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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 012

Date:  Friday August 21st, 1998  11:40 am

Jon White sent me the AOL transcript of Vince McMahon's chat last
night (Thursday). As usual, very interesting. Jon was sent the chat
by HBKtheICON, who was kind enough to share the chat with the
world. Enjoy the chat, straight from the horse’s mouth. A little
into the chat, the
AOL screen froze, and McMahon did a little
monologue to himself. Not the greatest chat ever, but still worth

Vince McMahon
AOL Chat, Thursday, August 20th, 1998
**Vince McMahon Chat Transcript**
WWFLive2 is Vince McMahon
WWFBBANKS is a WWF employee

WWFBBANKS: Folks....Mr. McMahon is here! We will beginning in a
moment...Send your questions in for Mr. McMahon! Welcome Mr. McMahon!


Question: Is it true Hall and Nash are coming back to the WWF?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Not that I know of, as far as I know they are under
contract to WCW

Question: Hi, My name is Christine I am a HUGE fan of yours as well as
the WWF, and I was wondering what its like to personally know some of
these athletes like Austin and the Undertaker? I will be at your show
Scranton,Pa.. I cant wait!!

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Not feasible due to the PPV universe in the greater
Detroit area.

Question: Who would you like to see represent the WWF as their Champion?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Bob Backlund, however, Mr. Backlund is too old.

Question: Is it true that Shawn Mchaels is going to be the special
referee for the IC belt at Summerslam?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Not to my knowledge.

Question: Hey, Vince... how does it strike you that Warrior won his
case with you?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: He hasn't yet.

Question: Is Sid coming back?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I hope not.

Question: Vince, what kind of working relationship, if any, do you
have with Paul Heyman of ECW?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I hear from Paul approximately once every three
months when he wants something. That's the extent of the relationship although, on occasion, I want something from him too.

Question: What next big talent might be coming to WWF. Is Ric Flair on
his way?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: If I told you the next big talent who was to arrive
on the scene, I would spoil the surprise, however, its no secret that
I would like for Mr. Flair to be in WWF ranks, only however, when he
is legally clear to do so.

Question: Vince...where do you think the WWF will be in say 10 years?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: On top of the world!

Question: Why is RAW taped week after week?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: RAW is live at least twice per month, soon to be more.

Question: Vince, you are doing a great job but do you feel your on camera persona is too taxing/ too much exposure a la Bischoff?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Despite our competitors accusations. Every talent
has to guard against overexposure, it depends on the talent.

Question: Vinnie Mac, what are your concerns now that the Warrior has
joined WCW?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: None! Whose left that WCW can take? Bruno Sammartino?

Question: How did it feel when WCW kept saying "we don't have a 10
second main event, unlike that taped show," considering JR kept saying it was a confrontation and not a match.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: It felt like the same old thing from WCW.

Question: Mr. McMahon, Are you and Bret Hart in Cahoots against WCW?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Bret is my secret agent, however, not a very good
one! Ha Ha Ha

Question: When is HBK coming back to the ring?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: That depends on his physical recovery, I hope very

Question: Will WrestleMania be in
WWFLive2: Mr. M: Yes, it will announced this Monday night at the live
RAW extravaganza.
Philadelphia will be the city of brotherly attitude for Wrestlemania on March 28, 1999.

Question: What are your plans for DX when HBK comes back?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I don't know if HBK will get along with the new DX.
That remains to be seen.

Question: Mr. McMahon, over the past two years in which WCW peaked
(probably permanently), how sure were you that your new "direction" of the WWF would reclaim its rightful throne?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I always feel that creativity coupled with Lady Luck
and a very strong work ethic will eventually overcome. Despite overwhelming odds and predatory practices from Ted Turner.

Question: When will Shane take over? What do you think about him on

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Shane will take over when he can push me out of the
drivers seat. His performance on HEAT is very different and refreshing but he needs more  experience. The only way to get that is to do it.

Question: What are your plans with the purchase of the Debbie Reynolds
casino in Las Vegas NV?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: The WWF Hotel and Casino will be one of the centerpieces for themed WWF entertainment. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world.  We at the WWF believe that we should take our rightful place on top of it, the entertainment world - that is.

Justin cuts in:::::::: Now here is where the trouble begins....
AOL is
totally screwing up at this part of the chat.....and Mr. McMahon is
none too happy!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to of the biggest, most
hilarious screw ups in AOHell history! The entire Vince McMahon
Live Rant! Here goes.....

WWFLive2: Mr. M: We're temporarily frozen, stand by.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: We're coming back up, stay with me.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I guess we have too damn many people wanting to talk
to Mr. McMahon.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: What the hell is going on anyhow??

WWFLive2: This is supposed to be interactive but right now its a one
way street.

WWFLive2: You might even call it the HIGHWAY TO HELL!. In which case,
in a role that is unfit for me, likely I would be deemed the devil.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Hang on everybody, we're still frozen, god its cold
in here. Can we say shrinkage?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: While we're down, I predict that all of my
predictions are likely to be verified this Monday on RAW. Can you
believe that the Undertaker drove off with his brother Kane in a
hearse last Monday. I understand they were last seen on Route
95 heading North.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Can somebody at
AOL please wake the hell up? Is all
of America trying to talk to Mr. McMahon?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: We're back, finally!

WWFLive2: Mr. M: No we're not back.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Why the hell is
AOL frozen?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Damn it, I want to talk to you people.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: More importantly, I want to listen to you.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: But to answer most of your question, I'm feeling fine!

WWFLive2: Mr. M: its nice that everyone is so concerned with my
health and mental well being. I didn't know so many people cared.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: You see while this damn thing is frozen, I can
fantasize all I want. Which brings me to Sable. Wow!! Wait til you
guys see, if you haven't already, some of the new shots of Sable. Truly a classy lady. and a classy chassy to boot. Did I say boot, that's kind of nice too.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Well I certainly appreciate all of the questions
coming over a frozen
AOL. Come on Bob Pittman, get your shit together!
The one opportunity I have to speak to everybody online and damn El
Nino strikes again! Or is it nanook of the north? You guys remember the pro wrestler Nanook don't you? He worked for Jerry Jarrett in the 60's under an assumed name. Speaking of Jerry Jarrett, wonder how well he's doing selling property. He was thought of as the most beloved promoter in the history of the wrestling business, although Kansas City's Bob Gigel ran a close second. What the hell's going on? I'm still frozen! We're crashed.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: She's breaking up, she's breaking up.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Much like DX might be doing...oops! Maybe I shouldn't
have said that.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I'm having a blast talking to myself. I can't hear you.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I'm making alot of sense to myself, as I generally do
when I am asking and answering my own questions, I'm sure yours would
be more provocative:

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Alright
AOL. What the hell is going on? You should
have known that people want to talk to Mr. McMahon.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I know I do.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: This is really getting nonsensical, if we don't
straighten it out soon, I'm going downstairs to the no excuse gym,
open 7 days per week, 24 hours a day. My goal is to add another
quarter inch to these massive twenty inch guns.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Speaking of massive, wait til you get a load of a new
WWF toy. its called a BOSS HOSS. its a 351 cubic inch Chevrolet
engine. Fitted between my legs, 0 to 60 in 1 1/2 seconds. its the
ultimate crotch rocket!

WWFLive2: Mr. M: We're talking to
AOL now, Susan, who claims that we
may have had a problem if more than 5,000 people were trying to get in, no shit, can you imagine that. Like I said before, they just weren't

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Susan, I sure wish this problem with
AOL were fixed.
What a waste.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I'm told some of you now can see this monologue.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: its not a very good monologue.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: But, its the best I can do at the moment. What I
would really like is for
AOL to apologize to all of you who have
attempted to reach the WWF and yours truly tonight. I would like to
see this apology on the air and in every newspaper and we here will
apologize to our fans through WWF.COM as well as on the air.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I'm sitting in Bill Banks office with a cup of coffee
in my hand that's cold, looking up at DX making some sort of gesture
toward their crotch, what the hell is the matter with Bill Banks?

WWFLive2: Mr M: Oops, Bill just told me to suck it!

WWFLive2: Mr. M: What does he mean by that?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Perhaps Monica can help us out!

WWFLive2: Mr. M: And how about that Chris Rock anyhow.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Just like he said, Bill Clinton gave Monica a job, oh
what the hell you can finish the rest. Speaking of jobs, what would I
like to do to
AOL at this moment, and who was that cold hearted women,
Susan, that I just spoke to from
AOL, who asked the questions, Did we
promote, that Mr. McMahon was going to be on line tonight?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: That's it, I'm looking to get Bob Pitman in the ring.
How about it Bob, a Brawl for All, Pittman vs. McMahon. Knowing you,
you'd probably cheat to win.

WWFLive2: Mr M: It wouldn't work, just like this damn
AOL isn't
working tonight.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I have now begun to mumble to myself.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I am boring myself out of my mind.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Speaking of minds, what about that retarded Mankind?
How gullible is that guy anyhow, you want to talk messed up? I liked him better as Dude. At least Dude would shower regularly. Have you guys every smelled that stinky leather mask that Mankind wears. If you're anywhere in the first 10 rows, you have. It wasn't your neighbor flatulating next to you, it was Mankind's mask, Or, was it the aftermath of a Vader match?  Or, was it the aftermath of a Vader match?

WWFLive2: Mr. M: If the canvas on the ring had not been changed in the
last month. and, Vader has been in the building, there will be an
odor. its Vader Time. That sends shock waves through the WWF
locker room.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Well its almost time for me to go train, I must say
I thoroughly enjoyed the first five minutes of our chat. which was
interactive, just like the WWF will be interactive tomorrow with the
hierarchy of

WWFLive2: Mr. M: If I were you I would demand a Christmas gift, a
birthday card, and an autographed picture of Bob Pittman. or Susan
whatsherface? Who could not solve our problem tonight.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I've got two words for

WWFLive2: Mr. M: Wait a minute, that's Bill Banks line to me earlier,
I think he stole it from somebody else.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: I apologize for breathing in and breathing out and
wasting your precious time, but, perhaps, we can do it again some
other time, when
AOL has their shit together.

WWFLive2: Mr. M: In the immortal words of Vince McMahon, I hope it was
better for you then it was for me. Goodnight.

Justin: Now was that classic or what???
Submitted by reader: nimble@xxxxpNSi.Net
The WWF should do more, have Austin sit in the ring and drink all 24
beers. Hawk as a drunk is the greatest thing ever. Its hilarious and
he has become a hero to me and my friends. Drunks are cool, Razor
should come on back and tag up with Hawk. Now that’s an angle.

"I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass...
and I'm all out of bubble gum"
-Rowdy Roddy Piper
Submitted by reader: LuvRassler
I'm 27 and I've been watching wrestling as long as I can remember. I
loved sitting up on my Dad's bed (wrestling was banned in the living
room!) and watching wrestling
ALL day on Saturday. I took a break
from wrestling in my early 20's to go to school, get married etc. Now
I have three kids 5, 4 and 2 and there is NO WAY they are watching it!
That's really sad. I spend all day teaching my kids not to swear,
telling them that drinking/drugs are bad and Stone Cold is going to
tell them otherwise???? I don't think so! As an adult I like a lot
of the more adult stuff (though the drinking angle sickens me!) but
kids love wrestling and its not fair to them.


I was fortunate in the mid/late 80's to meet a lot of my favorite wrestlers and get to know some of them better. Many of these men due to their travel schedule, money and lifestyle DO wind up with legitimate drinking/drug problems.  I find the angle insulting to them. Also even if they do turn the drinking angle into a clean and sober rehab angle isn't it better to teach kids not to drink rather than to teach them to drink and then go to rehab???

Sorry to vent so much, I'm just really disappointed in wrestling these
Submitted by reader: TwoPacalys
I'd like to make another response. Since WWF has gone to its more
adult approach I've noticed something, I can go to almost any store
that sells T-Shirts and find a wall of wrestling shirts, for years I
had been trying to find wrestling T-shirts but the only place to find
them were at shows or by catalog. Now wrestling is beginning to become
mainstream and its not because of WCW. With WWF's more adult and
intense attitude they are winning over lots of smart fans. WWF
realizes that they're target audience is males from 15-30, and what
they do is promote directly to that audience, and a good number of
people in that audience are not marks, WCW does not acknowledge the fact that they are putting on a soap opera, WWF does.
Submitted by reader: KABILLE
In today’s world ---we do not get to sit down with our kids alot and
have a lot of quality time-----well Monday night at 8:57 everything stops at our house-----we get the Pepsi and popcorn----it is mine and my daughters time---we will not talk on the phone—

I love the Deadman she loves HBK----we do a lot of talking----joking etc!!!!! I love to listen to Austin tell his boss what we would all love to-----and smile as he does it!!!!! I am always able to go to work after RAW and smile a little more at everyone------but I can see them with Austin in the stunner----what a happy thought!!! keep up the good work Vince-----and your staff!!!!!!!!!
Rest in peace

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