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Issue # 034

Date:  Wednesday October 14th, 1998  11:21 am

The big rumor all over the internet involves The Four Horseman. Remember, its just a rumor, although this would be a terrific one. Steve McMichael would be leaving the Horseman (according to the speculation) and turning now Hollywood. His replacement: Barry Windham.

I have mixed feelings on this one. The idea of Mongo leaving The
Horseman thrills me; he's awful in the ring and has shown no interest
in improving. Besides that, he's a better heel anyway. Please get
rid of Mongo the Worthless.

Barry Windham may not be a suitable replacement, though. At one time,
Windham was one of the best workers in the world, and a terrific
addition to the Horseman.  I still have vivid memories of when he teamed with Luger against Tully & Arn, and joined The Horseman. In 1998,
Windham's time has passed.  He's become lazy in the ring and doesn't use a fraction of his ability. Windham's been on the decline since 1990; is it too late to rebound? I shouldn't be too greedy though, because at his worst Windham is much better than Mongo.

I'll throw out a couple ideas for the fourth spot. Booker T, who
should be returning to action over the next month. Eddie Guerrero, who
can ditch the LwO and join Flair in a war against Bischoff. Don Frye,
the former
UFC fighter who's getting great reviews wrestling for New
Japan. If this does happen I just hope Windham proves me wrong and
returns to his former glory.
Swami Speaks #2
About this weeks article: again, as always, no WWF. For some
reason I just don't like it. I have always been a WCW fan and unlike alot of people, I like Hollywood Hogan. Some people e-mailed me about last weeks article saying some pretty nasty remarks. That’s what I love about this job. I get all this abuse mail. So, if you get a chance, drop me a line and rip on what I think. Thanks!

About WCW's newest recruit: Straight from the WCW pit crew
and into wrestling. What a transitional man! Yeah right! He did a
few good moves but I don’t see any future as a wrestler for him.

About WCW's announcers: Some one needs to shut Schiavonie up! He talks like he has some executive power.  Did you see him crying on Thunder last week?  Bischoff hit him with some papers and out comes the tears. Ghost boy needs to go to the tanner. Larry Loser needs a whole personality change. Every time I hear his voice I cover my ears.

About Halloween Havoc: What a change in cards for WCW. There aren't any big time media stars this time. Hopefully they can keep the hype up for this PPV because from pre-match speculation, its going be good!  I am going to watch it live. It will be the second PPV I have seen live the and 6th overall.

About nWo breakdown; Why is Buff being a momma's boy?  He is so great in the nWo. Why have him leave and why is Mom involved in the angle. And I don't know if you noticed but Scott Steiner sold that move on Buff so much it wasn't even funny!  Sorry for such a short issue but I did not watch much on Nitro.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ThuggBill
Hey, this is Bill Backlund.  Some of you readers may remember me as
DuctTape27, the creator of the Mick Foley Gets His Push and
Ric Flair, Corporate Champion booking plans. I just need to say something briefly: what the hell happened to the booking plans? This newsletter used to contain some of the best armchair booking around; now, it seems like all it is people writing in to complain that "
Austin rules" or "I really wish this Scott Hall thing to end".


Yeah, I know these are all big issues, but what about booking? I
loved the booking plans and they need to start making a comeback.
Come on, folks, let's remember one of the main reasons this newsletter
is around: booking plans. Let's see your ideas on making the
wrestling world a better place. You've got a complaint? Why not tell
what YOU would do? How would YOU have Hulk Hogan retire? How would
YOU get Scott Hall out of this drunkard angle? How would YOU get
Steve Austin to be WWF Champ again? Come on, folks, let's not forget
what the Wrestling Booking Sheet used to be all about. I don't mind
to see your opinions, but let's see a mixture of opinions
AND booking. Now how's that for an
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KGill87358
You know, the whole sad thing about Scott Hall is the fact that it
seems like he keeps getting worse and worse. I was watching Nitro
last night and I saw him running like a fool from Kevin Nash and I
started to think of how much of that really was in the script or how
real was it.


I can't help but comment about it now, I tried not to, but I can't because of some of the other fans comments that they have made, in particular with one fan claiming that kids should not look to wrestlers as role models and instead look to other things. Well, that I do agree with, however, its sad to say, but kids do look at wrestlers or any other athletes for that matter as role models because parents
are really never at home that much to teach their children


Wrestling has changed so much since you or I were kids. I never looked at wrestlers as role models when I was a kid, but then again, I had some adult figure at the time teaching me right or wrong. Now you have
kids saying "Suck It" and other things that I never even said when I
was their age.

Therefore, Wrestling SHOULD not condone these things and use real life
problems for storylines only for the profit of ratings. Look at Hawk for example, he never was drunk, however Vince had him do it just because its "Entertainment". its not entertainment to me at all, in fact its just sad that both organizations (yes, both are fully responsible of this) continue to use real life problems as storylines to further their angles.


You may not care about a wrestler's problems but look at Dana Hall, Scott's ex, she lived through this for years.  Look at the kids that Scott won't even face because of his problems. His children need to look at the good Scott Hall and not the one we all see on TV now. And everyone, please don't just blame WCW for this.  Blame the WWF for it as well for not doing anything about it when it could have been treatable, blame AWA for it as well for not doing anything when Scott went on his drinking binges and god knows what else.


Look at wrestling in general, but most of all, blame Scott Hall for not
only allowing to continue to do these pointless trash he does
now.  But also blame him for not wanting help.  Let's face it, he
doesn't want help right now or else he would have been cured a long
time ago. The fact is let's look at all the possibilities and not
just pinpoint one federation just because right now it seems that WCW
are "The Bad Guys".  Let's blame everyone around Scott for not really
talking to him about this problem and trying to sober him up for real.


What WCW needs to do is realize they are going nowhere with
this.  They need to step up to the plate if they really care about
him because its obvious that Vince never cared about him or else he
would have helped him out too.  I speak to the fans on this, please when you are in the arena for WCW events, let Bischoff know what you really think about this whole mess.


To the people that think this is funny, then there is something sad
about you cause its not funny, its real life.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Lodi6
About Hall,
Everyone is crying about the whole Hall is drunk angle WCW is working
right now, and Hall's wife has been writing all of these letters
about WCW not getting Hall help. its all a load of crap.

Just think, maybe its not up to WCW to help him, maybe Hall doesn't
want help. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Hall was doing the behind
the scenes things that he's doing just to get fired so he can go to
the WWF. He's been acting like this ever since Sean Waltman was fired
by Bischoff (it was a bad move by WCW, but that's not the point here),
if Hall is trying to drink his way out of the company then he's not
going to respond to help. Maybe people like his family and friends
should be the ones trying to help him.  its not like he's going to
listen to someone he doesn't respect like Bischoff.

So here you have Hall, trying to piss Bischoff off enough to fire him
but not wanting to do anything that would let Bischoff sue him for all
he's worth (i.e., ... breach of contract). So he does things like
getting drunk and keying a limo. Obviously WCW doesn't want to let
Hall go because its pretty obvious that the WWF would sign him in a
Titan minute and he would draw even higher ratings for them. They
can't just sit him on the proverbial bench, since that would be a
total waste of millions of dollars. So what is WCW to do? Keep him
under contract and make him look like a drunk on camera while still
getting as much as possible from a disgruntled worker. His
current contract doesn't run out until he's in his mid-40's and by
then it won't really matter if he goes to the WWF.

In this situation this is probably the best thing for WCW to do, even if its not the best for Hall. Why should WCW hurt themselves to help the competition?
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