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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 008

Date:  Sunday July 26th, 1998  3:05 pm

As the results of the poll kept coming in, I ended up being constantly surprised. Many of the picks I felt were right on; many of the picks made no sense to me. You, the readers, were asked to send in your top 5 draft picks if you were placed in charge of a wrestling promotion. Criteria was based on drawing power, workrate, charisma, age, injuries, interviews.

Here are my personal picks:

1)      Steve Austin

Austin is the biggest drawing card to hit the United States in years. He is tops in just about every category. He is the best draw in the US w/ merchandise, house show sales, and television ratings. His workrate is terrific; arguably one of the ten best in the American wrestling scene. Austin is a strong enough presence to anchor any promotion; he was an easy first choice. His injuries are scary, but its still a gamble worth taking.

2)      Chris Benoit

Not yet a draw; Benoit has never been placed in a position where he could be a big money player. That's unfortunate, since Benoit gets strong enough reactions to warrant a super push. His interviews have improved enough to where they are solid; he is arguably the best wrestler in the world. Benoit can adapt to any style in the ring; it would be interesting to see how someone like Paul Heyman could book Benoit to super stardom.


3)      Shawn Michaels

HBK could be a strong #1 choice; super charismatic, good interviews, maybe the most spectacular worker in the country. Then you examine the other side; will rarely do jobs, is flaky, in questionable physical and mental condition. If HBK is into it, a definite franchise player. If he's upset, a high salaried ego who will sit at home. Tough call.


4)      Mick Foley/Cactus Jack

If finally booked correctly, a possible franchise player. Incredible interviews; can do more than just pull off high spots that would leave most crippled. Foley is much more than just that. He can develop angles and characters with layers, layers that a great booker could develop.


5)      Booker T

This fifth spot was the hardest to fill. Booker T has the makings to be a superstar, and has already proven he could be carried to a great match when matched with the right worker. Like Benoit, he hasn't reached the level yet where he would be considered a draw; given time, I feel this will change. Booker T gets great reactions, and once he is placed in storylines against more of the top dogs he will get more of chance to break out. The fact that not one voter chose Booker T surprised me; he was expected to finish high in the balloting.


There were several candidates for the fifth spot. Both Chris Jericho & Rocky Maivia were high on my list. Rey Mysterio Jr. can anchor a light heavyweight division, and Dean Malenko is one of my favorites. Ric Flair was almost chosen; his age was the disqualifiying factor. While a year ago both Vader & Bret Hart would have been on my list, their stock has fallen so far that it wasn't even an issue.


Let's wrap up today's issue with a plan for the reformation of the Horseman, in the WWF. Remember, be sure to send in your own plans; I publish as many of them as I can.


Reader: OneBadMother@xxxxpuno.Com

Here is my idea to get some WWF newcomers over. As usual, the easiest way to get a guy over is to have him join a respected stable. Why not the Four Horsemen? The WWF acquires Flair, who, until he gets the new Horsemen over, will have to wrestle.


The fans will welcome Flair back to the WWF with a standing ovation at SummerSlam. After the first two matches, in an in-ring interview, conducted by Jim Ross, Flair will say "its great to style and profile here in the WWF! I can't wait to walk that isle WHOO! with that beautiful 24 karat WWF championship belt. HehHeh. All I need is a few good men to watch my back. WHOO!" After this he struts his stuff, as usual. Ross explodes. He looks overwhelmed. "Do you mean you are reforming the Horsemen here in the WWF?!?" With a nod from Flair the crowd erupts.


Flair is later seen ringside checking out prospects for the new Horsemen. He is seen watching the LOD 2000 take on the DOA with Paul Ellering. During the match he is seen talking to Paul Ellering, but no mics pick up what is being said. He joins the broadcast team during the Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn match. Ross asks Flair "Will you announce the new Horsemen tonight?" "Soon enough." replies Flair. "Tomorrow." Ross erupts again. "Ric Flair will announce the line up of the new Horsemen in the WWF tomorrow night on Raw!!!" Flair stays with the team and comments during the matches and watches intently during this match, but doesn't hint at who he's looking at for possible recruitment.


During the bonus match of Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Toshiaki Kawada for the All-Japan Triple Crown Championship, Flair is noticeably quiet. Ross points this out, the King says "Why are you paying attention to these losers! What about me?" Flair ignores him. Misawa is rumored to have a stint in the WWF in exchange for Vader, a deal Vince is more than willing to make.


At the main event between the Undertaker and Stone Cold, Flair says "I've got sweaty palms guys, this is what wrestling's all about." There is a quiver in his voice. Ross questions him "Do you have a jonesin' for the WWF championship?" "That belt means that you are the best in the business and I've worked my butt off for years and years. If I don't have that title by the Royal Rumble, I just might retire." "What?!?" the King screams. "Ric Flair, do you mean this?" asks Jim. "Absolutely, I'm going to give my all between now and then to prove to myself and all of the fans that I truly am the Nature Boy." responds Flair. The T.V. production crew cut to a shot of the shocked announcers and Flair, who is rising from his seat.


The Undertaker whips Stone Cold against the turnbuckle. The ref admonishes UT for using a closed fist, before he whipped Stone Cold into the corner. Flair reaches in his pocket and pulls out some brass knucks. He climbs up onto the apron and nails Stone Cold right in the back of the skull. Stone Cold collapses. The Undertaker recognizes that this may be his opportunity to win the belt. He quickly capitalizes with a choke slam and two tombstones, to be safe. 1-2-3!!! UT is the new WWF champion! The lights dim and UT's music plays as Flair struts all the way back to the dressing room. When Stone Cold wakes up, the glass breaks and he angrily marches to the dressing room.


The next night, speculations abound as everyone is abuzz over the reformation of the Horsemen, in the WWF! Raw kicks off with breaking glass and Stone Cold marching out with a mic. The music cuts quickly and Stone Cold yells "I've had just about enough of dinosaurs invadin' my turf! Flair, your a** is mine!" All of a sudden, "2001, A Space Oddesy" starts playing. BUM BUM BUM BUM Flair walks out below the TitanTron with a mic and says "I've got no time for little boys and their problems. I'm here for just one thing. And to help me do it I've got..." BONG BONG BONG UT's music starts playing, Flair runs down to where the ramp and the floor meet.


UT walks toward Flair, who quickly walks away. UT persues and grabs a mic. "Nature Boy. You have aided me in my quest to be the greatest WWF champion of all time. In return for your help you will get what you deserve." Flair walks proudly up to the UT, who chokeslams him through the ramp! Flair is left for dead as UT's music starts up and he leaves. Flair, the ever crafty veteran, grabs his mic and says "Now Steve, I've done wrong, and in hindsight I'm sorry. But, together we can form a new stronger Horsemen to get that title back!" Austin looks pensive for a moment. He mulls around the ring with his hand stroking his chin. He turns to grab the mic from Flair when he kicks him in the gut and stuns him. The glass breaks and Austin marches off.


Flair gets up during the commercial break and storms off into the dressing room. Upon coming back from commercial, we are treated to Flair and McMahon talking, but the mics don't pick it up. Ross constantly hypes the fact that Flair will announce the new Horsemen tonight. At the end of Raw, Flair is seen coming down to the ring. Commercial break.


Flair is now standing in the ring when Warzone starts. He says "Steve, Undertaker; you both have made the worst mistakes of your lives. With the new Horsemen backing me up, you, Undertaker have plenty to worry about. Next week, barring another incident, I will announce the new Horsemen." "Wait a second! I thought he said he was going to say who it was this week!" cries Ross. "You heard the man, Ross. Barring incident. If it weren't for those idiots The Undertaker and Steve Austin, we'd have found out who the new Horsemen were! Blame those mental midgets! Not the Nature Boy!", snaps the King. Later during "Dr. Death" Steve Williams match against Jeff Jarrett. Severn runs in to save the good doctor from the Figure Four. After the match they walk out together.


During the main event on Raw, the Undertaker and Kane vs. Stone Cold and Mankind, Flair makes his presence felt. He comes down to ringside to watch the match from the floor. He whistles towards the locker room when it looks like UT is going to chokeslam Mankind for the win. Three men run into the ring, Dr. Death, Dan Severn and the newly crowned Triple Crown Champion, Mitsuaharu Misawa. They clean house along with Flair, after all of the previous occupants leave the ring. They all give the four fingers in the air. The crowd erupts with boos. This gets Dr. Death, Severn and Misawa all over and as major heels.


Over the next months they harass UT on behalf of Flair. They each acquire titles along the line. European Champ, Dr. Death. Intercontinental Champ, Misawa. Severn and Williams have won the WWF Tag Titles. They are all way over as heels, the way the Horsemen should be. When HBK returns he wants the WWF title back and Flair's got it; DX and the Horsemen feud in one of the best since the Freebirds and Von Erichs. In conclusion, the reformation of the Horsemen would get all of these guys way over as heels. Even if Misawa dosen't come the WWF, you can just plug anyone you want in that slot. I just looked at the WWF roster and didn't really see any names that might interest me if they were in the Horsemen.


There are many great wrestling related web sites that I encourage you to check out: All back issues of the Wrestling Booking Sheet are available for free at Jon White's terrific website. Jon is an amateur booker as well, and his site is worth checking out. The address is:

Here are some other great sites worth checking out:


Power Hold Wrestling is one of the premier wrestling-related sites on the net, with up-to-the-minute news, opinions, dream matches and more!

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