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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 033

Date:  Tuesday October 13th, 1998  1:18 pm

WWF Raw Report, October 12th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Show opened with clips of
Austin beating on Vince McMahon; the central point seemed to be that Stone Cold will not get a rematch for the WWF

Vince McMahon entered the arena driving a sweet Corvette. He was
helped into his wheelchair which had the WWF logo on the side and a
nameplate saying "Mr. McMahon" on the back. Wrestling rule # 1, if a
heel brings a prized personal object to the ring the babyface is
guaranteed to destroy it.

WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws fought Road Warrior
Animal & Droz (w/Hawk) to a No Contest in 2:10
Billy Gunn did an interview before the match and claimed that he's
still with The New Age Outlaws. A sober Hawk did commentary and announced that he's an alternate for LOD 2000 at the moment. He claimed to be fine with that development. Hawk seemed subdued, speaking in a
normal, almost depressing tone.  DOA & Paul Ellering jumped Hawk while and Droz and Animal made the save. The Headbangers then jumped The Outlaws, nailing Road Dog with a boom box. Too many storylines in one match.
1) Friction between LOD 2000/ 2) Friction within The New Age Outlaws/
3) DOA / LOD feud/ 4) New Age Outlaws / Headabangers feud.

Intercontinental Tournament First Round
Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman via submission in 2:30
Shamrock worked over Blackman's injured leg preparing for the
submission. Blackman never really got much offense in and sold
his already injured knee the entire match. Shamrock locked on The
Ankle Lock Submission and Blackman quickly tapped out. Here's where
things got weird.

The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart's old character) ran to the ring and
attacked both men, focusing on Blackman's knee. I can't imagine this
is really Owen doing a split character character (too obvious?).  Phil Lafon of All Japan fame has been wrestling as The Blue Blazer in
Mexico: was LaFon under the mask tonight? Maybe Owen will have to return to the ring in a quest to stop the man creating havoc under his old name.

The Undertaker was shown entering the arena on foot while McMahon watched on the monitor. He didn't look very scared, though.

Val Venis was shown in some empty rafters with Terri caressing him
and being very pleasant company. A video of Goldust was shown in all his Transvestite glory, beating on and pinning Razor Ramon. Goldust was
then shown beating on Roddy Piper (they forgot to mention that Piper
actually did beat Goldust in their Wrestlemania showdown).

Intercontinental Tournament First Round
Val Venis (w/ Terri Runnells) pinned Marc Mero (w/ WWF Womens Champion
Jaqueline) in 2:14
Goldust VRS. Venis was announced for Judgement Day. The work was
solid except that the crowd was dead for the match. Terri distracted
Mero, which enabled Venis to slip Mero into a Fisherman Suplex for the
victory. Jacqueline started beating on Terri after the match in
retaliation. Shamrock VRS. Venis is the second round showdown.

Paul Bearer walked into the arena with a briefcase and McMahon had no
idea what Paul Bearer was doing at the arena. Is a Kane / Paul Bearer
reunion in the works?

Sable was interviewed and she said she looked forward to more acting
opportunities.  I hope not; she really is awful as an actress. Alot of her mystique was killed Sunday night on Pacific Blue. She also restated her interest in the Women's Championship. She found Jaqueline and beat
on her until the agents broke them up. Our weekly dose of Jerry Springer.

Intercontinental Tournament First Round
Mankind defeated Mark Henry via submission with The Mandible Claw in
Mankind was interviewed by Michael Cole. When Cole asked Mankind if
he was angry at Shamrock for hitting him with a chair Foley claimed
that Shamrock hit him with the WEAKEST chair shot of his career
(basically, Foley called Shamrock a wimp). Henry read a love poem to
Chyna, and was actually kind of funny in the role. Chyna walked
to ringside to observe the match. I guess the Henry/Chyna feud is a
way to keep Chyna busy while Triple H is out of action. Mankind hit a
Double Arm DDT on Henry and Mankind brought out Mr. Socko to wear when
applying the claw on Henry. While Henry will never be good he is
becoming a little more competent. Chyna tried to confront Henry after the match about the sexual harassment lawsuit but Henry just walked away.

Stone Cold brought a cement truck to the arena and warned McMahon
that he might be interested in what he was planning to do with the
truck. McMahon seemed to figure it out and had a pissed off glint to
his eyes (then again, he's had that glint often lately).

Intercontinental Tournament First Round
X-Pac pinned Jeff Jarrett in
X-Pac took one of the highest back flips I've ever seen. X-Pac really
is great and his work means that much more since people care about
his character. Jarrett & X-Pac work well together. When X-Pac tried
to apply the dreaded (on many levels) Bronco Buster Jarrett was ready
and hit X-Pac with a low blow. Jarrett brought out his guitar case,
and instead of his guitar, Al Snow's Head was in the case. A stunned
Jarrett was easy prey for a roll up by X-Pac.

As a stunned McMahon watched on a monitor Stone Cold poured tons of
cement into Vince's Corvette. Cool, but sort of lame after last weeks
Nitro. Last week, Sting destroys a Limo with a forklift; this week,
Austin has to destroy a Corvette with a cement truck. Both the WWF
and WCW front office watch each other’s shows far too closely.

Austin entered the ring to his usual thunderous reaction. McMahon
came out to confront
Austin and had some police officers with vicious
dogs ready to tear
Austin apart. McMahon had a bodyguard in all black
standing behind him. McMahon announced that the main event tonight
would be Austin & The Rock VRS. Undertaker & Kane. The crowd started
a loud "A**hole" chant. McMahon looked like he was about to cry and
looked good doing it. Vince then claimed that
Austin VIOLATED him last
week with his hospital attack. McMahon promised that if
Austin didn't
crown a new champion Sunday, he would fire
Austin. Austin didn't look
very concerned. Great segment.

Intercontinental Tournament Semi Finals
Ken Shamrock defeated Val Venis (w/Terri Runnells) via submission to
advance to the finals in 4:35
Shamrock attacked Venis in the aisle before the match began.
Shamrock had all the offense, and worked on Venis's back the
entire match. Shamrock locked Venis into a Boston Crab and Venis
took a long time to reach the ropes. After a one sided match
Shamrock finally locked on The Ankle Lock for the submission.

Goldust made his return and his new character seemed to scare Venis.
Goldust perched Venis, with his legs spread, onto the turnbuckles.
Goldust then kicked Venis with a shot that really looked like it hit
Venis where men don't like being hit.  Venis sold that he was destroyed by the shot.

As McMahon surveyed his car Mick Foley stuck his hand into the cement
to retrieve McMahon's briefcase. He mentioned that Mr. Socko had just
been in Mark Henry's mouth and it would now travel through cement to
grab the briefcase. Besides all of Foley's great dramatic interviews
he really is quite funny as well.

Michael Cole interviewed The Rock. Rocky was pissed that he was
forced to team with
Austin; D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry confronted The
Rock, wondering if The Rock thought he was too good for them. The
Rock called them both jabronies and yelled at them off camera.

Intercontinental Tournament Semi Finals
X-Pac pinned Mankind in 3:16
Babyface VRS. Babyface. X-Pac looked tiny next to the hulking
Mankind. X-Pac finally got to ride The Bronco Buster on Mankind's
face. I'd “love” to see an X-Poc VRS. Goldust match. After a decent
brawl Shamrock came to ringside.  Shamrock nailed Mankind in the knee
with a chair and X-Pac rolled Foley up for the victory. Shamrock then entered the ring and destroyed X-Pac, his opponent in the finals. Shamrock applied a Figure Four to X-Pac's neck, a neck that was broken back in 1995. X-Pac looks to be easy pickings in the finals.

WWF Intercontinental Finals
Ken Shamrock defeated X-Pac (w/ Triple H on crutches) via submission to win
The WWF Intercontinental Championship in 3:56
Shamrock worked X-Pac's neck over the entire match. Triple H wished X-Pac
luck and he complained that McMahon never called him personally to
strip him of the title. X-Pac must have been in heaven, since he
was able to apply The Bronco Buster on Shamrock as well. Shamrock
retook the advantage and locked on The Ankle Lock for the victory.
Shamrock made three men submit with The Ankle Lock; he comes across as
a mean heel, which is perfect. Just a vicious guy.

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Rocky Maivia defeated The Undertaker & Kane
via disqualification in 11:15
Paul Bearer joined the crowd as ringside. Maivia hit The Undertaker
with the People's Elbow but Kane made the save. D-Lo and Henry came
to ringside as well.


The Rock sold the brothers offense most of the match but he doesn't
sell nearly as well as
Austin. Austin finally made the tag and then
disaster struck. D-Lo and Henry began beating up The Rock outside the
ring. At this point, it pretty much became a handicap match: Undertaker & Kane VRS. Stone Cold. McMahon's bodyguard from earlier entered the ring and nailed
Austin with a night stick. The mask came
off and the attacker was revealed to be The Big Bossman (Ray Traylor).  Kane, Undertaker, & The Bossman worked together in destroying poor Stone
Cold as the show ended.

Notes: An average edition of Raw. No great matches, but no horrible
ones either. Stone Cold was funny when berating McMahon and I liked
seeing The Bossman return. Shamrock was established as a top heel.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: MJJnWo
A reader last issue said we should butt out of Scott Hall's problems,
that he can take care of himself. Firstly, obviously he can't if he's
had problems this long. Secondly, it may be none of our business but neither was Brian Pillman's problems!  Then he died and the whole
wrestling world wept. The same thing could happen to Hall and this
"fan" expects us to not care? I've been a Scott Hall fan for a long
time and you expect me to not be concerned whatsoever in his problems?
Well, fine, we'll see how you react when things get so bad that Nitro
opens up with a memoriam to Hall. It sounds unlikely, but we weren't
expecting what happened to Pillman to happen either, remember that.


WCW doesn't give a s**t about Scott Hall. They could have tried to
rehabilitate him but they gave a half-assed effort obviously and he's
still very troubled. They're only keeping him around because if they
fired him he'd go right back where he belongs up North and so would
the ratings. They're just using him until his engine runs out. My heart goes out to Dana Hall and I would be glad to join any anti-WCW petition. It may not be any of my business but I care and I DON'T want to see Scott Hall self-destruct. Too bad you don't
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Rice127
Responding to Hammerly99
There is no way that Konnan will join the LWO, for two reasons only.
One is that he and Kevin Nash are too good of friends to break like
that.  Two is that the whole LWO thing is manly a publicity stunt
from Eddie . No one with the star power such as Juvi or Psychosis
would join either but you never know. I have heard the rumors on
this page and also by calling the WCW hotline that Rey Mysterio Jr.
and get into the LWO, Scott Hall will also be joining the Wolfpac at Halloween Havoc or at the latest World War 3.


I also have a question. Where is The Macho Man?  Hasn’t he been out a little long for an injury or was that the end of the line for him?  There have also been rumors circulating that at Halloween Havoc Goldberg and DDP could join the Wolfpac also but that is just a minor rumor that I have heard. If you want to throw in some input on my opinion e-mail me back @ Rice127
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KAYFABER2

Geez, you people. When are you going to get it through your heads
that this is a business, if you don't like it don't buy it!! Any angle or storyline that a promoter comes up with has to be given a chance to work. If it doesn't, pull it and move on. How many times have we seen Al Snow in the WWF, I mean really.


For the past few weeks all I've heard is "This isn't nice to do", "Why do they do it like that", "If I were the booker".  Well, your not the booker and if you were, we wouldn't have to listen to you bitch because your not. The people decide what sells and what doesn't. The people who buy the tickets, the people who buy the merchandise, the people who buy the PPV's. its all about ratings and who's on top. And who ever has the most is on top. I promise you, if s**t on a stick was selling, I'd be out there selling, too.

If seeing a drunk wrestler brings back bad memories, then don't watch
him. Morals, when did wrestlers become role models?? As long as I
have been involved in wrestling there have been good guys, bad guys,
good guys going bad, and bad guys going good. But never did I hear a
parent say, "Be like Pompero Firpo, he's a good guy." Or "Don't be
like Black Jack, he's mean."  Anymore than you would want to have your
kid be a Care Bear or a Tellytubby.  Parents and home environments
should be where role models come from and where values are made.  Not some TV show of make believe. This is a business, the business is to
make money. And if you say you'll just ignore it, that in its self gives it credit as something that needs to be ignored. Find a life.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Hallsweeti
Hallsweeti's thoughts on Scott Hall
This toilet thing bothered me more because I'm sure that Hall is not
having fun being made fun of!! He has to know that its Eric or Hogan being jerks and getting off on Hall going through this since I'm sure that Eric or Hogan thought they could get away with it since the past stuff happened to make them mad at Hall.  its especially sick when the man is recovering, even if he's faking on TV!!

Would that kill us all if we all found out that in the end Hall did
help others, meaning because he is falling apart, though he doesn't
think so, it hit home to others and they got well, because quite
frankly I don't think many want to end up like how Hall is, being a
public eye person, going through hell, going to jail, being obnoxious,
driving the fans crazy!!

To see what is happening is heartbreaking to me, because I don't want
his career to end like this!! I know many think that he's a Prima Donna, and has to get his way all the time, but wouldn't you when
you were used to being with the Outsiders, and then got broken up,
since that was stupid due to those 2 making the NWO?  I'm sure that he
didn't let Eric rest when Syxx got fired, because he's closer at the
time to Syxx then Kevin was!!


When Scott's wife said "A cry for help", I remembered last summer, in '97, and thought how content he was with the WcW/now compared to now.  I think its a way of Eric punishing him for not liking Hogan, because he doesn't in real life, and probably has to "ewww" if ever saying that Hogan is the man!!  We all know that Eric favors Hogan, and some others, but if he really cared at all for Scott he would stop this at once because its terrible!  Especially to make fun of it!  I agree with Steve, that its not a black and white issue!!! I guess that's why I closed my ears to hearing things before this year!!

I could tell he was loving his drink, but I wasn't really listening to
anything else he was into!! I heard rumors all over but thought it
was just jealous people wanting to black mark the man but this year
things are out now, and it is sad, because I agree with most, that
Scott is a nice guy and doesn't need this type of thing going on.


From what I've seen he's always been very private about his family
and that makes me wonder what he's thinking right now??  Yes, we don't know the extent of his problems, but we got a window when his wife had her say!  I remember the stays of Rehab, as well as last March, and as well as him not being at Mania 12 in '96.  At that time I had
heard the rumors but thought it could be just that he wanted out and
defied Vince! Sometimes when people care or love a person they don't
really listen to the signals because they don't know any better.


He's always been great with me and I've been around him when he's
drunk and have seen some funny stuff.  I didn't really want to know if he did drugs, if he does. I think what we are worried about with Hall is that its a touchy subject and its not good for his kids to see this.  Yes, I'm noticing that as well, that I wouldn't want to dive into Hall and know what is ticking but I would love to know if its because he's a yes man.

I too felt like a voyeur peeking into Dana's history with him and
that is a tough one to answer but if she felt that maybe if he saw
this plea he'd tell Eric to shove it.  You know what is odd, is that
when Hall drove his car and crashed, I thought he said that someone
crashed the car, not he was doing that. Our problem is that Hall is a great man for being a goof, and funny as hell, so even if something isn't supposed to be funny we can't help our giggles at times!!
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