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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 042

Date:  Wednesday October 21st, 1998  11:47 am

Kidman leads a Cruiserweight Resurgance

By Steve App

Just a month ago the WCW Cruiserweight Division was in shambles.
Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrerorefused to wrestle in
the division. The Ultimo Dragon learned he had a potentially career
ending elbow injury; Chris Benoit, possibly the best Light Heavyweight
in the world never did wrestle in the WCW division. This once strong
group looked to be headed to obscurity.

Then, out of nowhere, the division saw a resurgence and the main cause
was Billy Kidman. Always considered an underrated worker with potential, Kidman is well on his way to stardom. With Rey Mysterio Jr. out of action the past three months, the Cruiserweight Division
was Kidman's sole responsibility. He came through.

Kidman's matches against Juventud Guerrera Jr. and Psychosis have been
some of the best matches on Nitro the entire year (not that its
saying much). WCW has the workers available right now to create a
world class division, possibly at the level of New Japan's incredible
Light Heavyweight Division.

Who are Kidman's "supporting" players (not that Rey Mysterio will ever
really be a supporting player in anybody's book). There's Rey, Juvi,
Psychosis, Kaz Hayashi (a developing star in his own right), Chavo
Guerrero Jr., Alex Wright, Hector Garza, & even Disco Inferno.

There are several international stars than can augment the division.
Since WCW does have their working agreement with New Japan this is
the obvious place to look.


Although Jushin “Thunder” Liger may have lost a step, he's still one of the best mat wrestlers in the world. Shinjiro Otani and Koji Kanemoto have become bona fide superstars. All Japan's Johnny Smith is very
underrated, and if he moves to an advantageous environment he may shine. Although Michinoku Pro has a very loose talent trading
agreement with the WWF they may be open to an offer. I'd love to see
The Great Sasuke fly all over a WCW ring.

There's one real key to making this division a success; keep the
Heavyweight & Cruiserweight divisions separate. Psychosis will never
be taken seriously as a title contender if he loses to Scott Hall one
week and then challenges Kidman the next. Let the Cruiserweights
dazzle the crowd against each other since they are the only ones who truly complement each other. This very problem is what has put a great
worker like Brad Armstrong in such a bad situation.
Responses sent to any other address will be deleted
Swami Speaks


Hi, Swami here. I have been really busy lately with extracurricular
activities. That is why I have cancelled Swami Speaks and now I do
Swami's weekly poll. That’s right, every week you get to vote on a
topic. So, starting with this week here is the poll:

What stable rules WCW?
A. 4 Horsemen (although there are 5)
B. One Warrior Nation (although there are 2)
C. Latino World Order (Eddie Guerrero, LaParka, Damien, Hector Garza,
El Dandy)
D. nWo Hollywood
E. Wolfpack
F. All other WCW wrestlers

All poll answers should be e-mailed to With the
subject reading 'POLL'.  Steve Appy will not forward any poll
answers to me and therefore it will not count.

Check out a cool new wrestling site at:
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Hammerly99
I think this would be a great scenario for the Rey Mysterio Jr. VS.
Billy Kidman match. I think that as many expect the Wolfpac should
rush the ring after the match, no matter the outcome. However, I think
that instead of attacking Kidman, the Wolfpac should go after
Mysterio, making Kidman a member of the 'pac.  I think Kidman would do
well because he has good mike skills, at least better than Luger and
Sting, and he is one hell of a performer. Please e-mail me with opinions.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: JKW810
I've been receiving this newsletter for several months now and I must
say I truly enjoy it. I've been watching wrestling for 24 years and am
an avid fan. I watched Judgment Day on PPV on
10/18/98 and I
couldn't believe that Vince had the nerve to fire Stone Cold Steve
Austin. Naturally, he did it the cowardly way, the only way Vince
knows. I always knew that Vince McMahon was an A**HOLE but I didn't
think he was a fool too. How can he get rid of SCSA? He's his
moneymaker! Look around Vince, the majority of signs, foam hands and
T-shirts at a live event are for SCSA. Not since Hulkamania have I
experienced an energy that erupts a live event as the one that SCSA
creates when he walks into an arena. I personally tune in every week

and wait in anticipation to see what SCSA is going to do next. I know
he's not a role model, but wrestlers shouldn't be role models. But he
is who the fans tune in and go to see.

Okay, before everyone starts screaming that it’s fake, I know that. And
I do understand that story lines are created for a reason. I believe
I read somewhere that SCSA hurt his knee again. So I venture to guess
that either he needs to rest the knee for a while or maybe he just
needs some time off. Everyone deserves a vacation every now and then.

I hope he comes back soon or, of course, he could be on RAW tonight.
Only time will tell. If Vince was smart, he'd make sure that Stone
Cold is back SOON!!!!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Boo0421
What's up everybody? I'm here to predict some great matches I would
like to see and a little bit of some other things.


Meng Vs Kane, SCSA Vs Goldberg, Giant Vs Undertaker I could go on, but not today!


Why the heck was Chucky on WCW? What type of mess is that?  WCW, are you that desperate for ratings?! Come on WCW, that's a little overboard, don't you think? He's cool and all but don't put him on a wrestling show!! Who's next, Michael Myers?!


I hope Hall gets help for his alcohol problem.  Blue Blazer's back! What's up with Gangrel these days?  I don't want you to fall asleep while I keep typing stuff, so I'll let you go now. Thanks for reading!
PEACE, Adrianna.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Vgmastr
Hi, this would be how I booked the Survivor Series, first of all, I'd
extend the PPV to 4 hours like they did for Wrestlemania IV in order
to fit in some tag team elimination matches (this also assumes Austin
is "back", Triple H returns from injury, and Bart Gunn is back from Japan):

Tiger Ali Singh, Bradshaw, & Too Much vs. Bart Gunn, The Godfather, &
Hardy Boyz
Godfather by Singh
Bradshaw by Gunn
J. Hardy by Christopher
M. Hardy by Singh
Taylor by Gunn
Christopher by Gunn
Singh by Gunn
Survivor: Bart Gunn (This way, Singh gets credibility staying in that
long, and it continues Gunn's push from BFA)

Round 1 of Tourney:
Steve Austin defeats The Big Boss Man
D-Lo Brown defeats X-Pac
The Rock defeats Mark Henry
Goldust and Val Venis battle to a Time Limit Draw
Mankind defeats Billy Gunn
Ken Shamrock defeats Triple H (only because Triple H should have a light load if
he even
returns by then with the injury)
Kane defeats Marc Mero
The Undertaker defeats Jesse James

Gangrel, Christian, & DOA vs. Edge & LOD Hawk by Skull (Droz causes it
by accident, more friction)
Skull by Animal
8-Ball by Droz
Droz by Christian
Animal by Gangrel
Christian by Edge
Gangrel by Edge
Survivor: Edge (This moves Edge and Gangrel onto bigger feuds while
Christian concentrates on the Light Heavyweight Title)

Steve Austin defeats D-Lo Brown
The Rock gets a bye
Ken Shamrock and Mankind both get DQed (setting up an IC Title 3-way
with Triple H at the next PPV)
The Undertaker defeats Kane

The Headbangers, Taka Michinoku, & Dick Togo vs. Kurrgan, Golga, & The
Insane Clown Posse
Togo by Golga
Michinoku by Kurrgan
Golga by Mosh
Kurrgan by Thrasher
Violent J by Thrasher
Shaggy 2 Dope by Mosh
Survivors: The Headbangers (This will end this pointless feud and move
the Bangers onto the Outlaws)

Austin defeats The Rock after the Undertaker interferes (This puts
more heat on the final match, and doesn't make the Rock do a clean job)
The Undertaker gets a bye

Jeff Jarrett, The Blue Blazer, & Southern Justice vs. Al Snow,
Scorpio, Steve
Blackman, & Faarooq
Knight by Scorpio
Faarooq by Jarrett
Scorpio by Blazer
Canterbury by Snow
Blackman & Blazer both get counted out
Snow by Jarrett
Survivor: Jeff Jarrett (after Deborah McMichael interferes leading to
a Mixed tag at the next PPV: Snow & Head vs. Jarrett & McMichael)

The Undertaker defeats Steve Austin (after Boss Man interferes, this
sets up a double main event at the next PPV, with Austin vs. Boss Man and Undertaker vs. either Rock or Kane, with Austin and Undertaker winning their respective matches, leading to a rematch at the Royal Rumble, where Austin takes the belt, the Rock wins the Rumble, and a Wrestlemania main event with Austin vs. Rock when the Rock has more credibility)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: LlVIN
Survivor Series is the 1 year Anniversary of Bret getting screwed.
Now after Owen messed up Severn's neck he's retired. Yet the Blue
Blazer shows up.


Here's a POSSIBLE storyline:
Austin and Owen have some kind of an agreement.  Where Owen lets Austin
compete as the Blue Blazer at Survivor Series, Blazer wins the belt.
The crowd is Booing...

Vince comes in and congratulates the Blue Blazer and tells him
something to let him know that he knows its Owen.  Owen walks out and
says a year ago you screwed my brother: Now Vince, this Hart screws

Vince is stunned.  Blazer unmasks himself and its Austin.  Stunner for
Vince.  This gets Austin the belt back.. and Owen gets over.  Then
Vince re hires Austin and puts a bounty on his head..
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by Alberto Rizzi (
I would like to reply to this post on one of the past editions:

>Submitted by reader: Anfony20
>WCW likes to refer to Kanyon as the "Innovator of Offense."
>its not true. Kanyon is simply a cheap rip-off of ECW. First,
>the "Innovator of Offense" moniker is probably taken from Tommy
>Dreamer's name, "Innovator of Violence." Second, Kanyon owes
>his whole repertoire to Super Nova. Nova is the wrestler
>with all the innovative maneuvers, Kanyon just stole them.

Well, of course I respect this opinion, but I would like to make you
think about 3 things: Kanyon is a heavyweight, and is nice to see "a
giant" performing these incredible maneuvers. Usually to find such an
offense you must look at smaller wrestlers.


Second: if it is true that Kanyon is only stealing, you must give him credit as well. Are the so called champions (Warrior, Hogan and many others) able to copy in such a great way ?? NO. You must have the ability to do it.


And last, but not least, let's speak about the nickname "Innovator of
offense". I would like to bring 2 examples: if a promoter has a great
idea for a storyline and calls himself "Innovator of the storylines",
has he taken from Tommy Dreamer??  If an announcer comes out with a
new name for a wrestling move and calls himself "Innovator of the
play-by-play", has he taken from Tommy Dreamer??  No, and the same
answer is right for the Kanyon issue.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Kygal31
In response to Anfony20, when he said that Kanyon is ripping off
Super Nova's moves, I have one thing to say, I have seen several wrestlers use the moves that Kanyon is using and I saw them long before Super Nova or Kanyon were in the picture. Those are moves they all learn when they decided to be wrestlers. its just that some can do it better than others and Kanyon happens to be one of them. I have never seen Super Nova because I don't get ECW here. I believe that he is a great wrestler by what all the fans say on the internet, but Kanyon is great also. You don't see very many wrestlers his size that can do the
maneuvers that he does. He is talented and for you to say he is a rip
off, you are wrong. He has worked hard to get where he is and he
deserves a lot for the great performances he has given.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: AlexSRose
Too many wrestlers not enough gimmicks.
A crowd of 18,000 people look about at each other scoping out signs,
showing off shirts, munching down hot dogs and booing and cheering for
the wrestlers walking in. Any type of talent can be seen walking to
ringside one by one. But for what reason, without a plot to have them
known. This is the problem that WCW has. They have one too many
wrestlers hired and for what reasons, jobbers.

You got talented guys who have worked their asses off to make it in
this business and the first thing to happen is being paid a low
salary and being booed because of no push. Some wrestlers pay alot of
money to get into schools and when they finally graduate they end up
being beat up by guys to make others look cool. Come on, what the hell
is this? Tons of talent and WCW uses them for nothing; why is there
too many guys in WCW. I would like WCW to drop a few guys and keep the
big names everyone likes. Look at the WWF, not that many guys and
still people cheer for almost everyone because you know everyone.

There’s not one person in the WWF you look at and say, "Who the heck is
that?", you know who the heck it is. Lets look at something real fast. I have the perfect person, lets look at Edge's brother Christian. Only a few weeks in the federation and everyone cheers him after he wins the Lightheavyweight Championship. And everyone knows him. Why storylines and the fact there’s not alot of guys all about. WCW needs to do something with their wrestlers in the fashion of entertainment. Not just big guys kicking the rap out of each other. There has always been
storylines but now its time WCW starts letting the talents get
chances, the old should leave, and the smart ones should see this and
speak out. WCW, listen up, decrease the roster and increase the
chances. Because the WWF has always given wrestlers a chance, and
nobody is a zero in the WWF. Attitude is what’s makes things happen,
not old show offs with old moves, and 80's mike talent.

Its no wonder the WWF is more popular. WCW needs attitude and needs
to get away from Rasslin' and get into the Entertainment business now.
And that's my bottom line.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: AcidViruz
I want to reply to a reader mailbag thing from a guy who’s screen name
was sinister13. He was ripping on Nitro, as all WWF fans usually do.
And he was also saying, like after every Nitro, that WCW copy's WWF.
Well, I got a few things to say about that. First off, there is no
way that the Scott Hall drunk angle is a rip off of Hawk from LOD
2000. Scott Hall's "personal problems" have been around for a very
long time, going much further back than Hawk's little stupidity stage.
And, the Sinister must have not been paying any attention to what
Kevin Nash said in that bathroom in the bar. Nash said "now ain't that
a pretty sight to see". It didn't take a genius to figure out that
Scott Hall was throwing up in the toilet. Nash didn't give him a

Oh, and I am taking his comments about Sting and Bret Hart personally.
How would you like to fight it out lifting up pipes, and falling
through tables for like 25 minutes??? I have never seen a better fake
brawl than that. Those guys worked very hard, and they deserve some
credit. No offense to Stone Cold (because he rocks) but just because
Sting didn't run in with an axe and a can of beer, doesn't mean he
can't be a good pro wrestler.

Referring to the comment that was"...and that table break was horrendous" well listen here. That table broke straight though right in half. I don't know what kind of a person you are, but a perfect table break like that doesn't come all that often. I am a Pro Wrestling fan. I like WCW and the WWF. I don't just hate one federation because I like the other federation better. I watch all the PPV's. No doubt, it’s a cool sport. So, from wrestling fan to wrestling fan, think about what you write before you write it.
Submitted by reader: Dancol10
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