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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 019

Date:  Monday August 24th, 1998  7:17 pm

Submitted by reader: FF8SquallX
This is a continuation of a booking idea I sent in a little while back.
RAW is WAR (
The new D-Generation X led by Sandman comes to the ring for an
interview. Sandman challenges The Rock to an Intercontinental Title
match at IYH: Final Four. Not just an IC Title match, a street fight.
X-Pac challenges Triple H for a match at IYH: Final Four. The Outlaws
want to know who their opponents will be for IYH: Final Four.

Sid comes out by himself and bashes the Nation. He said that he was
only using the Nation as a stepping stone for his WWF Title shot at the Final Four Match at the next IYH. A return match from last weeks RAW pits D-Lo Brown against Val Venis for the Euro Title. This time, D-Lo takes back the gold to the nation with a Sky High and the Lo-Down in a clean match.

Jim Ross announces that X-Pac will defend the WWF Light Heavyweight Title against an unnamed opponent. The Klique comes out for an interview. The Rock accepts Sandman's challenge and challenges any nation member to a match later on RAW.

Triple H says that if X-Pac wants a shot at him at the PPV he has to beat
the mystery guy tonight. HBK states that he will be returning at the
October PPV a little early. X-Pac comes out for his Light Heavyweight Title defense. The familiar music plays and out comes Eddie GUERERRO! X-Pac is stunned. They go on for about 10 minutes in a spectacular match.
X-Pac hits the Front Face Slam and is about to pin Eddie when Chyna,
who has been gone comes from behind and hits him with a low blow. Eddie
hits a shoulder breaker and nails the Frog Splash and gets the
Light Heavyweight Title. Triple H rejoins with Chyna and they beat up on X-Pac until DX makes the save.

Austin's music hits and he comes out for an interview. He talks about
how much he hates UT, Kane, and Sid and how he should be the WWF
Champion. He says that he is going to kick all three of there asses in the Final Four Match.  Ken Shamrock, fresh off the Lions Den victory at SummerSlam comes out to meet none other then Dan Severn. Owen interupts Shamrock and hits a Spinning Heel Kick. Owen puts Shamrock in the Sharpshooter and won't release it.
Severn from behind with his Choke Out on Owen. A man jumps out of the crowd and pulls Severn off of Owen. Its CHRIS BENOIT!  He puts Severn in the Crossface and Owen re-applies the Sharpshooter on Shamrock. Security separates them all and Shamrock and Severn stand
in the ring. Shamrock and
Severn shake hands and challenge Owen and
Benoit to an tag match next week and Owen and Benoit accept.

Vince McMahon comes out and states that tonight on RAW, the Sandman
will go one on one against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The Rock will
Kama and Triple H will go up against the Undertaker for the WWF Title.

The Rock vs.
Kama turns out to be a one sided match as Rock totally
dominates The Godfather. However, the tide turns when Mark Henry splashes the Rock behind the refs back.
Kama with a pickup and a Death Valley Driver on the Rock. Rock kicks out at 2, takes control and Kama hits Rock Bottom and the Rock keeps the IC Title.

Sandman comes out to "Enter Sandman" and
Austin comes out as well.
Austin can make it to the ring, Kane, Undertaker and Sid run out and pummel Austin then pummel each other. The Rock and Triple H come out of the crowd and into the ring and mangle Sandman. Triple H hits a Pedigree and Rock executes the Rock Bottom. HBK gets in and hits Sweet Chin Music and the match is declared a no-contest.

The Undertaker vs. Triple H. Triple H hits the face knee smash and
goes for the Pedigree. He appears to have the match won when Sandman
comes to ringside and distracts Triple H. Sandman up on the ring apron
and the ref tries to get him away.  X-Pac runs into the ring and hits Triple H with the pool stick. UT with a pickup,
Tombstone and UT retains the WWF Title.


Kane, Sid, and Austin all come to ringside and beat the hell out of each other. DX, the Nation and Rock and HBK all hit the ring as well as Val Venis who goes right at D-Lo and an all out war ensues. kaenti joins the fray and goes right after Val. Eddie Guerrerojumps in and RAW ends to this huge brawl.

RAW is WAR (
The show opens up to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin challenging the Sandman
to a rematch tonight live on RAW. "Enter Sandman" plays and Sandman gets into the ring and accepts. He says to make it an Extreme Fight and Austin accepts.
Austin says lets fight right now and Sandman agrees. Sandman with his pool stick hits Austin with a low blow and the match has begun. Sandman hits Austin with rapid fire pool stick shots knocking Austin down. The match goes on for quite a while. Sandman hits Austin with a reverse Russian Legsweep onto the pool stick and gets a 2 ¾ count.  Austin hits the Stunner and pins Sandman for the victory. He is ambushed by Sid and gets Powerbombed through a table. As Sid gets into the ring to gloat its Sandman with a reverse Russian Legsweep onto the pool stick to Sid. The Rock comes out and Sandman hits Rock Bottom and they go to commerical.

Jim Ross says live tonight on RAW, D-Lo Brown will defend his Europeon
Title in a 4 Way Death Match against Val Venis, Triple H, and Dude
Love. The 4 Way Brawl begins and it turns out to be a great match.
Dude Love hits a Double Arm DDT on Val Venis and piledriver on Triple
H and the Mandible Claw on D-Lo and has the match won when Val climbs
to the top and hits the fallen Triple H with the Money Shot and pins
him while D-Lo submits at the same time. The referee orders for Val
and Dude Love to fight to decide the EuroTitle. D-Lo walks away
dejected. Val uses a variety of weapons against Dude Love while the
officials back is turned. After 10 minutes of pure punishment, Val
puts Dude away with the Money Shot and regains the Europeon Title. Val
is over as a major heel.

Undertaker interview. he talks about he is going to decimate Kane, Sid
and Austin at IYH: Final Four. The New Age Outlaws have been told by
Vince McMahon that their opponents for the tag belts at the next PPV will be the winner of Owen/Benoit vs.Shamrock/Severn later in the night.

The Rock comes out along with HBK and Chyna to defend the IC Title
against Mark Henry. Rock shows his power by nailing mark with Rock
Bottom to retain the IC Title. Sid comes out and challenges Kane to a
match. Kane comes out to face Sid.  Great power match. Sid wins after Powerbombing Kane and pinning him.  UT and Austin come out and they brawl until security separates them.

The Main Event: Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn vs. Owen Hart and Chris
Benoit.  The match starts at
10:55. It does not even begin when Dan Severn bum rushes Shamrock and puts him in the Choke Out and Benoit puts Owen in the Crippler Crossface. Ross and Lawler do not know what’s going on.  Ric Flair comes to ringside and the crowd goes nuts. Severn holds Shamrock in place and Flair hits several knife edge chops to Shamrocks stomach, making the crowd go "whoo".  The same to Owen. 


Flair announces the remaking of the 4 Horsemen. Austin's music hits and he comes to the ring and tries to take them out. Sid, Kane and UT come in and start brawling.  The 3 take command and then VADER COMES OUT! Vader Vader Bombs  Austin, Sid, UT, and Kane. Flair drops the Figure Four down on the WWF Champion Undertaker. Benoit has Austin in the Crippler Crossface and Severn has Sid in the Choke Out. Shamrock and Owen are still out cold.  At 11:03, Flair takes a mic and says that these are the NEW 4 Horsemen. Flair challenges the winner of the Final Four match to a WWF Title match the next night on RAW. Benoit and Severn challenge Owen and Shamrock to an Octagon tag team Match at YIYH: Final Four. Vader says that he wants the sissy HBK whenever he can get his hands around his neck. At 11:06, Ross states 3 things:


1)    The Outlaws will meet D-Lo and Kama at September IYH

2)    Val Venis will defend the European Title against
Triple H at September IYH

3)    Eddie Guererro will defend against X-Pac in a LightWeight Title match. RAW goes off the air to Austin, Sid, UT, Kane, Shamrock and Severn all being helped out by security and EMT's.(to be continued.....)


Submitted by reader:
Being a wrestler in the biz..... I heard that Cornette got fired and
is now on his way back to Tennessee. He was the scout for WWF as well as the person in charge of the EXTRAS....... or jobbers. Some wrestling
friends of mine that have done some work for him told me about this.
The reason for firing Jim..... To make room for Shane McMahon. Pity, Jim was one of the greats.
Scotty Blaze
Submitted by reader: (Melanie Rosner)
I was at ECW, at the Elks Lodge (Queens, NY) the other night. Sandman
was also there and responded to the crowds chants of "You sold out!"
He said "If I f*cking sold out, then what the f*ck am I doing here?"
Whether it was a work or not, the crowd went nuts! Let's all hope
that Sandman stays in the Federation in which he shines, ECW!
Submitted by reader:
I hope you and other wrestling fans can look at the state of wrestling
today and honestly feel that they enjoy this better that days of old.
I am referring to the NWA the days when the Horsemen ruled and TV
shows weren't filled with interview after interview. I remember
matches with Flair and Steamboat. And recall they had no evil
brothers or six packs or three alter egos. These men put on shows and
matches that lasted one hour long.


Today I get treated to three minutes of some superstar jobbing to Goldberg. Then I look at ECW and I fall in love with this Federation all over again. ECW is where feuds start over belts and who is getting the push. If you want the belt then earn it. ECW does not waste talent at all. They use their limited roster to its fullest except for Kronus. I can't but help but wonder how long it will be before he joins up with Saturn. God knows WCW needs some life for its tag belts.

I can't but help and look at the WWF and laugh at loud. The WWF has
the funniest skits ever. But I want to see a wrestling match. I am sick and tired of guys not getting shots because of no mic skills. Austin will hold the belt as long as HBK is on the shelf. Fans are tired of the Undertaker since his gimmick is old and his character is more powerful than he is. Mark Callaway is a fine wrestler but the Undertaker needs to die.


Kane is a Dentist we all know but does he have any wrestling
talent at all? Choke slam and piledriver are his mat skills. I look
at Austin and remember the guy who at one time called himself the
Ringmaster but no more since he punches and kicks and gives the finger
and what happened to his skills we all know he knows the moves but the
WWF would rather he brawl.


ECW gets much trash for its brawls but I see more wrestling in that fed than anywhere else. I watch Taz and Sabu and Rob Van Dam and I get excited because they show me something new every week. Shane Douglas is a fine wrestler in every Federation he has been in. So now that I have vented my anger at the wrestling world I hope they didn't fall on deaf ears
Submitted by reader:
Jjj1470 (justin Jacobs)
I have read many letters that people send in complaining about the new
controversial "adult" angle of the WWF. One popular argument is that
they are going to lose their younger audiences. Now, I am 15 years old
and I do alot of babysitting and things of that nature. What the WWF
is doing now, with Sable taking off her clothes, Austin throwing back
a couple cold ones, a porn star wrestler you get the idea, children
find this entertaining.


Whenever I babysit a kid that happens to be a wrestling fan, I talk to him/her about the adult angles of the WWF and kids love it. Some of Steve Austins biggest fans are 5 year old kids.  I went to Raw on July 27 when it was at the Pond, there was a kid no older than 8 sitting in front of me, he had a sign that said "Take it off Sable" on one side and the other side said "Drink one for me Steve". Now whether you or I think this is right it is happening. Kids love seeing Sable walking around half naked and some of the other stuff that the WWF does. Kids are alot more enlightened about sex and drugs and violence in the nineties than the older generations were when they were kids.


Second of all, people say that they themselves are offended
by some of the angles and storylines. To that I only have one
response, DON'T WATCH IT, TURN IT OFF. Nobody is sitting there with a
gun to your head making you watch DX moon the crowd or Steve Austin
drinkin' his Steveweisers. It is obvious that the WWF has a lot
greater following since they went to this "hardcore" angle. So if you
don't like it, switch over to WCW where you can see Hogan say butt
instead of ass, and Bischoff is to scared of Turner to try anything
new and on the EDGE. Those are my opinions, E-mail me your responses
and what you think.
 Submitted by reader:
Personally I don't really care about people like Hogan and Kevin Nash.
All they do is talk, talk, talk. Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Juvi,
and many other wrestlers aren't getting the attention they deserve.
Most wrestling is fake and for these wrestlers to pull off these
moves, fake or not, is amazing. Many people boo and hiss them, but I
enjoy their wrestling very much. Rey Mysterio is a 5' 3" ball of
strength, Juvi and his "Never Surrender" attitude is amazing. I
believe these wrestler's deserve A LOT more attention and respect.

Submitted by reader: BriskDanPE
That article about Mick Foley was phenomenal! That was worthy enough
of being read on RAW. Whatever ego he has, he is still the greatest hard-core maniac.  Flying off that cell onto the table at KOTR, crashing through the cell and onto the ring, and getting chokeslammed onto thousands of tacks, and STILL interfering in the next match!! That deserves an award in my book.

Vince McMahon shouldn't treat Foley this way. He is one of the
greatest ever! I think he should screw Kane and team with the
Oddities. He and Austin are getting caught in the center of the
collusion between Undertaker and Kane, and I wouldn't mind seeing
Taker & Kane vs. Austin & Foley at Survivor Series, that'd be a hell
of a match.
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