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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 040

Date:  Monday October 19th, 1998  11:16 pm

WCW Nitro Report for October 19th, 1998
By Steve Appy The show opened with clips of last weeks Flair/Bischoff confrontation.
Not that I'd be bothered, but it would be stupid to make that angle
the focus of this weeks show. Halloween Havoc is this weekend and the
main angles for the show have to focus on Warrior/Hogan and

Saturn pinned Kenny Chaos
While Saturn can look great against the right opponent, Choas is not
that opponent. Khaos was given a little more offense than I expected.
Saturn scored the pin after delivering the Death Valley Driver.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Ernest "The Cat" Miller.

Miller ran Okerlund out of the ring. Miller does almost as bad an interview as he does a wrestling match. He challenged ANYBODY to come to the ring, and a fan stormed the ring. Bad idea using fans for angles. The "fan" was let into the ring, and Miller kicked his ass. This was a fake fan and was really a plant. Every time they do angles like this more and more fans think its cool to jump the railing.

That said Miller also looked like a big wimp, jumping a "fan" from
behind. His Karate looks much more like ballet than the martial arts.

Scott Steiner delivered another taped black and white interview. I
hate to say it but it actually was a pretty good interview. Scott
would be in the running for Most Improved Interview of the year;
unfortunately, this once solid worker has seen his wrestling ability go
downhill for the last three years.

Right now its
8:30 and there's only been one match. WCW really
packs the first hour with highlights of their major angles, trying to
put them on when their biggest audience is watching.

Psychosis, Ciclope, Hector Garza, and El Dandy (the LwO) defeated La
Parka, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Lizmark Jr., and Damian
I hate this LwO angle. Not that the wrestlers are bad; in fact, they
are great. Eddie Guerreroand Psychosis are two of the best workers in
US (Guerrero the world). Still, you can't just throw them all together and expect them to get over. About six consecutive missed dives were attempted by both sides. A million high spots with very little psychology.  Psychosis pinned Damian. "The New Godfather", Eddie Guerrero, entered the ring after the ring and gave La Parka an LwO shirt. La Parka, run the other way. Chavo was angry that he wasn't offered a shirt. Chavo should be thrilled, actually.

Kanyon pinned Scott Putski
Boring match; nobody cares TOO much about Kanyon yet, and NOBODY likes
watching Putski. Putski was given some offense but none of it looked
good. Kanyon dropped Putski on his face on the ring apron; this
looked kind of cool. It is nice to see a heavyweight like Kanyon
performing such innovative maneuvers. Usually the real cool moves are
just done by the Cruiserweights. Kanyon pinned Putski after The

Scott Steiner did a live interview. Steiner really is better suited
for those taped spots. The Rick/Scott feud doesn't mean very much
anymore and Rick pales in comparison to Buff Bagwell.  Scott called Judy Bagwell a tramp, prompting Rick to come to the ring and challenge his brother.

Rick ended up jumping Scott and he pounded him all over the ring.
Scott took the advantage after a low blow delivered on his brother.
Scott was going to hit Rick with a chair until Buff made the save.
It would have been interesting to see the reaction Rick and Buff would
have towards each other after this; remember, their characters are
enemies, Scott or no Scott.

A highlight video of The Nitro Girls was shown. WCW's weak response to the WWF's T & A show.

David "Fit" Finlay pinned Davey Boy Smith
After some back and forth action the referee was knocked out. Alex
Wright jumped into the ring and knocked The Bulldog out; Finlay then
Tombstoned Smith for the pin. Finlay then attacked Wright as well.

TV Champion Chris Jericho (w/ an out of shape bodyguard) challenged an
absent Goldberg to a title match.
Jericho called Goldberg "Greenberg". After Jericho ripped on DDP, Page confronted Jericho and challenged him to a match later tonight. Both Jericho and DDP got their personalities over very well; DDP really did seem like a badass.

Scott Hall was shown in a bar watching the show. Here we go again.

Wrath pinned
Tokyo Magnum
Wrath was on offense virtually the entire match. Total squash. Wrath
won after The Meltdown.

A clip was shown from earlier tonight of Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell
shaking hands, with Buff throwing his nWo shirt into the crowd.
Although I'm glad they showed it (continuity rockes), it seemed too easy that they would put their bad feelings aside that easily.

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Alex Wright &
Disco Inferno when Benoit made Disco submit to the Crossface
Silver King and Super Calo were scheduled to face Wright & Disco but
the Luchadors stepped aside for the Horseman. Bischoff ran to the
announcer's booth and claimed The Luchadors and Horseman were in
breach of contract for wrestling an unscheduled match. Malenko hit a
nice dropkick on Disco. Okay match; it was GREAT to see the Horseman
in the ring, though. Besides being Horseman, Malenko and Benoit are
two of the best wrestlers in the world! Bischoff called Arn Anderson
a fat piece of garbage. I'd love to see Arn kick Bischoff's ass, and
not just in a wrestling storyline.

Scott Hall was shown "charming'" some local females in the bar. Hall is doing a great job of appearing pathetic (I don't want to restart the debate regarding how much of it is real; Hall is definitely making it look real, though).

TV Champion Chris Jericho defeated Diamond Dallas Page via DQ
Two solid workers.
Jericho is elevated being in a hyped match against
DDP.  DDP may not be a great worker but his timing is great.
Jericho almost locked DDP into The Lion Tamer but Page kicked out. All of a sudden Goldberg stormed the ring and speared Jericho. DDP was pissed that Goldberg interfered in his match and a pull apart brawl ensued. The first real angle to set up their title match, and it does add a little heat to their encounter.

Scott Hall was once again shown in the bar, looking bombed at this

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Kidman wrestled Rey Mysterio Jr. to a draw.
Two of the best. Rey is one of the best around and Kidman is well on his way to reaching that level. Mysterio had been out of action since
August. The two just didn't click together the way I hoped. Not as
many high spots as I expected; this was much more of a WRESTLING
contest than I expected. Was this due to Mysterio's recovering knee?
Rey finally nailed Kidman with a somersault over the top rope on to
the floor. Rey hit a Thesz Press off the top rope across the ring.
This match was given a huge time block, probably in the hope of a
classic. Mysterio pulled a Frankensteiner off the top rope onto
Kidman. At this point, the match heated up. Out of nowhere, the time
limit expired.

Good match, and given the chance to work together again, they may put
on a classic four **** showdown.

Gene Okerlund introduced the mayor of
Minneapolis to a chorus of boos.
Bobby Heenan joked that he could be the mayor of that town. Kirby
Puckett and John Randall joined the mayor in the ring. Ric Flair was
then welcomed to the ring as a hometown boy.

The Mayor of Minneapolis declared the day to be Ric Flair day, which
of course brought Eric Bischoff out. The mayor told Bischoff off and
then Randall & Puckett stared Bischoff down. The head of security
then threw Bischoff out of the arena.

Flair really is coming off as the friend of the rich and famous;
Bischoff's limo was then towed by security. With any luck he'll be
gone the rest of the show.

Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, & Konnan wrestled Scott Hall, Stevie Ray, and
IWGP World Heayweight Champion Scott Norton to a No Contest
Hall looked VERY drunk walking to the ring, causing Stevie Ray &
Norton to look disgusted. Nash didn't accompany his team to the ring
and then wandered around backstage looking VERY drunk himself. Nash
slowly made his way to the ring. Luger and Konnan looked perplexed by
Nash's actions. All four sober wrestlers looked disgusted at the

After both Nash and Hall were tagged in, they performed a little
drunken dance. They looked to be on the verge of reuniting. Then
Nash struck! Turns out the story was that he was faking his intoxication and a high kick shoved Hall's "drink" into Scott's face. Although I hate angles like this, I do give Nash credit for coming across as a realistic drunk (for whatever it is worth).

Hogan was supposed to be proving some strange point by beating on his
nephew Horace. Horace claimed his real name is Horace "Hogan"; Horace
is the son of Hogan's dead brother. After emphasizing how much Hogan
loved his dead brother, Hogan and the nWo beat the hell out of Horace.
This really gets Hogan over as a heel. If this was real life it would make Hogan one of the more despicable men alive.  This was all a message to The Warrior, with the intention of proving what a dirty fighter he is.

Hogan began arguing with The Giant (it was impossible to tell about
what). The Warrior then charged the ring and destroyed the entire nWo
with a baseball bat. After a distraction, The Giant was able to
chokeslam The Warrior. At this point, Hogan began beating on The

The Horace aspect was a good angle; The Warrior portion fell flat.

US Champion Bret Hart defeated Sting via DQ
Hart ripped on Sting until The Stinger stormed the ring. Just a
brawl, and not as good of one as the backstage brawl two weeks ago.
Sting applied The Scorpion but Hart reached the ropes. At this point
Sting refused to release the hold and he was disqualified. He still refused to release the hold until backstage officials, Stevie Ray, and
Vincent forced him to let Hart go. Sting gave Vincent the Scorpion
Death Drop for good measure. The main point is: What kind of shape
will Hart be in Sunday?

My name is DieHard Derek Gordon, host/producer of the ...And Justice
For Brawl show and Tuesday voice on the official WCW/NWO Hotline.

The ...And Justice For Brawl show is now moving to a new time slot to
be aired prime time around the
United States. Starting October 20th,

the show will now be live from 8pm -9:30pm EST.

DieHard Derek Gordon
Host/Producer ...And Justice For Brawl
Pseudo Programs Inc/
Tuesdays 8pm -9:30pm EST
Offical WCW/NWO Hotline 900.909.9900

Well , it seems as if World Championship Wrestling wants to play
hardball with their own employees. But when they issue DieHard Derek
Gordon a challenge, sometimes they may just cross the line!

Over the last few weeks, THOUSANDS of emails have flooded the ...And
Justice For Brawl mailbox begging DieHard to book a member of the FOUR
HORSEMEN, to discuss the current issues concerning the works and shoots of ERIC BISHOFF!  Due to legal standpoints, Ric Flair has opted to remain silent for a limited time. But one man is preparing to step to the plate and answer ALL questions! That man being, THE ENFORCER ARN ANDERSON!

But as I mentioned, Eric Bishoff has put the strangle hold on the
appearance and fan interaction of THE ENFORCER. Believe it or not, but
there is a real life stipulation!

Apparently the powers that be in WCW will ONLY allow ARN ANDERSON to
appear on ...And Justice For Brawl if the PROPER fan support is shown!
Can you believe what the suits have come to be????? Anyway, I did my best to live by my name, DIEHARD, and I didn't go down without a fight! Rather than let the million dollar suits put the muscle me around, I was able to negotiate a compromise!

WCW is willing to acknowledge two lucky winners in a special contest to get ARN ANDERSON on the ...AND JUSTICE FOR BRAWL show. But in order for the fans around the world to take part in it, they must follow very simple rules!

WCW has built a dummy email account for a period of time. This account
is to determine the feedback in fan response! The officials of WCW have come up with ONE TRIVIA QUESTION! The FIRST TWO fans who answer it, will receive a FREE copy of the NEW ARN ANDERSON book: A Look Behind The Curtain. Along with the answer to the question, you MUST close the letter by saying:
due time, World Championship Wrestling will make their decision. its
as simple as that.

The question is: Who was the Road Warriors VERY FIRST match
The WCW email address to reply is:

Give it your best shot ASAP. Even completely wrong answers are
encouraged. WCW just wants to see the support of the FOUR HORSEMEN! If
the support is enough, there will be ALOT MORE TO COME VERY SOON!

Good Luck and I thank EVERY supportive fan around the world!

DieHard Derek Gordon
Lethal Injection
An Edtorial By: Ryan Oaks A.K.A. The Ticking Time-Bomb, The Loose
Cannon, High Flyin Ryan Pillman.
Any questions or comments are to be sent to me at:

Hi again everyone, that’s right, I am writing another article just for
you, the wrestling fans. I just want everyone to know that I love
wrestling, as if you didn’t know.

Well, I have decided to add some newer things to Lethal Injection and
I will be doing it slowly over the next few articles. The newest part
of Lethal Injection is a wrestler of the day or wrestler of the week.
Although it is called wrestler of the week, sometimes I might make it
more than one wrestler, and if I write more than one article in the
same week I might make a different one for every article. I haven't
worked out the fine details yet, but rest assured, I will. So lets
get things started.

This week’s wrestler of the week is none other than the new Light
Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage. I am glad to see the younger
wrestling talent being introduced to the wrestling the way they should
be. I think this kid has a lot of talent and it is great to see the
WWF finally taking advantage of the younger talent that they have in
their ranks. Look for this kid to be a major force of the future as
long as WWF keeps him going in the right direction.

Well as we all know by now Stone Cold was fired at the PPV, and I must
say that this is a stroke of genius by Mr. McMahon. I know your
probably all calling me an a**hole, but think about it. Everyone
loves Stone Cold, therefore create a huge controversy around him and
make it look like he is going to be gone forever. Well, some of the
people that actually fall for this are going to "Scramble" for Stone
Cold merchandise. Besides that, Stone Cold said that Vince hasn't seen the last of him.


Hint, hint, the message tells me to watch RAW and Stone Cold could show up at any time and beat the crap out of McMahon. 


Also, there is no WWF Champ, so again they are telling us to watch RAW
and maybe they will crown a new one. I think you will agree with me
that this is a brilliant ploy by Vinny Mac. Can you honestly tell me
that your choice to watch RAW over Nitro was not partly credited to
the Stone Cold, Vince McMahon angle? Come on now.

Now onto some other things. The PPV on Sunday, overall, was very
good. The best part was that the titles actually changed hands this
time. I really enjoyed seeing Taka (I never defend my belt) Michinoku
lose his title to someone with enough time to defend it, Christian
Cage. This was a good thing for the WWF to do, giving the belt to
Christian.  It might be just the thing that WWF needs to liven up the Light Heavyweight division. I would like to see the WWF get more Light
Heavyweights so that this division can play a major part in RAW and

Another good thing to see was seeing the New Age Outlaws lose their
Tag Titles to The Headbangers. I am not a big fan of either one of
these teams but it is just good to see The Outlaws lose the titles.
Again, some of you are calling me an a**hole again, but let me tell
you why it is a good thing for them to lose their belts. The loss of
the titles will untie all the ties that were holding these 2 together
except for the fact that they are both in DX. I think that Billy will
leave DX. This would be a major feud and this is a great idea,
especially if the WWF was planning to get Bart Gunn back into the tag
team division after his match with Butter Bean. Not saying that this
will happen, just my opinion. This is freeing up both of these men so
that they can have one of the bigger federation feuds.

Again, I am going to tell everyone that I am not happy with Shamrock as
the IC champ and the WWF needs to give it to someone else while they
work on a new gimmick for Shamrock. I really do not think this
"CRAZY" gimmick is very good at all, especially for someone as highly
respected in The Ultimate Fighting business as Shamrock is. Besides,
Mick Foley really deserves to have a singles title. He is the King of
Death matches, for God's Sake. This man is one of the most talented
wrestlers in all of wrestling and all he has gotten was tag titles on
a couple of occasions. I would have liked to see him beat Shamrock, but I guess that would mess up the fact that he is going to return to his Cactus Jack character and will probably join the J.O.B. Squad.

Well sorry for such a short article but this is all I have to say for
now. Until next time, this has been The Ticking Time-Bomb, The Loose
Cannon, High Flyin Ryan Pillman.


Please be sure to tune in to The ShadoweMan on Squared Circle Talk on
C.R.N. The Cable Radio Network, from
10:00 PM to Midnight Pacific

Time. Any questions or comments are to be sent to me at: and be sure to read my next edition of Lethal
Injection. And remember, I welcome all your comments
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
My name is Road Ass and I am glad the Light Heavyweight title has
changed hands. Hopefully the WWF will bring back this brilliant
division to the pay per views. They have mistreated the great
wrestlers like Brian Christopher, Taka, Aguilla, and Scott Taylor to
name a few. I think this division if it isn't promoted will crumble
like the WCW Cruiserweight Division and this would be a shame as the
Light Heavyweights can be so thrilling. If they want a new champion I
think it should be Dick Togo and he can start a feud within Kaintei
If you have any different views e-mail me at
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