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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 039

Date:  Sunday October 18th, 1998  8:50 pm

INYH Judgment Day Results, Three Title Changes!!!!!!!
Yeerk87 was the helpful pal who sent me these results; he has
a newsletter of his own; e-mail him for your free subscription

Al Snow pinned Marc Mero
LOD 2000 & Droz defeated DOA & Paul Ellering
Christian pinned Taka Michinoku to win the Light Heavyweight Championship
Goldust pinned Val Venis
X-Pac defeated D-Lo Brown to win The European Championship
The Headbangers defeated The New Age Outlaws by DQ
Ken Shamrock defeated Mankind
Mark Henry defeated The Rock
Steve Austin double pinned both The Undertaker and Kane and crowned
himself The New WWF Champion; details on tomorrow night's Raw.
McMahon proceeded to "fire"
Sunday Night Heat Report for
October 18th, 1998
By Steve Appy Heat was live this week an hour before WWF Judgment Day. The main
theme for the PPV seems to be that
Austin has to crown a champion;
this is getting much more focus than The Undertaker VS. Kane match.
Jim Cornette and Shane McMahon provided commentary.

Steve Blackman pinned Bradshaw in 2:59
Blackman went on the quick offense but Bradshaw took the advantage
with some power moves. While neither man is much of a worker
Blackman looks to have a decent future. After Blackman pinned
Bradshaw after a kick, the Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) jumped in the ring
and attacked Blackman. This doesn't seem like a step up for Hart.

Paul Bearer was shown to be in the arena. What will be his role later
tonight? Will he return with Kane, or will he debut a new superstar?

Golga, Kurrigan & Giant Silva (w/ The ICP & Luna) defeated Los
Barricus in
A clip was shown of Golga training one of the ICP to wrestle; it was
not acknowledged that they have already wrestled in the past. This
was the first time I've seen Silva wrestle but he was in there too short a time to gauge his abilities. After the match, The Headbangers came to ringside and attacked ICP. The New Age Outlaws made the save.

The Godfather (w/ 2 Ho's) pinned Faarooq in
At least the Ho's were attractive this time.
Kama offered Faarooq the
Ho's if he would walk away from the match.
Kama claimed some of the
best Ho's who ever live in
Chicago (I feel silly even writing this). The Godfather was actually pretty good on the mike.


Faarooq pretended he would go for it but then nailed Kama. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry watched the match from ringside without getting involved. After the match, Brown & Henry beat up both Faarooq and The Godfather. The Rock made the save. No reason was given as to why The NOD beat up The Godfather also. With Faarooq losing clean to Kama it really appears his stock has fallen.

After the match, The Jackyl approached Faarooq and they left
together. I guess Faarooq may turn heel again but this time without
the NOD.

Val Venis joined Shane & Cornette at ringside. All he did is make all
kinds of sexual references to Goldust. Venis wasn't as funny as usual.

Michael Cole asked Paul Bearer why he was at the arena. He feigned
ignorance, and claimed not to have an ulterior motive.

Scorpio pinned Jeff Jarrett in 3:43
Venis was still providing commentary. Goldust's movie usher came to
ringside and gave Venis a gold colored Jock supporter. Venis stormed
off in a huff. The match was merely a backdrop to the commentary.
Scorpio accidentally knocked out the ref. Al Snow came to ringside and
placed The Head in the back of the ref's pants. When Jarrett saw the
Head he got so distracted Scorpio was able to roll him up for the
victory. While it was nice to see Scorpio get a victory, this whole
angle was just lame. First off, Jarrett is the wrong guy to help Snow
get over. Second, the whole sequence looked even worse than it sounds.

Steve Austin arrived at the arena. He was prohibited from entering
the area for the wrestlers, and was forced into a separate area. I
imagine he'll kick somebody's ass before the show is over.

Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock walked to the ring. I think
Shamrock will get over big as a heel. Triple H (on crutches and with X-Pac
& Chyna) hobbled to ringside to present the IC Belt to Shamrock.
Austin was shown watching the scene on a monitor. Sgt. Slaughter
ordered X-Pac and Chyna back to the dressing room, and they
reluctantly complied. Pat Patterson was introduced as the first IC

In a move that must have made Shamrock thrilled, Patterson claimed
that Shamrock reminded him of himself when he was younger. Bad
comparison. Shamrock would make the perfect "Corporate" Champion,
wouldn't he? Triple H ended up handing over the title and when he was
safely out of the ring he told Shamrock to "Suck It!". I was
positive Shamrock would destroy Triple H at some point tonight.

Shamrock found Triple H backstage, and he slammed a door on Triple H's injured
leg. I knew it had to happen. McMahon, with The Big Boss Man, did an
interview from his wheelchair. Vince made a big deal that EVERYONE
compromises their ethics once in a while for their bosses.
Austin was
shown backstage going nuts, tearing the place apart. The theme is:
Austin better do what Vince says, or else he's fired!

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Plato4Life
I'd just like to comment on WCW Saturday Night. I noticed in the
vs. Kidman match that there was proof of WCW copying WWF. Lenny
took off
his knee pad, and get this, did a People's leg drop. With the
motion's the Rock does and everything. Just wanted to point that out.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: MTruck1
I was watching an Starcade '88 and the Main Event was the Flair/Luger
rematch.  The NWA knew how to put on great matches and during that match Jim Ross stated that it is a NWA Wrestling crowd. That stuck in me because in the NWA there was no fancy lights, no pyros, just good wrestling. The crowd came to watch wrestling and that is what they got. I long for days of the NWA wrestling crowd wanting action and getting it. A 2 hour tape has more action then RAW/Nitro/Thunder put together and it is better wrestling.


I long for the days of action, action, action and not whining little brats who talk and talk! I became a WCW/NWA fan in '90 before the NWO, before Hogan, heck before WCW Saturday Night. I watched the old WCW Saturday Show and their Pay-Per-Views were worth getting. But since then they have lost a lot of the fire and the reason I think people watch RAW more is because there is just as much talk but their talk is more interesting. Nitro beat RAW not because of the NWO but because they had wrestling. Nitro never use to cut in the middle of a match but now they are worse then the WWF. I'm still a WCW fan only because I hope one day that Bischoff will stumble on the Old tapes and realize why they have crowds today!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: PHENOM917
They need one thing above all else in WCW, and that's a good
tournament, or anything that could get the fans to watch. I'd like to
see a TV title tournament. Here's the bracket I would have:
Match 1: Dean Malenko v.s. Saturn
Match 2: Juventud Guerrera v.s. Fit Finley
Match 3: Booker T v.s. Chris Benoit
Match 4: Disco Inferno v.s. Raven
Match 5: K-Dawg v.s. Eddie Guerrero
Match 6: Rey Mysterio, Jr. v.s. Kanyon
Match 7: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. v.s.Alex Wright
Match 8: Chris Jericho v.s. Stevie Ray
I think this tournament would be a good idea for many reasons. First
of all, it would be great because the TV title isn't getting the
attention it deserves, and this tournament would be perfect to show
how much the wrestlers want it. Also, some of these men work very
well together. We all remember the classic matches between Booker T
and Chris Benoit, and in matches, Dean Malenko works well with almost
anyone, especially Chris Jericho (and might I add, I'd love to see
them fight one last time, maybe even in the final match.) Plus, what
most people don't remember is that the whole TV title business started
with Booker T and Stevie Ray.

Booker T had the injury and Stevie claimed to have the rights to hold
the gold. Many times, Chavo proved that Stevie had NO RIGHT
whatsoever and with a little help from the Giant,
Jericho won the
gold from Stevie. It would be great if they could finally continue
that saga. Finally, everyone knows these men. They all have held
gold in the past or have had gold-like status. Most of them have held
the TV title.


People would watch this tournament, believe me. Someone send this to
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Nathan West (BossBlues1)
Here is my idea for WCW's Upcoming World War 3 Pay Per View.


World War 3:
1. Wrath vs. Curt Hennig:
-I'd build this up briefly before World War 3 by giving Wrath an upset
(or at least book it as an upset) win over the returning Curt Hennig.
Curt Hennig did wonders for Bill Goldberg's push by showing frustration over the winning streak. He could do something similar here. I'd have Curt Hennig pull out the narrow win cheaply here only to lose to Wrath again at Starrcade. Curt Hennig wins via pinfall.

2. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Eddie Guerrerovs. Scott Steiner & Rick
-This match should be ordered by Eric Bischoff. A good angle would be
to have Bischoff go power-mad in the next few weeks resulting in his arrest.  Vince McMahon did this a little bit, but not as much as he should have. I'd have Bischoff play this up, giving penalties to whoever even looked at him the wrong way, Dean Malenko, Rick Steiner, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Eddie Guerrerowould be prime guys to start on.


As for the match, I'd hint at a Rick Steiner heel turn, but make it seem like he's only going along with this to save his job. Chavo Guerrero should go even farther off the deep end with all his stresses, and end up winning the match with shocking intensity. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Eddie Guerrerowin via pinfall when Chavo pins Scott Steiner.

3. Saturn vs. Chris Jericho (TV TITLE MATCH)
-Chris Jericho should start to piss a lot more people off than he's
been doing. Bill Goldberg and JJ. Dillon don't cut it for people to
feud with right now. I'd also have Saturn form quasi-alliances with
The Sandman and Billy Kidman. There really aren't enough of these in
wrestling anymore. Not gang members, not Tag partners or stable mates, just guys you can call on if you need trouble.


Alliances like these make for a LOT easier heel-face turns. However,
Chris Jericho should be primed for the United States Title, meaning he
needs to hold onto the TV Strap for a month or so longer. Have The
Giant help out
Jericho by taking out Saturn. They never continued that
angle, and I liked the idea of a relationship between The Giant and
Jericho. This could also set up The Giant vs. Saturn for Starrcade. If
The Giant is leaving for the WWF, Saturn is the perfect guy to job him out to.  Chris Jericho wins via submission.

4. Dean Malenko vs. Scott Norton (IWGP TITLE MATCH)
-Scott Norton should be the next step up the ladder for Dean Malenko
on Bischoff's Bounty List. Malenko is far superior to Norton in almost
every way, but I doubt WCW has the power to book IWGP Title changes.
Anyway, for the match Dean Malenko would get Norton in the
Cloverleaf, but Eric Bischoff (who should be surrounded by NWO
Security) would distract the ref. This would prompt the IV Horseman to
come down to the ring and beat the tar out of Uncle Eric's boys.
During the wild melee on the outside, Scott Norton taps out to the
Texas Cloverleaf. Dean Malenko is awarded the belt, but Eric Bischoff
reverses the decision at the last second. Scott Norton retains the
IWGP World Title.

-Personally I would've booked The Sandman, Billy Kidman & Saturn vs.
Raven, Lodi & Kanyon at Halloween Havoc, but that didn't happen. Anyways, let's assume The Sandman gets involved at Havoc. Billy Kidman vs. Raven would bring down the house no doubt. I'd continue the angle with Raven's losing streak and have Kidman pull off the major upset here. Billy Kidman wins via pinfall.


Side note... Lodi should make a run at the WCW Cruiserweight Title. Him being in title contention could be downright hilarious.  Don’t have him WIN the belt yet, but the exposure would be good for him.

6. Sting, Lex Luger & Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall, The Giant & Hulk Hogan
First and foremost, Hogan sucks. Anyways, the match should start
off with Scott Hall no-showing. It should not be speculated on, or
anything else, he just shouldn't show up. Sting, Lex Luger, and
Kevin Nash beat the tar out of Hogan and The Giant but they mount a
comeback when Lex Luger is knocked out of the match and taken away on
a stretcher. The match continues as Sting and The Giant brawl out of
the ring. Sting and The Giant just about take themselves out of the
contest with some fierce brawling. Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan are
basically set for a singles match in the middle of the ring.

-Right when Nash and Hogan are about to hook it up, Scott Hall
stumbles down the aisle with a drink in his hand. Eric Bischoff runs out behind him, trying to stop him on his way to the ring. Hall proceeds to the ring saying "I came here to work... ok?".


Bischoff follows him. Kevin Nash is ready to take on both Hall and Hogan when suddenly Hall (soberly) tosses his drink in Eric Bischoff's face, punches him in the stomach and picks him up for The Outsider Edge. While Hollywood Hogan is trying to help Bischoff with Hall, Nash nails Hogan with a chair and puts him in the Jacknife Powerbomb. With both Eric and Hollywood laid out, Scott Hall begins to make a speech about his drinking problems. Nothing too much, he basically just apologizes to everyone and says that he's going to get help, and asks for forgiveness from everybody. The match ends in a No Contest.

7. Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit (UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH)
-Bret Hart loses via DQ to Chris Benoit, only to go on to drop the
strap at Starrcade to The Crippler. As for angles, they play up the
fact that Chris Benoits never won a title in WCW. Also, in this match
Steve McMichael shows his true colors as he costs Chris Benoit the
title. Basically when the referee is down, and Chris Benoit is
starting to make a comeback, Steve McMichael slides a chair into the
ring and then leaves immediately. Bret Hart of course gets ahold of it
first and then makes a gesture towards McMichael as he's leaving. This
would play up in perfect Bret Hart fashion in the week to come because
nobody trusts him at all.


Side note... Bret Hart should be the first person to beat Bill Goldberg (at Superbrawl). Bret Hart is almost a perfect World Champion. He can still work a great match, he can still get great heat, and he's always willing to work with (and if necessary job to) the younger talent.

8. 60-Man Battle Royal:
-Different stipulations this year. Have Scott Hall and The Giant
vacate the WCW World Tag Team Titles, and tie it around Scott Hall's
angle. Like I mentioned above, World War 3 will end Hall's angle and
give him time off TV to get some help. JJ. Dillon declares that with
the upcoming World War 3 Battle Royal, the winner may choose his
partner to hold the WCW World Tag Team Titles.


Anyways, Booker T wins the 60-Man Battle Royal en route to a MAJOR comeback and push towards the United States and World Titles. Booker T is presented the belts the next night on Nitro, when NWO music plays. Out comes Stevie Ray and he demands his belt. Booker T reluctantly gives it to him and already there's some fireworks. The angle that culminates in that Stevie Ray and Booker T haven't tagged in almost a full year and they've grown apart. Stevie Ray remains NWO and tries to recruit Booker T, who has solid WCW roots. They should end up jobbing the belts at Souled Out 99', only to finally lock up at Superbrawl.

9. Bill Goldberg vs. The Warrior (WORLD TITLE MATCH)
-If I were in charge, I'd make sure WCW got its money's worth out of
The Warrior. Somehow I serious doubt they've gotten millions of
dollars out of those stupid O.W.N T-Shirts. Anyways, have The
Warrior play the same character he is now, except ham it up a little
bit and tell off the fans a little bit more. WCW fans naturally hate
this guy. its exactly what happened to Hogan when he came to WCW.
Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Flair, Booker T, Arn Anderson, and a few others
will always be welcome in WCW. When guys like Hogan, The Warrior, and
Roddy Piper come in they get booed sometimes. As for the match itself, Bill Goldberg wins via pinfall over The Warrior.


Side note: Consider re-signing The Warrior to have him run the gammit of jobs to WCW Company guys. Flair, Savage, Booker T, DDP, Luger, Sting, Benoit, and even the retired Arn Anderson should beat this guy before he's run out of town and back to the Batcave.
-Nathan West

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