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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 032

Date:  Monday October 12th, 1998  11:09 pm

WCW Nitro Report, October 12th, 1998
By Steve Appy Eric Bischoff was shown accosting security with warnings about Ric
Flair. "Keep Flair away form the building", he whines. Bischoff
really does come off well as a jackass.

The Meng/Wraith confrontation from Thunder was replayed. A
Meng/Wraith match would probably rank as one of the worst matches in
wrestling history.

Wraith pinned
Wraith just destroyed poor
Lodi, with Lodi got no offense in. Wraith
looks dominant but that's not too tough when everyone just sells for
you.  Meng confronted Wraith in the runway and then the ultimate
disrespect occurred. They cut to a higlight clip of The Horseman right
after the brawl began. After all the talk about Meng/Wraith the
producers told the audience that this was not an important match after

The Reid Flair angle from last week was shown. Even though this storyline has been going on for a few weeks already I still perk up whenever The Nature Boy crosses the screen.

Dale Torberg pinned
Kendall Windham
Torberg looked really lame in his WCW race car costume.
actually looked decent on offense. Shiavonie tried to sell that
Torberg gave up a baseball career so that he could be a wrestler.
Sure. A Goldberg chant started, which always seems to happen when a
match happens that nobody cares about. Zybyszco said that all the
rookies at the Power Plant beg him to come down and work out with him;
they must realize how encouraging Larry is on commentary to the young
stars (as if).  Torberg pinned
Windham after a high kick which Kendall decided not to sell. If you're going to job, do it with style.

Sting came out for an interview. I know alot of people don't agree
with this but I think Sting looks kind of cool with his Wolfpac
makeup.  Sting challenged both Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan to a
match later that night on Nitro. Sting's old tag team partner The
Warrior interrupted. Warrior tried to acknowledge his past with Sting but it was too hard to understand what he was saying. It was positive,
though. More weird psycho babble. The Warrior DEMANDED that Sting
allow him to team with him against Hart & Hogan later tonight. Sting
should have told Hellwig to take a flying leap since he could always
grab a fellow Wolfpac member as a partner. Sting doesn't need The
Ultimate Tripper around to kill his heat.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan was interviewed, along with Eric Bischoff and The
Giant. When
Hollywood talks about how he built wrestling I really
think he's serious about it. While he was the star of a Saturday morning cartoon show,
Hollywood forgets about the huge houses that were being drawn long before Hogan became a star. Hollywood accepted Sting's challenge for later in the night. The Giant didn't say a word in the interview; he really did come off as Hogan's flunky. A big deal was made off Sting & The Warrior teaming for the first time in twelve years.

Flair drove up to the
United Center in a limo and Bischoff was
waiting for them with security. The owner of the
United Center was
with The Horseman and he told Bischoff that the Horseman were his
personal guests for the evening. Bischoff over acted in the segment,
screaming about suing everyone in sight. At least The Horseman looked
cool since they out maneuvered Bischoff.

Alex Wright pinned Fit Finlay
Instead of wasting Wright in this "Best of Europe Feud", put him back
with the Cruiserweights. Considering the competition, being The Best
From Europe means absolutely nothing. Wright claimed that Finlay ended
the career of Alex's father, Steven Wright. Zybyszco made a couple
more cracks about the Luchadors, athletes that were twice as hard
working as Larry ever was. Wright pinned Finlay when Wright used the
ropes for leverage. The Bulldog confronted Wright and Finlay nailed
Davey Boy as well. A three way feud of guys that don't matter?

Chavo Guerrero Jr., Psychosis, and Super Calo defeated La Parka,
Ciclope, and Villano 5 when Chavo pinned Ciclope.
A collection of super workers, some of the best Luchadors around.
Psycosis hit La Parka with a Suicide Dive. Psycosis shined as the
star of the six. No storyline; really just a collection of high
spots. Psychosis hit Ciclope with an incredible Backsplash Senton off
the top rope to the floor. Chavo scored the victory over Ciclope.
Eddie Guerreroand the rest of his LwO came to the ring and recruited
everybody except for La Parka for the LwO. Why shouldn't The
Luchadors fight each other? They complement each other so well and they
will be even further diminished if they aren't selling for each other.
It would be their lucky day if they get to fight Stevie Ray and Brian
Adams instead. At least La Parka was kept away from this mess.

Scott Steiner came out for a solo interview. He claimed to have
convinced Sammy Sosa that
Chicago sucks, which did get a reaction.
Scott ripped on both Buff Bagwell and his mother, which promptly

brought out Buff and Mrs. Judy Bagwell. Buff challenged Scott to a
match which Mrs. Bagwell discouraged Buff from taking. After he
ripped on Mrs. Bagwell a little more, Buff nailed him. Scott hit Buff
with a low blow, and dropped him throat first on the top rope. I hate
seeing Buff take bumps this soon after his injury. Scott really is
coming across as an egotistical jerk although he's still a poor
substitute for Superstar Billy Graham. Hopefully this isn't another
swerve and Buff won't rejoin the nWo again next week.

Juventud Guerrera Jr. pinned Prince Iaukai
The Horseman were shown partying in the luxury box with a bunch of
beautiful women. It was revealed that Bruce MacArthur, the owner of
the arena, is the godfather of Reid Flair. Disco Inferno then
interrupted the participants in the ring, telling the crowd they
really came to watch him dance. Funny enough and the crowd seemed to
agree. Cruiserweight Champion Kidman then joined the parade at
ringside. Juvi won after hitting the Juvi Driver (Michinoku Driver)
on Iaukai.

Kevin Nash did a solo interview. Nash acknowledged his past as a bar
bouncer and claimed he loves to beat up drunks. He challenged Scott
Hall to come to the ring, announcing "Scott Hall, come on out, its
closing time". Hall came onto the rampway, doing his usual drunk
routine. He crotch chopped Nash and then took of running. Nash took
off in hot pursuit, although Nash really wasn't very fast. Hall took of
in a chauffeured limo, with Nash following closely behind.

TV Champion Chris Jericho defeated Raven via submission w/The Lion Tamer
Heel VRS. Heel, no tweeners here. Raven dropkicked a chair face first
Jericho, but Jericho responded by whipping Raven into a chair
hooked onto the turnbuckle. Raven hit Drop Toe Hold on
Jericho, which
sent him face first into the chair (ala Scotty Riggs).
reversed things, and wrapped Raven into The Lion Tamer. The
announcers made alot of Raven's recent losing streak and they claimed
he hasn't been the same since losing The Flock. Raven seems to be
set up for an angle that will bring him up a level.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Rick Steiner. That tiresome laughing
resumed and it was revealed to be Chuckie of ‘Child’s Play’ fame. Chuckie ripped on both Steiner and Okerlund but then singled out Rick for abuse. The bad part was that the fans cheered for Chuckie. Chuckie warned Rick not to mess with Scott Steiner since Scott is "The lead in Chuckie's next project". Although this was TOTALLY stupid, it also was kind of funny. The guy doing the Chuckie voice really did sound cool.
Obviously, "The Bride of Chuckie" movie has alot more to gain from
this association than WCW does.

Eric Bischoff demanded that Doug Dillinger and JJ Dillon join him in
the ring. Bischoff demanded that they help him throw Flair out of The
United Center. They didn't look too happy but they went along with
it. Bischoff's leather jacket was soaked with beer. Bischoff pushed
Bruce MacArthur and the
United Center security jumped on Bischoff.

While Bischoff was held to the ground by almost a dozen security
guards Flair stood above his body and gloated. Bischoff being abused
got a great pop from the crowd. Flair then danced in the skybox, and
the Chicago crowd when crazy in support of Flair. Ric Flair LOVES
being in front of the crowd. Bischoff was escorted from the arena in
the back of a police car.

WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg defeated The Giant in a No DQ match
by Countout when The Giant walked away from the ring.
The Giant wore his Tag Team Belt to the ring and the belt looked tiny
on The Giant's huge frame. Shiavonie mentioned that The Giant has
gotten bigger over the years while forgetting to mention that The Giant
has also gotten much fatter over the years. Goldberg bodyslammed The
Giant. Stevie Ray entered the ring and hit Goldberg with a chair but
Goldberg recovered. The Giant then grabbed Goldberg and he chokeslammed Goldberg. Right before the three count DDP made the save and stopped the count. When Goldberg hit The Giant with a Spear The Giant left the ring and walked backstage. The announcers proclaimed that DDP saved Goldberg's world championship. It makes a mockery of No DQ matches to have countouts legal.

Sting and The Warrior defeated US Champion Bret Hart & Hollywood Hulk Hogan via disqualification
Michael Buffer announced the participants. Hart and Hogan came to the
ring together to Hogan's entrance music. Sting and The Warrior came
out alone to their own music. This was the first Warrior match in WCW
besides the mess at Fall Brawl. The Bat Signal was flashing on the
roof of the arena. Tenay rattled off a million facts about Sting and
Warrior's past association and Bobby Heenan asked Tenay in amazement,
"How do you know all this stuff?"  its not hard; its called a true
dedication to your profession. Heenan used to care himself. Hart &
Hogan worked Sting over with the announcers trying to build
anticipation for The Warrior's return to the ring. Be careful what
you wish for. When The Warrior was finally tagged in he never took
his robe off. What, is the Warrior not so proud of his physique
anymore? NwO Hollywood stormed the ring, causing the DQ. The
mysterious mist that enables Warrior to disappear came out, but
unfortunately, The Warrior didn't disappear this time. Sting got control of his baseball bat and cleaned house on the villains, I doubt anybody is waiting to see The Warrior now.

Notes: A boring show. Not one match I would consider above average.
The main event featured the typical cases of outside interference.
The only really entertaining segment was when Bischoff got arrested while Flair danced in the skybox.
The following is Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans:
NP:  Bruce Dickenson-Chemical Wedding
Hello Jerichoholics!

Well after charting at number 43 two years ago, and number 26 last
year, I've been ranked NUMBER 10 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top
500. The list ranks the top 500 wrestlers every year and my dream
about 5 years ago, was to just be listed in the darn thing.  Now I'm
number ten, so bollocks to all who said I would never make it in this

Once again, a boatload of prayers and well wishes to referee Mark
Curtis who's facing some surgery and some tough times.  I know you can
beat and destroy this, Brian and God is with you!  Godspeed lad!!!

Keep calling WCW for the shirts, as they're kind of slacking when it
comes to showing the commercials.  Click on the JERICHO SHIRTS banner
on the front page for details, or call 1-800-WCW-8661 and ask for the
Jerichoholics Anonymous shirt.

I went to the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal studios last night
and it was pretty scary.  The best part was the concert from the Kiss
tribute band, Kiss Army!  It was a nice surprise.

I'm heading to L.A. this week to film an episode of the Dating Game.
I'll let you know when its to air.  The episode of Nickleodeon's
Figure It Out, where I appear and subsequently get slimed, airs on
Oct. 19 at 6 pm EST.  Check it out!

If anyone has a tape of the IFC Bare Knuckles World Championships,
featuring Chris Oster and John Beckhold, please make a copy and send
it to my PO Box.  A friend of mine is looking for it and can't find it
anywhere.  If you got one, I'd appreciate your help.

Once again the new address is PO Box 8234, Clearwater FL,  33758.  If
you want an autograph, remember to send an 8X10 SAS.

The movie of the week is Urban Legends.  I haven't seen it yet, but I
hope to go if SOMEONE will come with me!!!!
God bless you and be good to one another.
Reader Mailbag
From: Richard Bozeman (CoachBoze)
I am really enjoying your newsletter since receiving it for the past
week or so. I like the issues that you choose to make public. I
would like to send my two cents in on some issues I've seen in the
reader mailbag.

I am a fan of professional wrestling (not a mark), and have been for
about 20 years. (since I was eight) and I am a physical education
teacher for an elementary school in Florida. Over the past five
years, I have noticed something. The problem is not professional
wrestling in itself. Tuesday mornings have become a tradition,
talking to some of the kids about what Sting did, or Buff's mom
yelling at him, etc. Professional wrestling has become somewhat of a
common ground between the students and with me. And this pertains to
mostly WCW because they are still, on the most part, good
old-fashioned, good Vs bad, traditional pro wrestling.

I RARELY ever have any problems with children imitating dangerous
moves that professional wrestlers use. They are educated enough to know that it takes specialized training, and I never allow them to say its fake (although they know it isn't exactly what they see). This year,
however, I have had a problem with young children doing crotch chops
and telling other kids to SUCK IT. I have also have had problems with
children telling others they're gonna kick their ass "and that's the
bottom line"

Never have I seen such an influence on youngsters since Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I am not having this
problem alone. Many other PE teachers from around the country that I
am in contact with also have to curtail this behavior.

I believe it is the parent's job to regulate what they watch after
10 pm, BUT there's something the WWF does that goes against that whole
theory. It was stated in the newsletter that pro wrestling should not
be viewed by young children. If that's the case, consider the following:

Saturday Morning shows
Sunday Evening shows laden with profanity
Toy Store Marketing AIMED at children
Sponsorship by SuperSoaker, Stridex, and Karate Fighters. (aimed at
adults? I don't think so)

I enjoy Raw, I don't exactly agree that these innuendoes belong in
professional wrestling, but I find some of the angles entertaining.
BUT they should not be aimed at children. No more toys bearing WWF
wrestlers that use that behavior. And no more shows during children's
viewing hours with that type of behavior.

What's next, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Barbie??? Playboy/
Penthouse/ Hustler Action figures?? I don't think so. I don't
believe in censorship, but I do believe in responsible behavior. And
the WWF is not acting responsibly around children. If you were around
a group of children, would you do crotch chops and say, "Suck It?" If
this is adult entertainment, then I don't think tickets should be sold
to minors. BUT, it looks like Mr. McMahon wants their money, also.

As far as the Scott Hall issue goes: Yes we have seen drunks on TV for
a long time. But as far as I can remember, the comedic portrayal stopped at a certain point. Drunk driving is not funny. Alcoholism is not funny.  People getting drunk and acting stupid can be humorous, but not to the point of it being a problem. Alcoholism is a serious issue. If WCW decides to use this issue and resolve it in the public eye, such as having a "real-life" intervention, then it may be an educational and
responsible decision. Bischoff has always said he wants family entertainment. Let's see how he handles this.
Richard Bozeman
Reader Mailbag
From: Alexsei J Maltsev (
The following is Ranting's about nothing...
Maltsev's Ranting's
Now... As we all know many people have been recently taking use of
this Newsletter and its "Reader Mailbag".  Now its my turn.  First let me give props to "Das Vunderkind" Alex Wright, now he is
a good wrestler, not like Davey Boy Smith.  I think Alex is one
of the greatest European Athletes ever "with the exception of Mr. D-Lo

And we have people like Raven keeping the good talent down
"Midcarding". And speaking of gooney Main Eventers I have two names
for you: D-D-Dope (D-D-P) and that all powerful "King of the
Jobbers" GOLDBERG!  Man, the best person Goldberg has beaten is
Scott Hall (which is a whole other story).

Alex (You'll hear from me again) Maltsev!
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