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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 045

Date:  Saturday October 24th, 1998  5:15 pm

ECW Report, by Tom Misnk (Mr ECW)
Hello Once Again Everyone...
One week from now the eyes of the wrestling world will converge upon
the great city of
New Orleans for the next big pay per view in this
business, ECW’s annual showcase event- the November to Remember. Time
still remains for you to not only witness the event live, but also to
be a part of the events taking place the Saturday before the event
(10/31) For information visit for that.

This week’s TV show kicks off with some of the action of last week’s
show in which it was Chris Candido vs Jerry Lynn and then in what was
to be a rematch from a time in which Lynn got the duke due to
Candido’s torn bicep was won by Candido, but not before involvement
from Mikey Whipwreck, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Lance Storm and Tammy Lynn
Bytch. That sets up one of the matches making up the big event- in
which it will be Lance Storm taking on Jerry Lynn with guest referees
Milkey Whipwreck and also Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Up next before we get to the opening (a classic I might add) its a
special look back at the ECW World Television Title defense by Rob Van
Dam as he took on Lance Storm. Highlights of this are shown in which
RVD wins the match and keeps the title, but this special look is done
with the Kilgore version of “Walk” being played throughout. Just a
reminder that the CD hits the store on Tuesday.

Now its onto the 2nd hour of television from the most famous bingo
hall in the world- as the open kicks off with “Its a PPV event so
extreme...the competition will drop to their knees.... Faster than a
white house Intern” We’re of course talking about the November to
Remember -- Sunday November 1st.

Joey Styles welcomes us back for the aforementioned 2nd hour. The
opening match up is a preview of one of the components of the main
event of the PPV as its Bam Bam Bigelow who along with the lovely
Francine makes up a modern day Beauty and the Beast taking on Sabu
with Bill Alfonso. There is a battle of the triple threats coming up
at the PPV and this is a battle between 2 of those six competitors.
Highlights of this match up follow in which its all over the Arena as
Sabu goes alot of high flying throughout the building trying to best
the Beast from the East. During the outside battles, Sabu gets dropped
on his head which evokes memories of 1994’s N2R in which Chris Benoit
dropped Sabu on his head and broke Sabu’s neck.

While Sabu gets BBB in the camel clutch, the finisher made famous by
Sabu’s uncle, the Original Sheik- that brings out Shane Douglas to
help his fellow triple threat member. After
Douglas’ interference,
that brings out the ring, Mr Monday Night Rob Van Dam, Sabu’s partner. Douglas and Van Dam fight outside the ring. In the ring, Bigelow is about to hit his finisher “Greetings from Asbury Park”- as he has Sabu up, RVD gets back in the ring and clips Bigelow in the knee, but as that happens, as Sabu is falling as Bigelow loses his grip, Sabu’s head hits Bigelow’s knee and could have possibly caused further damage to Sabu’s neck. Bigelow is able to get the pin also laying out Sabu.


After the match is over the entire Triple Threat now taking on Rob- he is doing his best to fight them off but Shane, Candido and Bammer seem to be winning out-especially as they get some help from the Dudley’s, who seem to be paid off or something.  Just as things look bad for RVD, the mood is about to change and that brings TAZ, the F the World champ to the ring and he clears out the original threat leaving them all to fight another day, in this case Sunday November 1st. But it would seem the big story in all of this would be the condition of Sabu and that neck- well have to see more about that.

One of the traditions of the November to Remember, more so than the
annual “November Rain” video is the dream partner tag team match. Well
Jack Victory chose as his partner Justin Credible, so who would Tommy
Dreamer pick as his partner? Well, Joey seems to think that its going
to be Terry Funk- so much so they dust off a video in which Tommy took
a special look at his feeling about Terry and what Terry did for
Tommy’s career as a wrestler and all that from ECW’s last trip to

One of the things that this also does is to now have Masato Tanaka
without a match and partner for the PPV. I’m sure that this will be
settled very shortly. Well after the showing of the video, Joey is
told by someone off stage who appears to be landing small craft at
LaGuardia that the person checking at the Double Cross Ranch is saying
that Terry is denying the rumours and Joey feels its the “Funk
swerve”- but no Dreamer’s partner isn't Terry Funk. Well last time at
the ECW Arena, it was reported that Raven was in the locker room
visiting old friends. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head to have two
guys who spent so much time kicking each others asses going out and
teaming up to kick Justin and Jack’s asses? There’s going to be alot
of speculation about this in the weeks to come, perhaps on next weeks
television which is a part of tonight’s events in Cleveland or maybe
not until the event itself... more on this as it happens... to keep up to date on rumors and reports check this newsletter or visit

As was mentioned, Masato Tanaka is now without a partner for the PPV
and we join in action as its once again Balls Mahoney vs Tanaka. Balls
is joined at ringside by the recovering Axl Rotten. Well, Tanaka and
Mahoney have another one of their classic matches only to be interrupted by Joel Gertner and the Dudleys- its felt that none of the
tag teams in ECW can take on the Dudleys and recently the Dudleys
individually both beat Tanaka and Mahoney. Well then how about a match
and have Mahoney and Tanaka face the
Dudleys in a tag team war. Well
it will get done only if there are no chairs and that it is a
scientific match up as per the Dudleys well that is what we get for
the first part of this match up as we even see some sentons and
planchas from the Dudleys that would make the luchadores cringe- Joey
sums it all up best as he says after Buh Buh makes a dive onto a
gathering of the Dudleys and opponents that “ I got your Lucha Libre”
right here.

Four star match going on here, even after Buh Buh gets the cheese
grater and uses Balls Mahoney’s head like a side of gorgonzola.
Mahoney gets some nasty looking color now- then later on after a duel
with chairs in which it seems that the Dudleys win when after it takes
them three shots to the skulls of Mahoney and Tanaka to get them down
to the mat that it looks like the Dudleys get the match up won- but no
they kick out, Dudleys end up with getting some tornado DDT’s on that
metal chairs and then we get wins from Tanaka and Mahoney. As this
week’s episode ends and how that match went, you’d have to think that
it looks like Masato Tanaka gets his role in the PPV- perhaps teaming
up with Balls Mahoney in another match vs the

Folks who saw the version of the show airing on the Sunshine Network
and other
Florida affiliates were told of the big news coming up that
ECW will be having its first annual Thanksgiving Night Spectacular
emanating in the
Sunshine State from Lakeland Florida that night.
Florida really getting itself on the extreme map with the Thanksgiving
night show and also the first PPV of 1999 with “ECW- Guilty as
Charged” on 1/10 from

Next week should tie up some of loose PPV ends and once again allow me
to enjoy a personal favorite of mine, the November Rain video which
leads up to the PPV.
November To Remember Lineup
Main Event- the Battle of the Triple Threats
Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido w/ Francine take on
Mr Monday Night, Sabu and Taz w/ Bill Alfonso

Tommy Dreamer and a “mystery partner” will be taking on the team of Justin Credible and Jack Victory

Jerry Lynn vs Lance Storm
- two referees for this one Mikey Whipwreck and Tammy Lynn Sytch
Tom Misnk
ME VIA EMAIL. WINNERS will be posted in next issue. Thanks and GOOD
1. Who did Sable FIRST accompany to the ring in the WWF?
2. Who did Sable team with at SummerSlam 1998?
3. What is Sable's real name?
4. At what event did Sable lose to Marc Mero?
5. What 2 awards did Sable win at the 1997 Slammys? <---correction
ANSWERS: 1. Triple H, 2. Edge, 3. Rena Mero, 4. In Your House: OVER THE
5. Miss Slammy & Dressed to Kill
IN CORRECTION TO MY LAST QUESTION: Sable only won 2 awards at the
Slammys in 1997.
If you entered at least these 2 correct answers, you were a winner. I
apologize for the mistake.

LAST ISSUE'S WINNERS: Adidas3594,, MrPrfct19,
FuBu1333, SRV2623, IMKingDouG, KulGuy78, IAMPYRO, IR1SHBOY,
DudeLuvOWW, DBroug7749, HOD 4 Lyfe, Kmg2221, BMG3, Jenn2331, GDX7137,
BRETnSID, Krazy K967, TM1285, FF8SquallX, Mess61494, OHart32, Vgmastr,
Kwapres, Gangrel700, ErKiley, No1BIGFan, Damage6942, Xpak14,
AWalkBoCe, BigTiny316

THIS ISSUE'S FOCUS: Junkyard Dog Trivia!!!!!
1. Who did JYD lose to at SummerSlam 88?
2. What 2 men eliminated JYD from the WrestleMania 4 Battle Royal?
3. Who defeated JYD at WrestleMania 3?
4. Who did JYD beat at WrestleMania 1?
5. Name JYD's song on THE WRESTLING ALBUM in 1985?


WCW Saturday Night Report for October 24th, 1998
By Steve Appy The first half hour was pre-empted due to Auto Racing. Scott Hudson
and Larry Zybyzco were the commentators.

The Disco Inferno pinned Super Calo in 4:03
Disco demanded that Calo be weighed before the match, in response to
the controversy concerning his own weight. After Calo weighed in at
208 pounds, Disco tried to hit Calo with the scale. As much as I
personally enjoy The Disco Inferno, his wrestling style clashes with
that of the other Cruiserweights. Calo was forced to wrestle a much
more mat orientated game in order to suit Disco. Disco scored the pin
after delivering a piledriver.

Vincent defeated Johnny Swinger via submission in 4:09
You know a show is truly third rate when Vincent wins a match.
Most of Vincent's offense is pathetic, although he did hit Swinger
with a nice flying clothesline to the floor. Vincent got the victory
after an armbar.

Ernest Miller challenged ANYONE to a match; there were no takers for
the challenge. Scott Hudson tried to encourage Zybyzco to charge the
ring, but Larry wasn't interested. Message to WCW: If the Jackie Chan
match isn't going to happen, why are you still wasting TV time on this

Davey Boy Smith fought Meng to a No Contest in 4:09
Alot of offense exchanged between the two, none of which looked good.
Two of the worst from the 1991 WWF style. Both Wrath and Alex Wright
attacked their respective enemies, which mercifully ended the match.
A side note: after the tremendous physical condition the Bulldog has
often competed in, his face was bloated in a way that didn't exist
even this time last year.

David "Fit" Finlay pinned Kendall Windham in 6:05
If WCW is really bringing Barry Windham back, having Kendall lose like
this won't bring back strong memories of his once awesome brother.
While Finlay isn't the worst, his slow style doesn't always make for
exciting television. Finlay scored the victory after a

The Disciple pinned
Lenny Lane in 5:04
While Lane can be a little entertaining, a test pattern is more
watchable than The Disciple. Lane was given some offense, but The
Barber still won after delivering The Stone Cold Stunner.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Cruiserweight Champion Kidman. Kidman is a
pretty good interview and he claimed he gets more chicks since he won
the title. Mark my words: Kidman will be a superstar!

WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho defeated Psychosis via submission
Psychosis wore his LwO shirt to the ring. Two incredible workers;
Jericho works with the Luchadors much better than most. Psychosis hit
Jericho with a great legdrop over the top rope onto the floor.
Psychosis dominated most of the offense, which is rare.
Jericho hit
Psychosis with a terrific German suplex. Psychosis scored a top rope
Hurricarana on
Jericho, and this ALMOST led to the pin. Jericho made
a comeback, and earned the victory after locking Psychosis in the Lion
Tamer. After the submission,
Jericho refused to release the hold.
The led to the entire LwO making the save and pounding on

Even though the Anti Sa-bull Squad hasn't been around quiet as long as
Rena's Rebels, we have already surpassed they're amount of members! With now OVER 600 members to our Squad.....we're growing faster and bigger everyday! And we're very proud of that fact!

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When you sign up for the Anti Sa-bull Squad, you will receive the Anti
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articles written by Squad members and employees. Not only that, you
also get the pleasure of knowing that you are an Anti Sa-bullite! You
are part of the Squad, where people speak their mind and are heard
loud and clear! Sign up TODAY!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Bball92202
I just wanted to share my view of the main difference between WCW and
WWF.  About six months ago I attended a WCW house show. It was extremely low class, no music, no bell and the wrestlers came out of different doors that were 2 feet away (rulebreakers and fan favorites).

The matches were of low quality, and no finishing move was performed except the Diamond Cutter. The main stars there were Sting, Nash and DDP. Last night the WWF was in Charlotte, and they put on a GREAT show. Most of the matches there have been on a PPV before or on RAW- A few of the really good matches there were- Shamrock Vs Vader Vs Rock, Austin Vs Undertaker Vs Kane Vs Mankind, Venis Vs Goldust, NaO Vs Henry and
D-Lo, X-Pac Vs Jarrett and many more. Every major star was there, and
they were very entertaining with the mic (NaO did their thing, Mr.
Socko came out and even did a Ric Flair imitation!). It was even
better then a WCW PPV I attended about two years ago. So I think this
is why the WWF is better, they can put on a great show, knowing that
it won't be on TV, and with about 18,000 there to see it.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BRIEFXTC
What is Hart talking about?! Hogan and Warrior in better shape?!
PLEASE!!!!! Hogan hasn't wrestled a quality match since the WM6 and
neither has the Warrior. The reason that match was so good was
because it was booked move for move. When we get a DQ finish at
Halloween Havoc we'll see how athletic these dinosaurs are and how much they care about putting themselves over in spite of all the other talent WCW wastes all the time i.e. Benoit, Guerrero, and La Parka. Bret Hart himself is past his prime and hopefully Sting will knock the taste out of his mouth at Halloween Havoc.

I really think that the WWF is doing a good job w/ their SCSA and
McMahon feud. It makes sense and is entertaining, which is alot more
than you can say about anything WCW throws out there. Also, if anyone
has detailed results of the Triple Crown defense of Kobashi vs Misawa
please email, thanks in advance.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Nvrmor4lif
Nice fluff piece by the "Hitman", who missed the target on his claim
even the production people sense something. Let's face it, the main event at HH is pure unadulterated BS. For the Thunder announcers to say "tune in Saturday for other matches to be announced" just adds to Bishoff’s lack of planning. Ted, can I have a job booking matches? I don't live in wonder years.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: JlBt911
Simple truth is that the organization (WWF or WCW) who will get the
ratings will be the organization who successfully brings back tag team


Take the WWF first:
1) Bring back Marty Jannety and stick him with another talented
youngster like Edge. Those two fight Gangrel and Christian. This
will give that sad DOA, LOD, Headbangers thing a rest, and give the
Outlaws some REAL competition.

2) Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher need a push. They're damn good.

3) WCW is under using the talents of Public Enemy, the Homicidal and
Suicidal Maniacs of tag team wrestling. WWF should sign them.

4) Finally, lure Sabu and Jushin Liger into the league to create the
MOST prolific, exciting tag team available. Throw Furnas and LaFon in
there too, and you have a bonafide tag team division.

As for WCW:
1) The tag titles don't belong in Wolf-Pac or Hollywood hands. Vacate
them! Give High Voltage a push, bring the Steiners back together.

2) Find Lex Luger, the most inconsistent singles wrestler in the world
today, a permanent tag team partner. Buff Bagwell, perhaps?

3) Benoit and Malenko. 'Nuff said.

4) The Dungeon of Doom needs to resurface. Bring Ron Simmons back to
WCW as Ron Simmons, and put him with Stevie Ray in N.w.O. Hollywood. What a team!

5) Give two members of that L.w.O a permanent spot as a tag team, like Eddie and Chavo or Psychosis and Hector Garza. It MIGHT rival that
Liger/Sabu team I mentioned above.

To the WWF: Drop the Woman's title B.S. People want to see Sable in
skimpy dresses, not leather wrestling attire. TAG TEAM is the way to
go...not Woman's ...not midget...not sideshow...TAG TEAM!
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