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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 048

Date:  Tuesday October 27th, 1998  1:05 pm

WWF RAW Report for October 26th, 1998
By Steve Appy Vince McMahon was wheeled out for an interview, flanked by The Big
Boss Man, Pat Patterson, Jerry Brisco, & Sgt. Slaughter. Vince, of
course, was angry about his treatment last week. Although McMahon can
be accused of overacting, he really is hilarious. The crowd started
an audible "asshole" chant. McMahon was accompanied by his lawyers,
in response to the legal documents
Austin gave Vince last week.
McMahon was muttering that "the document has to be broken".

WWF European Champion X-Pac defeated Steve Blackman via DQ in 2:51
X-Pac is a one man show; he almost doesn't even need an opponent to
put on a good match. It was announced that Chyna has taken a leave
of absence from the WWF due to the lawsuit; time for plastic surgery
again, I assume. Steven Regal attacked X-Pac, incensed that X-Pac is
the European Champion, even though he's not European. Okay. The New
Age Outlaws made the save.

"The Rock" Rocky Maivia pinned Droz (w/ Hawk & Animal) in
Maivia, Big Boss Man, & The Undertaker were the first three men
announced for the tournament at Survivor Series. Droz really looks
like a freak when you combine his natural look and the LOD image. Hawk
and Droz argued after the match and Animal seemed to take Droz's side.

Michael Cole cornered Stone Cold, who announced that "we" would have a
statement later in the show. McMahon's lawyers walked away from
Vince, muttering that he doesn't understand.

X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws introduced Motley Crue. Motley Crue is
yesterday's news; is the WWF enhanced by an association with a band
that peaked in the 80's (not that their awful, but they are not
above a cult following either). Motley Crue has a greatest hit album coming out today, which explains the appearance.

The Austin VS McMahon MTV Celebrity Death Match was promo’ed for this
Thurday, at
10:00 PM. It looks to be hilarious.

Kane pinned Gangrel (w/ Light Heavyweight Champion Christian) in
After a poor brawl, Kane won after a Chokeslam. Edge then joined
Gangrel and Christian in beating down Kane. A lame heel turn for
Edge. He was actually getting a good reaction from the fans.

Stone Cold Steve Austin announced that he had a new WWF contract and
this contract guaranteed him a title shot. It turned out that Shane
McMahon signed Stone Cold to the contract. Shane cried in the ring,
poor me, "I was never good enough for you Dad!" As great a heel as
Vince is, Shane really came off as a crybaby during all this. Shane
blamed Vince for driving away superstar after superstar. Vince
Austin to face Ken Shamrock in an I-Quit match later in the
evening. Before Shane left the arena, Stone Cold threw him a beer. I
guess that means that Shane McMahon is cool now, right?

Tiger Ali Singh (w/ Babu) fought Kama "The Godfather" to a No Contest
Both men are mediocre at best.
Kama whipped Singh with a belt, which
somehow didn't cause a DQ. Both men were brawling in the middle of
the ring, just throwing punches, and the ref called for the bell.
Lame finish; much worse happens in most WWF matches.

Vince McMahon was shown being wheeled from the arena, a heartbroken
look on his face. Funny stuff.

Kaitai defeated Golga, Kurrgan, & The Insane Clown Posse via DQ in
The talented Michinoku athletes looked like midgets against Golga &
Kurrgan. The ICP actually looked pretty good. The ICP were
disqualified because of relentless double teaming. The Oddities were
angry with the ICP for costing them the match.

As Vince McMahon left the arena his flunkies promised to take of
Austin later in the evening. Shamrock handled a good heel interview.
He announced that his match later in the evening against
Austin would
be non-title and that there was no way he would submit.

Marc Mero (w/ WWF Women's Champion Jacqueline) defeated Goldust via
disqualification in

Is Goldust a heel or a babyface? Maybe a fan favorite. What about
Val Venis? I can't tell anymore. Poor Marc Mero is in storyline
limbo. After Jacqueline slapped Dustin, he kissed her on the lips.
He then hit Mero with The Shattered Dreams, his low blow kick, which
caused the DQ. Sable then confronted Jacqueline, and challenged her
to a title match at Survivor Series.

Michael Cole interviewed Mankind and Al Snow about their title shot
later in the night. Both Snow & Mankind made fun of the other's
imaginary friends. While the interview was funny, both men get over
better by themselves.

WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated Mankind & Al
Snow when Road Dog pinned Snow in 5:25
Foley and Snow worked okay together; still, they don't look right
together. Snow and Mankind controlled most of the offense, and Snow
hit Jesse James with a Snow Plow. Instead of going for the pin, Snow
and Mankind began arguing over who should pin DX. At that point, Road
Dog managed to recover and rolled Snow up for the pin. Mark Henry and
D-Lo Brown then stormed the ring and began brawling with The Outlaws.

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated IC Champion Ken Shamrock in a
non-title Submission match in 6:12
This match is wasted on a RAW; in a couple months, this could be a PPV
main event. The two men work well together. The flunkies kept trying
to attack Stone Cold although SCSA fought them off. As the referee was
distracted, Mankind stormed the ring and nailed Shamrcok. This was
enough to let Stone Cold knock Shamrock out with a chair. Solid main
event; although the finish was tainted, it still diminished Shamrock
to have him lose this early.
1998 Fantasy Wrestling Tournament of Champions.......
by Mark George.
Hello Fans,
Well, it is time to list the 16 seeds and 1st round matchups in our
Fantasy Tournament. Before I do, I would like to thank you all for
participating. I received hundreds of emails with your picks and the
response was overwhelming. Listed below are the seeds and the
matchups. Now, before you respond to the Booking Sheet with
complaints about the draw, try and remember this is what you, the
fans, voted for. We had votes ranging from Steve Austin and Bill
Goldberg to Junkyard Dog(dead), Mr. Socko and Pepe the Horse. The16
wreslters below were the top 16 vote getters. So, without further
delay, here we go!!!!!!

#1 Steve Austin vs. #16 Warrior
#2 The Rock vs. #15 Chris Jericho
#3 Bill Goldberg vs. #14 Triple H
#4 Undertaker vs. #13 Kane
#5 Kevin Nash vs. #12 Diamon Dallas Page
#6 Hollywood Hogan vs. #11 "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
#7 Sting vs. #10 Mankind
#8 "HBK" Shawn Michaels vs. #9 Bret "Hitman" Hart
Here were wrestlers who just missed. "Bubble Bursters":
Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam, Shane Douglas, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Ken
Shamrock, New Age Outlaws.
Now that the draw is in place, you the readers, will continue to pick
the winners. This is "your" tournament so you are the final say.
There are 8 matches in the 1st Round. It is once again time for you
to submit your picks. Select a winner from each of the 1st Round
matches and email them to me at (attkdonkey). We will
continue to vote at the end of each round until we have a Champion.
After the 1st round votes are tabulated, The Wrestling Booking Sheet
will print the results of each match along with a brief "fantasy"
recap of how the match played out. In order to keep the Fantasy
Tournament moving, deadlines will be every few days, rather than 1
week. Keep that in mind. Good LUCK!!!!!!!!

1) Send 8 1st round winners to ATTKDONKEY.
PLEASE...keep emails brief!!!
2) Deadline: Wednesday, October 28!!!!!!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Rjmaisfine
Vince McMahon is really a great guy.  Before Wrestlemana 13 (in Chicago) my friends mom got a phone call from Domino's and said to come pick up your Wrestlemania tickets.  My friends mom said she didn't order any and hung up.  Well, they called back again and said listen, please come pick up your tickets, Vince McMahon has given them to you... my friends Mom said she did not believe him, but then they said how would we get your number? Well they went and what happened that night was Vinnie talked to them and said those pictures and tapes and stories of your son ( my friend ) making his own little federation
in the basement really touched me and made me happy that I have inspired so many people. They met all the superstars and most were nice including Mark Calloway ( Undertaker ) especially. He said the nicest guy there was Shawn Michaels though.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BSmoley
In response to the letter submitted by reader: IMKingDouG, I
would just like to say, on behalf of all people with at least a small
portion of a brain, you don't know what you're talking about!!! Now,
it may be because the original draft of you email was scrawled on your
monitor in crayon that you weren't able to put your thoughts
accurately down in some reasonably intelligent form, but it looks, to
me at least, that a 9 year old was responsible for the ramblings
contained in your letter. Of course, that would make you older than 8,
so I guess your point about WCW only being appealing to 8-year-olds
may be valid. That is, of course, if you were old enough to realize
that wrestling isn't about swear words or ladies "boobies" (as I'm
sure you refer to them).

However, I'm NOT, repeat NOT, saying that your opinion about the WWF
being better than the WCW is wrong (personally I'm beginning to enjoy WWF much more than I used to). I am saying that opinions should be backed up with GOOD reasons, NOT the ones that you had given.

Lets take them one at a time, shall we?
<<You guys have freaking jobbers, I mean who wants to watch Perry
Saturn beat up on Johnny Swinger, like that's a match anyone would want to see.>>


WCW currently has a very large roster of wrestlers which means some
"jobbers" are going to get some TV time in order to try to start filling the void that is going to open up when all of the 45-year-olds start to retire. its much easier to start integrating "jobbers" into the line-up than starting from scratch like WWF pretty much had to do a few years back.


Besides, WWF used to be full of jobbers (anyone remember Iron Mike Sharp or the Brooklyn Brawler?) but that was probably back before you were born. Personally, I don't mind a little variety, its better than
watching Kane & Taker fighting for the umpteenth time.


Speaking of which.... <<Who thinks the Warrior really has magic powers<< Second of all, who in the world actually thinks that Kane and Undertaker have magical powers. There's no denying this one, magical powers have been in both of their gimmicks for as long as I can remember. Kane shooting lightening out of his hands, please.

<<The Wolfpac and Bill Goldberg, haha. These two groups are one and
the same.>>
Ok, now I know Goldberg's a big guy, but he's definitely not a group.


<<Take for example Konnan, he goes and fights Silver King, he wins, why?  Because the fans like him, pretty dumb huh, but it is the god written truth.>>
Got two words for you, Stone Cold. If you honestly believe that Steve
Williams (oops, I mean Steve Austin) would ever have become WWF champ
without the fans MARKing him to death, you really must be 9 years old.
Guys win alot when they are popular! Here's another shocker for you,
Barney is a guy in a big purple suit!!!

<<Last and certainly least is their mic skills. I was watching WCW
when Eddie Guerrero was having his baby tantrum with Eric Bischoff. I hear him say this word for word, " Eric you could kiss my you know what," I about died of laughter when I heard that. I then turned to RAW, at that moment Sable was in the ring, she challenged Jacky to a fight and I hear what she has to say, " Jacky get your ass out here right now!!," You understand what I mean??>>.

I think I do. You're equating mic skills (congratulations on spelling "mic" correctly, by the way) with the word "ass". If you don't say the word "ass", you must have poor mic skills. Right. Ok. I haven't heard The Rock say "ass" recently. His mic skills must suck. I haven't heard Jericho use the word "ass" lately either, his mic skills must suck too!


Thank you for giving me, and all the other wrestling fans a very simple meter with which to judge mic skills.  I'll use this next time Mick Folley has some mic time.

In conclusion, I'd just like to state for the record, I think both
feds have their strong and weak points and that I watch both. I have
my reasons for liking and disliking certain things about both of them,
but none are as 8-year-old-like as: one doesn't say "ass" enough or
one uses unrealistic magical powers.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Anfony20
Regarding the whole tag team situation thing someone wrote about, the
WWF comments interested me. While tag team wrestling CAN be the most
entertaining, it is usually quite formulaic. While bringing in some of the teams mentioned would bring the tag team division back up, it is an
unreachable goal. Giving Too Much a push is a great idea, because
they deserve it. They are low midcarders, but can be tag champs, and
good ones. Legion of Doom were once the most dominant tag team in the
world. its pathetic to see what WWF has done to them.


The best way to revitalize the WWF tag team division is to put LOD back to where they once were.  Public Enemy is set to return to ECW early next year. I can't wait until New Jack and TPE fight again! Bring Sabu and Jushin Liger into WWF? Oh yeah. While they're at it, why not bring in Benoit, Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Onita, Muta, Hayubasa, and Mysterio in.


Sabu has gone out of ECW before. He's gone to WCW and WWF, and he didn't really enjoy it. Sabu is a Triple Crown winner in ECW. He's currently a tag team champion and is still, and forever will be, the heart and soul of ECW. Heyman and Dreamer admit it. Not a chance of Sabu leaving ECW. As for Jushin Liger. Well, Liger is still a big name in Japan and is also a successful booker over there. He'll be in Japan for a long time.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: RickXTN
Will the WWF ever clean up their act? Based on the brainless followers and even more brainless employees, probably not in the foreseeable future. its a shame how this once great empire has sunk to a circus side show not worthy of wasting time on. They're only appeal is to early teens who are entering the "rebel stage" with their parents or immature adults. Let's face it, nudity and cussing don't appeal to a mature audience. its such an oxymoron that people say the WWF is for "more mature" audiences yet the appeal is only to younger audiences.


A few months ago I began my WWF boycott and except for reading ignorance in some newsletters and message boards, things have been a whole lot better. Thank God WCW is around because otherwise I might have no choice but to watch the (W)orst (W)restling (F)ederation for my wrestling fill.


With a killer Monday show, a better than average Thursday show, a "better-than-Raw" Saturday show, and PPV's worth twice the price of admission it keeps me from being bored during the week because there is always something going on and angles and happenings that you could never expect. To all the mature people out there...send a message to the WWF that we want a TV show worth watching! Boycott the WWF and maybe they'll get a clue one of these days.  Perhaps McMahon is just too old. Maybe the WWF will improve once Vince leaves. We can all hope, can't we?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Sxyboyee
I have an idea for the Survivor Series 16 man tournament. This may
sound far fetched to some, but I like it.

Raw: McMahon comes out and tells the world the 16 men for the
tournament and the reasoning for being chosen.


Shamrock was given entrance for being IC champ.
X-Pac was chosen for being European champ.


He then tells the Undertaker and Kane that they can be in it for
their match that cost Austin the belt.


Since The Rock was recently named #1 contender, he is in.


Since Mankind fought so well earlier in the year [as Dude Love] against Austin and later teamed with Kane and won the belts twice.


Since Owen Hart has won the IC belt, Tag belt, Euro. belt, King
of the Ring etc., he can enter under any gimmick he chooses [Blue Blazer?].

Then Goldust, D-Lo, Val Venis , and Al Snow were also granted spots.

That brings us to 11 men. Triple H comes out and tells McMahon that he has
worked harder than anybody and he has received no credit for it. He says that he will risk his health and career to be in it. Triple H signs a
release saying he takes full responsibility for anything that happens to him and is granted a spot. 12 men.

The 13th man in was the Big Bossman.

A 15 man royal rumble later that night took place. The last 2 men
would be in the tournament. In a shocker, McMahon says that Austin
can participate in the rumble, but he has to be the first to enter.
Austin agrees. Everyone is told to embarrass Austin at all costs and
whoever eliminates him gets in the tournament and 1 million dollars
cash. No one does. Austin and Double J acquire spots in the tournament. 15 men.

Then in another effort to embarrass Austin, Sgt. Slaughter was placed in the tournament as the final man and Austin's first round opponent.

Survivor Series First Round

Undertaker defeats Val Venis
X-Pac defeats D-lo Brown
Stone Cold Steve Austin defeats Sgt. Slaughter
The Big Bossman defeats Goldust
Kane and Owen Hart\The Blue Blazer fought to a double countout

The Rock defeats Al Snow
Triple H defeats Double J
Shamrock defeats Mankind

Second Round
Undertaker defeats X-Pac in a close contest
Austin defeats The Bossman barely & appears to hurt his neck
Rock byes
Triple H defeated Shamrock and his knee injury is aggravated

Semi Finals
Undertaker crushes Austin and is Austin taken to hospital for a neck injury
Triple H defeated The Rock

Triple H defeats Undertaker
Sorry about the length . E Mail me if you have any comments@
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