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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 016 

Date:  Sunday August 23rd, 1998  10:50 am

Remember, all the booking plans below are FANTASY. They will not
happen the way they are written below. Please enjoy them for their

Submitted by reader: NFLFISH12
The Al Snow bit is real good and far from what you said. Al is a very
good wrestler, unlike Triple H and the Rock. I saw him live in
Cal State
International when he was just starting. Him and Sabu had a great
fight, he is very talented and we'll see that soon. About the whole
Austin Drinking thing they are just playing him to be a Sandman type
of guy. Wouldn't it be cool to see the Sandman and
Austin in a beer
drinking contest.
Austin is not forcing the issue of drinking on kids.

I happen to be a 14 year old Kid. I own every Sandman and Dreamer
Shirt, they drink, does that make me a drinker, nope! Don't touch the
Submitted by reader: DuctTape27
The WWF is in need of a new twist for the Austin-McMahon angle, and
here is my suggestion:

8/24/98 RAW: Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice take on the Headbangers
and Darren Drosdov. Late in the match, while Mosh bounds off the ropes,
Jarrett grabs him by the arms and tells Mark Cantebury to hit him.
However, as Cantebury hits the ropes for a clothesline, Droz ducks,
Cantebury hits Jarrett, and Jarrett falls off the ring apron and lands
face-first onto the guardrail, breaking his nose. Meanwhile, in the
ring, Droz rolls up Cantebury, allowing the Headbangers and Droz to
take the win.

SUMMERSLAM: To open up the show, Jarrett and Southern Justice head to
the ring, and Jarrett is visibly PO’ed that Cantebury not only broke his nose, but cost him the match. Jarrett then orders the duo back to the locker room, claiming that they are "fired". Cantebury and Knight are angry, but leave the ring without much of a fight. Jarrett then
announces that later on in the evening, he would be bringing a huge
surprise to the show.

SHOW: The New Age Outlaws win the WWF Tag Team Titles from
Mankind & Kane, D-Lo Brown retains the European Title over X-Pac, &
Triple H wins the Intercontinental Title

MAIN EVENT: Steve Austin and the Undertaker go twenty minutes in a
thrilling match-up. As the
Austin puts the 'Taker down with the Stone Cold Stunner, Jeff Jarrett tears through the curtain with a microphone. He claims that he is sick and tired of the antics of both of the men in
the ring, then introduces the man who will bring tradition back to the
WWF. Meanwhile,
Austin is obviously distracted, even more so as Ric
Flair struts through the curtain! Flair tells
Austin that he is a
waste of human flesh and that he doesn't want any more filth like him
corrupting 'his' ring.
Austin appears ready to attack Flair and
Jarrett, but out of nowhere, the 'Taker rolls up
Austin and gets the 1-2-3 and the WWF Title.


An obviously angry Austin leaves the ring and charges right after Flair and Jarrett, and the show ends with Jarrett and Flair double-teaming the Rattlesnake.

8/31/98 RAW: Vince McMahon(with Pat Patterson, Jerry Brisco, and Sgt.
Slaughter in tow) brings out Mankind and Kane and states that they are
both disgraces to his federation. He claims that he is "ashamed" of their performance the previous evening against the New Age Outlaws, then says he is in "no more need of their services." He also announces
that Mankind and Kane would be taking on their "replacements" later
that evening.

MAIN EVENT: Kane and Mankind come out with Paul Bearer, ready to
fight. Vince McMahon walks from the locker room and introduces the "replacements", Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair. Flair and Jarrett strut their stuff down the aisleway and do very well in the match for about five minutes before Steve Austin storms the ring, attacking Flair and Jarrett and giving them both the Stone Cold Stunner. As he is about to attack Kane and Mankind, the Undertaker erupts from the locker room with the WWF Title and attacks
Austin from behind, and Austin is then
triple-teamed by Kane, Mankind, and the Undertaker. The show ends
Austin receiving a tombstone piledriver onto the WWF Title,
Austin on the shelf for some time with a neck injury.

9/7/98 RAW: The event is signed to be a match pitting Steve Austin
against Ric Flair, with the winner receiving a WWF Title shot at the next pay-per-view. Prior to the match, Flair, Jarrett, and McMahon claim that they are going to clean up the human trash in the WWF and bring back tradition, without topless women, wrestlers mooning crowds,
beer-drinking, and constant swearing. However, obviously, with
injured, he doesn't show for the match, and Vince McMahon declares
Flair the winner by forfeit.

9/14/98 RAW: On this edition of Raw, Jeff Jarrett captures the
European Title from D-Lo Brown and dedicates it to the tradition of wrestling. The event is headlined by the Undertaker and Kane defeating Mark Henry and Kama Mustafa to receive a Tag Team Title shot. Vince McMahon also states that he would be bringing in a huge surprise at the next In Your House.

9/21/98 RAW: More hype for the PPV.

SEPTEMBER IYH: Jeff Jarrett retains the European Title over Mankind,
and the New Age Outlaws retain the Tag Team Titles over the Undertaker and Kane. In the main event, the Undertaker seems ready to defeat Ric Flair, however, from the crowd, a masked man storms the ring and hits the Undertaker in the back of the head with a steel chair, and Flair
promptly places the figure four on the Undertaker to win the WWF
Title. After the match, as Jarrett and Flair are celebrating, the
masked man reveals himself to be none other than Chris Benoit, the new
"enforcer" for this stable.

9/28/98 RAW: Flair shows off his newly-won WWF title and challenges
the Undertaker, Mankind, and Kane to a six-man-tag later that evening
against himself, Jarrett, and Benoit. The Undertaker accepts the
challenge on the behalf of the entire group. Later in the show, Kane
and the Undertaker both arrive for the fight, but no Mankind arrives.
The camera shows that Mankind is unconscious and bleeding backstage,
obviously injured. The match goes on for about ten minutes with
Undertaker and Kane facing Benoit, Flair, and Jarrett, until Vader
arrives and joins the Undertaker and Kane's team. Ultimately, Vader
drops the Vader Bomb on Flair to receive the win.

10/4/98 RAW: Vader issues a challenge to Ric Flair for the next IYH in
a WWF Title match, and Flair gladly accepts despite hesitance from
Vince McMahon to sign the match.
Submitted by reader:
I was reading an issue from a day or two to go, and I thought about
what I read from you, regarding the WWF's new attitude and approach to
wrestling. Well, I would like you to listen to me, a 12 year old World
Wrestling Federation fan. Last year in sixth grade, while playing
basketball, I heard kids saying words that Bret Hart missed in his
snap last year after his cage match with Sid. Twelve year old kids
saying words, never even brought up by Stone Cold, Undertaker, or Bret
Hart. Girls who stuff their bras. These kids I spend seven hours a
day with are a worse influence than watching Austin or Undertaker.
Sable. Kids bring Playboy's to school.
Austin. Kids smoking marijuana.
Sounds a little more harsh than the WWF doesn't it. If you say that
kid's shouldn't watch WWF, it brings up a much more important
question. Should parents send kids to school?
Thanks for listening.
=== ================================
Submitted by reader: SabuECW420
In my opinion WCW is the most hypocritical of the big two. Just under
three years ago, a wrestler by the name of Sabu was hired and soon
later fired cause Bischoff didn't think his style was acceptable. Now
look at WCW, you see fools going through tables left and right. On PPV's you see matches that look like they straight out of an ECW card.
"Triple Threat" matches, Weapons matches.


Don't get me wrong, I know ECW didn't originate the idea, but they made it popular. I think Paul Heyman is one of the best promoters around. He knows what the fans want to see. The old days of wrestling are long gone IMO. Fans aren't going to accept what we used to. We want to see someone go out there and take some major bumps, make us feel like we got our moneys worth. Now I've attended shows from all three, and the only one I thought I got my moneys worth was ECW. I went to a house show and it was put on like a PPV. All quality matches. Anyway, I'm just saying WCW and WWF need to take a look at a real product. ECW may be small, but they know how to put on a show.
=== ================================
Submitted by reader: SevyynDust
Of all the wrestlers in the WWF I think Stone Cold bites! He is a
glorified redneck who talks trash to his boss and that makes him
special?!  He doesn't even use real wrestling moves...He punches does
his whoop @$$ press and the Stone Cold Stunner... You never see him do
normal things like a power bomb or a power slam.

His flicking people off and his language is a horrible influence
on young viewers.  People in middle school and elementary schools run down the halls screaming "oh hell yea'" and "Stone Cold Says I just whipped your @$$", then when they get sent to the principals office they ask "what did I do"?

This is bad but what really gets to me is that most of his fans don't
really like him.  They're just jumping onto the bandwagon. The guy
does not appeal to me at all.

Note-My favorite wrestler is the Undertaker and the only person who will have their "@$$ whipped" is Stone Cold at Summerslam!

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