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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 015

Date:  Sunday August 23rd, 1998  2:28 am

Below we are happy to print a booking plan submitted by our readers.
Remember, these plans are pure fantasy. They will not really happen.
Please enjoy them for what they are: CREATIVE.

Submitted by reader: MJJnWo

Mick Foley, under whatever name or persona he wrestles under, is a
true hero. To me, and he should be to every wrestling fan on the
planet. There should be no denying that after the Hell In a Cell
match. The fact that he can still physically fall through a table on
Sunday Night Heat, take a chair shot on RAW, or even stand up after
that match is a testimate to his sheer guts, perseverance, and love
for the sport. His now classic interview on Sunday Night Heat was a
sad look at reality....he's right. No one cares about him. Too small of the amount of fans care that should. I care. But the majority don't, and it truly disgusts me.

It disgusts me every time they boo him when he walks down that ramp
after he nearly killed himself for them! I had the privilege to shake his hand a few months ago and when I went to RAW July 13 to see him win
the WWF Tag Team titles, I proudly waved my sign, "Give Foley The Belt!", because he more than anyone else deserves it. In my mind, Foley MUST win the WWF title in the near future. It would be a crime against the sport if he didn't. I don't care what you say about him, whether he's a marketable champion or not, he DESERVES it.

The problem here is getting him over. He's certainly fallen into a
slump as far as his main event status is concerned since his feud with
Austin ended, though he's slowly picking up some more heat. But will
he ever be pushed into the main-event status again? Possibly, but how?
Truthfully, I haven't given it as much thought to it as some of the
other readers, and the last thing I'm going to do is write a whole
transcript of every single detail I'd book on every RAW, PPV & Sunday
Night Heat until the next Royal Rumble. its amazing some fans will do this, but personally I don't want to put THAT much effort into an idea that has minute chance of ever remotely happening.

But, I have one idea that may work : Have the New Age Outlaws defeat Mankind & Kane in the cage match at SummerSlam, and have Kane turn on Mankind after the match. Then, the next night on RAW, Mankind comes out for an interview, saying how no one accepts him, from the fans to Kane. Then, all of a sudden, the Parade Of Human Oddities, led by the plastic one, Sable, come out, and she basically says, "Everyone thought the Oddities were freaks. The fans think you're a freak. But I helped the Oddities feel as though they were accepted and now we want to help you the same way" and Mankind joins the Oddities.

With how over they are right now, which still amazes me, it might just help get Mankind over. That and it could led to some "big man" matches with the Oddities against Kane, which will obviously be objected to by most of you, but it might draw some heat and that's what its all about, isn't it? To finish up, like my Yokozuna autograph says:
WWF 4 Life
Submitted by reader: GoldbergJr
I have always been a huge Hogan fan, I still like him. Here is a way
for him to retire a good guy...

FALL BRAWL 9/13: The Warrior, DDP, and Goldberg wipe the floor w/ the
two nWo's in a very good main event.

NITRO 9/14: Hogan is in the ring w/ nWo
Hollywood and he begins to
chew them out because of their loss. He claims that they humiliated
him last night. The members are obviously displeased w/ his comments.

NITRO 9/21: Hogan comes to the ring and claims that nWo
Hollywood is
the premiere group of athletes and that the #1 contender is one of
them. He goes on to say that HE is a far better wrestler than any of
his followers and that HE is the #1 contender for Goldberg's belt at
Halloween Havoc. JJ Dillon comes out and tells Hogan that he must
first beat Kevin Nash to decide who is the true #1 contender. The
match is scheduled for the following week. For the main event, Kevin
Nash teams up w/ Sting to take on Hall and Hogan. The match is strange
because neither Hall or Nash make tags to their partners. They go out
of the ring and all over the arena. Sting and Hogan stay near the ring
looking confused. The ref declares a double count-out and throws the
match out as they go off the air.

NITRO 9/28: Kevin Nash comes out at the top of the show to tell the
people that he is more concerned w/ his friend Scott Hall than the WCW
Heavyweight Title right now. But, he tells the people that he will
show Hall the light by beating Hogan in the main event tonight. Later,
Hogan talks the usual trash but is interrupted by The Warrior. The
Warrior claims that Hogan has been selected to redeem himself, but can
only redeem himself if he fights the match alone. Hogan is at a loss
for words. In the main event, Hogan comes out alone to start the
match. The announcers make a big deal about it. In an excellent match
Nash is setting up Hogan for the Power Bomb, but Scott Hall runs to
the ring and yells at Nash. Nash gets out of the ring and chases Hall
up the aisle and into the locker room area. Hogan wins by count-out.

NITROS & THUNDERS Leading up to Halloween Havoc: Goldberg talks about
being ready to put Hogan out of his misery at HH. Sting openly opposes
Nash's grudge against Hall. Sting claims that Hall is an enemy and is using Nash's feelings to benefit the Black & White nWo. Finally, Sting tells Nash to his face that he needs to settle his fued w/ Hall at HH or else the Wolfpac will need to find a new contender for the WCW Championship.  The Warrior tells Hogan that he is in another man's shoes by fighting Goldberg at HH. Hogan gets defensive and claims that he had no idea that Hall was going to "screw everything up".

HALLOWEEN HAVOC: Luger beats Bret Hart to regain the
Championship, which is good because Bret Hart had it so long he was
claiming that he was renaming it the Canadian Championship Belt.
Konnan loses, only adding to his current slump. Sting beats The Giant, The Warrior defeats The Disciple in both men’s first WCW singles match. Hall and Nash have what fans believe is the best WCW match of 98, ending w/ Nash setting Hall up for the Power Bomb but lays Hall down and pins him 1-2-3. Goldberg and Hogan have a better match than their first, but Goldberg still wins.

EVENTS LEADING UP TO WW3: The tension in the Wolfpac is unbearable.
Hall and Nash are caught by cameras backstage talking every week. Sting says that Nash is not a man of his word and that Nash is dealing w/ the enemy. In a tag team match w/ Konnan and Sting fighting Scott Stiener and Scott Norton, Konnan does a poor job and submits to the Steiner Recliner before Sting can even be tagged in. As Norton, Steiner, Buff, and Vincent celebrate outside the ring, Konnan says something to Sting and Sting responds w/ a Scorpian Death Drop. Later, he says that Konnan cannot be trusted, because the black and white is 4-life. Nash gets in Sting's face and dares him to say it again, he does & Nash Power Bombs Sting. JJ Dillon announces a 4-man tourney to decide the #1 contender. It will be DDP, Sting, Nash, and Giant. Hogan claims that Giant doesn't deserve the title and it results in Giant chokeslamming Hogan. DDP tells Sting that he joined the nWo, he didn't care what color, he was nWo. Sting comes out in his black and white face paint and repeats that black and white is 4 life. Nash beats Giant and Sting beats DDP. In their huge match on Nitro, Hogan comes out to distract Nash. Hall comes up behind Hogan and hits him w/ a chair. Nash is surprised and he hugs Hall.  Sting is outraged and goes berzerk. He deathdrops both Nash and Hall then ends it by putting the death lock on Nash. Bischoff openly admits that Hogan is bringing the nWo down.

WW3: In the huge battle royal, the last 6 men remaining are: The
Warrior, Hogan, Nash, Hall, DDP, & Scott Steiner. Hall, Nash, & Scotty
go to work on Hogan. The Warrior and DDP watch cautiously as they get
their breath back. Finally, The Warrior grabs Hall from behind and
Gorrilla Preses him. Nash and Warrior go at it. DDP Diamond Cuts
Scotty and throws him out of the ring. Hogan then gets a burst of
energy when Hall punches him. Hogan begins to shake his head and the
crowd goes nuts as they see the Hogan they used to love. Hogan throws
Hall out. Warrior shakes Hogan's hand and they attack DDP and Nash.
hogan throws DDP out, but Nash throws Hogan out. Hogan shakes hands w/
the fans as he rips his "
Hollywood" head band apart. Warrior and Nash

have a great fight for about 7 minutes. Nash sets warrior up for the
Power Bomb near the ropes, but Warrior lifts Nash over his head and
throws him out! The Warrior wins! Sting and Goldberg have an epic
battle that surpasses the Hall and Nash match. After 30 minutes, Sting
Death Drops a fatigued Goldberg. Hall and Nash come out. Just as Goldberg is about to tap out of the Scorpian Death Lock, Sting lets go because he sees Hall and Nash. He goes to the rope and they exchange words. Hogan comes out of nowhere and hits both Hall and Nash w/ a chair. Hall & Nash quickly recover and start beating up Hogan. The
announcers claim that no one will help Hogan. As soon as Sting turns
around, Goldberg head spears him, then Jackhammer, pinfall. The Warrior comes down and scares off Hall and Nash. Hogan and Warrior help Sting back to the locker rooms.

EVENTS LEADING UP TO STARRCADE: Hall and Nash have officially became
the co-leaders of the nWo. They announce that there is only ONE nWo.
They challenge Hogan to a tag-team match. Since The Warrior is fighting
Goldberg, they make fun of Hogan because no one will tag w/ him. On
another Nitro, The Warrior comes out and introduces the new Hulk Hogan. The Red & Yellow is back, but they put a 90's spin on it so it won't be as corny. The fans love it because Hogan takes 10 minutes to formally apologize to every wrestling fan in the world for letting his fame get to his head. He thanks the Warrior for opening his eyes. He accepts the nWo's challenge and he claims that he and The Warrior have another surprise for the nWo the Nitro before Starrcade. On that Nitro, The Warrior and Hogan come out to cheers and they introduce Hogan's tag
partner....Stinger! Yes, he has a blonde flat-top, face paint, and
neon tights. The fans can't believe it! Hogan and Stinger make-up old
differences and hug. Stinger announces that the younger generations of
pro-wrestling have no more idols, and it is time for the ICONS to hold
every belt, Hall and Nash had won the tag belts already. Goldberg says that he doesn't care who he fights, he treats every match w/ the same intensity.

STARRCADE: The Hulkster and the Stinger win the tag belts. The Warrior
becomes the first man to beat Goldberg. After his match, Stinger and Hulkster come down and celebrate. Then, Macho Man's old WWF music hits. The Macho Man comes out in his funky glasses and cowboy hat. He forgives Hogan and announces that he will be going after Bret Hart's U.S. Title. This creates a happy final chapter for all 4 men.
Submitted by reader: DSChitown
Among other things, something that is wrong with the WWF is a couple
people.  First and most important: Shane McMahon, I don’t know how many of you fans watched Sunday Night Heat, but I know that I did. He has to be probably the WORST!!!!! announcer of all time. If you watched heat
then you obviously saw what I did: he is only a commentator because of
his dad: Vince McMahon (is that really his father?). He comments on
the stupid things, and I actually truly believe that I, myself,
being a 14-year old average school student, could do a better job then
him. When something happens like a DDT or a Powerbomb he yells "oh my
god!!!" as loud as he can into the headset, which is not only
unprofessional, but very loud and very, very annoying. He should be
replaced by anyone, even Dustin Runnels (he not doing anything).  The
second person who bothers me is Gangrel. A vampire, what the
hell!!!!! They couldn’t find any better gimmick then this!?

Gimmicks like these are why some people laugh at professional
wrestling. The third person that really bugs me is none other than
"Stone Cold". He annoys the hell out of me, first of all, he’s a
terrible role-model for kids; promoting beer-drinking, swearing, and
flicking people off. Also, he never gets beat I would love to see him
get the living shit kicked out of him.


Also Dustin Runnels new approach to life or his new gimmick bothers me. If he has truly found God, then I'm glad for him, but if this is just some stupid gimmick and he is just pretending to be a born-again Christian, then the person who made up the gimmick and Dustin are going to hell.  Seriously, to have a gimmick kind of depromoting God, since he never wins anymore, is just terrible!!! WWF new found attitude is both entertaining, but very, very bad for young kids.
Submitted by reader: PRamos4982 (John Ramos)
Here's something I thought about for the WWF after their Summerslam PPV.

WAR ZONE-Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin sits at ringside to do
Austin is to defend his WWF title next week against the
winner of the next match. Ken Shamrock faces the winner of the Brawl
For ALL (Bart Gunn or Bradshaw). During the match, Owen Hart & Dan
Severn attack Shamrock causing Bart Gunn or Bradshaw to be
disqualified. Then
Austin comes into the ring and attacks and stuns
Gunn or Bradshaw, then stuns attacks and stuns Owen Hart leaving a
face-off between
Severn and Austin. Austin and Severn brawl and the
show ends.

The following week:
RAW IS WAR-Shamrock is introduced and steps into the ring, grabs the
microphone and challenges Owen Hart and Dan Severn to a tag-team match
later that evening. He calls out Stone Cold Steve Austin to be his
partner in that match.
Austin's music plays, Austin walks to the ring
and grabs the microphone and says to Shamrock, " You're no longer the
World's Most Dangerous Man 'cause Stone Cold Steve Austin said so."
Austin accepts the challenge to team with Shamrock and face Owen Hart
and Dan Severn on the WAR ZONE.

WAR ZONE-Owen Hart and Dan Severn enter the ring, Shamrock's music
plays and
he enter's the ring, then Stone Cold's music plays and he enter's the
ring. The match begins with Owen Hart and Shamrock wrestle each other
in the ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin is tagged in, both Austin and
Shamrock double team on Owen Hart. Severn still waiting to be tagged
into the match, Shamrock is tagged in and applies his ankle submission
hold on Owen Hart, Severn makes the save, the ref tells Severn to get
back to the corner, Austin comes in, no tag made, then stuns Owen Hart
and Severn makes the save, Owen rolls out of the ring and onto the
floor. The ref begins the count. Owen regains consciousness and
finally makes the tag to
Severn. Severn and Austin wrestle each other.
Austin then stuns Severn and attempts to pin him. Severn kicks out at
Austin climbs the second rope and delivers an elbow to Severn,
again tries a pin on
Severn. Owen Hart makes the save. Austin looks at
Shamrock to make a tag, but Shamrock turns his back and misses the tag
Austin then leaving Severn to tag Owen Hart, Austin stuns
Shamrock on the ring apron.
Austin stuns Owen Hart and pins Owen.
Severn and Austin brawl as the show ends.

This could lead to a WWF Title Match for In Your House between Dan
Severn and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Maybe Ken Shamrock could get his revenge on
Austin that night, causing Austin to lose by count out. Then Ken Shamrock
could feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin for the Survivor Series PPV.
-John Ramos, NYC, NY
Submitted by reader: DoubleD763
I totally agree with Ckgrl31. I'm also 12 and watch wrestling. My
parent's have told me that they don't like wrestling but they don't
mind if I watch it as long as I don't try to hit people with chairs
or flip people off. Almost everyone my age understands that wrestling
is fake and that no one really acts the way Stone Cold Steve Austin
does or anyone else in the WWF. Some people don't realize that 12 year
olds are smart enough to understand that they shouldn't imitate
everything they see on TV. We are mature enough to watch wrestling.

But I do understand that the WWF may take some things too far.
Playing Val Venis's "porn video" was very inappropriate for someone my
age. But just because we see it doesn't mean we're gonna start buying
porn videos. Sometimes you criticizers just don't understand. You
people who constantly criticize wrestling should try watching and then
THINK for a second.
Submitted by reader: Sting6886
I have been reading your booking sheets and was wondering why nobody has commented on Meng yet. He is by no means my favorite, but I believe
they are leading up to something major with him. My opinion is that the WCW is planning on bringing Woman back to the spotlight.

As far as I know, Woman has been the only one who has been able to
control him since before the split between Barbarian and Meng. Jimmy Hart lost that control, if he ever had any, a long time ago. Since she left, Meng has been crazy to the point of splitting up with his partner and putting that tongan grip on any one who even looks at him. My opinion is that WCW is planning on bringing her back in the near future. That would make a great storyline. But, I'll let you be the judge of that.
Submitted by reader: RZNHLL63
Having just read my first column I wanted to express my opinion about
WWF, also. I'm a 34 yr old mother of 3 kids. WWF is truly entertaining
but I think they are using way too much sex to sell it. I've been a
fan my whole life and hope to pass that on to my kids. At the same
time, I won't let them watch WWF alot if times because of its "adult"
content. Thank God for WCW, which I think is far more family oriented.
I just think its kind of sad that my kids are missing out on a lot of
great wrestlers (HBK, Austin, Undertaker) because some of their antics
go beyond what an 11 year old girl should see.

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