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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 029

Date:  Saturday October 10th, 1998  5:20 pm

WCW Saturday Night Report for October 10th, 1998

(Taped 10/6/1998 in Gainsville, Georgia)

By Steve Appy
Raven & Kanyon defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong when Kanyon pinned
Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson were critical of Scott Hall and The Giant
for not defending the Tag Team belts, mentioning that there were many
quality teams angling for title shots.
Hudson alluded to a big movie
star appearing on Nitro Monday night (Jackie Chan?). While both
Armstrongs are good workers they've been jobbers for so long that
they are stale. Ironically enough, Kanyon & Raven were presented as a
more cohesive and effective tag team than The Armstrongs, victims of
the infamous curse cast by Dusty Rhodes. Kanyon pinned Scott after
The Flatliner.

Although they aren't brimming over with charisma, its nice to see two
announcers (Tenay & Hudson) who actually pay attention to the
storylines and really attempt to get the undercard wrestlers over.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Mike Sanders
Total squash. Chavo really is talented, and this whole crazy/Pepe act
is not complementing his abilities. The announcers hinted that Chavo
would possibly join the LwO; I hope not! Chavo pinned Sanders after
performing a Tornado DDT off the top rope; neat looking maneuver.

Alex Wright came out for an impromptu interview, spoke German and then
insulted the American fans, telling them that they can only speak one
language and they can't even speak that well. The British Bulldog
stormed the ring and threw Wright out. Davey Boy challenged Wright to
a match later in the show. The Bulldog was an effective performer
even a year ago and I hate to see how far he's sunk. its not just the
fact that he's positioned so low on the card, usually with no
storyline; Davey Boy has lost his fire.

Fit Finlay pinned Johnny Swinger
I've read for years that Finlay is an entertaining performer in the right venue; as far as I'm concerned, he's really never impressed me.
Maybe in a smaller promotion Finlay could have the forum to show his
skills. WCW just has too much talent to give Finlay a chance to get
himself over. Finlay won with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) pinned Nick Dinsmore
Stevie Ray is now calling himself "The Enforcer of the nWo", and he's
claiming to be a better Enforcer than Arn Anderson. Not even worth a
response. its appropriate that Stevie Ray is the nWo's enforcer,
since he sucks, just like MOST of the nWo (with a couple exceptions).
Vincent hit Dinsmore with kicks outside the ringand but Virgil's kicks
looked really lame.

Van Hammer pinned Mike Tolbert
Hammer is as bad as The Disciple. Hammer does a really bad stoner
gimmick. Combine a bad character and even worse wrestling skills and
its pretty bad. I guess Hammer is a heel, but I'm not even sure. I
know Hammer is friends with DDP, but I really hope they get rid of him. He really is one of the worst (that's almost an honor, considering the competition).

Rick Steiner pinned Al Greene
Greene was Kevin Nash's old partner in The Master Blasters back in
1990. Steiner has wrestled some great matches in his time and I hope
he gets a chance to put his working shoes back on in the future. I
still remember Rick & Scott for their great matches in
Japan; they
teamed in some of the best matches I've ever seen. Maybe WCW should
send Rick to
Japan for a few months, and give him a chance to get

sharp again. Let Shinya Hashimoto pound him around a couple times
and Rick will understand how to interject some drama in his matches

Jerry Flynn defeated Rick Fuller via submission
Its nice to see Flynn get a TV victory; Fuller was supposed to be in
line for a HUGE push, but those plans appear to have been put on hold.
Flynn's style is realistic, which melds well w/ Goldberg, Meng and Benoit (not that I mean to place those three names on the same level).
Flynn didn't look as good against Fuller as usual.

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onno) pinned Kaz Hayashi
Johnny Boone was originally scheduled to be Miller's opponent, but Kaz
took his place. Of course, The Super Karate Fighter took care of
Hayashi. In the context of the storyline, why would anyone want to be managed by Onno, considering he's turned on just about every wrestler he's ever managed (Ultimo Dragon, Psychosis, Kaz Hayashi)?

Gene Okerlund interviewed Raven and Kanyon backstage. They repeated
their challenge to The Giant & Scott Hall. While Kanyon is a good
worker he's terrible behind the mike. Find him a role where talking
is not required. They brought up the point that the tag team titles
are rarely defended.

Alex Wright fought The British Bulldog to a Double Countout
Wright is a great wrestler, and he will hopefully leave stiffs like
The Bulldog behind him. The work wasn't bad, but it was ininspired.
Since it was the main event, and neither man is heavily involved in
storylines, couldn't they have delivered a clean finish to the match?
Whose career would have been injured?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Jeff McCourtie (JefMarMcC)
Interesting story about Bad News Brown and Andre the Giant. Even more
interesting is that Hogan was on that bus and not in his limo.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: LaserboyX
Personally, in reference to the Scott Hall issue, I find it appalling.
I had known of Hall's problem, but I thought that perhaps he was
recovering. Having seen the same things in my own family, I believe
Eric Bischoff needs to stop the blatant exploitation of Hall's

I know I can't be the only one who feels this way and if you will go
along with this, Steve, I believe we should start petitions about this
and send them to WCW.

I think its a horrible thing to do, even if he was recovering. We
deal with alcoholism everyday, some more than others, and I think that
something must be done. its time to tell the wrestling corporations
that we don't want to see such things. And although they are
gimmicks, they are based on fact and should not be displayed. It is
disgusting that Bischoff would allow such a thing and it seems only
fitting that he would use such a ploy to cover his own half-assed
business ethics.

WCW is striving to compete with WWF, and they also have used such
ploys. So, both corporations are in dire need of being put in their place. Do we know its fake? Yes. But its still inappropriate and frankly quite assanine to display such behavior.
Those are my thoughts on the matter.
~Tim R.

Steve Appy responds: Interesting idea of Tim's. Does anybody have the general mailing address for World Championship Wrestling? If so,
please pass it my way.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader Dhdstaeven
I have been a fan of this newsletter since its inception. I have been
an avid fan of professional wrestling for over 20 years. I have also
been a clean and sober for over 6 years. I am thoroughly disgusted at
the content of WCW Monday Nitro over the past several weeks.


First, Chris Jericho decides to come out with his Jeri-aholics Anonymous t-shirt. Isn't anything sacred? Does WCW think for a second that it has any responsibility to the community? They are making fun of
something that has saved my life and countless thousands of other
people. I have tried to send this opinion to Chris Jericho first but
it was not able to be delivered to his email box. How appropriate is that? A full email box.


Second, Scott Hall's behavior/angle, given his problems in the past is deplorable. Don't think for a second, Vince, that I have forgotten about Hawk. I haven't. I wonder, does WCW want Scott Hall to be a productive member of its staff?  Or, are they trying to destroy the rest of his career?


In the process of this angle, especially if it takes negative turns in
his personal life, is he going to be fired?  You know, I have been
sick of WCW's product for the past several months. I thought that the
return of Ric Flair would make it better but I can't sit and watch all
this crap going on in the background. I might end up watching
Texas Ranger on USA instead of the first hour of Nitro if this crap

continues. If only I could get ECW on my cable system all my problems
would be solved. My heart goes out to Dana Hall in her last letter.
I am sure that there were several people in my past that felt the way
she does. The only thing I can say to Scott Hall is "There is no
time like the present" if you want to get your act together. If
you don't, that’s fine too. Because, better you than me to be an
active drug addict and alcoholic.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Kim Dickson (
Scott Putski may not be the best wrestler in the world but he can be.
I've been watching him for years and like that he is getting to
professional level. Once he has enough ring experince he will be good.
He needs more interviews and to learn how to play with the big boys and
he will be great like his father. I wish the best of luck to him,
and by the way I like his tights.
Kim Dickson
Reader Mailbag
From: Chris Ballinger (OuTkAsTcjb)
Well, I’ve been reading this newsletter for quite a while, and it’s
great. It has “inspired” me to become a booker.  How I am going to do
that is the hard part.  Anyway, since the WWF seems to be planning another angle between
Austin and the Rock, here is how they can do it RIGHT (strictly IMO)....

10-11-98, Sunday Night Heat
The Rock comes to the ring with D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry. He says
that Owen Hart is out of the Nation because now he’s “actin like
nothin but a jabronie”, and Owen runs out. He tells the Rock that he
hasn’t gone soft, he just doesn’t agree with his past decisions. He
says he will fight Steve Austin tonight to prove he still is a
great wrestler. The Rock agrees, and tells him that if he loses, he
must leave the Nation. He then directs his attention to the subject of
the Heavyweight Title. He says that
Austin better declare a champ,
because “The Rock has been waiting to get his damn belt from whoever
holds it”.
Austin comes out and says that he will take Hart up on his
challenge and that the Rock can rest assured “because somebody’s
walkin out with the belt, and that’s the bottom line”. The Rock and
Austin stare each other down as they go to commercial.

Owen and Austin come to the ring for their match. The Rock is at
ringside, but does not appear to be rooting for anyone. The match
progresses, and
Austin has the advantage. Hart is down and Austin goes outside to get a chair. The Rock watches as Owen is attacked with the chair, and cries out for The Rock to help him. The Rock spits on Owen, who yells back (he is standing), and Austin spins Owen around and stuns him. He covers him and wins. Austin and the Rock stare at each other as D-Lo and the Godfather attack Owen. Mark Henry picks up the chair and attempts to hit Austin, who is looking the other way (at the Rock, who sees Henry). The Rock pushes Austin aside and Henry hits the Rock instead. D-Lo and the Godfather question Henry as Austin slides out of the ring and wonders why The Rock did what he did.

10-12-98 Monday RAW/WarZone; The show starts as Austin comes to the
ring.  He has the Heavyweight Title and he waves it around as he gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and talks about what the Rock did last night. He asks himself why the Rock would do such a thing, and says he feels it’s just ass kissing so the Rock will get a better shot at winning the title. He says he hates ass-kissers but hates fat-asses even more. He challenges Mark Henry to a match, and then the Nation’s music plays.

The entire Nation (sans Owen Hart) comes to the ring and Mark Henry
has to be restrained by the Godfather and D-Lo. The Rock says that he
would rather kiss Chyna’s ugly face than
Austin’s ass, but he would love to see Henry kick it instead. He says he saved Austin on Heat because he wants to make sure Austin refs the Undertaker/Kane match at Judgment Day. He then says that Henry won’t be allowed to fight Austin, for that same reason.  Austin grins and then attacks Henry. The Rock backs away, then pulls D-Lo and Godfather back as they try to go after Austin. The Rock pulls Austin away and pins him down as Henry gets out of the ring and the Nation then leaves.

The Undertaker and Kane come to the ring. Undertaker says that the
Rock is a fool for protecting Austin, just as he was a fool for
protecting McMahon. He says that since he beat him last week that The Rock will fight Kane this week. Taker says that Austin will not be protected by him but he won’t attack him either. He also says that at the PPV he will fight Kane, but it will be in competition, not hatred.

The Rock and Kane both have their entrances and start the match. Mark
Henry is outside the ring for the Rock and he gets involved early. He
trips Kane several times, but on the outside, Kane attempts to
chokeslam Henry. The Rock stops it and rolls Kane into the ring.
Austin runs to the ring and attacks Henry while Kane sets up for a
chokeslam. The ref is trying to break up Austin and Henry, and the
Rock reverses the chokeslam into the Rock Bottom. He covers Kane, but
the ref is still outside the ring. The Rock gets out and pushes Austin
down, who pushes the Rock back. Henry hits Austin from behind,
bringing out the Undertaker. He chokeslams Henry and rolls the Rock
into the ring. Kane attacks the Rock and eventually Tombstones him for
the win. Kane and Undertaker walk off as Austin, Henry, and the Rock
all lie around or in the ring. The Rock and Henry get up and leave
and Austin chases them into the back as the show ends.

10-18-98 Sunday Night Heat
At the end of Heat, Austin comes out and says he feels so special now
that everyone is trying to protect him. He says that he already forced
the bookers to sign a match between Henry and Austin for the PPV and
that he would be fine come time to ref the main event. The Rock comes
out with Henry. The Rock says that he is sick of watching his redneck ass and that Henry has permission to destroy him. He orders Austin to be sure someone wins the title tonight, and Austin, not one that likes to be ordered, stuns Maivia and Henry. The Undertaker comes down and tells Austin that he better not no-show the main event or his life is going to become hell.

Austin gives the Undertaker the middle finger, and the Taker returns
it with an attempted chokeslam. Kane, however, stops the Undertaker,
who stands nose-to-nose with Kane as they cut away to a PPV promo,
marking the end of Heat.

10-18-98 WWF Judgement Day
The Austin/Henry match starts to Austin’s advantage. He puts some great moves on Henry and almost wins. Henry comes back with a few splashes and elbow drops. He gets Austin in a bearhug, but Austin refuses to give up. He gets out of it and rebounds. He starts to set Henry up for the Stunner but the Rock runs to the ring. He knocks Austin down and chokes him while Henry goes to Austin’s knee. Kane and Undertaker run down and rid the ring of the Nation and the bell finally rings in a double- disqualification (The Rock hit the ref with a chair on his way to the ring, so he was knocked out).


Kane and Undertaker bump into each other, and Kane punches The Undertaker. Taker responds with another punch and it turns into a fist fight. Both men attack each other until Austin breaks them up. Taker accidentally hits Austin in the fight, and Austin then attacks Taker. Kane attacks Taker as well, and the announcing team questions whether Austin will be biased for Kane in the main event.

In the main event, Austin acts pretty fair for most of the match. The
match goes back and forth, and it leads outside the ring. Kane sends
the Undertaker through a table and the Undertaker later does the same
to Kane. Mankind runs into the match to attack Kane, but Austin stuns
him before he touches either man. While Austin attacks Mankind, Taker
Tombstones Kane and covers him. Austin is not able to make a cover,
and Kane is able to return to consciousness. Undertaker is enraged,
and he goes outside where Austin has just put Mankind in the Stunner.
Austin turns around, only to be Chokeslammed by Taker. The Rock runs
to the ring and attacks the Undertaker, while the Godfather and Mark Henry attack Kane.


Austin wakes up and puts the Stunner on Henry and the Godfather, but the Rock gets away before Austin can touch him. Back in the ring, Kane chokeslams Undertaker and covers him, nearly winning. Undertaker rebounds after reversing a Tombstone (he just drops Kane). He walks the ropes and before he can hit him, Kane pulls Austin in the way. Austin goes down, but the Undertaker still maintains the advantage as Austin gets up (he was hardly affected by the hit). Taker hits the Tombstone on Kane and covers him and Austin makes the count. It goes to three, and the Undertaker is declared the champ. Austin hands the Undertaker the belt, but the Rock quickly gets in the ring and attacks the Undertaker. Austin backs off and watches the two fight.


Austin keeps the Nation away and allows the Rock and Undertaker to fight, which leads to Austin refereeing the Rock/Undertaker title match at the next Pay-Per-View.
Chris Ballinger
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