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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 035

Date:  Thu Oct 15, 1998  5:21 pm

The following news items are directly from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling

All Japan has their annual tag team tournament later this year (the
biggest tag tournament in the world) and the rumors in Japan point
towards Vader being Stan Hansen's partner, with Bart Gunn becoming
Johnny Ace's partner. Meltzer has not been able to independently
confirm this yet.

Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch will be appearing
on the November 20th FMW show.

The Border Patrol regained The NWA Tag Team Championship because of
the belief that both Barry Windham and Tully Blanchard will be
returning to WCW. The Windham story has been discussed; I can't
picture Tully returning at this point. Blanchard retired from active
competition in 1989, and has only wrestled sporadically since. When
Tully left, he was still a great worker. It would be a shame to see
Tully tarnish that great reputation in front of a huge audience.

Steve Williams returns to action at the NWA 50th Anniversary in Cherry
Hill, NJ. incidentally, this show will be headlined by Dan Severn
defending the NWA Championship against Steven Regal.

Meltzer speculates that Raven may become a babyface (fan favorite).

It appears that Barry Windham really does have his release from the
WWF, and look for him in WCW shortly.

Southern Justice was scheduled to win the WWF Tag Team titles on last
weeks Raw, but the plan was scrapped due to Mark Canterbury's injured

The Blue Blazer from Raw this past Monday really was Owen Hart, and
not Phil Lafon, as I speculated.

According to Jerry Lawler, there is almost no chance Jim Carrey will
do any WWF TV or pay per view appearances.

Howard Brody, the President of the NWA, wrote a letter to Meltzer
regarding the rumors of an ECW VS. NWA feud. He admitted that
discussions did take place, but there was never plans to give the NWA
Title to Shane Douglas (based on all the bad blood from 1994). Brody
turned down ECW's offers because ECW was not willing to make any
concessions to put the NWA over in the feud as well. The door is open
if the two sides can come to an agreement, but it appears unlikely
right now.

Vader is telling people that his WWF release does not contain a
non-compete clause, and that he would be free to sign with WCW if he
desired. Neither WCW or Vader are showing much interest in working
with each other, though, so don't expect Vader on Nitro anytime soon.

WCW referee Brian Hildebrand is facing a tough bout with stomach
cancer, and he can use all your positive thoughts. Any positive
energy, whether its well wishes or prayer, would be appreciated.

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LAST ISSUE's Trivia: Saturday Night's MAIN EVENT Trivia!!!
1. In Nov 1987, whose corner was Andre the Giant in VS Hulk Hogan for
the WWF Title?
2. In 1992, what tag team opposed Ric Flair and The Undertaker prior
to WrestleMania 8?
3. Who beat Demolition in 2of3 falls match to win the WWF Tag Team
Titles in late 1989?
4. Who was Hulk Hogan wrestling when he was attacked by Bundy prior
to WM2?
5. What broke out at the end of the WWF Saturday Night's MAIN EVENT
OktoberFest in 1990? (HINT: remember Mean Gene and Lord Alfred Hayes)
3. BRAIN BUSTERS(Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson)
4. Magnificent Muraco
1. Who did Sable FIRST accompany to the ring in the WWF?
2. Who did Sable team with at SummerSlam 1998?
3. What is Sable's real name?
4. At what event did Sable lose to Marc Mero?
5. What three awards did Sable win at the 1997 Slammys?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Playboybw
Just wanted to commit on Windham. I worked a show with him on an Indy
in KY last month and he was far from lazy as he and Dustin Runnels battled all over the building with Windham taking some crazy bumps. In the past few years, yes, Windham had gotten lazy, but had also put on a lot of weight. He has lost that weight now and given the right opponents he could be what he was.
Bryan Wayne
Reader NYGIANTS31 passes on a rumor that the man Paul Bearer
will manage next will be Sid! These Sid rumors pop up every couple
weeks, so don't take it as gospel. Interesting theory, though,
considering Paul Bearer's return Monday night.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Todd Behnke (todd@o...)
As I watched Nitro I was hoping this would happen, but it didn't so I
will tell you what I think should have happened

Version one.....
Scotty Steiner pushes Momma Buff. Buff takes it to Scotty but is
quickly beat down, and Mamma Buff is getting a chair and climbing back
into the ring, Ricky (woof,woof) runs in to make the save, and is nose
to nose with Scotty. Mooma Buff then puts the chair to Ricky from
behind, Buff jumps up and they go to Town. Scott, Buff, and Momma
(now Scott and Buff's manager) stompin on ole Ricky....and BUFF IS

Version two....
Hollywood comes out and says its time to take care of some family
business. Giant, Scotty, Virgil, Adams, Stevie Ray, Liz and Biscoff
are with him in the ring. Tells Buff to get his carcass down to the
ring and bring your mommy with ya. Buff and momma come out looking
all determined like they did on Monday Night. Buff gets in Hogans
face and Scotty gets right in Buffs face. Liz and Biscoff corner off
Momma Buff and kind of keeping her in the corner. Hogan is warning
Buff about messing with the power, and to stay out of his face. Hogan
then starts to give a little history and reminds Buff and the fans
that when Biscoff gave WCW wrestlers the ultimatum to join NWO or be
destroyed that BUFF was the first to jump ship. And that Buff, Like
it or not was NWO 4-Life. Hogan then says if Momma Buff wants to stick
her nose in NWO business then she better wear this (NWO shirt with
MOMMA on the back). Hogan turns to Scotty and says don't ever mess
with Buff Momma again. At that time The GIANT nails Scotty with the
choke slam and the Black and white goes to town on Scotty, with Stevie
Ray holding Scotty, and Hogan encouraging. Buff Momma slaps Scotty

Then here comes Ricky down the Isle at full run and clears the ring.
Scotty is just barely able to stand and sees Ricky saved him. As he
goes to hi five Ricky, Rick nails him with a clothesline and gives him
a a beating. Rick grabs the mic and yells see ya at the pay-per-view,
Big Poppa Chump.

As we go to commercial .. nWo is at the ramp laughing and Scotty in
the center
of the ring laid out.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Jason Siebert (jsiebert)
First off, I would do away with Mongo because he presents no future in
the Horsemen. He looks boring during his matches and also during his
speaches. Booker T needs a chance as a Horsemen. The man has the moves
and mic skills,
especially after he gained the T.V. Title. Booker T looked as though
he was going nowhere after the title, though. I see this as a push for
Booker T.

Second, I would like to see the match with Nash and Hall be a good one
with Nash pulling out the victory. After he is announced as the
winner, Nash is ganged up on by NWO Black and White members. Hall,
getting up from his loss, starts to turn on the NWO members and help
out Nash, therefore turning Nash and Hall into friends and Hall as a
member of the Black and Red.

Third and final is who beats Goldberg. I know that it will probably be
Hogan, trying to boost his popularity, but I think that a ??-Man
Battle Royal should take place on a Nitro, to see who faces Goldberg
on next Nitro. This Battle Royal would bring good entertainment to
Nitro and also turn up a surprising winner, Jericho. Jericho is a man
with both moves and mic skills and could easily carry the
championship. I'm not a Jerichoholic until recently, so don't think
that is the reason for my suggestion. I used
to dislike Jericho before I realized the talent he possessed, and how
hilarious he is.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: HixonCA
I agree that Mongo hasn't improved and would LOVE to see Barry Windham
back in
WCW. However, I do want to make a point about some of the negative
made in the article toward Windham. Its true that he isn't in the
condition he once was and seems to lack his old spark, but can you
REALLY blame him??? In the great wrestling days of 1980's
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling/NWA, Barry was one of the best ring performers
in the business, BUT consistently was screwed over by promoters for
big title pushes and storylines. I would love to know if someone had a
personal vendetta against him or if Barry is a jerk behind the scenes
or what explanation there is for his lack of a push. When "in the
ring" ability meant more than "behind the mike" ability, Barry Windham
was one of the best workers in the sport (Brad Armstrong is another in
this category). Maybe after a certain point, Barry just said "screw
it", because he knew he wouldn't get a fair shake by the bookers.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: hogefan
My topic for today stems around the Jericho/Raven match for the TV
Title. In other forums, I greatly applauded WCW for making Jericho the
TV title holder, as this opens up MANY possible angles for Jericho,
besides always fighting in bad angles with Luchas. Now with Jericho
competing against heavyweights, the possibilities are VERY exciting.

Every good angle has to be believable, and when its complemented with
great mic work from the two parties, it becomes very fun to watch each
week. When you can finish an angle with a great match at a pay per
view, it completes the circle and makes the combatants and the
federation look great. And it makes a pay per view worth the
ridiculous amount of money its asking.

That being said, here you have Chris Jericho, the TV Title holder. If
he's not the best Mic worker and improvisor with the mic, he's
definitely right up there. In addition, Jericho's got great wrestling
skills. He can dish it and take it equally effectively. His
wrestling, mic work, and his character make him one of the best
members of WCW.
Everything I said about Jericho goes the same for Raven. Incredible
mic work, great mat skills. Sells the moves very well. So here you
have two known whiners. Both will take a cheap win. Both will nail you
in the back. Both will tell you like it isn't on the mic. Absolutely
beautiful. A good angle with these guys would have been fantastic.
Start out with Jericho in the ring, talking about beating the shit out
Goldfish. Out comes the smaller Goldberg from the back, making his way
to the ring. Jericho's ready to kick his ass. Just as lil' Goldberg is
about to enter the ring, Raven, sitting in the crowd, jumps the guard
rail and gives the little Goldberg the Evenflow.
Raven takes a mic and enters the ring.

Jericho starts whining about Raven taking Jericho's match time. Raven
says he's sick of guys like Jericho getting undeserving title shots
while he, though he gave Goldberg his best match, doesn't even get a
rematch. Raven says he figures all this BS will probably get Jericho a
title shot, and he's putting a stop to it.

From behind, Lodi hits Jericho with a sign. Obviously, it does
nothing. its cardboard, for Christ's sake. But it gets Jericho's
attention. Jericho whacks Lodi, knocking him through the ropes, and
turns to Raven. Raven gives him the stomach kick, then the Evenflow to
put Jericho out. Raven starts talking smack to Jericho, while Lodi
recovers and starts jumping up and down. Raven Evenflows Lodi, then
goes to slump down in the corner till a commercial break.

For weeks, through Nitros and Thunders, these guys can do run ins, or
do mic work at the top of the ramp while the other is in a match,
trading slings back and forth...These guys have great personality, and
nothing is better than a good heel vs heel angle.

In the PPV, Raven has Jericho beaten. He's about to give Jericho the
Evenflow for the victory, when he sees the Giant running down the
runway. When Giant is about to pass the crowd, Meng steps out and
gives Giant the Tonga deathgrip outta nowhere.
Raven turns around, Jericho's got his title belt in his hands and
tries to nail Raven, but Raven ducks it. As they turn around, Raven
gives Jericho the kick, then the Evenflow for the win. Raven slumps
in his corner, and starts talking and bitching about whatever he
wants. Jericho gets up and starts whining to the refs. Meng gets in
the ring and gives Jericho the death grip. Game, set, match. Raven
now has added another member to his flock: MENG.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Coolayd714
OK people sit back, and listen while Coolayd speaks! First off let
the Scott Hall angle play out. I have a feeling that if you watch it
is going to show him get worse and worse, and show the bad side of
alcoholism. I think they are going to show him go through everything,
get to rock bottom, then seek help. Now as for those Dana Hall letters
on, does anyone really think that a Turner/WcW owned
Website would print something that bashes their organization? Think
about it: they take signs away from people at house shows that say
things like Goldberg sucks. Do you really think they are going to
print those letters which bash everything about their company, unless
they plan to use it for an angle? Also showing pictures of Scott's
kids, and wife? No! This has to do with an angle that will be brought
into WcW if you ask me. I realize this probably sounds like a bunch of
psycho babble, but I had to comment on the situation. It is being
reported that Dana Hall has written a book on Scott. Well, now will we
see her on a future episode of Nitro? Maybe
we should see it on Springer; that is where it should be aired.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: PanAm6191
I think that the perfect tag-team in the WWF could be, I know it
sounds weird, but Gangrel and Mankind. Think about it for one second.
Two scary demons together as a team, there are endless possibilities.
They would be top contenders for the gold and there could be so many
angles that its ridiculous.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Lazyboy54
Thank you for everyone that e-mailed me for the petition to get ECW
on the airwaves. I got many good suggestions. I am writing the letter,
and sending it to the cable companies and the cable stations. Thank
you for your support.
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