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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 025

Date:  Wednesday October 7th, 1998  12:14 pm

Here are the ratings from Monday's head to head battle. Raw took a
narrow victory, which is ironic because for once, Nitro was actually
the better show. Here they are:
October 5th, 1998
4.55 Composite Rating
4.5 First Hour
4.6 Second Hour

4.53 Composite Rating
4.8 First Hour
4.3 Second Hour
4.5 Third Hour
[Credit for ratings:]

Lots of rumors that Rocky Maivia has signed a two year contract
extension with the WWF and supposedly his contract places him at the
upper echelon (Undertaker/Shawn Michaels level, just short of Stone
Cold). I still consider this a rumor until its confirmed by a source
I trust.

Rick Rude had his cancer removed Tuesday, and is reportably just a
cyst, according to Gatts316. He reports that Rude is doing
fine. I don't know too much about this development yet, but hopefully
the one thing that it does signal is that a happy ending is just
around the corner.
Here's the official press release regarding Vader, straight off the
WWF web site.
By Lou Gianfriddo

WWF.COM has just received word that "the man they call Vader," the
450-pound mastodon has asked for his release from the World Wrestling
Federation. Vader, who recently competed against Bradshaw at
Breakdown: In Your House late last month, will remain active in the
Federation until the end of October, possibly November.

Many reasons have been cited for Vader’s departure. Some fans felt he
couldn’t compete with the faster and able-bodied superstars that are
currently dominating Federation rings. Others feel it has to do with
the big man’s health. Whatever the reason, Vader has determined that
he will no longer compete in the World Wrestling Federation.

Vader was a central force in the Federation since he stormed into
battle in late 1995. He competed against some of the best athletes in
the Federation, and will forever be remembered, by fans and foes
alike, for his potent Vader Bomb splash from the second turnbuckle. In
his early years, Vader was also a standout on the gridiron. He was an
instrumental player for the Los Angeles Rams defensive squad, and once
he broke into wrestling, was one of the most impressive athletes ever
to compete in

The vigorous road schedule, which is expected from all Federation
superstars, may have taken a toll on Vader. After all, competing on a
nightly basis against the premier superstars in the world is enough to
wear down the heartiest of men. Unfortunately, that may have been the
case with Vader. While he can knock heads with the best of them in a
five to eight minute fray, he couldn’t – because of a lack of stamina
and conditioning – compete in that manner for any extended period.
Still, he is a tough man and will always be capable of bashing
someone’s brains into the canvas whenever the situation calls for it.

In any event, Vader believes, as do Federation officials, that it is
in his best interests to move onward. Whether or not he competes again
is a question of debate. However, all of us at WWF.COM and at
TitanSports Inc., wish Vader the best of luck in any endeavor he
chooses. Check back for more on Vader here on WWF.COM in the upcoming
Here's Diamond Dallas Page's most recent message to his fan club:

from Diamond Dallas Page
10 / 6 / 98
Title: Coast to Coast
Yo Cutters, what's up?
We'll start off in
New York City where Nash, Luger, Sting, Goldberg,
Hollywood "Scum" Hogan and I walked the floor of the New York
Stock Exchange. Flew up there early Wednesday night for the
festivities on Thursday. The brokers went pretty crazy. You could tell
a lot of them watch what we're doing. There were cameras from all the
major news stations as we walked across the floor signing autographs.
We pretty much disrupted the entire New York Stock Exchange during
business hours.

From there, we went to sign autographs. It was arranged to kick off
our new line of credit cards. Each one has a picture of each of us on
our own along with a Nitro Girls, WCW, nWo white and black and nWo red
and black versions. So if you want your Diamond Cutter credit card,
call 1-800-WCW-CARD. Who ever thought that a group of professional
wrestlers would make it onto the floor of Wall Street?

Left for
Atlanta at seven o'clock that night, which got delayed until
nine. Got home just after twelve, unpacked, repacked, and the next
morning Kim and I headed to
L.A. for Jason and Shannon Hervey's
wedding. You will probably remember Jason as the older brother on the
Wonder Years and his appearances at many WCW events. Friday, we went
to Gold's Gym where I saw my buddy, Rich Mincer, got a workout and
headed back to our favorite hotel in
Hollywood. Rich also showed us
some on the new Gold's Gym clothing and stuff. It was something else,
and I just had to get some to take home with me.

The next day, I hopped on my Harley and took a ride up the
Coast highway with Jason's partner and good buddy, David Salzberg.

Riding up that coast is beautiful. One thing I forgot to do was get my
tuxedo, but to hear that story, you have to be a member of the Union
Of The Diamond Cutters, where you get the special email. Very funny
story. (* RichInKC reminder - If you are not part of the UDC email
list, sign up at: *) We went to the
wedding that night, and it was beautiful. A lot of
Hollywood people,
and everybody was pretty  much a real person, which sort of surprised me. I think it comes down to "real people hang with real people."

The next morning, Sunday, Kim and I went to breakfast at our favorite
breakfast restaurant on the planet, Hugos in
Hollywood where I met
Denzel Washington. If you want to hear what we talked about, once
again_you gotta be a member. Got home Sunday night around
, unpacked-repacked, and left Monday forColumbia, South
. This week, along with Columbia, I hope to be at Huntsville,
Alabama and Indianapolis, Indiana for Thunder. Friday, I'm at the
JCPenney in
Forsythe, Illinois for autographs. I say "hope to be",
because I have what I thought was a staph infection in my arm which
spread to my other arm, and then to my back. Turns out it wasn't an infection, it was poison ivy. I love the outdoors, but it has been awhile since I went out into nature, so I don't know how I got it. The poison ivy is why my arms were so heavily taped on Nitro tonight.


Maybe we will see Raven, Kanyon, and Lodi scratching like Kidman used to pretty soon.


As usual, its been your pleasure-
The Master Of The Diamond Cutter
Diamond Dallas Page


So, have you ever thought you could be a Nitro Girl? Do you have a
dance background? If so, send a professional head shot and resume to us at:
Front Page Performances, Web
P.O. Box 813236
Smyrna, Georgia 30081
This is a full time salaried position and you must be able to travel.
Look forward to hearing from you. - Kimberly
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Roberag
Subject:Is Stone Cold frightened of the English?
Glad to see you're back online!  Thanks for the updates on Raw & Heat (we do not get heat in the
UK at present).

I must say (I hope you agree) that Raw has been really poor since
Summerslam.  With the exception of the odd good bout the direction of Raw has been weak.  Does this mean that the emphasis has been switched to Heat (and in that vein allowing Shane to take over the running of the WWF - think about it)?

I really wish that Stone Cold was either WWF Champ or challenger at
Capital Carnage. Neither seems likely owing to the current direction
Vince is taking Stone Cold (the next time I could see him with gold is
Tag Team with Billy Gunn).  I think this is a shame as once again us
British Wrestling fans will miss out on seeing The Rattlesnake. He
has not yet ventured to the UK (as far as I can remember), why is

One final thought - who will be the first woman to get her t*ts out or
go fully nude on a PPV and when? This also seems to be something
brewing with Chyna also getting in on the act of the female fans,
Sable, Jacqueline & Luna (not forgetting Terri is now back). I won't
dwell on this though as I have mentioned it several times before.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Fyrcraker9
A possible idea for HBK's return
HBK comes out on Raw to do commentary. Throughout the broadcast Ross
and Lawler make references to the fact that he "was" one the greats.
Shawn brushes these remarks off. Later in the card Val Venis comes
out for a match. Val stops at ringside and tells HBK that he was his
favorite wrestler and that next week he would have a surprise for
Shawn. Lawler says something about how the female fans seem to like
Venis in the same way they used to cheer for Shawn. Shawn gets angry
and tells Lawler that if he says one more thing like that he will
"kick his teeth down his throat".

Next week on Raw Ross says that Val is about to unveil his tribute to
HBK.  Val comes out to Shawn Michaels "boy toy" music with something
in his hand. The thing in Val's hand is HBK's Playgirl issue, which
he holds up to the camera. Val says "Right now I'm the sexiest guy in
the WWF. But I have to pay tribute to the guy who blazed the trail. Shawn this is dedicated to you."


Val shows one of his "porno" movies starring two girls, one of whom he apparently has neglected. Val grins for the camera and says "now that’s why I'm the new Heartbreak Kid" (for added effect maybe the scorned woman could be Shawn's old manager Sherri Martel or maybe even Chyna).  Val could say she wasn't good enough for him (not many wrestling fans seem to find Sherri all that attractive, though).


This is too much for HBK to take, who runs in the ring and beats on
Val. Val takes the beating but eventually rolls out of the ring and
escapes. HBK grabs the mic and says he thought Val's movie was good
but "underexposed", then he says "second of all, I want to do a little
survey, ladies, Will it be Val? Or good ole HBK?".  Naturally the crowd
goes nuts for Shawn.

Shawn then tells Val that next week he won't be on Raw to talk, he
will be on Raw to fight - if Val thinks he could "measure up" to HBK
and the millions of clique followers.

This angle would give Shawn, a low impact feud to bring him back and
propel Val to at least I-C status.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: SINISTER13
Isn't it funny that for Nitro to put on a good show they had to steal
two angles that the WWF did before them? First of all, besides the
obvious fact that even though Hall may be an actual drunk the fans see
it as a ripoff of the Hawk thing.  Nash then shoves Hall's face in a toilet and flushes it. I seem to remember Steve Austin doing the same thing to Brian Pillman at a WWF PPV about a year and a half ago, except we actually saw Pillman's head go into the toilet. And what about the car angle?  At least WCW should have taken something that was used before the time span of a month. How can you say the Sting/Hart brawl was good? The table break was horrendous and Bret was using a padded
chair to try to “do damage” to Sting.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Cwbaka
I would love for the old HBK Undertaker feud to start up again when
HBK comes back. I haven't really seen anything for the WWF to pursue a feud between HBK and Triple H since they never really had one. But that casket match with the Undertaker was awesome, those two perform well together. I like HBK and think he is one of the best wrestlers in wrestling today and would kind of like to see him kick the c**p out of the Undertaker just because the UT beats on virtually everyone except SCSA, especially when it comes to cage matches and other odd things like inferno matches. Those seem to be the UT things and I want to see someone beat him there. I am sick of seeing Mankind get the living hell beat out of him, although it can provide some great entertainment.
Thanks for reading (Cwbaka)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Hammerly99
Here's my take on the whole LWO/Rey Mysterio Jr. thing (yes they do
have a connection): Over the next month or so, Eddie Guerreroslowly but
surely builds up his stable with additions such as Psychosis and
possibly Juvy. Eddie 's next angle comes when Chavo campaigns to join
the LWO and make up with his uncle. Eventually Eddie agrees. Finally
Konnan joins the LWO (arriba la raza). As a replacement for Konnan,
the Wolfpac recruits and gets Rey as its newest member. I think this
would be interesting twist on the same old plot, especially the
Eddie /Chavo bit.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ABRUINS
New Flock Member?
Hey, the next Flock member will be Rick Fuller. He signed a $1,000 a
match contract with WCW and moved from Fall River Mass., to Georgia.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Ryan S. Oaks (
Lethal Injection
by: Ryan Oaks

Hey, I just want to get some things off of my chest about WCW. In my
opinion they are destroying the image of wrestling. First, the NWO
was kind of exciting at first but when you do the same crap week after
week for over 2 years it is bound to get old. If you really think
about it, it really only took a few weeks to get old. Now they have
killed it.


So they decided to bring Warrior in. I thought this was the best thing they could do, until they made him Batman. Give me a break, are you trying to tell me that Eric Bischoff couldn’t see the Warrior but the rest of the world could?  What is this, some kind of super hero cartoon?  I have a lot of respect for the Warrior and this man is getting the worst end of the deal in WCW.  Sure, he has a big
contract, but I wouldn’t play Batman for all the money Uncle TEddie had
to offer. They will of course job the Warrior into not resigning and
hopefully Warrior will go back to WWF and make his career what it was
before they decided to make him Batman.

On another subject, there are those women that come out on Nitro and
dance to keep the attention of the crowd during there 10 minute
commentary segments. Would someone please tell me when wrestling
decided that cheerleaders belonged in the sport? Wrestling doesn't
need cheerleaders if it is good wrestling. Which tells you right
there that WCW stands for we can't wrestle. That being of course
because WCW won't let the guys work to their full capability.


Don’t get me wrong, WCW has a lot of talent, but they just don't use it.  Anyway, having these women come out each week is a huge disgrace to wrestling and it is insulting to me that they think that their lack of ability will be covered up by dragging the fans attention to the Nitro Girls.


Yes, I think that they are very attractive, but the main point is that they have no place in wrestling. I could understand it if they were there and they managed or had some kind of angle like Sable does but they don't, and therefore they don't belong in wrestling.

Now onto the third and final subject of today’s column, Goldberg. This
man walks into WCW and for no reason that I can find they make him an
overnight superstar and then WCW World Champ. This tells me that WCW
doesn’t care about wrestling or WCW’s real talented superstars.
Goldberg is in WCW for a short time and they make him the champion after less than a year. On the other hand you have Chris Benoit, who has been in WCW for a few years now and he hasn't even gotten a smaller
rank title, and I would be willing to bet that in a real wrestling
match, Chris Benoit would give Goldberg a concussion. Main point is that Goldberg sucks and I think WCW is the worst promotion in the world because they can't book for s**t!

I am of course expecting hate mail from all of you people that think
that the nWo is cool, or those of you that think The Nitro Girls make wrestling even better, and then those of you that actually like Goldberg. That’s fine, I welcome all of your comments and send
them any time.  You will not offend me, I have heard it all.

Also I would like to say that anyone that wrote about the Joe Wrestling Fan column, pay more attention. I just want him to know that I understood his column just the way it was meant to be taken, and for those of you that still don’t get it, its a joke!
Thank you,
Ryan S. Oaks
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