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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 044

Date:  Friday October 23rd, 1998  10:11 pm

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Zapple9999
Its time...its time....Its Vader Time!!!!!!! NOT ANYMORE!!!!! Vader
is finally out of the WWF and I for
one am glad. Is there no sound
more frightening to the human ears than that horrible Vader Time
shout/yell? When was the last time Vader won a match? Losing to a
competitor the class of Bradshaw is rock bottom for the once mighty
Mastodon. WWF completely ruined his character (as they did Ron Simmons
A.K.A. Faarooq) and the best thing for his career is to get out!

Southern Justice- Its been rumored that these "wrestlers" actually

were going to win the tag titles. What was the WWF thinking? NO
ONE....I repeat NO ONE can get Jeff Jarrett over, especially these two
"tough guys" nicknamed the "problem solvers." What problems do they
solve? Ummmmm......well....the problem of having no one to job the LOD.

Speaking of LOD, what is the deal with Hawk and Droz? I think the LOD
should disband with Droz staying on as one member and bringing on a NEW
partner and getting rid of the 2 guys who most represent 80's wrestling, Animal and Hawk.
(Note to LOD: the football shoulder pads with spikes are no longer

Now onto another one of the thousands of teams that somehow defeats
LOD weekly, DOA. Weren't there like 5 of these guys originally? I
guess the other 3 got a clue and left while they still had their
careers intact. Why bring in Paul Ellering? The whole LOD-DOA thing is
lame anyway....his scrawny presence at ringside helps not at
all.....most fans don't even remember when he was LOD's manager so the
rivalry is pretty much Dead On Arrival (DOA)

How about 2 Cold Scorpio? Enough said.

Is anyone else tired of this Kane-Undertaker thing? They are really
pushing it to the max and if I have to live through one more PPV with
these guys in a feud I think I will go to the darkside (WCW) myself.
This is getting very old very fast. Endless feuding where the bad guy
changes after every PPV is lame. Get it over with and find someone
new to bring into the main event.

What happened to Bob Holly? There is nothing I enjoyed more than
seeing him as a member of a different tag team every week. He was in the Midnight Express, Rock and Roll Express, Formerly Sparkplug, Fuel Injection, and Oil Filter. The WWF needs a jobber like Bob Holly to take the punishment of real men like Bradshaw (sarcastic).

I think that is quite enough for now.....stay tuned for more punishing
DDT's on the horrible things in wrestling. (Let me book matches,
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: MJJnWo
Here's a better way, in my opinion, of settling the WWF championship
tournament WHILE ALSO having the traditional Survivor Series matches format. You should get 8 teams, and have a Survivor Series tournament. For instance, let's say the first team is SCSA, The Rock, Foley, Kane, & Al Snow.

The first round of the tournament progresses, Snow is gone, so in the second round of the tournament, only SCSA, Foley, Rock, & Kane are left. Then, as they progress to the finals, only SCSA, Foley &
Rock are left against the other batch of tournament Survivors, UT,
Bossman & Shamrock. Then, for the finals, the 6 remaining Survivors
are put into a Wild Card match, where teams are randomly chosen from
the Survivors for the last tournament match. Then, when it gets down to
two wrestlers left after the other four are eliminated, those two have
a no-DQ, falls count anywhere match to determine the new WWF champ.
This way, we get all the Survivor Series tag team matches (with 5
teams of 8, lots of the roster can be used!) and we also get a
tournament w/ a new champ!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: UMWChris
If anybody that reads this newsletter has any good ideas for WCW,
please e-mail them to me, if I like the idea, I will add it to the
e-mail that I'm sending to WCW. I'm trying to put together a big
e-mail with fan ideas, so I'm trying to grab some of the best ones out
of the mix. You will be given credit for the idea. I think that if
SCOOPS has so much pull, that he helped get characters put in WWF
Warzone, then we need to get this newsletter some attitude, so that we
can work together, and see some positive changes.


Also, please keep your ideas, just that ideas, not the elaborate booking plans, like this newsletter is known for. 1 or 2 paragraphs only, please. Please send the ideas to UMWChris. I'll take care of it. Deadline is 3 days after receiving this newsletter, it depends on when App sends out the issue you are currently reading.
Want to subscribe to a NEW and excellent wrestling newsletter??? Then
subscribe to The Wrestling Wire!!!! E-mail:
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Clint Blankenship (
The Four Horsemen. The symbol of excellence. What can we do with them?
FANTASY BOOKING (This will not really happen)
Nitro, October 26th
Mongo jumps the rest of the Horsemen, takes off his Bears jacket and
reveales an nWo
Hollywood shirt. Bischoff comes out laughing with
the rest of nWo
Hollywood as they beat down the Horsemen.

Horsemen come out and tell Mongo he's made a BIG mistake and that they
have a BIG surprise for him at World War 3.

Nitro- Malenko and Benoit face Mongo and Stevie Ray in the main event.
Benoit puts Mongo in the Crippler Crossface while Malenko has Ray in
the Cloverleaf, but Hogan, Adams, and Vincent make the save. They are
beating them down until Flair,
Anderson and the Wolfpac make the save.

Nitro- Flair comes out and says the newest member of the Horsemen will
be facing Mongo at WW3. They announce that Luger, Sting, Buff and
Jericho are all missing.

Nitro- Buff and
Jericho appear again while Benoit destroys Scott
Norton to win the IWGP World title. Flair and Arn tell everyone
that the newest Horsemen is a former Horsemen and warns Mongo again
that's its merely days away.

World War 3- Mongo enters the ring waiting for the newest Horsemen.
We hear the stampede of Horses, but then we hear, OWWW A MAN CALLED
STING, A MAN CALLED STING, play over the loud speakers. The OLD Sting
returns as the blond hair colorful wrestler of the past. He destroys
Mongo in less than 2 minutes. Later, the final 6 men in WW3 are Benoit,
Flair, Nash, Hogan, Hall (of nWo Wolfpac now), and the Giant. Hogan
and Nash are sent over the top rope by Benoit. Hall and Benoit hook
up now but are sent over by the Giant. From behind Flair sends Giant
over the top rope to win the title shot.

Nitro- The Horsemen stand in the ring, Sting, Flair, and Malenko.
They explain Benoits moved to a much cooler climate than
They introduce the newest Horsemen, Lex Luger!

Nitro- Malenko now has departed. They reveal that the pow's are
finally being released. To take his place they introduce Buff Bagwell!

Nitro- The Four of them take on nWo
Hollywood and defeat them easily.
A confrontation between Flair and Page is made.

Starrcade- Flair and Page face off for the World title. It is a
classic going both ways. Finally Flair scores the win with the figure
four. He celebrates with Bobby Heenan and the Horsemen. He then says
goodbye for some reason.

Nitro- Flair, Bobby Heenan and
Jericho all don't show at the next
Nitro and everyone is stunned. Weeks go by, no sign of the World's
champ or anyone else.

Royal Rumble- A knock at The Rock's dressing room door during an
interview. Bobby Heenan is standing at the door with the World title
and offers him a match against the true world's champion that night.
The Rock laughs and the Horsmen,
Jericho, Arn, Benoit, Malenko and

Flair attack The Rock and the legacy lives on.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: NashBDC
I saw a letter from a reader ripping on Kanyon. Now, we are all
entitled to our own opinion, so you can have your opinion. But here
is what I think: Kanyon is one of the best workers, scratch that, one of the only workers in WCW. Sure, he doesn't have mic skills, but mic skills don't make you a superstar.

Example: Jericho has great interviews, but is also a great worker as well. And Kanyon may not have a storyline, but hey, your talking about WCW here. The last good storyline they had was Hall turning on Nash. Anyways, my point is this: Don't judge a performer simply by his mic skills. Hogan can work the mic OK (He comes off as a good heel), but his in-ring skills are awful. That's my opinion. Let me know what you think.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Ginasdaddy
I think WCW is doing some stupid things right now. If they want to
get good ratings here is what they should do:

1. Bring in old Horsemen to feud with the new, but not the most likely
ones. I suggest Paul Roma instead of
Windham and/or Blanchard as
they aren't that great. Didn't Paul Orndorf get his neck broken by
the Horsemen a few years back? Yes, he did. In fact, the last time he was on TV he was hitting Arn Anderson with a broom. So what happens?
What would happen if Ole Anderson came in as well. Just have Mongo
turn on the Horsemen and let Flair teach him how to wrestle. Mongo
could lead this group

2. Give the LWO some kind of push. Maybe a Eddie /Konnan feud

3. This thing with Buff leaving nWo is another swerve. I think he
really should turn on them, and they could build up a big match, Buff
and Rick Steiner VS Hogan and Scott Steiner. They could have done
this a while ago, when Hogan pushed Buff out of the wheelchair.

4. This thing with Bischoff getting embarrassed every week is getting
old fast. DROP IT.

5. BRING BACK HULKAMANIA. I know, plenty will disagree with this but
here's how I see it. The Warrior said "I have the power to destroy
you, you see a bit of yourself in me and you are scared" or something
in that jibberish. So this means what? At Havoc, Warrior gets a DQ
win on Hogan after nWo comes in just when the Warrior takes control of
the match Hogan had dominated. The next night Hogan goes "I beat the
Warrior, nWo can't back me up all the time, I can fight my own
battles. Over the years I've gotten weak, I need something to wake up
my career" so what happens? Warrior is the man that beats Goldberg.
Then in a Hogan/Warrior rematch the yellow and red face comes out and
gets that win back and in the process gets the world title again.
This could help merchandise sell better and this is really how Hogan
should finish out his career, with the people marking out to him
again. Oh, and on a side note, after Hogan beats the Warrior the Warrior goes "This is all I wanted, for you to realize you had the ultimate power inside you, now I must go" and he disappears, leaving Hogan to fight for WCW.

That's all I can think of for now. Oh yeah, FIRE SCHIAVONE, MAKE TENAY
THE HEAD ANNOUNCER AND GET JIM ROSS. Then when Nitro is on I won't
have to hit the MUTE button all the time.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: UMWChris
<< Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Hammerly99
I think this would be a great scenario for the Rey Mysterio Jr. VS.
Billy Kidman match. I think that as many expect the Wolfpac should
rush the ring after the match, no matter the outcome. However, I
think that instead of attacking Kidman, the Wolfpac should go after
Mysterio, making Kidman a member of the 'pac. I think Kidman would do
well 'cause he has good mic skills, at least better than Luger and
Sting, and he is one helluva performer. Please e-mail me with
opinions >>

I do believe that what is said in this newsletter by hammerly99 should
be taken as the best idea that I've heard in a long time!!! I think
that maybe if we can form something with App's guidance, with it
being his newsletter, to form a petition to send to WCW's e-mail box,
with a list of e-mail addresses of those that agree, we will be heard. You see, WCW won't feel pressured to compensate, so they may do it, because of the fact that they can make decisions based on what the public wants, and won't have to compensate anybody.

So, therefore, I'm encouraging those to help get this idea off the ground. I feel that if Mike Tenay said something about the Rey Mysterio Jr joining the Wolfpack rumor, just as the Wolfpack ran into the ring, and then they shocked everybody by turning on Rey Mysterio Jr, that then we could really have an exciting Wolfpack. Plus, the Wolfpack isn't really a group that would tie Kidman down like the Flock or nWo Hollywood, so please, let's get something going.
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