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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 010

Date:  Wednesday August 5th, 1998  4:02 pm

Following ECW Heatwave, a couple high profile events have taken place
behind the scenes. The first incident, which most of you already know
about, is in regards to Sunny leaving the WWF. Following ECW
Heatwave, Sunny announced that she has quit the WWF and would be
appearing in ECW shortly with fiancé Chris Candido. Few details are
available; Sunny had three more years left on her WWF contract. Did
Titan give her a full release from her contract or was it a limited

The WWF can limit all future employment for Sunny over the next three
years. If it was a limited release that Sunny obtained she would be
prohibited from signing with WCW. The only reason she would be
allowed to work for ECW is that Titan feels like letting her.
Regardless, its doubtful WCW would sign her anyway. Has Sunny dealt
with her personal problems? She certainly has enough charisma to
enchant the audience; hopefully she will be given the opportunity.

A sidenote: The character of Sunny is trademarked by the WWF. Any
promotion using Sunny would have two options: present her as Tamara
Sytch or create a new character for her. This should be child's play
for Paul Heyman; its doubtful WCW bookers would be able to use her
nearly as effectively.
Sandman will decide on Saturday if he will be staying with ECW; I hope
he will. His character is super over in ECW, over in ways he could
never duplicate elsewhere. His good friend Raven could probably get
him hired in WCW; becoming just another member of the Flock is a step
downwards. The best parts of his act would be toned down in WCW
anyway, giving him no chance to get over. While his hardcore persona
might be given a chance in the WWF his lack of skill would sink him.
Nobody can get Sandman over like Heyman; hopefully their relationship
will continue.
Below are some of the terrific booking plans sent in by our readers.
If you have your own fantasy booking scenario regarding your favorite
superstar, please send it in.

Reader: TMu1400715
The WWF IV Horseman Booking Plan
Raw the night after Summerslam: The Undertaker gave
Austin all he
had, but it still was not enough. They shook hands after the match though and parted on unusually good terms. The next night McMahon kicks off Raw with an interview and runs down all the plans he has tried to ruin the lives and careers of Austin and the Undertaker. He states, "I just did not know what to do after last night. So I sat in my hotel room and thought, then it hit me, I knew who I needed. I made a phone call and he will be here tonight. That's right. Austin, Undertaker your days are numbered, your time has come." By
9:15 the cameras out back see a strech limo pull in. Speculation abounds as the commercial break comes. At around 10:50 McMahon comes out. He grabs a mic.

He announces that the time has come to unveil his surprise. The
cameras go to the limo. The music starts as Flair struts out. He makes his way to the ring. He takes the mic.

"WHoooooo! Its been a long time, but I am back again to walk that
aisle, Whoooo!" Mr. McMahon, before you called me last night, I
thought that I would never wrestle again, but I guess your lawyers can
win any case right. WHooooo! Enough fun, I have come here tonight
for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to announce my
return. I am not satisfied with just returning. I need to win that
big gold belt one more time, but to do it, I have decided to reinstate
an old institution." He raises four fingers, and the crowd explodes.

I have come here to recruit three men and take them to glory. For
three men their careers will change forever tonight. I have wrestled
all over the world. I have won title all over the world, but it is no
fun doing it by yourself, so I am bringing three men with me. First
you have a guy who is no stranger to titles himself. He is a former
Intercontinental champ. He does have a bit of an identity crises
though, so I thought I would straighten him out, huh, huh. Dustin
Rhodes come on down, and walk the isle with the Nature Boy, WHoooo!"
Rhodes comes out. Flair addresses him.


"Son I know about all the problems your daddy caused you, and I know
all the shit you did to get over up here. I know what kind of a man
you are. You were one of the most talented wrestlers I had ever seen
until the circus came to town and tried to ruin the game. I know you
can be great again, so walk that isle with me, if you will."


Rhodes looks at him and raises four fingers.


Flair starts again. " Next we have another tough guy from Texas. He
was a former world tag champion until his brother turned on him, and
left him for a ringmaster in dreadlocks. Bart Gunn come on down and
walk that isle. Whoooooo!


Bart comes to the ring and shakes hands with Dustin. He looks Flair
right in the eye and raises four fingers.


Flair starts again. "Finally we have yet another Texan, and this one
is a former world champion. He has done everything. He is a great
athlete and is the final link in this chain, Stone Cold Steve Austin
walk the isle and come on down." McMahon is stunned, up until now he
had been in the corner smiling, now he has an upset look on his face
he tries to confront Flair, but Rhodes and Gunn block his path.
Austin's music plays, he walks to the ring. Flair holds the ropes
for him. He looks Flair in the eye. Flair holds up four fingers in
his left hand and extends his right.
Austin looks around,
turns to Flair stares him in the eye and shows him two fingers, the
middle one on each hand. He stuns Flair, Gunn,
Rhodes, and McMahon. Austin
walks out and Raw goes off the air.
To be continued........
Reader: DudeLuvOWW
I am quite glad that you are one of the many to observe Foley's
talents. I'm a very busy man, and I usually don't participate in
wrestling newsletters. Most of the time I sit back, skim through
articles and get ideas and notions from Wrestling View and the other
wrestling e-mails I receive. However, I just had to send an e-mail
concerning that Foley was one of your drafts. Though he isn't
popular, anyone with wrestling intelligence can see that he is still
young for a legend, that he is a VERY good speaker, he'll do jobs for
angles, he'll make matches exciting... he is my all time wrestling love. Anyway, I just wanted to mention my thanks and agreement.
Reader: (Alberto Rizzi)
I.Y.H. 7/23 -Fully Loaded-
Jerry Lawler enters the ring and calls out both participants. Before
the two women can start their "show", Val Venis comes out. "Hey, dolls
!! I have a special prize for the winner, too... and that's MMMMMMM a
hot summer night with myself". The crowd goes crazy, but Marc Mero
doesn't and say: "Well Mr. Hormone, slow down your erotic fantasy.
Jacqueline will win the contest but I have no intentions to give her
to you !!" In any case, Val comes to ringside and the contest is
ready to start again when Mr. McMahon comes out, inviting Sable to
forfeit this match: "Be grateful to me, I'm the one who pays you !!",
Vince says. But Sable kicks him where it hurts the most, and applies a
Sablebomb !!

Official comes out taking Sable backstage. But while Lawler is ready
to declare Jacqueline the winner, the music starts to play: I know you
want me !!!. Yeah.. It is Sunny and challenges Jacqueline, offering to
take Sable's place. The contest is finally on its way. Jacquelyn shows
her red bikini to the crowd and then...Val Venis enters the ring and
takes out Sunny beach-wrap lasciviously. The crowd is standing on
their feet: Sunny displays a black transparent bikini (both up and
down). She wins easily and walks away with Val.

MONDAY NIGHT RAW -The following night-
Jacqueline comes out alone. Basically, she challenges Sunny to a
catfight at Summerslam because...... "you stole me the pleasure to
stay with Val!!"

Marc Mero comes out very angry and tries to take back Jacqueline to the
locker room area, but she hits him badly and leaves !!"

MONDAY NIGHT RAW -The following week-
Val Venis comes out. "Since I'm a very resourceful men, I decided to
appoint a special referee for Sunny -vs.- Jacqueline.........Ladies
and gentlemen the gorgeous Sable!!" And then adds: " I also challenge
Mero to face me at Summerslam in a match that will take place during the women fight in another ring (like World War 3). If you win, I will give you back Jacqueline".  Mero accepts, promising to take care of the other 2 witches (Sunny and Sable), too.

The two matches are on their way. Suddenly Venis hits the Money Shot and pins Mero. He start to watch the two fighting women from the other
ring, but then he signals something to Sable. Sable goes towards Sunny
and gives her the Sablebomb, and Venis hits Jacqueline with a DDT.
Sable is the new manager of Val Venis and they leaves the arena together.
Reader: Si316
In a recent edition of The Booking Sheet I read a fairly good booking
idea about the Extreme Wrestling Alliance from Mortis65. The idea in
itself is a good one, and I know that it is just theory but I doubt
anyway that Steve Austin would join any group, not just the EWA
mentioned here. He has built up a fantastic following and is easily
the hook for the WWF for now and years to come. His character would be
severely dented, not to mention his popularity if he joined any group.
His character sticks the middle finger up at any group coz he damn
well doesn't trust anyone. How would it look if
Austin, the original
DTA was to join this alliance. It would look very bad, Steve
would be abandoning the very thing that has made him popular, Steve in
a group takes away the
3:16 principal. That is why, although this EWA is just theory, I don't think Vince would allow Steve to join any group.

I think it was another issue of TBS that mentioned Golberg, it
mentioned that Goldberg had a big hook anyway and sticking him in "the 4 Horsemen" would mean the end of such popularity, he would lose a certain amount of popularity. The same theory can be used when sticking
Austin in the EWA, would he be the hook he is now? I don't think so and I think Vince would feel the same.


There are certain guys that do well on there own, it would just
confuse the plot when Austin (the guy that hates groups and doesn't
trust anyone), abandons the hook which makes him
3:16 and takes up a
place in the EWA. This would be very confusing.

I am sorry if it sounds like I am ripping the whole booking plan to
shreds, I don't want it to seem like that. I just don't think having Steve in the EWA would be very realistic. The biggest thing in the
US wrestling circuit for ages would lose popularity quicker than a serious Jerry Lawler.

One more thing, would someone please tell me why Vince McMahon feels
compelled to get stuck into RAW each week, the heat angle for Stone Cold vs Vince has gone now and I don't think McMahon vs Undertaker/ Kane/Undertaker is much of a line. McMahon should leave well alone, Vince vs
Austin was good, any more and it gets boring.
Simon, Bury (nr
Manchester) UK!
PS. I live in
England, I see the PPV for free each month but don't get

RAW until Friday. I went to Mayhem In Manchester and I am thinking of
going to Capitol Carnage.
Below we have several reactions to the recent WWF Bikini contest.

Reader: Wwwaref
That was the most sickening thing I have ever seen. That has NO place
in wrestling. I hope more true wrestling fans were as upset at that
display as I was. Don't get me wrong, I love the female body, but
there is NO place in wrestling for that. I promote wrestling in the
Penn. area and Sunday was a VERY SAD DAY in wrestling.

Reader: TRISH97KY
I like these shows too, but they are ruining my nine year old son...
There are many great wrestling related web sites that I encourage you
to check out:

The place to check out our back issues is by visiting Jon
White's terrific site.  Jon is an amateur booker as well, and besides hosting our back issues, he also publishes his own booking plans. Jon is booking his own fantasy version of Raw, and its worth reading. Find it at:

Here are some other great sites worth checking out:

Power Hold Wrestling is one of the premier wrestling-related sites on the net, with up-to-the-minute news, opinions, dream matches and more!
To truly be informed about the wrestling business, I suggest you
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