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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 037

Date:  Saturday October 17th, 1998  7:46 pm

ECW TV Report
By Tom Misnik (MRECW)
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Hello Once Again Everyone---
Three major events loom large in ECW’s horizons- the first one being this coming Thursday night, October 22nd, and the return of “Thursday Night Hardcore”, this time its to the Bert Flickinger Center in Buffalo NY as its noted that wrestling history will be made this night.

Second is the upcoming release of ECW’s CD- extreme Music, the songs from which are used primarily in this week’s show and of course future ones – the titles and performers are noted on the broadcast so you get your tracks set for your favorites and of course all roads lead to Sunday night, November 1st and the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans and the sixth annual November to Remember, available on PPV - contact your cable company for availability.  For those of you with a DSS system, the PPV will be on USSB channel 905.

Tonight’s TV is the first of two weeks of outstanding action from the
place where it all began: The ECW Arena in
South Philadelphia. We
start off with Jerry Lynn in the ring and he’s about to take on Chris
Candido in a rematch of a match that
Lynn won - some say Jerry got the
win only due to Chris tearing his bicep. Tonight both men are healthy
so we’ll get the rematch.


Candido wants this to be a fair fight and is trying to send Tammy back to the locker room- they get interrupted by Mikey Whipwreck who’s pissed since he thought he was about to fight Jerry Lynn at the Arena and settle their series of 14 matches which is tied at 7-7. Lynn tells Mikey that everyone in ECW has an open contract and wrestle whom they are told to wrestle and that Mikey should get his chunky ass back to the concession stands and get back to selling snow-cones. Mikey then gets the mic back and tells Lynn that he aint done with Mikey Whipwreck as yet. He leaves and then finally after some pleading Chris gets Tammy to head back to the room.

Match and action picks up from last time with the same great moves we
have come to expect from these two-- but all is going good for both
sides until we end up getting some outside interference. Lance Storm
and Tammy Lynn Bytch make the scene and get involved as ref Jim
Molineaux got caught in the mix with Lynn and Candido. Storm holds
Candido and allows the bytch to slap Chris--- all this goes unnoticed
by Sytch and she is out to help her man- jumping on Lance Storms
back (I'll pause so you can all enjoy that mental image for a moment).

Just as Tammy tries to get a WhipperSnapper on Storm he reverses it
and its the Bytch with the loaded pocketbook who smacks Tammy in the
back of the head. Bytch chokes Sytch with the strap on that pocketbook
and then Mikey Whipwreck is back from the concession stand and he is
fighting with Lance Storm. Mikey clotheslines Storm to the outside and
then Bytch comes back with some powder from that purse and gets Mikey
right in the eyes with it.  Mikey gives a Whipper Snapper to the bytch and either blinded or not- one also to Tammy Sytch.  This distracts Chris, allowing Storm to nail Jerry Lynn with a chair, knocking him out  cold and which leaves Tammy to get the pin just as ref Jim Molineaux is able to get up in time to make the count.

The Main event of the sixth annual N2R will be a battle of the Triple
Threats as its going to be Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and Bam Bam
Bigelow taking on Sabu, Taz and Mr. Monday Night.  On last week’s TV
show, it ended with the threats brawling around the building,
highlights are shown now.

A bytchless Lance Storm is out in the ring (brought out to the sounds
of White Zombie’s El Phantasmo) to take on Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van
Dam along with Bill Alfonso- the man who calls it right down the
middle, which I can imagine might be tough since he has three people
to deal with now. Rob’s entrance music is “Walk” by Kilgore. Joey
talks about the noise made by the crowd in support of Mr. Monday Night.
They even have to go so far as to make a new graphic to make sure they
are able to get all of the gold RVD wears has on the chyron.


This also a great match up as its for the ECW television title belt- both men putting on wrestling exhibitions both in ring and out.  Just as Lance is about to put RVD away, he goes to get a chair but Fonsie tries to keep him from taking it, with Storm winning the tug of war.


Storm has the chair but happens to turn around just as RVD comes off the top turnbuckle and he connects with an impromptu VanDaminator.  That didn't end it, though, as Storm kicks out after a 2 count.  Rob then goes up to the other side buckle and hits the frog splash and that allows RVD to continue as the ECW World Television champion.

We come back seeing Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley walking down “a
street in
Buffalo at 3:25 AM” Joel with nothing on his mind but Ben
Franklin (meaning he has a $100 bill on his forehead) how can they be
so confident?  Well, the Dudley Boyz are waiting around the corner.
Buh Buh challenges any of the football teams, frat brothers, anyone to
come down there to Thursday Night Hardcore and take a shot at the
Dudleys, especially since the Dudleys are the baddest of the bad,
toughest of the tough.


Later in the broadcast brings us the lovely Francine, who comments on how everyone at the shows is always yelling to see her body, etc. Well, if someone is tough enough to get her clothes off her, they’re welcome to come down to the show on Thursday or any next weekend and see.

Your television main event is Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible as
Tommy out for revenge. Well this one is an Extreme Death Match, which
in ECW means that more than the usual anything goes.  The match starts out as Credible brings the entourage of Jason, Nicole and Chastity. 


The match starts off between the two but that didn’t last very long. When Justin misses with a chair to Tommy’s face, Chastity connects with
the move and that of course pisses Tommy off, who then connects with
the Spicolli Driver.


Dreamer then goes back after Justin, gets out of an attempted That’s Incredible and that brings out Rod Price, who is to out to help Justin.  Well, after that it brings out John Kronos to help Dreamer, followed by Jack Victory and Mr. Wright.  Then Dreamer’s side has its main stopgap- its New Jack with the trash can full of fun and then takes it all over the Arena with crutches, canes, cookie sheets, muffin pans and more.


Mr. Wright in the wrong place at the right time as he gets it with New Jack’s guitar.  New Jack also celebrates the beginning of hockey season as there is a trash can lid over Victory’s crotch and then New Jack takes a goalie stick and he, well, as Joey put it- oh my God.

Match goes all over the place and spills out near the concession area-
Victory gets nailed into the table where the t shirts are at and Tommy
Dreamer sets up another table on the floor as New Jack makes his way
to the top of the bleachers-- yes the top of the bleachers on that
side and as soon as he checks the velocity and wind levels- he dives
down off of the top level of the bleachers and onto Victory below.


Dr. Marque Allen is right in there to make sure both men are ok and if they can continue: they can and they’ll be back later in the match up.


Back in the ring, The One Man Gang is out to unbalance the sides again and he goes to work on them all.  Wrestling’s true giant killer, Spike Dudley, is out to even up the sides. Spike brings his ladder as well. Well just when it looks like the Gang is going to get his revenge from New Orleans, Spike connects with an Acid Drop through that table set up in the ring and Spike gets the win.


Yes, Spike gets the win, showing you how extreme of a match this was only in ECW can Spike Dudley pin the One Man Gang to get a win in a match announced as between Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer.

Joey Styles summarizes this week’s TV and talks about how great it was and reminds us all that next weeks’ TV show, which emanates again from the ECW Arena and its going to be even more extreme insanity.....


November to Remember ‘98
UNO Lakefront Arena
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 522-5555 or buy tickets online


If you miss this years November to Remember its a regret you’ll never
forget.  Check out for travel packages


Main Event- the Battle of the Triple Threats
Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido w/ Francine take on
Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Taz w/ Bill Alfonso

Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm
- Two referees for this one, Mikey Whipwreck and Tammy Lynn Sytch

Scaffold Match- High Incident
The way to win the match put your opponent off the scaffold and through
the tables in the ring below
Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Victory


Plus more matches to be announced.


Mentioning that if you turn the standings upside down it looks like
the Rangers are in first place.... this is Tom Misnk, “Mr ECW”
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: DXPACHYNAO
First off, I think this newsletter rocks. It really brings out all
the info to the fans and has the fans have the opportunity of adding
their two cents to what is going on. But what I really like about
this newsletter is the booking sheets. I love the WWF and what is
going on now with the big storyline concerning
Austin is real
exciting. Now I would like to take this opportunity and continue the
storyline the way I feel would be the most interesting, so here it goes.

10/18 Sunday Night Heat
It is just pretty much a preview of what to see in the PPV, along with
some small hyped up matches. Triple H gives the IC title to Shamrock but
Shamrock starts attacking him after he gets the IC title. Suddenly
HBK comes out and gives a chair shot to Shamrock and saves Triple H.
Meanwhile, Michael Cole gets word from the locker room that someone
special is in the building, someone from the past, someone that is
bound to bring up a lot of noise.

10/18 WWF Judgment Day
Mankind beats Shamrock for the IC belt. The Headbangers beat the New
Age Outlaws after Bad Ass turns on Road Dog.  X-Pac beats D-lo for the
European Title.

For the main event, Kane first enters the ring, followed by the
Undertaker. The two brothers stare at each other, but not for too
long as the sound of breaking glass is heard and Stone Cold Steve
Austin enters the ring wearing a referee shirt and the fans go wild as
usual.  For most of the match
Austin remains neutral, being an impartial ref like he should be. Kane and the Undertaker switch advantages several times. Both attempt pins on each other but only receive two counts. The action goes outside the ring, where Kane hits the Undertaker with chairs and hits him down on the pavement. The action returns to the ring. Suddenly, Vince McMahon and his cronies enter the aisle and stay near the entrance of the ramp looking on.

Commissioner Slaughter has a piece of paper in his hands,
Austin's WWF
contract, and a lighter in the other hand. Back in the ring Kane
gets distracted when from the crowd comes Paul Bearer, as he stays on
the outside of the ring, not giving any facial expression to Kane at
all. While this is happening The Undertaker takes the advantage and
puts a chokeslam on Kane, and then gives Kane a tombstone piledriver.


The Undertaker goes for the pin. Austin counts 1, 2, 3. The bell sounds.  Vince McMahon has his eyes very interested on what Austin is going to do next. The Undertaker and Austin eye each other. Austin goes to the side of the ring, gets the belt, and walk back in front of
Austin first hesitates, but then offers to shake the
Undertaker's hand. The Undertaker accepts, but when the Undertaker's
hand is in the palm of
Austin's, Austin grabs the Undertaker's hand turns it around to the middle finger and makes it show "the bird" to the Undertaker, using his hand.


The Undertaker is distracted for a second and Austin gives him the stunner. Austin then looks at McMahon, who looks at Slaughter to burn the contract. But as soon as he starts to burn it, from behind comes out Mike Tyson. Attacking Slaughter, then Brisco and Patterson, then grabbing the contract and going to the ring and giving it to Austin. Austin is a bit confused by this but accepts the contract.


Meanwhile, The Undertaker and Kane are starting to come to. Austin
and Tyson notice and all four of them get into one huge brawl. Austin and Tyson on one side, the brothers on the other. Paul Bearer quickly grabs the belt and the contract and walks out of the arena with both items with McMahon sitting in his wheelchair, furious as hell as the PPV goes off the air.

10/19 RAW IS WAR The night after
Even before the RAW introduction can begin, Paul Bearer is seen with
someone as they enter the arena. We're not sure who he is because he is covered up by a blanket. Paul Bearer is also carrying a brief case
with him. Fireworks go off and then McMahon comes out with his
cronies as a bunch of police officers and The Big Boss Man surround the
ring for protection. McMahon with the mike asks for Mike Tyson to come out. Tyson comes out with his old theme that he used temporarily back in March for WMXIV. McMahon asks him angrily why he prevented the contract from getting burned. Tyson replies by saying that he is The Baddest Man on the Planet and that
Austin is the toughest SOB in the WWF and that back at Wrestlemania, the two had an understanding that they were being tough and bad, but not getting respected by the bosses that run the companies.

So, Tyson says that he had no reason why he shouldn't have helped
Austin. The sound of the breaking glass is heard and Austin comes out
and says that "Tyson hit the nail right on the head" McMahon says to
Tyson that he stuck his nose where it shouldn't belong and so tonight
he would have to pay the consequences. He looks toward the ramp and
HBK comes out with the sexy boy music. HBK states that he was very
upset with Tyson for turning on him at Wrestlemania. McMahon says that
tonight in this very ring, Tyson and Austin will have a tag team match
against HBK and The Big Boss
Man.  After tonight Tyson, we'll see
if you still think you are the baddest man on the planet, HBK says. The
sexy boy music plays as everyone leaves the ring during the commercial.

Later, Triple H, X-Pac with his Euro Championship, Chyna, and Road Dog come
out and they call out Bad Ass. Triple H says that for turning on Road Dog and the rest of DX, Bad Ass is fired. Bad Ass says that Triple H couldn't fire him because he quits. Suddenly, Bart Gunn comes from the crowd and attacks X-Pac and Road Dog. The two Gunns come together and tell Triple H that they have four words for him and DX “Smokin’ Gunns are back”.


As War-Zone is about to begin, McMahon and his cronies return and call out Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer comes out with his briefcase.  McMahon ask where Austin's contract and the WWF Championship is.  Bearer says that the two items are all in the briefcase and he opens it up to show McMahon. Vince attempts to grab it but Bearer takes it away. Bearer says "no no". McMahon asks why he was on RAW last week and last night at the MAIN EVENT. Bearer says that he was angry, furious that Kane had betrayed his own father, and that he has brought someone, his new, adopted son, to teach him a lesson. He says that he should have the title of being the toughest SOB in the WWF and that Austin's contract should belong to him and that he should be the Champion.


McMahon listens with interest and says: "Well, Mr Bearer, why doesn't he prove it tonight? Tonight, why not let Bearer's "adopted son" take on both the Undertaker and Kane for the WWF Championship tonight? Bearer agrees.  McMahon also says whoever wins tonight will have to face the number one contender, The Rock, for the WWF title at Survivor Series. So two MAIN EVENTS are set up for the night.

MAIN EVENT # 1 Stone Cold Steve Austin & Iron Mike Tyson vs. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels & The Big Boss Man
The Sexy boy comes out with The Big Boss Man. Suddenly the sound of glass breaking is heard and Austin and Tyson come out. It is an interesting match; Tyson and HBK start off the action. Tyson is perplexing the wrestlers with some great boxing like moves.


HBK tags in The Boss Man and he goes right at Tyson and attacks. Tyson gets back, takes the advantage and tags Austin.  Austin goes right up to The Boss Man but is manhandled as well. HBK and Boss Man team up on Austin and double clotheslines The Rattlesnake. Boss Man goes for the count, but its only a 2 count. HBK takes on Austin by himself but Austin finds his back that is still quite sore and start hitting with fury.


Tyson gets tagged in and attempts to attack HBK from the turnbuckle but misses, yet he is quickly able to tag Austin. Austin quickly gets at HBK just in time before HBK can tag Boss Man. Austin gives him The Stunner and then stuns The Boss Man and pins HBK. 1, 2, & 3. Austin and Tyson win the match.

Main Event #2 For the World Wrestling Federation Championship
The Undertaker (Champion) vs. Kane vs. Bearer's "adopted son", Triple Threat Rules.
The Undertaker and Kane come out separately.  Then, the arena's lights
are dimmed and a somewhat familiar theme is played. its PSYCHO
with Paul Bearer next to him. Sid gets into the ring quickly and attacks both Kane and The Undertaker while Bearer is smiling.


The Undertaker and Kane try all their luck to have some control over Sid but Sid is just too strong. Sid goes so crazy that he accidentally knocks the ref out cold. Sid is almost ready to go for a pin on the Undertaker with Kane already busted up bad, when Austin runs out, gives two fast punches on Paul Bearer and then goes out into the ring and attacks Sid.


The brawl between Sid and Austin is taken outside the ring. The Undertaker finally is getting up, looks at Kane and goes for the pin.
The ref slowly comes too and barely makes a slow three count. The
Undertaker is still the WWF Champion, setting up a Survivor Series
Championship match with the Rock.

Sunday Night Heat 10/25
McMahon comes out with his cronies towards the end of the show.  He calls out Sid and Austin to come out and they do so. The fans go
wild for both.
Austin tells Sid that he doesn't want some piece of
trash to be trying to copy
Austin, referring to Sid. McMahon demands
Austin's contract back from Paul Bearer.


Paul Bearer opens his brief case and gives McMahon the contract; McMahon tells Austin that he hates his guts and that he hopes he rots in hell. Austin has a facial expression of "tell me something I don't know".  McMahon says to Austin that only his wrestling skills and ability are the positive points for Austin.  Still, he knows that Sid, has those capabilities as well.


McMahon issues a match for Survivor Series saying that if Austin beats Sid, he can stay in the WWF and the contract will be put away in a safe
place.  If
Austin loses, this time, for sure, Austin's contract will be torn up and he will be fired and Sid will take the place of Austin as being the toughest SOB in the WWF.

I think that this could be a good way of letting
Austin have a new
feud for a change besides always beating on Kane and the Undertaker.
Vice Versa for the demonic duo. Besides, Austin and Sid in '97 were
two big superstars that never quite made it to a huge match at a big
Pay Per View. Then again, its just what I feel should happen.
Call up the Inside Pro Wrestling Hotline at 1-800-466-9222 and then
enter extension 8515#. its a toll free call, free from the garbage
that the 1-900 lines give out. PWK, Havoc, and the Loose Cannon will
give you all of the updates on the line before 8 PM eastern time. its
a fast and easy way to get free wrestling news.
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