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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 014

Date:  Saturday August 22nd, 1998  4:47 pm

I received a letter than deserves a response. Below is the letter,
and my response will follow.

Submitted by reader: Steelphife
Hi, I'm really liking your articles...At first I read a little bit but
now I'm reading almost every article in your newsletters. You seem to
follow wrestling intensely so I'd like to ask a question. What do you
think about some ECW stars coming into the WWF, because it seems to me
ECW and WWF have formed an un-easy truce with Brakus in ECW and Jerry
"The King" Lawler always making gestures towards ECW...I love ECW and
I wanted to know if you thought there could be a future rendezvous with
these two feds? Maybe the first ever ECW vs. WWF...may seem a little
far fetched but I think it would be a great way to demolish
billionaire WCW competition...your opinion?
Steve App's response:
I think someday the WWF and ECW may have an inter-promotional feud;
just not anytime soon. Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman have a friendly
working arrangement; the WWF has no problem with loaning ECW talent it
doesn't have immediate uses for. A full fledged feud, though? I don't see it for several reasons.

1) The WWF is doing terrific business right now. TV ratings are on a
par with WCW's; house show business is strong; PPV buyrates are
destroying last year's numbers. The current business plan is working.

2) The WWF is using TV time to build their new characters. Val
Venis, Edge, Droz, Bart Gunn; these men need all the exposure and
angles they can get. All have received pushes and television time in
a quest to build them into superstars, and so far, its working. If
ECW was introduced into the mix the WWF would have to spend MOST of
their TV time establishing ECW's characters.

Many of you already watch ECW, or are at least familiar with their
stars. Most of
America are not so lucky. Taz, Sandman, and Tommy
Dreamer mean nothing to mainstream
America. With a proper, long term
build, that could change. Would the investment be worth the WWF's time?

3) ECW does not have a large enough fan base to add many followers to
the WWF's audience. Most hardcore ECW fans end up watching RAW anyways.

4) The majority of ECW's workers really aren't that great. Bigelow
is good; Jerry Lynn, Tracy Smothers and Tommy Rogers are good, but not
marketable stars at this point. Justin Credible is progressing, but
still not there yet. While Candido and Storm have potential neither
is fulfilling it. Sabu and Van Dam perform incredible high spots and
get the crowds attention; unfortunately, neither bothered to learn
wrestling psychology. Let's stay positive and not talk about the rest
of the roster.

Paul Heyman is an AWESOME booker; he utilizes talent better than any
booker I've ever watched. He pieces together an incredible one hour
show of highlights. His character development is second to none. In
fact, if I owned a wrestling promotion, Heyman would be my first
choice for booker. He makes his talent look good. On live TV, like a
PPV, they don't look nearly as good.

5) If the WWF and ECW worked together, odds are the WWF would come
out on top. Heyman would trade national exposure for his product
looking bad. This is not a deal Heyman would make.

6) Which ECW wrestler could be built within a few months into a
credible challenger to

Here's the flip side that could cause ECW and the WWF to combine forces.

1) Interpromotional, federation VRS. federation matches draw great
money. This has been proven in
Japan over the past decade. That was

also the basis for the whole WCW VRS. NWO feud, with the NWO
"representing" the WWF in the early going.

2) If WWF business goes on the decline, WWF bookers could be
desperate to spice up the product and try something new. A new crowd,
fresh angles; if the WWF becomes convinced that this idea could
challenge WCW, they would go for it.

3) If the WWF allowed ECW to come out of the series as equals to the
WWF, Heyman would jump at the opportunity. National exposure, plus
his top stars defeating some of Titan's top dogs. Off the top of my
head, a quick possible card they would go with (this will never
happen, just an idea).
Steve Austin VRS. Shane Douglas (Winner- Austin)
Ken Shamrock VRS. Taz (Winner- Taz)
Rob Van Dam & Sabu VRS. The New Age Outlaws (Winner- Van Dam & Sabu)
Cactus Jack (ECW) VRS. The Undertaker (Winner- Cactus Jack)
Rocky Maivia & D-Lo Brown VRS. Tommy Dreamer & Sandman (Winner- Nation)
Submitted by reader: HBK1375
I am a 13 year old girl who loves the WWF. I know as well as everyone
else that pro wrestling is fake. Everything they do is an act, so you
should not be criticizing the WWF wrestlers for the way they come off
on TV. I went to King of the Ring in
Pittsburgh and had the chance to
meet Mankind (Mick Foley) and he was a very nice person! He may be
deranged on TV but that certainly does not mean that the person he
is in real life deranged! Most of the wrestlers in the WWF have
families to support and the WWF is the way that they make their money.
It entertains the people and they can make a living so who does
anybody think they are to speak against them! I agree with CKGRL
Submitted by reader: Kazam419
WWF Booking Plan.
Monday Night Raw August 24
The Undertaker and Steve Austin lose their belts to The New Age Outlaws.

SummerSlam Night. August 30.
The Undertaker and Steve Austin are in a heated battle. The Undertaker
Austin where he is about to Tombstone him when out of nowhere
Shawn Michaels runs out to the ring and pushes the ref down. The
Undertaker hits the tombstone on
Austin and goes for the pin but the
ref is out so no one can count. Shawn goes and gets a chair and hits
the Undertaker in the back. Both men are out and finally
Austin gets
up and gives Michaels the middle finger. The Undertaker gets on his
knees and Shawn hits him again with the chair. Then Shawn gets behind
Austin and when Austin turns around he nails him. Austin and The
Undertaker are out cold. Shawn puts The Undertaker on
Austin and
leaves the ring. Finally The Ref comes to and counts the one, two,
three,. The Ref raises The Undertakers hand and Summer Slam goes off
the air.

Monday Night Raw August 31
The show starts up with The Glass Shattering and Steve Austin walking
out with no title. He gets in the ring and gives a Stone Cold Stunner to Jim Ross and grabs the MIC. Steve demands that Micheals gets in the ring tonight and challenges The Undertaker to defend his belt right after he kicks Michaels ass.
Austin leaves the ring and it goes to commercial. When the show comes back on Lawler is standing in the ring and announces that Vince McMahon is coming down to the ring. Vince walks down with Brisco on one side and Patterson on the other side.


Vince gets in the ring and states that the Main Event will be Michaels vs. Austin vs. The Undertaker for the World Title.  Michaels is shown on the Titan Tron and tells Vinny Mac that he is still not obligated to wrestle because of his condition but he will referee the match. So then the main even will be The Undertaker vs. Austin for the world title with special Ref Michaels. Then Vince walks off.


At the beginning of the second hour, the lights go out and a
young pretty woman, just as pretty as Sunny gets in the ring. She gets
in and tells the whole world that she is The Undertakers and Kane's
sister. She tells every one that Paul Bearer started the fire. Then
the show goes to commercial and when the show comes back on with Paul
Bearer coming out. Paul Bearer screams his head off that the lady is a
fraud and yells some more. Then there are some more matches and
finally the Main Event comes on.


The Boy Toy music comes and Shawn walks out in a ref shirt. Then The Glass Shatters and out walks Steve Austin he gets in the ring and gives the bird to Michaels and then the lights go out and The Undertaker makes his entrance.


The match starts and Michaels calls it down the middle. At the end of the match The Undertaker hits Austin with the Tombstone.  Michaels turns around and doesn't make the count. The Undertaker gets up and turns Shawn around and Michaels pushes him and Austin makes the roll
up. Shawn makes a real fast count as runs out of the ring.
Austin takes his belt and walks backstage and The Undertaker walks back stage. The show goes to a commercial and when it comes back Vince comes out. Vince screams in the camera to the Undertaker that if The Undertaker is wasted talent. That The Undertaker couldn't get the job done to take and keep the title from Austin. Vince then said that he found somebody to take the belt from Austin and keep it next week. Then The Undertakers music comes on and red lights fills the air and fire shoots out and Kane and The Undertaker walk out and the show goes off the air.

Monday Night Raw September 7
The show opens up with Jim Ross in the ring and announcing Shawn
Michaels to come out for an interview. Shawn comes out and Jim Ross asks him where he stands and Michaels says he stands alone. Michaels says that he demands a title shot next week and leaves the ring. The show goes to commercial.


Later in the second hour, Vince comes out and tells Austin and the world who his opponent is going to be tonight. Vince goes on and on about the person and announces Flair’s name. Ric Flair comes out, talks about Austin saying that he has no chance and also says he is making a
new Horsemen.


The show goes to commercial and when they come out The Young Lady comes out again proclaiming that Kane and The Undertaker want Tag Shots next week. The Young Lady leaves again. The Main Event comes on and Ric Flair walks out by him self styling and profiling. Then the glass breaks and Austin jogs out and they start to fight at the end of the match Shawn comes out and grabs Austin's feet and Ric Flair clips him from behind and puts on the figure four and Austin passes out. Flair is awarded the title and he leaves. The show goes off the air.

Monday Night Raw September 14
The show opens up with The New Age Outlaws coming out with their Tag
Titles and they get in the ring and then The Undertaker and Kane walk
out with Their Sister as manager and take the titles from The New Age
Outlaws. Later in the show Ric Flair comes out and claims he has found
the best men for the Four Horsemen. The first person he says is one of
the sexiest men alive and he announces for Justin Bradshaw to come
out. Justin Bradshaw stands behind Flair. Then Flair says the next man
is can walk that aisle and style and profile and he announces Val
Venis, Val gets in the ring and hugs Flair, Flair says the next man
will show up later tonight against Michaels. Later Vince comes out and
states that Flair better not double cross him and says that
will never get another Title Shot.
Austin sneaks up behind McMahon and
gives him a stunner. Later in the main even Shawn Michaels come out
with DX music and gets in the ring. Then Flair comes out with Bradshaw
and Venis.


The bell rings and both of them circle the ring and then Flair pushes Michaels and Michaels falls to the ground and Flair pins him for the
one two three.  Flair grabs his Title and Michaels, Flair, Venis, and Bradshaw all get on the turnbuckles and raise four fingers. Then The Glass Breaks and
Austin walks out midway to the ring realizing he is out numbered and then Kane and The Undertaker walk out with Their Tag Team Gold and get beside Austin.  The Show goes off the air.

Monday Night Raw September 21
The show starts off with the glass shattering and
Austin comes out and
he calls out Kane and The Undertaker. They both come out with there
dark entrance and Austin gives out his hand and then takes it away and
gives both of them a stunner and leaves the ring. The Show goes to
commercial and when it comes back Vince is in the ring and tells every
one that Shawn and Flair will face The Undertaker and Kane against
Austin and a partner of his choice. The show goes on and The Main
Event starts. Flair and Michaels come out to The New Horsemen music
comes on. Then The Undertaker and Kane walk out with the Tag Titles
and then
Austin comes out and then Mick Foley comes out and grabs a
Microphone he tells every one that The Fans put away Cactus Jack,
Vince McMahon put away Dude Love, and that Paul Bearer put away
Mankind but nobody could put away himself. Then he says that
can kiss his ass because
Austin is just a corporate puppet any ways.
Then the match starts.
Austin starts off against Shawn and Shawn gets
stunned and
Austin goes for the pin. Flair and Michaels are eliminated.


So the match goes to Austin and Mick Foley against Kane and The Undertaker. Mick gets in the ring and takes out Kane and The Undertaker. Then Austin and Mick start to argue and Kane and The
Undertaker come in and attack them. Then Kane and The Undertaker both
get in the middle of the ring and give two tombstones to each man at
the same time and they both pin the man and they get a three count.
Kane and The Undertaker leave the ring as
Austin gets up and stuns

Mick Foley.
Submitted by reader: AlleyEWP1
I've always been a huge fan of both WWF and WCW. And over the last
two or three years, I've been really happy to see that both
organizations have improved so much. Up until about 6 months or
sometime ago, I liked WCW a lot better than WWF. I was really
enjoying the NWO vs. WCW situation. But, that has gotten really,
really, really, OLD and boring. And what's with WCW's matches always
ending in DQ's these days. I watched Nitro last Monday and the last
couple of matches were pretty good, but ended with the frustrating
screw-jobs. I loved that Bret Hart-DDP match, but of course, it ended
with a DQ. And the Goldberg -Giant match was surprisingly
entertaining, and still another DQ to end it. I like Goldberg but I
really want him to lose a match or two. I'd still like him if he


Another really good match was the Chris Jericho-Chavo Guerrero-Stevie Ray triple threat match. And they had to ruin it by having Chavo stumble through the ropes and Jericho making it to his feet to retain his title. I really like Jericho. He's really funny and he's a great athlete with awesome moves. The Warrior thing was pretty cool, though. It was way too long, though. 10 minutes or something. Stupid announcers too. Hogan desperately needs to get his prune ass out of wrestling. He's boring as hell to watch and listen to. Don't get me wrong, I love WCW. But, I wish they would wrestle more than talking. And get new announcers. I also hope they get rid of both NWOs. Just have everybody belong to the same group. I would like to see someone like Scott Norton battle Scott Steiner. But, due to the fact that they're losers in the NWO Hollywood (anyone who follows Hogan needs to get their head checked) they'll never get into the ring against each other.

I like the Wolfpack, but who doesn't?  As for my suggestion for the New Four Horsemen, the ideal group would not have Mongo McMichaels in it. He's straight up slow and boring.  Have Flair, Benoit, DDP, and Chris Jericho. Yes, I know Jericho's a heel, but he used to be a face. That would be an elite group if their ever was one. If not Jericho, then either Booker T, or Eddie Guerrero.

Now, to the WWF. I, like most fans, love Steve Austin. He's
entertaining to listen to and its fun to watch him fly in to the ring
and start wailing away on Kane or Mankind or whoever is in the ring.
I do agree that he needs to learn some more wrestling moves. He mostly
just punches and kicks his opponents and then stuns them. DX is hella
fun to watch do their thing. I would really like to see HBK come back
to DX when he's healthy. Him and Triple H could be co-leaders. That would
make five wrestlers to rival the five wrestlers of The Nation. I
think D-Lo's a fun wrestler to watch, although its really annoying to
see that damn head bobbing. I hate this Brawl for All thing, though. Boring as hell!!!! This letter is already really long so I'll talk more about WWF next time, Later…

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