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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 027

Date:  Friday October 9th, 1998  11:26 am

Below are some news reports direct from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling
Observer. Subscription information for the Observer can be
found later in the newsletter, I suggest you order it.

Straight from the Observer.....
Vader's release from the WWF allows him to work anywhere in the world
besides WCW, which means he can work in New Japan. Meltzer speculates
that Eric Bischoff may try to exert pressure on NJ to not hire Vader
since he has legit beefs with him. If nothing else, I think All
would love to snap Vader up. With Steve William's departure and Stan
Hansen's age they are without a commanding foreign presence (Johnny
Ace doesn't cut it). ECW also has some interest in Vader as well.
ECW and The NWA sat down for some negotiations about working together.
NWA President Howard Brody offered Shane Douglas an NWA World Title
victory over Dan Severn on an ECW pay per view, as long as
dropped the strap back three months later, although this match
wouldn't have to be on PPV.

Heyman's idea was for the NWA to strip
Severn of the NWA title because
of his injury and for Brody to present Taz with the NWA World
CHampionship, replacing Taz's FTW belt. In this scenario, Taz would
Douglas in March in a title VRS. title showdown. Brody turned
down that idea. I don't personally see these negotiations going
anywhere. The NWA doesn't have much to offer ECW so any concessions
the NWA makes will be to their disadvantage. Besides that, Paul
Heyman and Dennis Coraluzzo sincerely dislike each other.
The Jackyl's wrestling column in The Winnepeg Sun presented an old
story involving Andre the Giant and Bad News Brown, when Brown backed
Andre down in
Japan. According to the story, Allen, who won a bronze
medal in the 1976 Olympics in Judo and was no doubt one of the
toughest men on the wrestling scene, was sleeping in the tour bus when he sort of heard Andre tell a racist joke.


Allen woke up and told Andre to keep his racist remarks to himself. Andre told Allen to take a flying leap. Allen took off his earrings, and according to the story, Hulk Hogan, on the same bus, dove under his seat figuring that nobody would challenge Andre to a fight without a weapon. Allen told the driver to stop the bus and challenged Andre to go outside, which Andre didn't.


He challenged Andre to another fight the next morning in the hotel
lobby and Andre simply apologized for his remarks and promised not to
tell any more racist jokes in front of Allen.
Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch (Sunny), Rob Van Dam and Justin Credible
all recently signed five year contracts with ECW.
In the biggest and best news of them all, Meltzer reports that the
cyst removed on Rick Rude's testicle was determined NOT to be
cancerous. Rude spent eight or nine days in the hospital but he will
apparently be fine.
Barry Windham was backstage at the 10/5 Nitro in
Columbia. I was
under the impression that
Windham was still under WWF contract so I'm
not sure what you should read in to this.
The return date for Triple H is still up in the air. The
WWF is hopeful he will return by Survivor Series but if the surgery
didn't take, he may not return to the ring until Spring.
Playboy is preparing a wrestling article along with a photo spread of
Sable. To answer your next question, I have NO idea if she will be
nude in this spread. NO idea at all. I'll fill you all in when I
find out myself.
The hopes are for Shawn Michaels to wrestle at the Royal Rumble, if
not maybe even in December, to have time to shoot and put together a
major angle involving him for Wrestlemania.

All this news was reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer and subscription info can be found later in this issue.
At the bottom of the newsletter are the results for next week's
Thunder, which was taped last night. Skip the bottom section if you
do not want to read it.
ECW Television Report form
October 2nd, 1998

by Thomas A Misnik "Mr ECW"
E-Mail Thomas to subscribe to ECW News, a free newsletter devoted to

This week’s ECW show starts off with a return to the CNN- like format
with headlines underneath as we have the match in which Mike Awesome
injures himself, but first showing how incredibly Awesome he has been
in his matches vs. Tanaka. Awesome was wrestling with an injured ankle
and then went out of the ring and messed up his ACL. Then it was to
the FBI match in which it was a progressive vendetta match…

This was similar to a War Games without the cage, it starts off as
its Tracy Smothers vs Tommy Rogers. Soon after Little Guido joins the
mix and then the odds even up as Chris Chetti is next into this match
up- Chetti goes for a pin, but Guido breaks it up. Next in is hte big
Don, Tommy Rich and then its the original Full Bloodied Italian, JT
Smith in to the strains of Fly me to the moon. JT in cleaning house
of the alleged FBI- then Big Sal E Graziano hits the ring and gets
thrown into the FBI and JT Smith gets the win in this match up as we
play out this segment in which some of JT’s “clutziness” to ‘Fly Me
to the Moon’.

Some of the battles between Taz and Sabu have been legendary and we
have Bill Alfonso, who is about to offer something to Taz to make him,
Sabu and RVD a “new Triple Threat”- Bill had a new special FTW title
belt make for Taz- Taz thinks that Fonzie wants money, but no, what
Fonzie wants the new Triple Threat. Taz doesnt want to shake Fonsie
or RVD’s hand, he wants to shake Sabu’s. Sabu extends his hand, then
Taz walks by him, but then we remember that is how the union of RVD
and Sabu started. Tonight, its a triple threat match in which its
Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow taking on Sabu, Rob
Van Dam and a mystery partner-- will it be Taz?

Back to the ECW Arena and Justin Credible with entourage make their
way to the ring, a match is scheduled between Dreamer and Justin.
Well it seems that Dreamer may not be able to make it after what
happened to him last week on ECW TV as he was brutalized at the hands
of Credible, Rod Price and Jack Victory.

Tommy Dreamer refused to leave the building and go to the hospital to
seek medical attention. He will in fact be in the ring to take on
Justin Credible. Tommy makes it to the ring and he looks a mess- blood
still all over him and he wants to have an old fashioned Philly street
fight- but he brings out reinforcements-- New Jack and Kronus with the
trash can and its all over the place - very tough to call what is
going on- just that people and weapons are flying all over the place.
Dreamer had no choice but to call in the reinforcements in this one,
but it was his way to even the odds as Victory and Price were brought
out by Credible. Then as Chastity kicks Dreamer, then as Kronos about
to apply some discipline- Nicole Bass gets involved, Kronos kisses
Nicole and then applies a shot downstairs.  New Jack gets the pin in
this one and wins it for Dreamer after Rod Price gets the guitar shot
to the head.

After the match Bill Wiles is cleaning up the ring while we’re waiting for that to get done- Joey lets us know about ECW’s Musical CD coming out October 27th. One of the stars on that CD is Rob Zombie-- last week we enjoyed the video from Rob’s song “Dragula” interpersed with ECW footage-- so while Wild Bill Wiles cleans up the ring- we get to enjoy that video once again.

Back to the ring and Bill WIles having his problems, this time the
broom breaks- then the fans chant “asshole” and then he gets the mic
and berates the crowd with an expletive deleted tirade. We then hear
Frankenstein and Joey wonders who dusted that album off, but its 911
who is out to chokeslam Bill- after that Jeff Jones out and is called
911 a triple threat onto himself- Jeff issues a challenge to anyone
who thinks they are bad enough to take on that giant- well Spike Dudley is professional wrestling’s true giant killer and he’s going to take on 911- Spike gets the win after the acid drop.

Last time in ECW- Lance Storm had the mike and made some interesting
introductions as he introduced Tammy Lynn Bytch as “no silicone needed” and then himself as being all natural and from the wrestling capital
of the world, Calgary. Chris Candido was announced as being performance enhanced and as being 4 foot 2 and that Sunny is ECW’s newest piece of ass.

Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido in the ring now, the
first in ring reunion in action of the Triple Threat and Shane seems
to feel that there is no way that Taz will be out with Sabu and Van
Dam. Well, Sabu and Van Dam are out along with Bill Alfonso- there’s
alot of championship belts in that ring-- well who is to be that
third? Well, its Masato Tanaka who joins them- last time Bigelow lost
to Tanaka with the help of Rob Van Dam.

RVD and Douglas start things off and soon they are both out of the
ring- then back in the ring, Candido causes RVD to miss his high
flying maneever, but Sabu is flying out into the third row. We then
have Bigelow and Tanaka and soon all men in the ring, then the Dudley
Boyz hit the ring and then all go after Tanaka.  The 3D is delivered on
Tanaka- then we have all kinds of officials out to help Tanaka and to
try to maintain some order.


Mikey Whipwreck and Jerry Lynn try to maintain order- but then get powerbombed as does Meanie and Nova, then Chetti tries his luck as does Tommy Rogers, then Balls Mahoney, then JT Smith-- all get cleaned out by the Dudleys and the Triple Threat.  Then finally, as the mood is about to change, the FTW champ hits the ring, Taz and he cleans out the Dudleys, especially with a belly to belly to Shane and then we have Taz in the ring with Van Dam and Sabu.

This triple threat has headed back to the locker room the “real”
Triple Threat- Taz shakes Bill Alfonso’s hand, high fives RVD and then
Taz poses with them both- then we see Taz and Sabu high five and them
embrace and we have ourselves a new Triple Threat of Sabu, Taz and Rob
Van Dam.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Robb0879
Sorry to say but myself and lots of others I know are sick to death of
Austin and the same tired storylines over and over and over again.
Come on, are we expected to be taken in by the same crap week in,week


Lets have some new storylines involving the unsung heroes of the WWF.
Triple H should be a contender for the title as he is a firm fan favorite but I think he would be best used as a heel breaking away from DX and he and Chyna going solo. However I think its time for a new champ and its not Austin, Taker or Kane its THE ROCK. Great athlete and a great mike worker. Lets have some new contenders for his crown.


Triple H I have said already but Ken Shamrock in his new bad guy role sounds like a good opponent for The People’s Champ.  All the matches they have had before were great. Vader has had the worst of the WWF for the past 6 months now, no wonder he wants to leave after all they have made him
job to some of the worst in the game like Mark Henry. Used correctly
Vader was the best bad guy in the game.


AL SNOW IS UNUSUAL but he would be greatly used as a contender against the Rock or a replacement IC champ after Triple H goes heel. BOTTOM LINE WWF: GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SO THAT I FIND MYSELF NOT TURNING NITRO OVER WHEN RAW STARTS ANYMORE.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: DudeLuvOWW
I would like to quickly respond to what you said about Ed Leslie not
giving anything to the business. He sure as hell does!! He gives us
stuff about WCW to criticize, and if you try really hard, you could
write a whole book on how horrible the Disciple truly is. Hogan,
Randy Savage, Warrior, etc. may be old, but at least they can put on a
good show here and there, and everyone loves to hate Hogan. He
fulfills that role exceptionally well if even the "smart" fans on the
'net hate him. Disciple... well, he's nothing special. He would best
be served retaining his past status simply as Hogan's background
bodyguard, or just going away.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: R. Whicker (Regweiser)
You know, most of the time on Monday Nights I tune in at 8 o clock and
watch hour 1 of Nitro...and thinking about all the talent WCW has, why
in the hell do they have all these jobbers fighting for 1 hour
straight? I mean, would people rather see Evan Kourageous v. Cyclope,
or a good WCW midcard match like Wrath v. Bryan Adams. I think most
would rather see about 4 good midcard matches on the 1st hour rather
than 16 unknowns making their debuts.

And, this tells me nothing but while WCW tried to show up the WWF by
making their show 3 hours long, it didn’t hurt RAW, it only hurt WCW
Face it, the bookers do not have enough upstairs to properly book the
first hour, or anything else in WCW for that matter.

The WCW Bookers cannot come up with a good gimmick and when they do, the guy is called "Wrath" a.k.a. "Adam Bomb".  Now, WCW all of a sudden
gives Wrath a push and his finisher is called the "Meltdown", and when he wrestles the genius Mike Tenay always says "Look at this sub-ATOMIC,
human being".


They steal ideas left and right, I'm not even going to touch on the Scott Hall crap. Also, they have a bald man waltz into the league wearing solid black, that has 3 moves on a good night, and he takes the world title?  Either WCW sees some kind of talent in this bald moron called Goldberg, but I think if anyone deserves a world title in WCW is would be a hard worker like Chris Benoit, Booker T, or Chris Jericho.  The WCW bookers only go with what's popular short term, not what’s right.

In conclusion, WCW shouldn’t even be televised because I think it is
total trash with a few exceptions (Bret Hart, Jericho, Benoit, and the
other hard workers).  I personally am waiting to see WCW 5 years
from now...Sting will be around 40, Nash will be 45, Hart will be 45,
same with Hall (probably). Flair, Hogan, Savage & DDP will all be in
their 50's, so it looks like WCW better hire some good recruiters and
good bookers before they collapse from within...and I'm waiting to see
Whicker (Regweiser)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Brandon M Salmon (
Nitro: It needs to be more spectacular, they need to get better main
events. Some good main events were: Goldberg vs. Hogan, Macho Man,
Giant, Sting, vs. Hogan, Nash, Hall.  That's about it.  The brawl
between Sting, and Hart, give me a break, two grandmas could do better.

Now DX, The Nation, Mankind, Undertaker, and Kane.  That's entertainment. They need to have better Thunder matches, I liked
the Goldberg/Raven angle, but we all knew that Goldberg would win, because it wasn't highly announced. The DDP/Goldberg, Hogan/Warrior angle are boring. In the 1st hour of Nitro on 10/5/98, they advertised it, about 4 times. I mean come on!!!  Also a NO DQ match in the 1st hour, getting viewers attention would be nice.

RAW - Great angles. The Al Snow/Slaghter thing should end on Raw in
another BOOTCAMP MATCH. Also, I love it when tables, chairs, ladders
are used. They need NO DQ matches. Also the HELL IN THE CELL matches
on Raw are pathetic.  The SCSA/UT vs. Kane/Mankind and Kane vs.
Mankind match weren't too good. Also Sunday Night Heat needs to get
serious!!! More great spectacular matches.  Also more triple threat

Below are the results for next Thursday's Thunder, which was taped last night. Skip this section if you want to be surprised. You have been WARNED!

Submitted by reader:Bsgk4
I was in attendance at the 10-8-1998 Thunder taping. After the taping
they went on shooting matches for next week results, which were:
-Van Hammer defeated Sick Boy
-Fit Finley won a match
-Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Prince Iakuea
-DDP interview
-Main event Michael Buffer announcing Dean Malenko vs Stevie Ray

Scott Norton runs in and Vincent, Norton and Stevie Ray triple team
Malenko Flair, Anderson, McMichael & Benoit run in and make the save.
All the Horesman take turns on the mike with Flair speaking last and
running typical Flair smack
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