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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 022 

Date:  Monday October 5th, 1998  12:15 pm

By Steve App

Look for the Undertaker to regain the title at Judgment Day. After
two high profile losses to Austin and The Rock his next couple
challengers are already set up. Many of you already know this, but
here's a little tip. If a title contender loses a couple of TV
matches before a title shot, it often means he will win the belt. The
losses set up future opponents who already have credibility against
the new champion.

The rumors regarding Rey Mysterio Jr. never stop. Once again, he's
rumored to be joining the WWF. I believe his WCW contract is until
June 1999 so don't look for that one to happen. Besides that, it
would be foolish for Rey to put his career in McMahon's hands. The
WWF does not respect Light Heavyweights, and he would probably just be
a jobber to the Heavyweights. Look at poor Taka Michinoku, a great
wrestler who doesn't have a fraction of Rey's talent.

The other rumor places Mysterio in the Wolfpac. This one could
happen. Rey is legit friends with Kevin Nash and Konnan and Nash may
make this happen. This may be the only way to keep Rey in the
spotlight so hopefully it'll happen.

Today is the one year one anniversary of Brian Pillman's death. One
of my favorites, a great aerial wrestler early in his career, and a
great heel later on. His Febuary 1992 PPV match against Jushin Liger
still ranks as one of the best matches I've ever seen.

While this news has been circulating for a few days, I thought I'd
pass it for those of you who haven't heard it yet. It appears Vader
is leaving the WWF. The WWF has been trying to get out of Vader's
guaranteed contract for several months now, which accounts for all his
recent losses. Vader has been granted a limited release from his
contract. He can’t wrestle in WCW and I'm still not sure what
other promotions may be excluded. Can he wrestle in New Japan,
despite their WCW link? If nothing else, ECW does appear to be an
option. If anyone can use Vader correctly, its Paul Heyman.

I've received several letters about this so it seems worth
addressing. Dan Severn is doing fine. The piledriver he received
from Owen Hart was part of the storyline and is not an accident.
Dave Meltzer reports that
Severn was injured slightly, since he was
dropped straight on his head. Still, he's fine.

Owen did an awesome job in portraying his guilt, which is why so many
people thought the angle was real. There are two objectives to the
Owen/Severn story. The first one is to turn Owen babyface (a good
guy). His guilt over injuring
Severn turns him human. Tonight on Raw
he will announce his "retirement", burdened with guilt over injuring
Austin and Severn (what about HBK?). When he returns, look for
him to be a fan favorite, free of the Nation.

Severn's injury also turns him babyface. Sympathy will hopefully lead
to cheers, since his heel (rulebreaker) character never really caught
on. With nemesis Ken Shamrock being turned heel, its a natural turn.
Meltzer thought there was significance to
Severn once again bringing
out the NWA & UFC title belts. Perhaps unification bouts, NWA VRS.
WWF, to create one "real" world champion. Undertaker VRS.


One other issue I've received dozens of letters about: The Jim
Carrey/Jerry Lawler is not a real feud. its a work. Carrey and
Lawler are working together to create publicity for the upcoming Andy
Kaufman movie. The "altercation" many mainstream newspapers have been
reporting about is a setup. They are not enemies, and Lawler's scenes
will remain in the movie. The sad part is how many mainstream,
otherwise respectable newspapers bought the scam.
Darren Kramer is providing our trivia section, and I think its a
great one. Send all answers to: DKramer213 Any answers sent
to any other address will be ignored. Good luck!

ME VIA EMAIL. WINNERS will be posted in next issue. Thanks and GOOD
THIS ISSUE'S FOCUS: Ricky Steamboat Trivia!!!!!
1. Who were Steamboat's partners at SummerSlam '91?
2. Who were their opponents at SummerSlam 91?
3. At what card did Steamboat beat Flair for the NWA World Title?
4. At what WWF PPV did Steamboat bring his infant son to the ring?
5. Who did Steamboat beat for the WWF I-C Title in 1987?
Joe Wrestling Fan
By Mark George (Attkdonkey)
Halloween Havoc is only weeks away and I am on edge as I await the
exciting rematch between Hollywood Hogan and The Warrior, the two most
talented wrestlers in the business. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and
Chris Benoit can't come close to the level of natural wrestling
talents these two men posses.
Hollywood's famous leg drop is the
greatest finishing move in the business, bar none!!!! And the
Warrior, oh boy, where do I start? His skills and loyalty to the
wrestling industry make him the most valuable wrestler today.


Since I am one of the "Warriors" I have joined forces and have vowed to keep my face paint on until Halloween Havoc. I will wear the symbols of The Warrior as he embarks on his finest hour. I will always tune in to
the same Warrior place, same Warrior time and same Warrior channel!!!!

I am O.W.N,
Joe Wrestling Fan 4 Life!!!!!!
Here's the preview for tonight’s Raw, direct from the WWF AOL site.
***Will the Undertaker smell what The Rock is cookin'? This Monday
night, the number-one contender to the World Wrestling Federation
Title will attempt to bury the Man From The Darkside! Last week in
Detroit, The Rock beat his foe in a handicapped match. Can he pull off
the win once more this Monday night one on one?

***Can Ken Shamrock survive one of the most destructive forces the
Federation has ever witnessed? This Monday on the USA Network, the
former UFC fighter will clash with Kane! At Judgment Day on October
18, the Big Red Machine will battle his brother for the Federation
Title. Can Shamrock topple the demonic superstar before the


***After winning the six man four-corners elimination match on RAW IS
WAR, D'Lo Brown of the Nation will attempt to regain his European gold
this Monday night against X-Pac!


***What do you want? What do you need? HEAD! This Monday night on RAW
IS WAR, Al Snow will be in action as he takes on Jeff Jarrett!


***Adult film star Val Venis will lock up with Gangrel! Will "HE" make
another "Shattered Dreams Appearance"? If so, what will Val and Terri
Runnels do about it?


***One-half of the Federation Tag Team Championship duo of the New Age
Outlaws, Road Dog, will battle the "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry!
After Billy Gunn walked out on DX this past Monday, will Road Dog's
head be straight for the contest?


***Pumped with confidence now that Jacqueline is the Federation
Women's Champion, "Marvelous" Marc Mero will battle the Man They Call
Vader on RAW IS WAR!



Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Bjlny
I think that Dustin Runnels bringing back Goldust was the best thing
that ever happened to his career. As Goldust, he took order in and out of the ring and made single people feel that there will be a time for you to find someone, by having Marlena as his wife and his director.
Which brings me to another topic, Val Venis. I have a lot of respect
for the guy, but he messed with Dustin's mind and he should know that
Goldust was the king of psych-out games.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: TastyBear
Thanks for all the great info.  As Paul Wright is concerned the
WWF may kill his image just as it did for Vader.  Vinnie Mac takes the
most feared man (Vader) and makes him almost a job boy for the last
year.  Lets hope he does not do that to Paul.


Also look for my wrestler The BONECRUSHER soon.  In talkes with Power Plant to take him in soon.  See you all soon.....
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Kim Dickson (
I want all those people out there that don't like Raven to take a look
at those guys they do cheer, like Hogan and Flair. They have their
little groups go out and beat people up for them. Hogan has Stevie
Ray or The Giant to do is bidding and you all love him. Raven does
this too. He sits and has his nobody puppets do his work. Did you
ever paid attention to Saturn, Kidman, Riggs or Sickboy. Not until
Raven got them in his little group, and then they got set free. Raven
made them the stars they are now. Without his little group they would still be nobody puppets trying to make in the wrestling business. How's that for thought?
Quote the Raven Nevermore.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Steve "The Godz" Johnson (Godzillaa)
How to put some life back into Vader's career
Here is what I believe should be done to jump-start Vader's career.


On RAW is WAR, when Vince McMahon has made it out of the hospital, he
tells Undertaker and Kane that they better apologize if they know what is good for them. UT's music plays, and the brothers stalk to the ring.
The Undertaker grabs the mic and says "I apologize....I apologize I
didn't kill you when I had the chance" and Kane raises his arms and
makes the turnbuckle fireworks go off, and they turn to leave, when
McMahon grabs the mic and says something along the lines of "Well, you
will be sorry, because tonight, you'll be facing The Rock and
Mankind!" Undertaker and Kane turn around and stare at McMahon for a
while, then leave.

Later in the night, Ken Shamrock makes X-Pac tap out to the Ankle
Lock, and refuses to let go of the hold, until Mankind makes the save.
Mankind clobbers Shamrock with a chair, then waves at X-Pac and walks off.

Main event time. McMahon comes out first, claiming to have an
"insurance policy" for Undertaker, Kane, Austin, Mankind, Rocky, or
anyone else that would think of harming him...and its Ken Shamrock.
With McMahon and Shamrock at ringside, Undertaker and Kane come out.
Then, "Smell what the Rock is cookin'?" is heard, but the Rock's theme
is cut off as Austin's starts, and Austin comes out, flashes McMahon,
Kane, UT, and Shamrock the finger, then sits beside Lawler and JR at
the announce table. Then, The Rock's music starts for real, and he
gets to the ring as Mankind's music starts, Foley comes out, the match

The match goes back and forth, a great match, at one point, Rocky puts
Undertaker on the Spanish announcers table, and Mankind flies off the
apron with an elbow onto the UT. But, any time Mankind or The Rock are
thrown to the outside, the ref is distracted, and Shamrock beats on
them, to tons of booing from the crowd. As Rocky is being pounded by
Shamrock, Mankind makes the save with the Claw on Shamrock, but
McMahon pops him from behind with a chair. Foley turns around, and
slaps the Claw on McMahon, as Kane and Undertaker double-team the
Rock, Shamrock gets up, and nails Mankind with a chair.
Austin, sick
of this, gets up, climbs up on the table, jumps off landing on
Shamrock, and hammers him with right hands.

Mankind gets back into the ring, Double Arm DDT on Kane as Rocky Rock
Bottoms the Undertaker, then nails the People's Elbow, since there is
no ref to count a pin, as the ref is out with
Austin and Shamrock.
Mankind then puts the Claw on the UT, as Rocky nails the Elbow on
Kane. Shamrock, who has DDT'ed Austin on the concrete floor, runs in
with a chair, and nails Mankind, then the Rock, as McMahon throws
Austin into the ring, telling UT, Kane, and Shamrock to "Get him"
Austin is double chokeslammed onto a chair by UT and Kane, then put into the ankle lock by Shamrock, as UT and Kane beat on Mankind and The Rock, to massive booing.

Then, the crowd goes wild as Vader runs down the aisle, enters the
ring, clotheslines Kane over the top rope, kicks UT in the gut,
Powerbombs him, then picks up the chair and nails Ken Shamrock as the
show is going off the air.

This jump starts Vader's career, and gives him popular allies in The
Rock, Mankind, and
Austin, and enemies in Shamrock, Undertaker, and
Steve "The Godz" Johnson

New Dimension Wrestling is gearing up for their big wrestling show
this Saturday night, October the 10th, in Burlington, NC, at the
Burlington National Guard Armory (North Church Street), 8:15p.m.
belltime. In the main event, WCW Star Lodi will tangle with Zep Toad.
Also the winner of the best fan sign contest will win dinner with
Lodi after the wrestling show.

In other matches, the $1,000.00 shootfight challenge will be on as
"The Ragin Bull" Manny Fernandez & The Beaatmaster Rick Link will
tangle with any NC wrestling tag team in a winner take all shoot
fight. Also scheduled to appear include, WWF Tag Team The Hardy Boys
(Matt & Jeff) as they collide with The Rising Sun for the NDW Tag Team
Titles. Also, Rikki Nelson, Thunderfoot, The Dream Warriors, David
Isley, Skull Duggery Steve Garvin, Sergeant Rhodes, Chris Cruise, 7
all-star matches in all, and more.

VIP Golden Circle seats $15.00, general admission, adults
$7.00adv./$8.00 at door, children under 12 $5.00. Tickets are on sale
now at the Diamond P Western Store (336-229-2343) or the day of the
show at the armory.

For more information, call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at
336-882-4921 or on the worldwide web at
Thank you,
Chris Plano
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

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