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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 017

Date:  Sunday August 23rd, 1998  11:21 am

By Steve Appy
Jim Cornette works for the WWF; the WWF has very little use for
Cornette. What a shame. I've been a big Jim Cornette fan since 1987,
my rookie year as a fan. At the time I considered Cornette a comedy
figure, someone always good for a few laughs.

The Rock & Roll Express or The Fantastics would abuse him and
Cornette would do a great job of playing the buffoon. I still
consider the threesome of Cornette, Bobby Eaton &
Stan Lane to be my
all time favorite tag team.

As my understanding of the business progressed so did my appreciation
of Cornette. I understood that his antics were supposed to make his
opponents look good more than any other reason. Cornette very quickly
replaced Bobby Heenan as my all time favorite manager.

When Cornette started Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992, he proved to
the world what a sharp booking mind he really possessed. The
storylines were coherent and he was one booker that believed in
putting his opponents over, a strategy that Dusty Rhodes never
Smoky Mountain presented some of the more exciting action
around and Cornette received much critical acclaim for his abilities.

Smoky Mountain folded in 1995 Cornette began working full time

for the WWF. Unfortunately, his managerial style was outdated. Still
entertaining, but outdated. The wimpy heel manager of yesteryear was
being phased down. This didn't have to be the end of Cornette's on
air character, though.

Cornette is one of the best commentators in the business. He pays
close attention to the storylines and really works at getting them
over. I do enjoy Lawler and Heenan; Unfortunately, they are too busy
with the joke a minute routine to bother getting the storylines over.
In addition, he has terrific chemistry with Jim Ross. Apparently, the
WWF disagrees.

Give Cornette an on air role. Don't turn him exclusively into a talent
scout. Let shine in front of the camera. He won't disappoint. Don't
waste one of the more talented talkers in the business, instead let him put
over the entire roster.
Submitted by reader: WayneTDX
Some comments on the WWF and WCW.

The WWF: To me the WWF is #1 no matter what the ratings say. Their
storylines are much more thought out and unpredictable. As far as the adult theme and some of the other readers comments, I agree with the 15 yr old who says its the parents job to raise their kids, not Vince McMahon's and the WWF athletes. I'm so sick and tired of parents blaming society and TV for their children's problems.


The WWF is simply another night time soap opera like Dallas and Dynasty which dominated nightly ratings years ago. The WWF is no different from those shows and its the parents responsibility to monitor what their kids are watching. The WWF doesn't hide the fact that they are becoming more adult oriented so parents be warned and take whatever steps you feel necessary but as for me I hope WWF doesn't change (only one thing, anyway, HBK come back soon).

WCW; I am so sick of 2 hours and 45 minutes of crap just to see 15 minutes of enjoyable action. That is all Nitro is. Eric Bischoff has ruined a great product just to stroke his own ego. Note to ERIC " you will never be Vince McMahon so stop trying".


I agree with Eddie G. with one respect.  Eric has all this talent at his disposal (old talent but still talent) and still doesn't know how to use it. A perfect example is Lex Luger. First, Lex wins the world title deservedly and Bischoff makes him lose it less than a week later at the next PPV. Then he wins the US title and Bicshoff makes him lose it just two nights later.  Why even let Lex win if you're not going to allow him the chance to hold the titles.  He's paid his dues for years and he deserves better.


Then there's Bret Hart. I don't really care for Bret but he is a talent. I'm sure he didn't come to WCW to be US champion but to be World Champion. Bischoff kept him on the backburner for months and then let’s someone who has paid no dues Goldberg become champion. Give me a break. Anyone doesn't see that the WWF is superior has got blinders on!
Submitted by reader: TRK8
My biggest thought on the whole Sandman situation is simple- Although
Jim (Sandman) busts his butt every time that he works - He is one of the most limited workers in the business.


He doesn't have enough natural WRESTLING talent to roster up with the likes of State Patrol or Earthquake for that matter (to think of a more known name).  Now don't get me wrong, Sandman can sell his gimmick better than anyone in the class.  He takes bumps, gives interviews and can start, continue, and finish an angle where everyone is happy (some of our biggest names in the business can't do that).


Unfortunately he is going to be stuck (and should be at home) in ECW.  He was made there and should remain there where he can get a title as being a solid fixture (which shows loyalty) to Paul.  Paul Heyman is without a doubt one of the best Indy Promoters around. 


So the best to Sandman and Paul E., and keep in mind "the grass may or may not be greener on the other side – but the door can always hit ya on the way out".
Submitted by reader: JONNYCADE2 (Patrick Simmons)
LOL, I loved the satire and the follow up letter was great.


PS: WWF shouldn't change a bit. I'm a 14 year old and I have loved
wrestling ever since I was little, especially SCSA, but it doesn't
have an effect on my life at all. I don't curse, I don't flip people
off, I don't drink booze. And even if it does effect someone's life
(FAMILY, BUSNESS, ECT.) it isn't the wrestling organization, its the
person who allowed it to affect their life.
Patrick Simmons (JONNYCADE2)
Submitted by reader: (Alberto Rizzi)
I read every comments about the WWF’s new direction, and since I saw a
lot of readers putting down the WWF's angles, I would like to know the
reaction to an angle like this one. Before we start, I hope you will
understand that I'm not atheist or crazy, it is only a provocation.

Val Venis beats D-Lo Brown to become the new European Champion, and
Triple H beats The Rock for the Intercontinental title. The New Age
Outlaws regains the tag team belt from Kane and Mankind, and Steve
Austin retains the WWF title against The Undertaker.

RAW IS WAR -the following night-
McMahon comes out to open the show. He says that Summerslam proved
that, thanks to his new hardcore direction, the WWF is again the leader of the business. Suddenly, Dustin Runnels comes out: he grabs the mic and starts his own ranting: "To all of you, sinner and son of the devil
that watch the WWF. Beware of your soul, because he is coming, he is
coooooooming!!!!!!" Then Dustin leaves the show, during which Jim
Ross asks: "Who is coming??"

Dustin is in the crowd. Micheal Cole reaches him for an interview. "Who
is coming ??" And Dustin: "The Savior, the one that will purify this

Val Venis comes out, making fun of Dustin antics. Dustin is in
the building and challenges Val to a European title match.  Later,
Dustin wins the match by pinfall. He grabs the belt and calls for his
disciple to come out. Once she is unmasked, the disciple is MARLENA
and together they wash the European Belt to purify it from the sins.


Triple H comes out, saying he doesn't care about saviors or sinners.  He challenges Dustin to an Intercontinental title match on Raw.


Dustin comes out at the top of the show, saying that deeply in his
heart he feels that there are sinners bigger than Triple H.  So the match
will not take place. But instead, Steve Austin is warned because the
Savior is looking for him at the September In Your House.


Steve Austin is in the ring, waiting for his opponent. Sixteen children come out dressed like angels: 8 stop on the left of the aisle, the other 8 on the right. Dustin Runnels comes out with Marlena and they are all dressed in white. A spiritual music starts, only to be interrupted by the entrance music of......SYCHO SID !!!!!  Sid Powerbombs Austin to regain the WWF belt.


RAW IS WAR -the following night-
Dustin and Marlena are starting to do the washing of the world belt,
but Sid stops them. He grabs the mic and starts: "You see Dustin my
man, the WWF belt is already pure because it is around my waist. Up
there, in the sky, someone wants the Earth to be saved from ruin. So,
I'm here...and I will be their master, and their ruler, in this world.”

Triple H comes out saying that he is still waiting for Dustin. But,
like at In Your House, Sid comes out with the angels and says he will
face Triple H in a title vs. title match on Raw.


Sid comes out, carrying a bath full of water in the ring. Then he
destroys Triple H, applying five Powerbombs. All the DX members, who try to
save Triple H, are chokeslammed in the bath. Sid grabs the mic and starts: "So now I rule the two majors title in the WWF but it is not enough. This water will purify DX, and I will create my own disciples. Wrestler formerly known as X-Pac rise up!!! " X-Pac rises up from the water. "Now you are Angel-Pack".


Wrestler formerly known as Road Dog, rise up!!"  Road Dog rises up. "Now you are the Road Preacher, and finally Billy Gunn.  You will be -Holy Ass Billy Gunn-, but (above all of you) I will be forever the master and the ruler of the world".

In this way all the belts are with the Savior Group and Sid will be
back in great faction. I think Sid is the only one crazy enough to do
such a thing.
Submitted by reader: Hallsweeti
Hi, LOL, I would love to respond to the WWF v WCW!!!!!!


You know what?? I wish you all could just love the WWF, and WCW!! Not
pit each of them against each other, I love both, even if Razor/Diesel left the WWF to go to WCW, to become the NWO, I just love both and have so much with both!:).


WWF has its fun with Steve Austin, the man kills me, he is nuts and is so funny!:) I happen to like Southern Justice, that's better than the Farmers, believe me!!!! Jarrett may be getting better as a heel on a mission, I cracked up that he cut X-Pac's hair, lol, that was a riot!! Jarrett gets alot of crap but he's a good showman, so leave the man alone!!!


Shamrock should be more than The KOTR, he should've won the Royal Rumble is all I have to say, because though I love The Rock, he needs to be beaten a few times, lol, especially since he took Triple H's belt!!:).


Cactus/Mankind/Dude Love, this man needs to be out of the wrestling world, or just to go as Cactus, and don't ever do anything like what he did at KOTR, again!! That was sick and gross, believe me, Cactus is a good wrestler, but he ain’t Shawn Michaels!!!!:).


Speaking of Shawn, glad he's back and killing us with his merriment and antics.  Blackman, this guy is boring, I think!!! Did you all know that was his stepdaughter who flashed the camera, the day Hunter asked her to, on Raw, that was hilarious, especially with Shawn clapping on the table!:). hehehe!!


DX==now these guys are nuts, its too bad that Hunter is getting married to Chyna soon, but cool if he's in LOVE!:) But Hunter/ Chyna/ Xpac/ Roadie/ Billy all work very well together, if Shawn goes with them again, that is cool, but if not, that is ok, they work
well as is!:)

Hunter--the man is nuts and oh so funny, his Buffer imitations are
hilarious, lol, Chyna---She's actually getting a following where a
year ago, I had this feeling that she was never going to get one, due
to people thinking she was a man, lol, has she improved with the fans,
even if she did get a breast thing done, lol, that fanny slapping bit was hilarious, lol!!:).


X-Pac---Still can't stand the runt, but anyone that says "HOGAN SUCKS" is ok with me, lol.  Roadie----This man has got never EVVVVVVVVVVVVVER
leave wrestling, that boy is nuts and oh so funny, his mic work is
hilarious and I always laugh at his antics, same with Billy Gunn, that
nut is a nut!!:) They all work well together, and yes I am sick of
SUCK IT, but that's their motto, geez!!


Owen bugs me, but Jason Sensation is a RIOT!!!!:) Heheheheh, doing the Owen thing is soooooooooooooooo funny!:) Vince/Steve/and the boys, those guys are funny all in one, need I say more!!!:) Shane McMahon has got to get the hell out of the scene, geez, he's not made to sit there and act tough, the boy is not that type, and needs to shut up!!!:)


VAL VENIS---Now this nut is just like I said, A NUT!!:). His stuff is good, but that Japanese girl has got to go, that is not the girl for the WWF to have, she's so bland, its funny!!!  Bobbit??  LOL, that was a riot, I could not believe that he was there!!

Sable/Jackie/Mero....these 3 are good at their job, lol, especially Mero, acting like he hates his wife, lol, that is funny!!!:).  Sable is
great!:) Jackie is funny, and very much the body girl!!!:) The
Oddities, how funny to have them with Sable, lol!!!  LUNA is Gangrels'
wife, HOW funny is that????  Gangrel’s going to go places, I just don't
like the blood crap!!!!  I love his music though.


Bart is looking good and where is Al Snow??? LOL, and Kama is KILLIN ME!!!!  Oh and the DX imitation of NOD: OH MY GOD, how funny is that!!!!:) TOO MUCH!!!


Speaking of TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH is a joke of a team, as is Taka, lol,
but they are amusing, lol, to watch!:) UNDI.....KANE.....well Undi is
ok, and that new music is great, but I am tired of the Undie/Kane
thing, though its attention getting, and the Highway to Hell is going to be good!:).


Glad Terry Funk is taking time off, and too bad that Scorpio isn't getting much in response, I heard he had been good as
Too Cold Scorpio!!!:).  Vader...that man is nutty and his thing with
Kama was hilarious, lol, Kama is a nut, and the hoe thing is funny stuff!!:).


Bradshaw, not much about him, not into him much, as well as PUKE, and
DOA!! LOD is getting way old and that drunk stuff with Hawk is tooo
bad on their part!!


Sunny out of the WWF, well that's fine with me, and double fine that
she didn't go WCW, like there were rumors about!! WWF is great and so
is WCW==What amuses me about the WCW is that its at times, alot tamer
than WWF, and that we need that sometimes, and its' like old home week now with guys we all love!!!:).


I personally watch it for Hall/Buff/Brian Adams...The Wolfpack (go Kev), Chris Jericho, Eric is a ham, Warrior is GOD for agreeing with us that Hogan sucks, lol, Chavo/Eddie , Booker T, his bro, Juvi, Hammer, Riggs, Sickboy, Kidman, Saturn, Liz, Giant, and not for Hogan, Perfect, Rude, Bret, and I like DDP.


Karl Malone was good, Rodman is a nut, Mongo is good, Flair was good.  I love the storylines of Chavo/Eddie .....The Wolfpack, Giant/Hall, Jericho, Booker T, and I crack up at everyone that thinks that Eric is stupid, when he isn't, LOL, the man is a nut and good at his job!:).


I LOVE IT!!!!:) I want Hall with the Wolfpack, since he was someone that said that alot, lol, when with BIG SEXY!!:). He hates it with Hogan, you can tell!  We want Scott back with his bud.  Anyways, I had to vent just to say that I love it all and keep on watching both!:)
Love, Michele.....................
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