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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 009

Date:  Tuesday July 28th, 1998  3:48 pm

Dozens of reactions have poured in regarding the Sable /Jaqueline bikini contest. The WWF definitely pleased its fan with this one. Jackie shows a nipple (accidentally?), Sable goes topless, with hands body painted over her upper torso. While entertaining, this was as extreme a display of flesh ever shown on a wrestling show.

Was it too much? While this storyline was well received by the new hardcore fan base, I'm not certain this was appropriate for the younger fans. Should 12 year olds be encouraged to drool over Sable, a breast enhanced Barbie doll? As much as Titan talks about how their new hardcore image is aimed at young adults, the reality is far different.

Live Wire, televised at 10 AM Saturday mornings, usually replays the raciest of the DX & Sable angles. Regardless, I enjoy these angles; show me all the flesh you can. Both Sable & Jackie are attractive; Sable is among the most over WWF characters. The Jerry Springer aspect of it all doesn't offend me; it also makes me glad that I'm not in the uncomfortable position of deciding if children should be allowed to watch the "new WWF".

Maybe its just wishful thinking that Sunny would be involved in storylines like this one. At the same time, Tammy Sytch can get over without the bikini contests; she can rely on charisma alone.


The Wrestling Booking Sheet is proud to present some of the booking plans of our readers. Be sure to send your plan in; we print as many of them as space permits.


Reader: Mortis65

8/3 Monday Night RAW- Mick Foley (as himself) walks out. He says that he craves hardcore wrestling. He goes on to say he can't stay in a place where there is not the hardcore style of Japan or ECW for as long as he's been in the WWF. He says that since he is still under contract that he will not have to adapt to the WWF style, that he'll make the WWF adapt to his style. He calls out anyone that would be interested in this style of wrestling. He waits. Steve Williams comes out. They wait. 54 year old veteran Terry Funk comes out.


Mick asks Vince McMahon to join them. McMahon comes to the ramp with a mic and asks Mick what he wants. Mick says that four men isn't enough to do it and asks Vince to give him until Summerslam to find some more competitors for this new hardcore style. Vince tells that he'll pay for all the guys BUT, if he cannot get 13 more guys by Summerslam that the hardcore idea will be thrown out and Mick will have to wrestle the matches Vince tells him to. Mick says that'll he'll do so and check in every week on RAW.


8/10 Monday Night RAW- At the top of the program JR says that Mick has two weeks to find 8 more men for his hardcore inside league.


(Later in the show) Mick comes up on the Titan Tron. He says the first place he hit was ECW. And he got some ECW legends. Sabu, The Sandman, New Jack, Axl Rotten and Tommy Dreamer. He says the next place he it going is Japan to check out guys in the FMW, IWA, some Indy's and W*ING.


8/17 Monday Night RAW- JR says that Mick has to get 8 more guys and very soon. (Later in the night). Mick again shows up on the Titan Tron. He says he checked out a lot of guys and got: Atsushi Onita, Mr. Pogo, Mad Man Pondo, Ian Rotten, W*ING Kanemura, and Leatherface. JR pees his pants and starts screaming about what big stars some of those men are. Mick then says he has a special surprise for Summerslam.


8/23 SUMMERSLAM- Cactus Jack comes out and gets in the ring. The crowd is going insane. Cactus tells all the men that he got to come out. They come out in the order they were mentioned over the weeks. Steve Williams, Terry Funk, Sabu, The Sandman, New Jack, Axl Rotten, Tommy Dreamer, Atsushi Onita, Mr. Pogo, Mad Man Pondo, Ian Rotten, W*ING Kanemura, and Leatherface. Then he says, its time for the BIG surprise and he calls out TNT (who you may know as Savio Vega. He wrestled as TNT in Carlos Colon's WWC years ago). The crowd goes insane again.


Vince McMahon walks out laughing. Cactus asks him what's so funny. Vince says Cactus must have taken too many shots to the head because there are only 15 men in the ring. They all look disappointed. Then Stone Cold's music begins to play and the crowd starts to shake the building with their screams. Stone Cold walks by Vince and flips him off. Then he gets in the ring. Vince McMahon looks like he's about to kill the first man he sees and he storms off. Stone Cold says "If you think I should join these hardcore guys give me a hell yeah" and the crowd gave their response. Which (like you didn't know) was hell yeah.


(Later at Austin vs. Undertaker) Undertaker comes out. Austin comes out and says now that he's the most HARDCORE SOB in the WWF, that he can have a more hardcore match, if its ok with the Undertaker. The Undertaker shakes his head yes. Austin says there going to have a Ladder Match. Atsushi Onita and Terry Funk carry a ladder out to the ring and put it in the middle. Cactus comes out and says that the ladder is a good start but it needs something more. Cactus, even though he knows what he is gonna do, stares out into nothing and taps his chin. Then he says that he has it and tells Mr. Pogo to bring out the extra prop. Pogo comes out with a spool of barbed wire and he wraps it around the ladder. Jerry Lawler is speechless and JR is, once again, peeing in his pants.


The match starts with a slugfest but eventually they start to use the barbed wire covered ladder. About 20 minutes into the match The Undertaker hits the chokeslam. The "Extreme Alliance" comes out and distracts the ref. Everyone but Cactus. Cactus comes out behind the ref's back with a barbed wire bat. He gets up on the apron but the Undertaker knocks him down. UT turns and Stone Cold hits him with a hard right that staggers the Undertaker. Cactus tosses the bat to Stone Cold and Austin wallops the Undertaker with it. Cactus escapes threw the crowd.


The referee turns to see Austin covering a bloody Undertaker. He counts and Austin holds onto the belt. The Extreme Alliance didn't stay as a group. They started fighting each other in hardcore and extreme matches, like they were meant too. But the hardcore circuit quickly became the biggest thing the WWF has ever seen.


Jon White, the keeper of our past newsletters, has sent in his own booking plan. He has his own booking plans on his web site, where he books his own version of Raw every week. Be sure to check them out at:


Reader: Jon White (

This is a Fantasy Cruiserweight tournament. It is a 14 man round robin tournament, so its huge. So I've decided to break it into two catagories. The first one is below and the second will be out when I get it done.


Well here is the plans for a WCW Cruiserweight tournament. If you are like me, you've been disgusted in the way the Cruiserweight division has been lately, so here's what happens.


On 7/27 of Nitro in the Malenko vs. Jericho title match. If Malenko doesn't get the title he loses his career. Anyways JJ Dillon bans Rey Mysterio from the arena tonight. During the match Rey comes down and looks on even though he isn't supposed to. Jericho goes on to defeat Malenko. JJ Dillon comes out and says that because Rey Mysterio comes out that the match is void and he is declaring the Cruiserweight title vacant!


7/30 Thunder. JJ declares that WCW will have a Round Robin tournament to decide who is the Cruiserweight champion. He says that he has talked to New Japan Pro Wrestling and other Japanese wrestlers and that they will be coming over for the tournament. He says he has divided the 14 wrestlers into 2 groups as follows: Group A North America Group B Japan (Juventud Guerrera Jr., Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Chris Benoit, Great Sasuke, Eddie Guerrero, El Samuri, Dean Malenko, Jinsei Shinzaki, Rey Mysterio Jr,. Shinjiro Otani, Chris Jericho, Ultimo Dragon, Psychosis, & Koji Kanamento).  He says that everyone will wrestle each other in their group, plus each wrestler will have a inter-league match against a member from the group. 2 points for a win and 1 point for a 15 minute time limit draw. If there is a tie it will be broken on whoever has the most wins, if its still tied it will go to head to head competition. He states that the top 3 in each group advance to a double elimination 6 man tournament, and he also states that the tournament will start this Monday Nitro!


8/3 Nitro Group A Benoit(2 pts. 1-0) beats Juvi (0 pts. 0-1) in 10:37 with Diving headbutt. Malenko (1 pt. 0-0-1) draws with Mysterio (1 pt. 0-0-1) with a 15 minute time limit Group B Great Sasuke (2 pts 1-0) beats Jushin Liger (0 pts. 0-1) in 11:48 with Powerbomb. 8/6 Thunder Group B Jinsei Shinzaki (2 pts 1-0) beats El Samuri (0 pts 0-1) in 8:13 with a Moonsault. Ultimo Dragon(2 pts 1-0) beats Otani (0 pts 0-1) in 14:05 with Dragon Sleeper


Group A Eddie Guerrero(1 pt 0-0-1) Draws with Jericho (1 pt 0-0-1) after a 15 minutes time limit. 8/8 Saturday Night before Road Wild Inter-league match Kanamento (2pts 1-0) beats Psychosis (0pts 0-1) with a Fisherman's suplex in 7:15 8/8 Road Wild PPV Group A Jericho (2pts 0-0-2) Draws with Juvi (1pt 0-1-1) at 11:36 with a double countout.


Group B Ultimo Dragon (3pts 1-0-1) Draws with Liger (1 pt 0-1-1) with 15 minute time limit. 8/10 Nitro Group A Eddie Guerrero(2 pts 0-0-2) Draws with Mysterio (2 pts 0-0-2) with 15 minute time limit Chris Benoit (4 pts 2-0) beats Psychosis (0 pts 0-2) in with Crossface at 9:23 Group B Kanamento (4 pts 2-0) beats Great Sasuke (2 pts 1-1) with Boston Crab at 13:56 8/13 Thunder


Group B Samuri (2 pts 1-1) beats Otani (0pts 0-2) with Powebomb at 13:02 Inter-League match Malenko (3pts 1-0-1) beats Jinsei Shinzaki(2 pts 1-1) with Texas Cloverleaf at 10:48


Group A Juvi (3pts 1-1-1) beats Psychosis (0pts 0-3) at 7:32 with 450 Splash 8/15 Saturday night Group A Jericho (4 pts 1-0-2) Beats Benoit (4pts 2-1) with Rollup at 13:41 Group B Liger beats (3 pts 1-1-1) beats Konamento (4 pts 2-1) with LigerBomb at 14:54 Ultimo Dragon (4 pts 1-0-2) Draws with Great Sasuake (3 pts 1-1-1) with 15 minute time limit 8/17 Nitro


Group A Malenko (4 pts 1-0-2) Draws with Guerrero (3 pts 0-0-3) with 15 minute time limit Group B Otani (2 pts 1-2) beat Jinsei Shinzaki (2 pts 1-2) with Frankensteiner at 13:12 Inter-League Match Mysterio (3 pts 0-0-3) Draws with Samuri (3 pts 1-1-1) with Top rope Frankensteiner at 12:46 Standing after 3 matches


Group B Benoit (4pts 2-1-0) Konamento (4pts 2-1-0) Jericho (4pts 1-0-2) Dragon (4pts 1-0-2) Malenko (4pts 1-0-2) Liger (3pts 1-1-1) Juvi G. (3pts 1-1-1) Samuri (3pts 1-1-1) Guerrero (3pts 0-0-3) G. Sasuake(3pts 1-1-1) Mysterio(3pts 0-0-3) J.Shinzaki(2pts 1-2-0) Psychosis(0pts 0-3-0) Otani (2pts 1-2-0)


8/20 Thunder Group A Mysterio (5 pts 1-0-3) beat Juvi (3 pts 1-2-1) with a rana at 12:18 Benoit (5 pts 2-1-1) Draws with Malenko (5 pts 1-0-3) with 15 minute time limit


Group B Liger (5pts 2-1-1) beats Samuri (3 pts 1-2-1) with LigerBomb at 10:49 8/22 Saturday Night Group A Psychosis (2 pts 1-3) beats Jericho (4pts 1-1-2) with Guillitine Leg Drop at 9:11. Jericho goes insane because he can't believe he lost to Psychosis


Group B Jinsei Shinzaki (3 pts 1-2-1) Draws Great Sasuake (4pts 1-1-2) with 15 minute time limit draw Ultimo Dragon (6pts 2-0-2) beats Konamento (4 pts 2-2) with Dragon Sleeper at 12:46 8/24 Nitro Inter-League Match Otani (4pts 2-2) beats Eddie Guerrero(3 pts 0-1-3) with Powebomb at 14:25 Group A Malenko (7pts 2-0-3) beat Juvi (3 pts 1-3-1) with Texas Cloverleaf in 8:48 Group B Samuri (4 pts 1-2-2) draws Konamento (2-2-1) with 15 minute time limit 8/27 Thunder Group A Eddie Guerrero(5pts 1-1-3) beats Psychosis (2 pts 1-4) with Frog Splash Benoit (6pts 2-1-2) draws with Mysterio (6pts 1-0-4) with 15 minute time limit


Group B Liger (7pts 3-1-1) beats Jinsei Shinzaki (3pts 1-3-1) with Ligerbomb at 10:32 8/29 Saturday Night Group B Otani (6pts 3-2) beats Sasuake (4pts 1-2-2) with Powerbomb at 12:13 Inter-League match Jericho(5pts 1-1-3) draws with Dragon (7pts 2-0-3) with 15 minute time limit draw.


Group A Juvi (5 pts 2-3-1) beats with Guerrero (6pts 2-2-2) with 450 Splash at 11:01 8/31 Monday Nitro


Group A Dean Malenko (8pts 3-1-2) beat Psychosis (2pts 1-5) with Cloverleaf at 9:25


Group B Otani (7pts 3-2-1) draws with Liger (8pts 3-1-2) with 15 minute time limit Ultimo Dragon (7pts 2-0-3) draws with Samuri (5pts 1-2-3) with 15 minute time limit 9/3 Thunder Group A Jericho (6pts 1-1-4) draws Mysterio (7pts 1-0-5) with 15 minute time limit Group B Jinsei Shinzaki (5pts 2-3-1) beats Kanemoto (5pts 2-3-1) with Powebomb at 11:58 Inter league Great Sasuake (6pts 2-2-2) beat Benoit (6pts 2-2-2) with Powerbomb at 12:29


Standings after 6 matches: Group A Group B Dean Malenko (8pts 3-1-2) J. Liger (8pts 3-1-2) Mysterio (7pts 1-0-5) Otani (7pts 3-2-1) Guerrero (6pts 2-2-2) Dragon (7pts 2-0-3) Benoit (6pts 2-2-2) Sasuake (6pts 2-2-2) Jericho (6pts 1-1-4) Konamento(5pts 2-3-1) Juvi (5pts 2-3-1) Shinzaki (5pts 2-3-1) Psychosis (2pts 1-5-0) Samuri (5pts 1-2-3)


Everyone can still make the top 6 except Psychosis of course and El Samuri. The following last matches will occur: Group A Jericho vs. Malenko Benoit vs. Eddie Misteiro vs. Psychosis Group B Konamento vs Otani Dragon vs Shinzaki Samuri vs Sasuake InterPromotional match Liger vs. Juvi The rest of the tournament will be sent out next week.


There are many great wrestling related web sites that I encourage you to check out: All back issues of the Wrestling Booking Sheet are available for free at Jon White's terrific website. Jon is an amateur booker as well, and his site is worth checking out. The address is:


Here are some other great sites worth checking out:



Power Hold Wrestling is one of the premier wrestling-related sites on the net, with up-to-the-minute news, opinions, dream matches and more!

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