points, second choice four points, down to your fifth choice, which will receive one point. You may only vote once, duplicate ballots will be thrown out. My picks will be published with the results; hopefully, the response will be strong enough to get a pretty cross section of opinions.

Possible criteria for your choices include: drawing power, attitude, interviews, charisma, workrate, age & health.


Many of you are already familiar with The Wrestling Observer; hopefully I can send a few more of you Dave Meltzer's way. Meltzer publishes The Wrestling Observer, definitely the best source for wrestling news anywhere in the world.

This weekly newsletter examines every wrestling promotion in the world, and provides incredible in depth insight. I receive many newsletters over the internet, and I check out some really well done web sites. Not one of them holds a candle to the Observer. Without The Observer, I wouldn't understand the wrestling business well enough to write this newsletter. I have subscribed since 1992, and I hope you will give The Observer a chance.

The Observer is published the old fashioned way; through the mail. To subscribe, send $10, which is for 4 issues, to: The Wrestling Observer PO Box 1228 Campbell CA 95009-1228


It was pleasing to see so many responses regarding WWF booking. The mission is to pick a WWF Superstar, and explain exactly how you would book this man to stardom. Here are some of the best, more will be spotlighted in upcoming issues.

While my personal booking style may differ from some shown below, creativity is always applauded. If you think you can come up with your own quality idea please send it in.  While any wrestling topic is fine, there are two main qualifications for publication. The first is creativity, the second is detail.

Reader: Benags823

Formerly known as Goldust, Dustin Runnels has been at the top, and if he plays his cards right, he could be at the top again. Vince has created an interesting gimmick with Dustin being a religious wrestler. Here's what could happen, if Vince continues to expand with Dustin on WWF Television.

7/13/98 - WWF Raw: Dustin is scheduled to have a match against Marc Mero. The match begins and before Dustin can finish him off, Jacqueline interferes, causing a DQ result, with Dustin taking away the win. Mero looks at Jacqueline with an angry look and all Dustin does is say a prayer in the center of the ring thanking God for allowing him to win.

7/18/98 - WWF Shotgun Saturday Night: In a regular match, Dustin defeats Dick Togo of Kaientai using his Bulldog, followed by a pinfall. Dustin gets on his knees in the center of the ring and prays again, thanking God for his win.

7/20/98 - WWF Raw: Michael Cole interviews Dustin before his big rematch with Marc Mero. Runnels says he doesn't blame Marc for being sinful, he just wishes that he would ask for forgiveness. Dustin then proceeds to ask Cole about his religious lifestyle while Cole tries to change the subject.

The match begins and Dustin defeats Marc Mero via pinfall. Afterwards he prays in the ring again. Mero leaves the ring with Jacqueline and someone runs in the ring and hits Dustin in the head while he's kneeling down. Dustin falls to the mat and the Mystery Wrestler runs into the audience.

7/20/98 - WWF Warzone: Dustin walks down to the Announcers' Booth during the Val Venis/X-Pac match, and asks for a mike. He pulls up a chair next to Jim Ross and begins talking to him. Dustin says that he's very upset at whoever attacked him while he was praying and issues a challenge, offering the Mystery Wrestler to appear at Fully Loaded this Sunday to fight him one on one. After X-Pac finishes off Val with the Buzzkiller he gives Dustin a strange look. No one answers Dustin's challenge by the end of War Zone.

7/25/98 - WWF Shotgun Saturday Night: Dustin defeats Marc Henry in the Main Event of the evening by pinfall after the dreaded Bulldog. The Mystery Wrestler reappears and hits Dustin in the head with a chair. Runnels falls flat on his face in the mat and the Mystery Wrestler drops a piece of paper near him. When medics come and take Dustin out, Jim Cornette slides under the ring ropes and picks up the paper. When he returns to see J.R., he gives the paper to him, and Ross reads it out loud. It says that the Mystery Wrestler accepts Dustin's challenge but the match must be No DQ. Shotgun Saturday Night ends, showing Jim Ross with a puzzled look on his face, trying to think of who the Mystery Wrestler could be.

7/26/98 - WWF Fully Loaded Free For All: Kevin Kelly interviews Dustin Runnels, and speculates on who the Mystery Man could be. Kelly gives such names as Barry Windham, Marc Mero, or even Dustin's father, "The American Dream", Dusty Rhodes. Dustin says he doesn't care who his opponent is, because he knows that God will give him the strength to overcome the odds of Unknown Evils.

7/26/98 - WWF Fully Loaded, PPV: The Dustin Runnels vs. Mystery Wrestler match is next. Dustin walks to the ring and kneels in the middle, praying that God gives him the power to defeat the Unknown Evils ahead of him. All of the sudden, D-Generation X music is blaring over the arena as X-Pac walks out, wearing the attire of the Mystery Wrestler.

The match begins and Dustin hits with the Bulldog twice, then goes for the cover and wins the match. Afterwards, Triple H comes out saying Runnels got lucky, but if he beat X-Pac tomorrow on Raw, he'd get a shot at the European Title afterwards. Dustin accepts and X-Pac is looking at Triple H with pain in his eyes. No one knows why or for what reason X-Pac attacked Dustin on Raw those 2 times as the Mystery Wrestler.

7/27/98 - WWF Raw: Dustin fights X-Pac again, and he wins this match even quicker than the first. True to his word, Triple Triple H says he'll give him his Title Shot on War Zone tonight. Dustin is very happy and prays in the center of the ring, thanking God for giving him the opportunities he always wanted.

7/27/98 - WWF War Zone: Dustin does indeed fight Triple H for the European Title. its an even match until Chyna interferes on behalf of Helmsley. Chyna hits Dustin with a low blow as Road Dog distracts the referee and Helmsley is able to hit a Pedigree and retain the European Title.

All of DX comes to the ring and attacks Runnels. Bradshaw runs to the ring to make the save but Bradshaw also ends up being beat down.

8/3/98 - WWF Raw: Dustin opens up the show and he stands in the middle of the ring. He says he's not leaving until Triple H comes down and they sort this all out. Helmsley appears under the Titantron after WWF officials try to get Dustin out of the ring. He tells Dustin that he's not as good of an athlete as he thinks he is and if he wants another shot at his European Title, he'll have to beat 5 opponents, without losing one match in between each one. Dustin agrees, and Triple Triple H announces his first opponent will be "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn tonight on War Zone.

8/3/98 - WWF War Zone: Goldust goes to the ring and Billy Gunn is there with Chyna and Road Dog along the ring. Goldust gets the mike and asks Commissioner Slaughter to come down and get those 2 out of there so the match can be fair. Slaughter comes down and gets them to leave and the match begins.

Minutes later Dustin hits Gunn with a Bulldog and. There's his first win of five. Triple Triple H says good job, and that Match 2 will be on Shotgun Saturday Night against Dan Severn. Dustin agrees and kneels in the middle of the ring and thanks God once again.

8/8/98 - Shotgun Saturday Night: Dan Severn is in the ring waiting for Dustin Runnels. The match has started and Severn has been in control since the bell rang. Triple H hits the ramp and he's standing there, taunting Dustin. Chyna walks to the ring curtain and when the ref yells at her to leave the ringside area X-Pac jumps out of the crowd, hitting Runnels. The ref turns around to see Runnels in the Buzzkiller and he gives a DQ to Severn, who's very mad now. Dan tears off to the locker room, looking for Triple H and the rest of DX. Dustin just stands there and picks up the mike, and says "That's 2, Hemsley."

8/10/98 - WWF Raw: Opponent Number 3 for Runnels is none other than Jesse James, The Road Dog. Runnels easily takes care of him and as usual, finishes him off with the Bulldog. He prays after the match, thanking God again. By now, Dustin should be well over with the fans due to his determination and somewhat for his true faith. All we can say is, who is #4?

8/15/98 - WWF Shotgun Saturday Night: Dustin stands in the ring, waiting for Opponent 4. its Kurrgan! Kurrgan is working on Dustin quite well, until Runnels gains a second wind and ends up giving that Bulldog to the Biggest Man in the WWF. One more to go and then Dustin will get his European Title Shot.

8/17/98 - WWF War Zone: This will be Dustin's last opponent to get a European Title Shot. His opponent is X-Pac, a man he's fought twice, and hopefully, can beat again. This time X-Pac is tougher and rougher but Dustin prevails again with an Inverted DDT. Next week on WWF Raw, Triple H will once again meet Dustin Runnels for the European Title.

8/22/98 - WWF Livewire: Dustin conducts an interview with Jim Ross about Triple H, DX, and his life in general. This is a Livewire Exclusive. Also, it is announced that Sgt. Slaughter has made the Triple H vs. Dustin match a Steel Cage Challenge so that no one can interfere.

8/24/98 - WWF Raw: Dustin and Triple Triple H meet one on one in a Steel Cage. its a very exciting match and Dustin comes out victorious via the Bulldog. Dustin is in the middle of the ring praying thanking God for giving him a Title.

8/24/98 - WWF War Zone: In an interview with Jerry Lawler, the WWF Owner, Vincent K. McMahon, says that at Summerslam, which is this Sunday, Dustin Runnels must defend his European Title against Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia in a Double Title Match. Whoever wins the match wins both Titles.

During the Steve Austin/Steve Regal Main Event, Triple Triple H comes to the Announcers' Booth saying that he should get another shot at his European Title and that it isn't fair for a wrestler to have 2 Singles' Titles.

8/30/98 - WWF Summerslam, PPV: its been a great show, which is headlined by a Steve Austin/Undertaker match for the World Title and also some great undercard matches, including Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn and Sable vs. Jacqueline.

its the second-to-last match of the night and Dustin Runnels, the European Champion, is in the ring, praying. The Intercontinental Champion, Rocky Maivia, enters the ring and the match begins. Both men are giving it their all but it seems that Dustin has an edge over Rocky and he hits him with the Bulldog. Dustin goes for the cover but only receives a 2-Count. Rocky gets up and delivers the Rock Bottom, which puts Dustin out for a 2 1/2 Count. Dustin gets up dazed and hits Rocky with the Bulldog again and this time, it lets him win. The WWF has a new Intercontinental Champion, Dustin Runnels!

8/31/98 - WWF Raw: its announced that Dustin Runnels will have to defend the Intercontinental Title tonight against The Edge. After the first match, 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Taka Michinoku, Dustin makes his way to the ring.

He says that his momma taught him how to share, so he's vacating the European Title in hopes that someone else will be as good of a Champion as he was. He then prays to the belt and hands it to Vince McMahon, who came down to the ring with him.

8/31/98 - WWF War Zone: Edge puts up a good fight but Dustin prevails once again using the merciless Bulldog. After the match, Dustin prays in the center of the ring and before the show ends, he promises he has a big surprise for the World Champ, Stone Cold Steve Austin, but that surprise will have to wait until next week's War Zone.

9/7/98 - WWF War Zone: At the beginning of the show Dustin comes out, saying that he was talking to Commissioner Slaughter and WWF Owner Vince McMahon, and both of them said that there is a rule saying if you have the Intercontinental Title, you are entitled to 1 World Title Shot. So tonight, he wants a Non-Title Matchup between the two men to see if he could beat him.

Austin comes out and accepts, saying he don't care if he fights God Himself, or just one of His messengers, he'll Stone Cold Stun all of them. The Main Event is ready, and Austin easily takes care of Dustin, but since it was a Non-Title Match, no one loses their Belts. Dustin looks almost like he's going to cry, since this was one of the first matches he's lost in a while.

9/14/98 - WWF Raw: To improve his skills Dustin fights Jeff Jarrett, and prevails, using his Bulldog maneuver on the unconscious victim. Dustin prays after his match and then grabs a microphone. He tells Stone Cold Steve Austin to wait until In Your House, because that's the last day he'll be World Champ.

9/21/98 - WWF Raw: its been approved by the WWF Commissioner that Dustin Runnels will use his World Title Shot at the next PPV, In Your House, this Sunday. To add to Dustin's burden he'll have to defend his Intercontinental Title tonight as well, against Ken Shamrock. That match will occur during the Main Event of War Zone.

9/21/98 - WWF War Zone: The match has begun and to everyone's surprise, Ken Shamrock defeats Dustin Runnels with his Ankle-Lock Submission. Shamrock is handed the Intercontinental Title and Dustin looks very upset. He walks to the locker room, alone.

9/26/98 - WWF Livewire: its announced that Ken Shamrock will also be taking advantage of his World Title Shot opportunity at IYH this Sunday. Dustin will still get his Title Shot, since he didn't use it while he was the Intercontinental Champion. The final World Title Match for the PPV will be: Stone Cold Steve Austin (the champion) vs. Dustin Runnels vs. Ken Shamrock.

9/27/98 - WWF In Your House, PPV: its time for the Main Event of the Evening. The rule is the first person to pin anyone wins the World Title. The match has started and Shamrock & Austin are going at it, while Dustin's in the corner getting ready. All at once he strikes, delivering a Double Bulldog, both men are down, and Dustin goes for the cover after a Double Bodysplash. 1...2...3!!! We have a new World Champion, Dustin Runnels!


Reader: DrLove6D9

My viewpoint on how to make Steven Regal a superstar. 

Now at first you're probably wondering how the hell the WWF is going to make Steven Regal a superstar. Here goes. Steven Regal goes into a heel status. He slaps his opponents around and tells the fans to shut (the hell (if needed)) up. Then, by freak accident, he applies a simple single-leg takedown into a leg lock, and snaps his jobbing opponents leg. His opponent, a good actor, then reels in pain. From then on Steven Regal becomes recognized as the man who breaks the bones of all his opponents. He will, like Goldberg, only fight one time jobbers. From there, he will defeat them with a submission move and not let go. Then he will quickly snap forward (or backward) and release the hold.

His opponent will reel in pain, and act as though the body part that the submission move was applied to is now broken. Fans will come from all around to see Steven Regal break his opponents. And if he faces a big name, then maybe he could "break" his bone(s) and his opponent still gets the victory, giving the "face" a iron man sort of status.


Here are some responses to past booking plans:

Reader: Eagles1028

This is not a booking idea although I may send one in the future, I like playing the booker. But instead this is about a comment you made and a comment made by someone who sent in a letter.

The comment you made that I found to be totally wrong was that Shawn Michaels drawing power is far less then Steve Austin’s. I think you are totally wrong. Michaels is a much better athlete and he sells other peoples moves well. Not alot of people in any federation sells the other peoples moves so well. I think Michaels could have drawn as much if not far more fans then Austin if they put Michaels in a conspiracy feud where McMahon is out to get him.

I'll admit Austin is pretty good but I still think Shawn Michaels is better. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Now about what the other guy said in the letter. This idiot mark made fun of all the good wrestlers in WCW and he supported all the no talents. Typical WCW fan. He thinks because WCW is too stupid to push the skilled guys that since they lose that means they suck. No I'm sorry but Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, and Ric Flair actually have talent. Not Goldberg my friend.


Reader: MJJnWo

For Juventud Guerrera to join the NWO Wolfpack, here's what I think would be the best way to get him to join. 

We saw a few Thunders ago, I believe, the Flock attack Konnan from the Wolfpack. At the end of the show it was a chaotic nWo Vs. Flock brawl. We all know Juventud has feuded with the Flock so this would fit perfectly.

Juventud is fighting an opponent on a Nitro from the Flock, let's say Kidman(again). Near the end of the match, the Flock storms the ring and starts to gang up on Juventud, which brings the Wolfpack (Nash, Sting, Luger, Konnan) in. They clear the ring of the Flock and they're standing tall in the ring with Juventud. Then they offer Juventud a red black nWo shirt, and he accepts.


Reader: WayneTDX

First, to touch on THE HORSEMEN; without Flair and Anderson there is no Horsemen, its just that simple. Benoit makes a great Horseman but Mongo is terrible. Malenko is a good choice as well but both he and Benoit are on the smallish side so you need someone who can take on the heavy hitters. Goldberg is great but they aren't going to allow him to join a group because of his huge solo appeal. I vote for a former Horseman who while a member they were at their strongest, Lex Luger.

I think the Wolfpac is great but its probably just a passing fad. The Four Horsemen however is a legacy that continues to work. Second, has everyone forgotten about Bret Hart. Talk about being wasted. It should be Bret Hart getting the first shot at Goldberg not Hennig. Although both are reaches since neither one seems to have competed in months. If Bischoff is such a genius and wants to take the ratings how about using the guys he's got instead of raiding other professions (Malone, Rodman Greene).

Let's see Hart and Nash rekindle their rivalry from the WWF. Let's see DDP vs. Luger, Sting vs. Goldberg.  WCW has the more established names but no idea what to do with them.

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