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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 018

Date:  Monday August 24th, 1998  12:31 pm

Before we print some of your booking plans a warning is in order.
Most of you already know this, but it bears repeating. All booking
plans printed in this newsletter are fantasy. They will probably
never happen. They are one person's idea of what they would like to
see; they will not happen.

I thought you all knew this, but it still hasn't been clear to all our
readers. I get around 20 letters a day from people who think the
plans are real and they get disappointed when they don't come true. I
hope this is the last time the subject needs to come up so we can
devote more space to the actual booking plans.
Submitted by reader: Dancol10
I totally agree about no one caring about Mick Foley! He has been my
favorite wrestler since he was Cactus Jack in WCW. I first liked him in
1991 at Halloween Havok when it was that cage match where you had two
teams and to win you had to put a member of the other team in to an
"electric chair" in the center of the cage and pull a lever that
"electrified the chair". Well the teams were I believe Cactus Jack,
Abdullah the Butcher, Big Van Vader (and someone else who I can't
remember) against Sting, Steiner Brothers and Giant Gonzales (whatever
his name in WCW was, like El Gigante or something)

They fought it out, getting bloodied up and finally Abdullah the Butcher put a Steiner in the chair, Then Cactus climbed the cage and was by the lever and he looked back at the chair and saw he was about to win, but before he pulled the lever he did his BANG! BANG! and smiled through the blood.  Then the Steiners reversed Abdullah into the chair and Cactus pulled the lever on his friend. Then he and Abdullah went on a rampage after Abdullah woke up.


I rewound it and paused on Cactus head when he did the bang bang and I saw that his cut was not fake blood or a juiced razor wound he actually got it from being bashed around hardway in the match! And being able to smile with your face covered in blood from a cut that's making you dizzy and must be hurting like hell is a feat in itself.


I later rewound back to where he got the cut and saw that it was not a jucied razor wound...or fake blood undoubtfully.
P.S. I love the Newsletter Keep up the great work!!
Submitted by reader: SunniNAO (Tia Wallace)
I would just like to say that I'm really enjoying the column. The
ideas submitted by the readers are hilarious. Anyways, I've had a
lot on my mind and decided to address this so-called "adult image" the
WWF is taking on. Now, I know this has been said but I'll say it too:
It’s not Vince McMahon's job or the WWF's job to raise other people's
kids. If parents don't like what's on TV they can always tell their
children no. The WWF is doing their job as entertainers, and that's to
keep people watching and attract new age groups (hence the adult image).


So, parents should be doing their jobs as parents, and that's to say to themselves: Is this right for my child? Would I let my 5 year old daughter watch WWF?  Absolutely. Call me a bad mother if you will but if there's something on TV and she's curious I won't shelter
her from the truth. I will monitor how much of it she watches but I
will never ever cut her off from it completely.

The new modern age angles are very entertaining and I don't see how
Austin swigging beer is going to affect my daughter. How many
of you parents knock down a cold one in front of your kids? It doesn't
matter if you do, it doesn't matter if
Austin does, hell if it was the
President of the
United States it doesn't matter. If you don't like
your kids watching
Austin knocking down beer because you think its

bad then don't knock down your own beer!

Look at what's going on in the real world, that's not out there for
our entertainment, its not planned its not scripted. And yet it’s all
over the evening news. And I know many parents that actually expose
their children to that. The difference between WWF and actual reality
is that WWF is ENTERTAINMENT. Look at Bill Clinton and Monica
Lewinsky, if anything the WWF is more tasteful than what they plaster
all over the evening news and you don't have to have cable to see THAT.
--- Tia Wallace
Submitted by reader: NaoRock
In response to the email submitted by reader, DTroupe902,
last issue, I want clarify something. He stated that he thought the Puke vs. Bradshaw Brawl For All match was a work because "Puke was in the lead by 10 points going into the 3rd period" but Bradshaw ended up winning even though he didn't even score 10 points in the last period.


Well, you're wrong because Bradshaw was actually up by 5 points going into the last round (it was 10 - 5), so he didn't need to score 10 points. That match wasn't a work, it was total shoot.  You can tell just by the way they fought.


All of the Brawl For All matches are shoots, and I think it’s a great idea. I don't know why the crowd usually starts booing when the lights go out and the infamous Brawl For All theme begins. I mean, where else are you going to see 100% shoots in a wrestling promotion. NOWHERE! Especially not from WCW.
Submitted by reader: Acoustic76
I agree 100%, Jim Cornette is excellent on the mic. I remember when
Cornette did an interview with Yokozuna before Summer Slam. Yoko was
to defend against Luger and Cornette did about a five minute run and never paused. It was incredible. Or what about when he came on Raw before the NWA "invasion", his little blurbs were funny as hell.


He deserves mic time and I think he'd be a great addition to the WWF television crew.  Put him on Code Red or something but just don't waste him.

I don't think people realize that someone's success in wrestling is
based on how good of a personality they have. Take a look at Ken
Shammrock. If it came down to a real fight Shammrock would destroy
any wrestler but because he is horrible on the mic and has zero camera
appeal and he will never amount to anything in the WWF. But if you look
at a wrestler like The Rock you see the future of wrestling. He's
wrestling skills are improving but he's so good on the mic that you
want to see him wrestle.

Before I finish I want to make a comment about Bret Hart. He, just
like all the other WWFer's, will amount to nothing in WCW. I hope that
one day he and Vince can settle their issues and bring the Hitman back
to the ranks of the WWF.
Thanks for reading!
Submitted by reader: Sherm69316 wrote:
Summerslam predicts and the following Warzone.
Rocky Miavia vs Triple H: Ladder match
Triple H wins this one in a long fought battle. In the first 5 minutes DX
comes down and starts to pound on the Rock, and the Nation comes down
and chases them out. Throughout the whole match the cameras show the
Nation and DX brawling in the dressing rooms. Around the 25 minute
mark, the Rock is about halfway up the ladder when Farooq, 2 Cold
Scorpio, and the Gangstas come down and knock him off and brutalize him.

Triple H climbs the ladder and walks out with IC gold and Farooq grabs the
microphone and announces that there is a New Nation of Domination in
town and he challenges Rocky Miavia, D Lo, Kama, Mark Henry, and Owen
Hart to a street fight on the August 31 Raw, and goes on to say that
there is still one more member that will show up for the street fight

The New Age Outlaws vs. Kane and Mankind
Bad Ass covers Kane after a chair shot by Chyna, and a Bad Ass
Piledriver. Right after the match the Outlaws issue an open challenge
to anyone one in either Nation for Raw is War the next night.

D-Lo Brown vs. Val Venis
In one of the 3 best matches on the card, Val Venis wins with the
Money Shot after the New Nation once again causes the Rocks Nation to
lose another title. Instead of Val Venis music coming on after he
leaves, the DX theme blares and Triple H, the Outlaws, and X-Pac come down
to the ring and give Val Venis and invitation to join DX and Val

August 31 Raw is War
Nation vs. Nation: Street Fight
Farooq and the New Nation come down to the ring for the street fight
and the Rock's Nation follows. They fight 5 on 4 for the majority of
the match, until Ahmed Johnson comes down and nails a
Pearl River
Plunge on D-Lo. Farooq grabs the mic and says this Nation will be an
extreme Nation.


Later on in the show DX comes down and and makes fun of the Rock and his Nation, but before they could get to into it the New Nation comes down and tells DX that they shouldn’t feel too comfortable with the gold that they have now, because the New Nation just disposed of Rocky's Nation and DX is next.

New Age Outlaws vs. any members of either Nation for the Tag titles
The Outlaws come down to do their usual routine before the match. Out
comes Farooq and Ahmed and they start to brawl. The rest of DX and the
rest of the New Nation come down and begin to brawl. At one point The Road Dawg gets knocked out by a Pearl River Plunge from Ahmed, but Triple H
throws Ahmed off of the Road Dawg and then throws Ahmed out of the
ring and chases him outside. Out of nowhere The Rock and Owen come
down to the ring. Rock nails the Rock Bottom on the Road Dawg and
proceeds to pin him while Owen fends of everyone just long enough for
the Rock to get the 3 count. The Rock grabs the mic and says that
since the Outlaws said they would take on 2 men from either Nation,
then that his Nation had the right to take the belts.

Title holders- World - Stone Cold
IC- Triple H
Euro- Val Venis
Tag Team- Rock and Owen
Submitted by reader: CotNWeary
Re: WWF's new adult direction. People seem to be doing a lot of
whining about the WWF not being for kids but I see no one making a
significant stand. Maybe that is because wrestling fans have very
little product to turn to if they are unhappy. I mean, give me a
choice between Sable and her breasts and Eric Bischoff and I'm likely
to take a sudden interest in Suddenly Susan on NBC. If you don't like
it, change the channel. If you are a parent and you watch it in front
of your children don't get mad at Vince McMahon when your six year-old
gets in trouble at school for crotch-chopping.

I like this Gangrel guy despite the horrible things I've heard about
David Heath as a wrestler. Though, his first two matches were very
short I got into them and I love the little super-DDT move he does. I
also like the fact that they might be working Edge into the angle.
Could he be a vampire hunter or something? This is one person who
wants to find out.


Two things I don't like about the gimmick is the fact that no one in the WWF knows how to properly pronounce Gangrel.  It is NOT gang-grell, its gangrel. One syllable. Number two is that unless the WWF has gotten permission from White Wolf Publishing to use their concept then Gangrel won't be around long. The name itself is a blatant rip-off of a brood of vamps from their Vampire: The Masquerade series of games and books.

Eddie Guerrerofinally sticks up for himself. All I can say is good for
him. Let's hope some of the other up-and-comers stick by Eddie in what
he said on Monday.

I'm sure only 20% of the Ultimate Wash-Outs "speech" on Monday was
supposed to be funny but I was rolling on the floor over the fact that he made up like every third word he said. There are a lot of things Warrior can be accused of. However, being intelligent is not one of those things.
Submitted by reader: JJ29
I'd like to send my views on Goldberg. It’s not his fault, its WCW's.
But what gets me mad is this: Independent wrestlers work their
"bleep" off for a measly $40 and a hotel to shack up each night, but
then a ex-football player just walks in CNN center and gets a world
title and a 3 year multimillionaire contract. And he doesn't even
work matches that well, Announcers talk about how this guy does so
much new stuff but what he does isn't new, A single leg takedown isn't a move. A football tackle isn't new. Pumphandle slam isn't new. A backflip isn't anything new. Lets see the guy to a corkscrew plancha, that'd be impressive.


My point being is that there is better talent in Chicago than Goldberg in all categories. Power, guys are stronger, so WHAT if he jackhammered The Giant, in case nobody knows it takes TWO people to execute a move.


The jackhammer: You can clearly see the opponent jumping with the pick up and Goldberg simply holds them, and not for long. A spear? It’s a guy taking a bump. But I don't blame his inexperience on himself, I blame WCW's bookers.


Comments will be read and replied to with the TRUTH.
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