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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 024

Date:  Tuesday October 6th, 1998  3:00 pm

The status of Shawn Michaels
Although is nothing new to report here, since I have received so many
letters asking about HBK, here's the little I do know. Shawn has a
VERY bad back, which is the main injury that's keeping him out of the
ring. He also has bad knees but that's almost beside the point. He
is planning to return to the ring (probably) at The Royal Rumble in
January.  While that is the date being tossed around it could be later, it could be sooner.

His back injury was worsened at The 1998 Royal Rumble. During Shawn's
casket match against The Undertaker, UT backflipped HBK over the top
rope.  Upon landing, Shawn smashed his back against the casket. I believe this may have been Shawn's last match besides Wrestlemania.

its still unknown if Shawn will be affiliated with DX upon his
return. It all depends upon what point their storyline is at that
point. I figure he won't be, but that's just a guess.

Like most of you I am anxiously awaiting HBK's return. He's always
been one of my favorites and he may (arguably) be one of the more talented workers in the world. There is one thing to keep in mind, though.   Let's hope Shawn only returns if he is really ready to return. I don't want to see Shawn return unless he is physically ready to compete safely. Hopefully, Shawn's fans really want the best for Michael Hickenbottom (Shawn Michaels), whatever path that may lead to.
Apparantly many of you misunderstood the intent of Mark George's "Joe
Wrestling Column". Last night his mailbox was filled with over 40 responses, almost all negative. Below is his reply:

"Joe Wrestling Fan", by Mark George
A LETTER TO OUR READERS...................

Dear Subscribers,
After sifting through all of your thoughtless interpretations of the
past column regarding Hollywood Hogan and The Warrior as the 2 best
wrestlers in the business, I became sickened and disturbed about the
intelligence of our readers. If any of you took the time to actually
read the Booking Sheets past issues involving "Joe Wrestling Fan" you
would understand that the column written was... SARCASM.


"Joe Wrestling Fan" is a fictional character that depicts the ignorance
that many fans(readers) possess. For example: Joe Wrestling Fan
spends $100 for tickets to a wrestling venue when his family sits at
home starving. Joe Wrestling Fan shaves his head and grows a goatee
to resemble Steve Austin, yet shows up to the arena in an Undertaker
T-shirt. Joe Wrestling Fan thinks Eric Bischoff and Elizabeth are
dating backstage. With that said, back away from your keyboards and
grab a dictionary. You know, that big book with lots of words in it.
Then look up the word..... SARCASM. In closing, I must give credit
where credit is due. Only one reader, ONE, understood the column was
sarcastic. Read the following:


From: LuseCannon.
" I read your column about how Hogan and Warrior are so great, it made
me laugh. Good columnist bro, almost had me going for a sec dude."
Swami Speaks, By Tom Kirkbride (
Hello and welcome to my inaugural enrollment of Swami Speaks. I am the
Swami. This column is proudly brought to you by Championship Hardcore
Extreme Wrestling. The best damn e-fed out there. To join just
simply e-mail me at <>. I will supply you with the rest of the sign up info. Now to the column:

Swami Speaks......

..........about the LWO; Latino World Order, the newest fed in WCW.
What a cheap ripoff of the nWo. Eddie Guerrerois cool and everything
but Hector Garza? Come on! Damian?  Even worse! But Eazy E finally
continued Eddie 's new angle. For awhile there I thought Eddie was
really in
Japan. Now that he is back, good for him.

..........about Scott Hall; He is in a very good angle as of late.
His drunkenness in real life now floods the wrestling world. This
will, as stated before, set up a Bar Room Brawl against Kevin Nash.
And eventually Hall is going to back to Wolfpack because nWo did
nothing to help him but the Wolfpack will.

..........about Bret Hart; I am confused by him. First he turns on
WCW, then he turns on nWo, then he turns on Sting, now he is supposed
to be back in the Black and White? That’s what Schiavone said. He and
Sting did a great job in their brawl. And at Halloween Havoc, we will
see them battle for the US Heavyweight Championship.

...........about Mike Tenay; He needs to take some Gas-X because
those farts were disgusting.

...........about Saturn; He is a great wrestler. I hope they push
him to maybe a TV title or the
US title even. He has great skills in the ring.  Maybe a little polishing on the mic skills would help but he doesn’t need to do much talking. The Death Valley Driver is an awesome move.  The entire crowd loves it. And another finishing move just as cool is the Meltdown.

...........about Wrath; An up and coming superstar. After being out
for awhile he is back with a vengeance. His new finishing maneuver,
the Meltdown, is a crowd pleaser. Using his raw power to hoist them
up and slam them like a brick. He needs to get in an angle soon.
Maybe even against Giant or Nash.

..........Juventud Guerrera; I hate him. He never should have beaten

..........Kidman; He is very talented in the ring. He definitely
deserves the Cruiserweight Belt. He worked a great match with

..........Monday Nitro; Overall great show. One of the best I have
seen. I loved seeing Hart and Sting brawl. And Scott Hall laying in
the toilet. Just only if Goldberg wasn't the champ.

..........about next weeks column; Look for more of Swami Speaks and
maybe a little inside info.
WWF Raw Report,
October 5th, 1998
By Steve Appy


D-Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) pinned X-Pac (w/Chyna) to win his second WWF
European Championship after Mark Henry's interference.
D-Lo's a good solid worker and X-Pac is one of the best in the WWF.
X-Pac performed the dreaded Bronco Buster on D-Lo; I hate that move.
Henry slammed X-Pac into the outside ringpost, which enabled Brown to
take the huge advantage. D-Lo took the pinfall after a frog splash
off the top rope. its really cool to see how enthusiastic D-Lo is
about holding the championship. A look of pure joy covered his face,
in marked contrast to most title changes. Chyna stepped into the ring
and looked at Henry with a look of murder in her eyes.

Vince McMahon was shown in his hospital bed berating a hospital
worker. The Oddities were shown playing a touch football game.
Pathetic. This angle is awful, with some of the more untalented
wrestlers in the promotion linked together.

The Headbangers challenged The Insane Clown Posse to an impromptu
match. The Oddities tried to accept the challenge but The Headbangers insisted that they wanted the ICP. The ICP accepted and The Headbangers beat the hell out of the ICP. Eventually The Oddities made the save and carried the injured ICP to the back. I'm not a huge fan of any of the groups involved.

So far, the main storyline of the show has been highlights of
McMahon's destruction from last week's Raw. McMahon is being told he
has a visitor and McMahon loudly proclaims that he will only accept
visitors from his immediate family. In walks Mankind, bearing
balloons and candy. When Foley tells McMahon he brought a guest with
him, McMahon's heart rate began beeping through the roof, he was so
sure Foley brought Stone Cold. Nice touch. When Foley insisted he
brought some FEMALE entertainment, the beeping relaxed. Foley ushered
in a clown who performed tricks for Vince.  Mankind then unveiled his
hand puppet, "Mr. Socko", who gave McMahon's injured leg a kiss. McMahon blew up and threw both of them out. Mick Foley really is awesome.

A commercial aired featuring Sable on Sunday nights Pacific Blue in
which Sable appears to portray a tough prison bully/lesbian (?).
Definitely a departure from her WWF character.

Sable joined Ross & Lawler on commentary. As usual, she got a great
reaction walking to the ring.

Marc Mero (w/ WWF Women's Champion Jaqueline) pinned Vader
Sable challenged Jaqueline to a title shot for the Women's Title.
Mero used Jaqueline as a roadblock to avoid Vader's offense. Is this
one of Vader's last WWF bouts? I hope so. He needs to get away
before even more damage is done to his career. After Jacqueline's
interference Mero hit a low blow on Vader. Mero then hit the
Shooting Star Press to score the victory.

Jacqueline challenged Sable to a brawl and she entered the ring.
After Mero claimed Sable was really upset because she was never able
to satisfy him, she responded with a slap. Jaqueline responded by
kicking Sable's ass from behind.  In a new twist, Jaqueline then cut some of Sable's hair (though not much). I imagine this will lead to a hair VRS. hair match.

Owen Hart announces his "retirement"
The Edge/Owen Hart match never began. Owen came to the ring in his
street clothes. He apologized for "hurting"
Severn, and walked away
from the ring with tears in his eyes. He left the arena telling
Michael Cole "that its over". I don't know how long Owen will be out
of action except he will apparently be a fan favorite when he returns.

Ken Shamrock pinned Kane
Kane took over the early offense; its interesting to see a match
where Shamrock doesn't play the monster. The Undertaker came to
ringside and watched the action.


Shamrock performed a great Hurricarana on Kane.  Undertaker stood on
the apron and Shamrock threw a punch at UT.  UT ducked and grabbed
the top rope for leverage, which caused Kane to straddle himself on
the top rope; it looked unintentional on the Undertaker's part.
Shamrock then pinned Kane after a slam off the top rope. A big
victory for Shamrock.

Terri Runnells (Marlena) was shown with a content look on her face
and Val Venis then stuck his head up, telling her he found her wedding
ring.  "The Kitty Cat was playing with it".  I hate the idea of kid's watching this; many though, won't understand everything being inferred. At the end, Lawler was yelling, "Val, you're my hero". Is Venus a babyface or heel right now? I'm not sure anymore.

Val Venis (w/Terri Runnells) defeated Gangrel (w/Christian) by countout
Terri escorted Venis to ringside wearing a very short skirt with a
slit near the middle.  Venis claimed to have the "Real Magic Johnson". While touting the young talent in the ring Jim Ross made the comment "No 45 year old dueling microphones here".  Come on JR, Gangrel isn't really a poster child to brag about either.  The match ended when Edge came to ringside and confronted his "younger brother" Christian (Edge's old tag team partner Christian Cage) and Gangrel and Christian pounded Edge outside the ring.

Venis and Terri celebrated after the match; Venis did his Rick Rude
imitation and Terri made her body available to him.  They were interrupted by Goldust's old movie usher, who handed Venis a gold
envelope.  The Goldust music then played and Goldust challenged Val
to join him next week on Raw for his world premiere.  Both Terri and
Venus had fearful looks on their faces.

Al Snow defeated Jeff Jarrett by disqualification
Sgt. Slaughter was at ringside. Decent match; both Snow and Jarrett
are solid, if unspectacular workers. Snow was on the top rope and Slaughter shook the ropes, causing Snow to crotch himself.  The referee promptly disqualified Jarrett for Slaughter's interference.

Road Dog Jesse James (w/Chyna) pinned Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown)
James brought a female mannequin to ringside and dubbed it
Billy Gunn, "Mrs. Bad Ass".  Road Dog is howling anger towards Gunn as
well.  The court order from last week was revealed. Mark Henry is
suing Chyna for sexual harassment. A pretty serious issue to make fun


Lawler was making fun of Owen Hart, asking if Owen thought he was
another "Canadian Hero".  While Bret Hart may take himself too
seriously he still has far more integrity than almost the entire WWF
front office (including Lawler).  The match ended when X-Pac stormed
the ring and kicked Henry in the balls, leading to James scoring the
win. Let's see where the sexual harassment suit goes.

McMahon was once again shown in his hospital bed bitching at the
Austin snuck into the room dressed in Surgeon's scrubs.  He
pounded on Vince and then began hammering his injured leg. In a
funny bit,
Austin hit Vince across the head with a METAL BEDPAN!. He
then shocked Vince with electrical revivers.
Austin then administered
an enema to Vince. Funny, funny stuff, and as usual
Austin was great.
Vince looked legit freaked out. Bravo!

The Undertaker pinned Rocky Maivia
D-Lo and Mark Henry joined The Rock at ringside but they retreated to
the dressing room when Kane walked to ringside. Jim Ross is giving
The Rock a huge push in commentary. Good back and forth match up. Clean, with no outside interference most of the way. Finally, the referee gets knocked out.  The Rock tosses UT into the ropes and Kane nails UT with a chair.


Rocky then hits The Rock Bottom as a chair is being slid into the
ring. Of course, there is no ref to count the fall. Kane proceeds to
leave ringside, secure in the knowledge that he feels he caused his
brother to lose. As the Rock tries to revive the ref, The Undertaker
sneaks up from behind and
Tombstone piledrives The Rock onto a steel
1-2-3, and The Undertaker has won!

Notes: A weak show. The Austin/McMahon segment was great; there
wasn't much else that was all that terrific. In a change Nitro
actually put on a better show. The angles didn't do anything to
convince me to buy Judgment Day.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: TeskoSiuci
Unfortunately I missed most of Nitro including the Psychosis/Kidman
match.  Did he become the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight belt by
jobbing to scrubs for the last month?? As far as saying Vinnie Mac
doesn't respect lightweights: does Eric Bischoff respect the Luchas??


I do have an angle to help out a select few but it was already ruined,  but it could be fixed and no one would probably notice. Eddie and his LWO should have recruited Psychosis instead of Garza and Damien (neither
one of them is a great worker and they don't get any reaction from the
crowd). A team of Eddie with his mic work (a little less whining) and
Psychosis's great ring work and spots would be just the thing to improve both of their careers. Then the returning La Parka could join as well
to add some comedy, with possible additions of Chavo & Juvi to create
a solid unit of wrestlers and entertainment.


On a side note, the Dancin' Fools should fluke the tag belts from the NWO setting up a feud between Alex & Disco vs. Eddie & Psychosis for the belts. Psychosis should also go on a singles win streak beating the other Luchas and good guy types using some tables and Guillotine Legdrops on chairs to draw heat, leading up to him gaining the Cruiser belt.


*NOTE*- this whole angle is merely a plan to push my favorite wrestler.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Dancol10
I'm glad to see ya back!! Alright...On the first Hell in a Cell match
at Bad Blood the HBK vs. UT fight was not only one of the best fights
but the commentary was wonderful! I haven't seen 3 people bounce off
of each other since at least the 80's and who would have thought the
people I say that about would be JR, King, and Vinny Mac.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: SMFPrince1
I see some favoritism toward nWo black and white; more specifically,
Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell and Scott Hall.

Scott Hall was arrested on October 2 and was released on bail the next
day. He is a known drug addict and now he is an alcoholic. He lost
his wife and kids due to his addiction. I agree with the announcers
that he was a great talent and now he is letting his addictions
interfere. Poor Scott Hall? Not in the least, he is letting his
problems get the best of him. He needs to get help psychologically
and emotionally. He is not as great as he used to be.

Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell, they are a bunch of whiners.
Always trying to get out of a match with Rick Steiner. I think Rick
has the brains and Scott only has the brawn. I applaud Rick for
putting up for as long as he has.
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