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The Wrestling Booking Sheet



Issue # 006 

Date:  Saturday July 25th, 1998  10:07 am

So many great booking plans, so little time. We have received many terrific storylines, and I'm going to try to get them all published. Our next issue will have the results of the five draft picks poll (your franchise wrestlers). Check below to see several booking plans sent in by readers; our next issue will be sent out later today.


Reader: Amadeus46

Here is how I would book ECW's Heatwave. I know you didn't ask for this but I did it recently and figured I would send it to you.  I don’t know if you watch ECW but I have gotten many responses from it and everyone has said it is outstanding.  I even was offered a job booking for an independent fed!!!!!

Mikey Whipwreck vs Tommy Rogers

This match will have no angle or anything but would just be entertaining. Have it go 10 minutes. This should be a wrestling match with no chairs or tables. Have Mikey get the clear win with no interference since he jobbed to Credible last PPV.

Somebody like Danny Doring comes out and bad mouth Mikey saying that Mikey finally got a win and that he should be wrestling at the PPV and a fight ensues. This would start a Mikey vs Doring feud...ECW needs to produce a talent and they should start with Doring.

Chris Candido vs Lance Storm

When Candido is introduced have Sunny come down and get on the mic and say that she is in ECW (if it is possible.).  These guys are coming off a great performance from the Arena against RVD/Sabu.  Candido should hit the Blonde bombshell through a table in the ring with a couple seconds left but the time runs out. A time limit draw and Candido then respects Storm. A great technically sound wrestling match with alot of table and crowd spots as well.

Shane Douglas and Bigelow interview in the ring   Have Candido and Storm still in the ring. Douglas can give Storm his spot in the TT for the summer. Douglas curses and talks about how he and the TT ran Raven, Saturn, Austin, and others out of ECW. Have him talk about the Kliq to draw more heat. Taz then comes out halfway threw the aisle and curses, talks about Bigelow and badmouths the TT.

RVD, Sabu, Fonzie come out of the entrance and RVD gives the TV belt to Sabu because Sabu won the fan voting and he is setting his sights on the world title. Then Taz says that he can take on the TT and RVD/Sabu and there is an all out brawl with Paul and company breaking it up.

Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible

A 30 minute iron man match that should have each man with 1 pinfall each entering the final 5 minutes. The first pin should go to Lynn. Have him do a splash into the crowd from the top rope over the railing for the pin. Then Credible should pin Lynn with a piledriver threw a table. With 3 minutes left have Lynn in control and then Jason and Chastity interfere. Have Lynn knock Chastity out and then Lynn get hit with a chair from Jason. Kronus then runs down to ringside and takes out Jason. Lynn and Credible are toe to toe punching each other and then Kronus gets in the ring and kicks Lynn from behind. Kronus then beats on Lynn as Credible watches. Credible gets the pin with "Thats Incredible".

Kronus then turns heel and stops jobbing. Kronus can say that Jerry just came in here and got respect and that he isn't respected anymore by the fans or Paul since there is no more Eliminators. A Kronus/Lynn feud can start up because we all saw how well Kronus worked with RVD. Credible can then be pushed towards the TV title. This should be a great match with alot of near pins and high spots.

New Jack vs Jack Victory

An all out Brawl. Have both guys get some color. New Jack should ride down a fork lift with a dumpster on it. Have the dumpster full of weapons. Both men should use the weapons. Have the fight go up and down the aisle and even into the locker room. Get the other ECW workers on camera and cheer both men on. Have it be an even brawl and then have New Jack gain control and bring Victory down to ringside. New Jack tells Dreamer to come down to ringside with him. New Jack will knock Victory out with a shovel. New Jack then sets Victory on a table. Have New Jack set up a flat table on the fork lift and then stands a ladder on the lift. Dreamer can raise the fork lift and New Jack can jump off of the ladder from the fork lift onto Victory for his "balcony dive" because there is no balcony at the Hara Arena. New Jack gets the pin.

Dudley Boys vs Sandman

Dreamer, Spike Dudley's come out first and talk about Bealuh and trash the fans. After they are done talking the Sandmans music plays. Dreamer/Spike/ Sandman all come out and walk down to ringside and stand outside of the ring. Dreamer/ Spike/ Sandman then point to the entrance and Bealuh walks out. She comes out with a bag. The bag is full of weapons. She opens the bag and gives Spike/ Dreamer/Sandman each a weapon. Dreamer and Sandman lift her on thier shoulders and she points at the Dudleys. All of a sudden Spencer McGillicutty comes out from the crowd and is standing behind the Dudleys. Spencer nails Bubba Ray with a hub cap or some other weapon and then Spencer hits all of the Dudleys with the weapon. Dreamer/ Sandman/ Spike charge the ring and nail the Dudleys with their weapon. This should be an all out brawl. EVERYONE should get color. They should fight in the ring, outside the ring, in the locker room, in the crowd, and in the concession area. Spencer and Bealuh should fight Gertner and SGD.


"Wild Thing" should blast threw the Arena and Onita shoild come out. Onita should have something in barbed wire and just beat the Sandman with it. Sandman should be knocked out by Onita and the Dudley should get the pin. This match should be an all out brawl. They should even let the fans give the guys some weapons like the good old days.


Rob Van Dam/ Sabu vs Masato Tanaka/ Hayabusa

This should be the real main event. Should have technical wrestling and ALOT of spots. But it shouldn’t be a spot fest. ECW meets FMW. Have it go into the crowd. Alot of aerial spots into the crowd. A 30 minute classic of brawling and wrestling. Have RVD/ Sabu hit the leg drop threw the table for the pin. This match should be the best of the night and it is truly a toss up. After the match have Fonzie gets on the mic and challenges Tanaka to fight Sabu for the TV title right there.


Sabu vs Masato Tanaka A quick 5-7 minute match with a bunch of chair shots. Have Mike Awesome come down and chokeslam Sabu threw a table on the outside. Tanaka then gets the pin. Tanaka is the new TV champ. RVD/ Sabu can't hold ALL of the titles and Paul doesnt want RVD to job so he has Sabu do the job and the belt helps get Tanaka over even more. Sabu could feud with Awesome for a little while and then have him feud with Haybusa.


Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow should carry Taz as usual. Have this match go all over the place. I mean in the crowd, in the locker room, in the concession area and even outside. The match MUST go outside. Taz can suplex Bigelow through a car window or something. This match should be a gore fest. Just make sure that it goes all over the Arena and outside. Taz should get the win with the Tazmission in the center of the ring. If ECW does this exactly it will go down as the greatest PPV ever. ECW has to get extreme this time just to put the WWF down from their King of the Ring performance and show them just who is Extreme.


The highlights from this PPV would be : - a Mikey vs Doring feud set up .......Doring emerging as a future superstar in 3 months - Lance Storm in the Triple Threat - Douglas, Taz, RVD confrontation - Sabu is new TV champ - Lynn vs Credible match with Kronus turning heel - New Jack dive - The all out brawl involving the Dudley's and Sandman/ Dreamer/ Spike as well as Onita, Spencer McGillicutty, Bealuh, Gertner, SGD - RVD/Sabu vs Tanaka/ Hayabusa classic - Tanaka beating Sabu for the TV title - Taz and Bigelow battling all over the place.


All back issues of the Wrestling Booking Sheet are available for free at Jon White's terrific website. Jon is an amateur booker as well, and his site is worth checking out. The address is:

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