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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 041

Date:  Tuesday October 20th, 1998  12:09 pm

All entries for the following contest must be sent to:
Entries sent to any other address will be ignored.

The Wrestling Booking Sheet Presents:
by Mark George (attkdonkey)
Hello everyone,
Over the next several weeks I plan on involving you the readers in a
fantasy TOC event. The object of this fantasy tournament allows you,
the reader, to act as a promoter and put together a spectacular
wrestling tournament that all of us wrestling fans can only dream of.
You are to choose 16 of the top wrestlers from any of the major
wrestling companies, (WCW, WWF, ECW) to participate in the TOC and list
them 1-16 according to their seeding. (#1 being the top seed and #16
the last seed). As you select your top 16 wrestlers keep in mind a
few things:

1) You are acting as a promoter and as a fan.

2) Select not just your favorites. Take into consideration wrestlers
who you might not particularly care for, but they would pull in high
ratings for a PPV event. I think a perfect example for this would be
Hollywood Hogan. Obviously a poor wrestler, but he is a huge box
office draw.

After the entries are submitted I will tabulate the entries then and
publish the top 16 seeds and pairings for 1st round matches and the
Fantasy Tournament of Champions will begin. Below are the rules and
deadline for this fantasy event. Good luck!!!!!

1. List your top 16 wrestler according to seed. (#1-#16)
Example: if Steve Austin is your top seed list him #1. If Flair is
your 4 seed, list him #4.

October 25, 1998. No entries will be
accepted after
MIDNIGHT PST............

3. Keep all emails short. PLEASE just list your seedings and a brief
note if desired.

4. Send all entries only to: ATTKDONKEY
WWF Raw Report for
October 19th, 1998
By Steve Appy

The show began with the entire wrestling roster of the WWF marching to
the ring. EVERYBODY was there, fan favorites and heels. The air was
packed with confetti since McMahon was celebrating the "firing" of
Stone Cold. Even the managers and valets were there. Jesse James was
shown joking around with Scott Taylor.

Vince McMahon was wheeled to the ring walkway, flanked by
The Big Bossman, the stooges, and a "police officer" with a dog.
Vince told the crowd that he fired Steve Austin the night before.


Having ALL the wrestlers in the ring like this added importance to the
scene. McMahon claimed that firing
Austin the night before was a
better feeling than sex (uh, okay). McMahon GUARENTEED the vacant WWF
World Title would be filled at Survivor Series (no format for doing
this was announced, though).

Stone Cold was shown on the Titan Tron with a large gun as Raw cut to
a commercial. This is going a little far. McMahon was justifiably
freaked out, and Vince sent The Big Boss Man to escort his family out
of the arena. This is going way too far.

European Champion X-Pac pinned Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock
Clips were shown of DX hanging out with Motley Crue. This Non-Title
match was a rematch from last weeks Raw. Security came to ringside
and handcuffed poor Chyna (for attacking Mark Henry?). Mankind
entered the ring right in front of the referee and beat on Shamrock.
X-Pac then pinned Shamrock. There was no explanation as to why X-Pac
wasn't disqualified.

Chyna was escorted from the arena in a police car. No official reason
was given yet for the arrest. It was disclosed that Triple H was not in
the arena.

Two backstage security men went up to
Austin and admired all his guns.
They then asked Stone Cold for an autograph. Funny stuff. They
accepted his explanation of going deer hunting without a second
thought. McMahon watched on a monitor in horror. McMahon ordered his
security guard to go take care of
Austin and the guard quit. McMahon
threw a fit, demanding that he needed security.

The Headbangers defeated Animal & Droz (w/ Hawk) in
1:54 when Thrasher
pinned Droz after Hawk "distracted" him.
The Headbangers wore toy tag team title belts to the ring. Hawk was
at ringside in street clothes. Droz was wearing full
LOD gear. Hawk
looks lame in street clothes.  Droz, claiming to be distracted by Hawk, was rolled up by Thrasher.  Droz then got mad at Hawk and it appears Droz will be turning heel. That's too bad, since he's been getting a good reaction as a babyface.

All the stooges left McMahon alone in his dressing room until Mankind
entered. Mankind claimed he would protect McMahon and Vince was
actually glad to see him.

The Undertaker entered the ring with Paul Bearer. Bearer is
Undertaker's new manager and I guess Undertaker is a 100% heel at
this point. Bearer is as unlikable as ever. The format for Survivor
Series was announced as a sixteen men tournament. UT claimed to be
starting a Ministry of Darkness. Will they be building a stable? Is
Kane now a babyface?

The Undertaker admitted to starting the childhood fire that killed his
parents and scarred Kane. He just admitted that he murdered his
parents as a child. I guess he really is a 100% heel at this point.

Kane walked to ringside with a coffin and he challenged The
Undertaker to a casket match later in the evening. While all this is
pretty far out it does make for decent TV.

Mankind encouraged McMahon to rehire
Austin and said the four of them
(Mankind, McMahon, Austin, & Mr. Socko) could form a Kliq.  McMahon
didn't look too excited by the idea.  Eventually, he got annoyed by
Mankind and threw him out.

Steve Blackman defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra McMichael) by DQ in 2:31
Debra looked great in her return while wearing a very tiny skirt.  Blackman's still selling the bad knee. I wonder if McMichael will
finally be the one to get Jarrett over. The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)
charged the ring and attacked Blackman. Al Snow then made the save,
which led to Jarrett beating him down. The one thing about the match:
Debra McMichael looked very attractive.

Austin telephoned McMahon in his dressing room and he told Vince that
"You're time is up, you sorry bastard". How far will they go with
this? McMahon ordered a car and planned to flee the arena. As he
entered the backstage area
Austin was waiting for him in his limo.
Austin threatened McMahon with a crossbow, and then kidnapped Vince to
a backstage area. He made a bunch of threatening inferences.

Rocky Maivia pinned D-Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) in
Both men are solid workers on the rise. The Rock hit D-Lo with The
People's Elbow but it wasn't enough to put Brown away. Rocky hit The
Rock Bottom for the victory.  After the match, Henry & D-Lo beat the hell out of The Rock (big surprise).

Tiger Ali Singh paid a fan $500 to eat a kaybasa cooked by his valet
Babu. She had to swallow the kaybasa, which looked like a 12 inch
body part. The whole scene was simulating oral sex; distasteful.

The Godfather is now a babyface and he claimed that the fan that Singh humiliated was once one of his ho's. The Godfather and Singh then engaged in a pull apart brawl. When The Godfather is a babyface it proves how much the lines have really blurred.

Austin bullied McMahon more backstage. Austin made Vince squeal like
a pig (think Deliverance).  He then taped Vince up and went to get a sledgehammer.

Val Venis (w/ Terri Runnells) pinned Mankind in 3:33
Venis was selling a crotch injury inflicted by Goldust Sunday. When
Terri walked off the ring apron, her nipples were hard, which caused
Lawler to ask "if it was cold tonight?"  Both men were exchanging some
sloppy offense. Mankind applied The Mandible Claw but Terri had the
ref distracted. Ken Shamrock then nailed Mankind in the knee, which
enabled Venis to pin Goldust. Mankind and Shamrock then brawled into
the crowd.

Goldust then appeared on the Titan Tron and told Venis that their war
is far from over.  Terri whispered something in Venis's ear, and he stormed off disgusted. Is she pregnant?

Austin wagered McMahon's life on the outcome of the main event. If
Kane wins,
Austin will do things the easy way. Any other outcome,
McMahon "dies".

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) fought Kane in a Casket Match to a No
Contest in
The two brawled around the ringside area and at one point both men
ended up in the casket. At this point they destroyed the casket from
within. The brawl ended up backstage, which left the actual match a

Because Kane didn't win, this meant McMahon's "death".
deposited Vince in the ring, and watched him cry.
Austin handed him a
piece of paper that we didn't see the contents of. The fans actually
cheered for Vince's death.
Austin then pulled out a gun that shot out
a toy flag.

McMahon "urinated" all over himself in his fright.
Austin declared
that "McMahon
3:16 means I just pissed myself". He then stunned
McMahon twice.

Notes: The controversy surrounding this angle will be debated long
past today (or at least until next Monday night). A very entertaining
spectacle with some potential ethical debates (not that the WWF
bothers much with those). Will
Austin be in the tournament at
Survivor Series?

My guess is that the piece of paper
Austin gave McMahon was a copy of
a guaranteed contract, which would prohibit Vince from firing

Just a guess, though.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
I found
Austin holding Vince at gunpoint interesting. Maybe for
ratings next week, Steve will shoot Brisco in the foot, put an arrow
in Patterson's back, rape Debra McMichael, and kill Vince before
blowing his own head off. Fans will love it.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: UMWChris

<<Submitted by reader:
My name is Roadass and I am glad the Light Heavyweight title has
changed hands. Hopefully the WWF will bring back this brilliant
division to the pay per views. They have mistreated the great
wrestlers like Brian Christopher, Taka, Aguilla, and Scott Taylor to
name a few. I think this division if it isn't promoted will crumble
like the WCW Cruiserweight Division and this would be a shame as the
Light Heavyweights can be so thrilling. If they want a new champion I
think it should be Dick Togo and
start a feud within Kaintei
If you have any different views e-mail me at>>

In response to Roadass, I must say that I don't understand what he is
talking about, about the WCW Cruiserweight division "crumbling." I
believe they need to get some new Cruisers, but its in no way, shape
or form "crumbling." Kidman is a great Cruiserweight champion and he
proved that last night on NITRO,
October 19, 1998. Kidman is great.
I would like to see him wrestle Raven on a Pay-Per-View though to give
Raven some heat, but I think the surprise for Havok will be a Rey
Mysterio, Jr and Kidman rematch. WWF never had a decent light
heavyweight division to begin with, they made and still are making the
lightheavyweight division, equivalent to the old Women's division with
Alundra Blayze, and now with Miss Jaqueline. Long live
the WCW Cruiserweight division and let the WWF lightweight division
crumble!!! But, that's just my opinion.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Anfony20
WCW likes to refer to Kanyon as the "Innovator of Offense." Too bad
its not true. As any ECW fan can tell you, Kanyon is simply a cheap
rip-off of ECW. First, the "Innovator of Offense" moniker is probably
(only WCW bookers know for sure) taken from Tommy Dreamer's name,
"Innovator of Violence." Second, and most importantly, Kanyon owes
his whole repertoire to Super Nova. Nova is the wrestler with all the
innovative maneuvers. With Nova purposely left off the recent PWI 500
it created quite an uproar. Many people that knew him, including Joey
Styles, and many of the wrestling reporters talked about how Nova
comes up with all these great moves. Kanyon just stole them. So next
time Kanyon says "Who's better than Kanyon?" Simply reply: SUPER
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: MARBURY16
This is for the Lethal Injection guy:
I read this thing every once in a while and sometimes it is pretty
good. About the Hogan thing. I don't worship the ground
walks on or anything, as a matter of fact,
Austin is my favorite
wrestler by far. But lets be fair. Hogan was great for the wrestling
business. He made wrestling popular. I admit now he is a total loser
and he wouldn't know a wrestling hold if it bit him but if he was as
bad as everyone says he is he wouldn't be 9 time World Champion. It
might be more or less then that but I mean, when he was as we say "a
good guy" He was every fans favorite.


Nobody disliked him. And he has had alot of accomplishments. Any world title is the biggest of accomplishments. A Royal Rumble winner. He beat Earthquake, Andre, Yokozuna, Macho, Million $ Man and it goes on and on. Another fact is that when Ultimate Warrior beat him Hogan was well over 35 when Warrior was in his late 20's. Advantage? Yes. And if he came back to WWF and put on the red and yellow and flexed in the ring, all those anti Hulk Hogans would have a change of heart in my opinion.


Now I’m not blasting anybody and I would be happy to hear a response from this guy.
Thanx, Marbury16
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Wilsonclub
Just wanted to reply to MTruck1's comments on the way wrestling used
to be. I am 33 years old and a mother of two boys, ages 11 and 6. I started watching wrestling when I was 9-10 years old in the mid seventies. Let me tell you, that was some good fighting. A match never ended until a little blood was shed, and sometimes more than a little was shed too! I've always enjoyed wrestling and really like watching it now, but when Harley Race, Fritz Von Erich, Andre the Giant, Bull Dog Bob Brown, Dusty Rhodes, and the young "Nature Boy" Ric Flair went at it in the squared circle. You know someone was going to get their ass kicked for real! Just wanted to add my two bits!
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