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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 007

Date:  Saturday July 25th, 1998  2:00 pm

The question was simple: if you were placed in charge of a new wrestling promotion, and you were allowed to draft any five wrestlers in the world to headline your promotion, who would they be? Many factors would go into your decision. Drawing power, workrate. charisma, interviews, selling ability, attitude, age, injuries; these were the main factors involved in choosing your five franchise wrestlers. Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch conducts this poll annually, and he deserves credit for the concept. Below the winners are listed in order; the point system is as follows: #1 draft pick receives five points, #2 draft pick receives 4 points, etc. In our next issue I will list my own choices, and will evalute the choices of our readers.

1)      Steve Austin 153

2)      Shawn Michaels 86

3)      Kevin Nash 46

4)      Chris Benoit 40

5)      Bill Goldberg 39

6)      Triple H 36

7)      Chris Jericho 36

8)      Rocky Maivia

9)      Cactus Jack 31

10)  Bret Hart 30

11)  The Undertaker 28

12)  Sting 23

13)  Ric Flair 22

14)  Rob Van Dam 22

15)  X-Pac 17

16)  Scott Hall 14

17)  Edge 14

18)  Val Venis

19)  New Age Outlaws 11

20)  Kanyon 11

21)  Shane Douglas 10

22)  Sabu 10

23)  Terry Funk 9

24)  DDP Page 8

25)  Ken Shamrock 6

26)  Hayabusa 5

27)  Mitsuharu Misawa 5

28)  Ultimo Dragon 5

29)  Raven 5

30)  Farooq 5

31)  Buff Bagwell 5

32)  Thrasher 4

33)  Dustin Runnells 4

34)  Too Cold Scorpio 4

35)  Kenta Kobashi 4

36)  Taz 4

37)  Owen Hart 4

38)  Chavo Guerrero Jr. 4

39)  Marc Mero 4

40)  The Sandman 3

41)  Dean Malenko 3

42)  Kane 3

43)  Al Snow 3

44)  Hardy Brothers 3

45)  D'Lo Brown 3

46)  Mark Henry 3

47)  Steve Williams 3

48)  Lex Luger 3

49)  Randy Savage 3

50)  Michael Modest 2

51)  Tom Brandi 2

52)  Roddy Piper 2

53)  Hollywood Hogan 2

54)  Jushin Liger 2

55)  Perry Saturn 2

56)  Public Enemy 2

57)  The Great Sasuke 1

58)  Rey Mysterio Jr. 1

59)  Ahmed Johnson 1

60)  Taka Michinoku 1

61)  Jason Sensation 1

62)  Mabel 1

63)  Billy Kidman 1

64)  Davey Boy Smith 1

65)  Konnan 1


We will close down with a couple booking plans submitted by our readers. Remember, if you have a booking plan of your own, please send it in.


Reader: Mortis65

7/20 Monday Nitro: its a Tag Team Match. Reese and Raven vs. Juvi and Hammer. Raven and Juvi start it out. Juvi starts out strong, but when Lodi has the ref's attention, Reese comes in and takes Juvi down with a big clothesline. Hammer tries to come in but the referee stops him while Raven and Reese double team Juvi. Raven tags in Reese who destroys Juvi. Reese goes for the double-arm chokeslam but Juvi turns it into a 'rana. Then he tags Hammer.


Hammer comes in and slows down Reese with a few punches. Then he knocks Raven out of the ring. Hammer turns around and Reese again goes for the double-arm chokeslam but Hammer kicks him in the ribs and DDT's him. Juvi goes up top for the 450 and nails it. Saturn and Kanyon, seperately run down to the ring and start a brawl. The match is thrown out.


7/23 Thursday Thunder: JJ Dillion comes out and announces a Saturn and Kanyon vs. Hammer and Juvi match. Kanyon comes out and says that he's sorry he had to cost Hammer and Juvi the match but he was just trying to get at Raven. Saturn comes out and says that he isn't sorry and that Hammer and Juvi should just watch out next time. Then he tells Kanyon that he never wanted to team with him and that he is only because he has to. Then Saturn walks off. Kanyon says that is Saturn touches him at all, that he'll feel the pain of the Flatliner. Kanyon walks off. (The time of the match) Hammer and Juvi come out first. Saturn and Kanyon come out seperately. Kanyon and Hammer start it out, Hammer gets some power moves in but Kanyon starts to take over. Riggs comes out hits Saturn in the back with a chair. Saturn falls off the apron. He looks and see's Riggs running off and chases after him.


Kanyon goes over to tag Saturn, who is gone. When he turns around, Hammer hits him with a powerbomb, suplex, and other assorted power moves. Then he tags Juvi who immediately goes to the top and hits the 450. Hammer and Juvi walk off. Kanyon gets up and grabs a mic. He challenges Saturn to a match at Road Wild. A no DQ match. Saturn comes out and gets into the ring. He takes the mic from Kanyon and accepts. Then he says, "Let's not wait till Road Wild though" and both men start to brawl. Kidman, Sickboy, Riggs, and Horace all come out. They attack Saturn and Kanyon who fight them off and eventually throw them out of the ring. Then Saturn and Kanyon go at it again as the Flock leaves and it goes to commercial.


7/27 Monday Nitro: Shiavonie talks about a Four Corners match signed for tonight. its between Hammer, Raven, Saturn, and Kanyon. (Later at the match). Each man comes out seperately, only the Flock comes out with Raven. The match starts out in a brawl. All four men going at it. Then Saturn throws Hammer out of the ring and him and Kanyon go at it. The Flock runs over and beats up on Hammer as Raven grabs a chair from the outside. He hits Kanyon and Saturn with it. Hammer climbs in the ring after taking down the Flock and nails Raven from behind. Hammer goes for a powerbomb on the chair but Saturn blocks it and nails Hammer with the Death Valley Driver for the pin. Hammer leaves as Kidman attacks him. Juvi, from out of the crowd, jumps out and nails Kidman. The rest of the Flock comes to help, only to be knocked down by Hammer. Hammer and Juvi beat up on Kidman back into the locker room. The Flock stays at ringside. Meanwhile, Saturn has Raven up for the Death Valley Driver by Kanyon kicks him in the back, turns him around, and nails him with the Flatliner for the pin. Kanyon gets up and is beating on Raven. The Flock distracts the ref as Saturn grabs a table from under the ring and slides it in, without Kanyon noticing. He sets it up and gives Kanyon the Death Valley Driver through the table. Then he lays Raven on top of Kanyon. The referee sees it and counts 1,2,3 and raises Raven's hand.


7/30 Thursday Thunder:

Juvi vs. Kidman. The announcers mention that Hammer is not in the building. its a great match back and forth, but it ends when Saturn comes out and gives both men the Death Valley Driver. Then he grabs a mic and says that he gave Kanyon the Death Valley Driver through the table because he was gonna finish off Raven so they could fight man to man, but Kanyon was too much of a coward to fight him face to face. A hand comes up through the ring, followed by a body. A man dressed in all black, with a hat come up. He turns Saturn around and gives him a inverted-russian leg sweep. He takes off his hat and clothes to reveal Kanyon(if you couldn't figure that out already.) He grabs the mic Saturn had and said that he saved Raven only because he hated Saturn just a little bit more. He then reaches through the hole and pulls out a table. He sets it up in the ring and gives Saturn the original Flatliner (A firemans carry into a fallway slam off the top rope) through the table.


8/3 Monday Nitro:

Raven comes out and says, "Kanyon I don't need your help" and so on. Kanyon comes out and responds by saying "I think you do need my help Raven. I think you need all the help you can get." Then he says "I hear that Saturn's not here tonight, so how about you and me finish what we started in a cage." Raven agrees and both men walk off. Hammer and Juvi win their match against two Luchador jobbers with funny names. Then Hammer grabs a mic and warns the Flock that if they interfere in the Cage Match, that they'll be taught a lesson they'll never forget.


(Later at the match). Both men come to the ring as the cage lowers. The announcers point out that it has no top. The match starts out wild but eventually slows down. Riggs, Sickboy, Kidman, and Lodi come out and Riggs grabs a chair and throws it over the cage, and into the ring. Raven sets it up and drop-toe-holds Kanyon onto it. Then he goes for the Evenflow on it, but Kanyon blocks it and gives Raven the Flatliner onto it. He starts to climb the cage, but so does the Flock. Kidman reaches the top first. But Kanyon knocks him down and Kidman falls through the time keepers table. Hammer and Juvi come out and pull the rest of the Flock members down. Medical Attention for Kidman has come out as Kanyon climbs over the top of the cage and to the Floor. Horace and Reese come out. Horace hits Hammer in the head with the Stop Sign. And Reese gives Juvi the Double-Arm Chokeslam. Then they both team up on Kanyon. Has does the rest of the Flock. Raven is still unconscious in the ring as the show ends.


8/6 Thursday Thunder: They show Kidman in the hospital. The Flock comes out and Raven says that now since Kanyon put Kidman in the hospital, he must pay. He says Kanyon will fight Reese later in the night.


(The match) The Flock comes out with Reese and Kanyon comes out alone. Reese and Kanyon fight back and forth until Kanyon hits the Flatliner on big Reese. The Flock jumps in. Kanyon starts to fight them off but they get the better of him. Then Hammer and Juvi come down and join in the brawl. Then somebody pops through the ring, it turns out to be Saturn to starts to clean house. The show ends.


8/8 Road Wild: Saturn vs. Kanyon. Both men come out alone. They fight back on forth in a wild match which included: Chairs, tables, and many other weapons. They finally get back to the ring and Saturn hits the Death Valley Driver. The Flock rushes down to the ring. So does Hammer and Juvi. The Flock knocks Hammer and Juvi out of the ring. But then Saturn starts nailing the Death Valley Driver everywhere, and Kanyon starts hitting the Flatliner everywhere. Both men turn to see each other. Then they shake hands and hold each other's hand into the air.


Reader: SkaNachos9

 This is my booking plan for Shawn Michaels. At the next Pay Per View he will go back into DX. He will be scheduled to fight Triple H but Triple H will let Michaels win by disqualification so Triple H could keep the belt but Michaels gets the win. He will then be scheduled to fight Kane. He will come out victorious because DX distracted Kane giving Michael enough time to deliver a Piledriver which could get Kane down for the 3 count. By this time, Undertaker will have beaten Stone Cold for the belt and Michaels will face him. Michaels will win it and then the Champion now will be Shawn Michaels. About a month later, The Rattlesnake will be the number #1 contender and will face Michaels. He will beat him up for a while and then deliver the stunner for the 1-2-3 count. Stonecold will end up with the belt again.


There are many great wrestling related web sites that I encourage you to check out: All back issues of the Wrestling Booking Sheet are available for free at Jon White's terrific website. Jon is an amateur booker as well, and his site is worth checking out. The address is:

Here are some other great sites worth checking out:


Power Hold Wrestling is one of the premier wrestling-related sites on the net, with up-to-the-minute news, opinions, dream matches and more!

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