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Issue # 047

Date:  Monday October 26th, 1998  11:20 pm

The first round is ready for Mark George's Fantasy Tournament. These
were the brackets voted by you, the readers, over the last week. They
obviously do not reflect the favorites of the staff:

1998 Fantasy Wrestling Tournament of Champions.......
by Mark George.
Hello Fans,
Well, it is time to list the 16 seeds and 1st round matchups in our
Fantasy Tournament. Before I do, I would like to thank you all for
participating. I received hundreds of emails with your picks and the
response was overwhelming. Listed below are the seeds and the
matchups. Now, before you respond to the Booking Sheet with
complaints about the draw, try and remember this is what you, the
fans, voted for. We had votes ranging from Steve Austin and Bill
Goldberg to Junkyard Dog (dead), Mr. Socko and Pepe the Horse. The 16
wrestlers below were the top 16 vote getters. So, without further
delay, here we go!!!!!!

#1 Steve Austin vs. #16 Warrior
#2 The Rock vs. #15 Chris Jericho
#3 Bill Goldberg vs. #14 Triple H
#4 Undertaker vs. #13 Kane
#5 Kevin Nash vs. #12 Diamond Dallas Page
#6 Hollywood Hogan vs. #11 "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
#7 Sting vs. #10 Mankind
#8 "HBK" Shawn Michaels vs. #9 Bret "Hitman" Hart

Here were wrestlers who just missed. "Bubble Bursters":
Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam, Shane Douglas, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Ken
Shamrock, New Age Outlaws.

Now that the draw is in place, you the readers, will continue to pick
the winners. This is "your" tournament so you are the final say.
There are 8 matches in the 1st Round. It is once again time for you
to submit your picks. Select a winner from each of the 1st Round
matches and email them to me at (attkdonkey). We will
continue to vote at the end of each round until we have a Champion.
After the 1st round votes are tabulated, The Wrestling Booking Sheet
will print the results of each match along with a brief "fantasy"
recap of how the match played out. In order to keep the Fantasy
Tournament moving, deadlines will be every few days, rather than 1
week. Keep that in mind. Good LUCK!!!!!!!!

1) Send 8 1st round winners to ATTKDONKEY.
PLEASE...keep emails brief!!!

2) Deadline: Wednesday, October 28!!!!!!
Only send votes to: ATTKDONKEY
Votes sent to any other address will be deleted.
Nitro Report for
October 26th, 1998
By Steve Appy

Nitro opened with an apology for the blackout some cable systems
experienced for the main event last night. It was announced that
Goldberg VS Page from last night will be shown at
9:00. WCW accepted
no responsibility for what happened; scheduling several impromtu
matches and poor time management apparently means nothing. It was
estimated that 20% of the cable systems blocked the main event.

Stevie Ray pinned Kenny Khaos
Buff rushed the ring and threw Stevie Ray a Black Jack; Stevie Ray
needs a foreign object to beat a member of High Voltage? If its
still possible to diminish Stevie Ray, that did it. Stevie scored the
pin and Rick Steiner made the save. Steiner offered Khaos the spot
to join Steiner as World Tag Team Champion; the fans booed this
development. Khaos has no credibility and there's a dozen guys in
the locker room that deserved that spot. Khaos (this is the way WCW
spells it) tried to do an interview but sounded awful. While it was
announced they would face nWo
Hollywood later tonight, the specific wrestlers weren't mentioned.

Kanyon (w/Raven) pinned Prince Iaukai
Uneventful; Raven didn't do much. Kanyon won using The Flatliner.

Gene Okerlund interviewed The Four Horseman (without Steve McMichael).
Flair stated that Mongo was missing in action after their weekend in
Vegas. I hope this is the start of the angle getting rid of
McMichael. Of course, Eric Bischoff intervened.


Acting apologetic, Bischoff agreed to let Flair wrestle later tonight.
Of course, the opponent was not mentioned. Will he wrestle Mongo? I
thought Flair's return to the ring would be at a pay per view; this
feels like a desperate ploy for a ratings victory.  Not that I mind seeing Flair wrestle, though.

Alex Wright pinned Barry Horowitz
Wright's coming in to his own and Horowitz has always been one of my
favorite jobbers. Wright scored the pin after The Reverse Neckbreaker.

Wrath pinned Sick Boy
Total squash; WCW is really grooming Wrath for a match against
Goldberg. Wrath scored the win after The Meltdown.

8:55, the Goldberg VS DDP match from Halloween Havoc was shown. As
many of you are aware, the beginning of the second hour is a very
important one strategically for WCW. The point is to ensure that as
few viewers as possible switch over to RAW. I imagine this match will
solve that problem. This really was a great match, which is part of
the reason WCW is showing it on TNT. This match really gives both
Goldberg and DDP credibility. Before the match, the commentators were
careful not to mention who won the match. The segment ran until

Gene Okerlund asked Kevin Nash why he wouldn't pin Scott Hall the
night before. Scott Hall confronted Hall, claimed he hit rock bottom,
and shook Nash's hand. It looked to be the reuniting of The
Outsiders. Out of nowhere The Giant jumped Nash, and Hall helped
throw Nash through a very thin plaster wall. After last nights
debacle with Buff it was a little too early for another swerve.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, with their entourage of Black
& White flunkies, were interviewed. Horace was introduced as the
newest member of the nWo. Hogan was so nice to Horace that I expected a
double cross; no such luck this time. Horace really doesn't enhance
the nWo at all although he takes The Disciple's place as the resident
jobber (oh wait, what about Vincent?).

Saturn defeated Eddie Guerrerovia disqualification
Saturn really has to get rid of his new ring outfit. The fans aren't
sure how to react to Eddie ; is he a heel or face? While he hates
Bischoff, he's acting like a heel. Saturn sold an injured knee, which
Eddie attacked like an animal. Actually a decent match; Eddie is
great, and Saturn is a decent worker. Once Saturn was ready to go for
the Death Valley Driver the LwO ran in to cause the DQ. All eight
members stormed the ring and they beat the hell out of Saturn. There
was a new member who was never identified.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Judy Bagwell. Mrs. Bagwell claimed that
Buff tricked her as well and she was pissed. Buff is really getting
a strong push as a heel. When Mrs. Bagwell concluded the interview
it seemed she would do something later in the night (another swerve?).
While she's adequate in her role it would have been better to end the
angle after her first appearance.

WCW World Tag Team Champions Rick Steiner and Kenny Khaos defeated
Stevie Ray and The Giant when Steiner pinned Stevie Ray
Having guys like Khaos and Stevie Ray in the tag team picture
diminishes the titles even further. Stevie Ray wasn't quite as
unbearable when he teamed with Booker T. Khaos did look decent,
though. Khaos and Steiner wore matching tights. The Giant is getting
really immobile; he's got to lose some weight and get some of his
athletic agility back. Steiner pinned Stevie Ray after a Top Rope
Bulldog. The match had no continuity; the four men didn't work well
together at all.

Eric Bischoff informed us that Flair's wrestling appearance tonight
would be video clips of the Hulk Hogan VS Ric Flair match from July
1994. All the clips showed Hogan on offense, making Flair look like a
loser. Interesting choice of clips. Bischoff is really trying to make
this feud seem reality based. It was almost strange to see Hogan in
his bright yellow trunks. This could be a poll; who is the most
obnoxious man in the sport, Bischoff or Hogan? Probably a tie. Next
time they match up Flair and Hogan, Flair better win clean.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Kidman pinned Juventud Guerrera Jr.
Two of the best, and they work extremely well together. It was
revealed that Juvi turned down the LwO behind the scenes. Cool. With
all the exceptional maneuvers these guys pulled out, there is no way I
can do this match justice. Kidman retained the belt after the
Shooting Star Press. As far as in ring matches, this is the American
feud of the year.

Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell were interviewed live. Steiner's act
is immediately improved by Buff's presence. Buff warned his mother to
stay at home, declaring a woman's place to be in the kitchen. Scott
challenged Rick for later tonight, which brought JJ Dillon running
out. Scott was very hostile to JJ, which led to Scott & Buff kicking
JJ's ass. Despite all our predictions, Scott really does look to be
getting over as a heel. Poor Dillon was locked into The Steiner
Recliner as we went to a commercial.

The Warrior stormed the ring, and the poor guy was out of breathe by
the time his interview began. The Warrior challenged Hogan, which led
to him destroying both Horace and The Giant. Hogan finally entered
the ring, which led to Warrior destroying him as well. Finally,
Bischoff jumped onto the apron, and Warrior nailed him. That's one
way to get a pop from the crowd.

Scott Hall & Scott Steiner fought Lex Luger & Konnan to a No Contest
All out brawl. The storyline was that The Wolfpac was angry about
Nash being jumped earlier in the evening. Hall wasn't acting drunk
at least. The match never really got started, and it was ended after
Hall & Nash double teamed Luger, and Konnan responded with a chair.
It really was a pretty good brawl, though.

Diamond Dallas Page pinned Bret Hart to win The United States Title
During Michael Buffer's ring introductions, there was a fan directly
behind Buffer making all kinds of funny gestures, including the DX
chop. The announcers claimed to have no clue about Sting's condition.
After DDP scored the victory, Hart worked over DDP with a chair, and
then locked him in The Sharpshooter. As Nitro was going off the air,
Goldberg ran to the ring to make the save.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: CoachBoze
This is in response to IMKingDouG's statement about who WCW is trying to entertain. Do I think WCW is trying to entertain 8 year olds?
Probably so. Why? Because they are wearing the shirts and buying the toys. Is WWF the type of show that children need to be watching? NO. However, why are there WWF toys in the toy section, shows on Saturday morning, and DX, etc., shirts available in the children's clothing section? Do you have problems with your elementary school students yelling Suck It?  Do you have problems with children imitating Stone Cold Steve Austin by "flicking people off" when they don't do something "because they said so?"

Were you even alive in the days when wrestling was good old good vs.
evil. In the early days of Hulkamania, JYD, the Four Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo McDaniel, Ric Flair, Kevin Sullivan, etc.? When a parent could let their children watch professional wrestling without any worry that they'd see anything worse than "cowboy movie" violence? When the
worst thing you would see would be an occasional butt-crack flash from
Ric Flair as he tried to go over the cage and Chief Wahoo would pull
him back down by his tights?

Would you go into an elementary school and point to your crotch and
yell "SUCK IT?" I doubt you would. Eight year olds are what are
watching, too. So WCW will entertain the family (and I hope the don't stoop to the level of WWF).  If WWF wants to be adult entertainment, then they need to have 18-over house shows, no minors allowed. No toys, no Saturday morning or early Sunday evening shows, and no children's apparel.

Don't give me the crap about it being the parents' job to make sure
they aren't watching. It needs to be Mr. McMahon's job not to target
the children's population if he wants to entertain adults with raunchy
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BenF802961
I have TCI cable in the Bay Area. I guess the show was supposed to run
3 hours.  TCI cut away from Halloween Havoc after 3 hours. As soon as the Hogan/Warrior match was over viewers were unable to watch the final match(DDP vs. Goldberg).  I wish the cable company would make arrangements with WCW to show the entire PPV instead of the 3 hours.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Kahdnh
I think you may have missed the big story of Halloween Havoc. It
seems a lot of the cable systems cut off the feed at appx. 11:00 pm (EST) which means a lot of people did not see the end of Hogan/Warrior, and Goldberg/DDP match. At it was claimed that it was the fault
of the local cable companies. Media One of Massuchusetts claims it was the fault of WCW, a decision on refunds will be made this week by the people of Media One. At this point this problem may cost WCW quite a bit of income. I will let you know of Media One's decision on refunds as I receive it
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: LiLmissDDP
You should have a poll on the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen a wrestler
do or the dumbest thing the bookers do, like Shamrock kicking a
unlocked door, Hogan seeing the Warrior in the mirror, Bischoff
getting hit in the face with a beer (my cousin threw it hahaha) and
stuff like that. It would be really funny to read.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Alberto Rizzi (
Demolition was basically a team of brawlers, but the crowd was behind
them (both as bad guys and good guys): they were fantastic!  Here is
what I would like to see:
L.O.D. 2000 (3 members) + Al Snow vs. Southern
A the end of the match is Droz and Hawk vs. S. Justice: Hawk tells
Droz to go for the "Doomsday device", but Droz chooses for a
piledriver and takes the pin on Dennis Knight. He also has Mark
Canterbury pinned, when Hawk enters the ring and hit Droz from behind,
then leaves: Canterbury scores the upset over Droz and Hawk is counted

L.O.D. 2000 comes to the ring. Hawk grabs the mic and starts to speak:
"For one month I try to teach you my knowledge, Droz...But you always
embarrassed me by doing the opposite. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU!!!!!!!"
Droz hits Hawk as he walks out of the ring, but Animal makes the save
and beats the living hell out of Droz.

L.O.D. 2000 is facing the New Age Outlaws for the tag titles. When we
are ready for the "Doomsday Device", Droz hits the ring causing the
DQ. Then, Droz promises to start a "New path of Destruction" against
the L.O.D and challenges them to find a suitable tag team partner for
the next I.Y.H. because its going to be "One hell of a six men tag".

L.O.D. 2000 and Droz continue to interfere in each other matches.
During the Sunday Night Heat before the Pay Per View, Droz is shown
talking with two huge guys in black attires.

L.O.D. 2000 hits the ring with Al Snow (the third men): then its Droz
time. After a minute of silence, a familiar music erupts in the arena.
Ax and Smash walks out from the curtains and the crowd goes crazy.
Of course Demolition wins, and from this point we can start a lot of
feuds (with L.O.D., Outlaws, D.O.A. and more)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: JAmner6778
I found myself with a bored half an hour this afternoon and decided
that I would try to come up with a good line-up for the forthcoming
Survivor Series, including the 16 man elimination tournament to crown
a new champion

Tournament First Round Matches
X-Pac - Taka Michinoku
Ken Shamrock - Steve Blackman (unless Triple H is fit)
Undertaker - Mark Henry
Scorpio - Jeff Jarrett
Rocky Maivea - Brian Christopher
Al Snow - D-Lo Brown
Vader - Mankind
Marc Mero - Kane
Light Heavyweight Champion Christian - Scott Taylor
The Godfather - Tiger Ali Singh
Quarter-Final Matches
X-Pac - Ken Shamrock
The Undertaker - Jeff Jarrett
Rocky Miavea - D-Lo Brown
Mankind - Kane
Edge Adam Copeland - Gangrel
Triple Threat Anything Goes
Tag Champions The New Age Outlaws - The Headbangers - LOD 2000
Ken Shamrock - The Undertaker
Rocky Miavea - Mankind
Hollywood Backlot Brawl
Goldust - Val Venis
Final To Determine A New WWF Champion
The Undertaker - Rocky Miavea

What do you think? Unfortunately, a few of the first round matches look
like squash matches but I can't see a way around this. The temporary
breaking up of Too Much for the night gives both members a chance to
show off their talents. The Edge match gives a chance for someone to
give Edge a bit of assistance against Gangrel and Christian, someone
suggested Marty Jannetty, which is feasible I suppose. I think that
D-Lo could beat Snow that could set-up a feud and besides I don't
think The Rock and Snow will fight each other for a while. Mankind
will end up taking three big beatings on this card from Vader, Kane
and The Rock. The tag scene could do with livening up, a brawl like
the one shown might do this, perhaps in the style of Ahmed & LOD .vs.
The Nation from a couple of Wrestlemania's ago. Look for LOD to
consist of Animal and Droz to piss Hawk off further. The Hollywood
Backlot Brawl should be a blinding encounter and buy some time for the
Undertaker and Rock to recuperate a little.


Anyway that killed a boring half hour. As I am in England I don’t get to hear as much as you Americans, what's going on with Davey Boy Smith, Steven Regal, Steve Williams and is the Blue Blazer actually Owen Hart?
Cheers, JAmner6778
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TheDXReBeL, and/or TMTCSurge to get information about the EWWFW. We're a re-building fed that is all set to become elite just like we were before we shut our doors some time ago! This fed is going to be one of the best around once we get everything back on track! Come join the fun!
~Jason White, President of the EWWFW~
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