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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 049

Date:  Thursday October 29th, 1998  7:32 am

1998 Fantasy Tournament of Champions............
by: Mark George.
Hello Fans,
The Booking Sheets Fantasy TOC is now underway and the results of the
1st Round are now official. Listed below are the 1st Round matches
along with a brief, and at times humorous, recap of how the match
played out. Remember you, the readers, voted the winners. Below
each match I have put the total votes for each wrestler. Many of you
have requested to know how the voting went. So, here are the

#1 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. #16 Warrior...............
As expected, this was an easy victory for the Rattlesnake.
Warrior's sprint to the ring left him breathless and weak and
took advantage. As soon as the Warrior entered the ring he was hit
with 2 quick clotheslines followed by the STUNNER and the 1,2,3.
While Warrior laid there breathless and humiliated,
Austin added
insult to injury by calling the Warrior " A big piece of talent less

WINNER: STEVE AUSTIN by pinfall..............
VOTING: 441-56 (

#2 The Rock vs. #16 Chris
An entertaining 1st Round match. These two wrestlers played to
the crowd and in the end, The Rock proved to be too much for The
Jericho's last ditch effort to throw the LION TAMER on the
Rock failed. The Rock made
Jericho "know his role" when he dropped
the PEOPLE'S ELBOW on him and then finished
Jericho with the ROCK

ROCK by pinfall.............
VOTING: 391-105 (Rock)

#3 Bill Goldberg vs. #14 Triple H
In one of the biggest surprises of the 1st Round, Goldberg was
completely overwhelmed by Triple H. Pulling out all the stops, Triple H had the
crowd in a wild frenzy when he avoided Goldberg's attempt at a SPEAR
and into an awaiting foot of Chyna, who stood ringside. Seconds from
victory, Triple H attempted to embarrass Goldberg with the DX CROTCH CHOP.
Fatal error on Triple H's part. The extra time allowed Goldberg to recover
and roll from an attempt at the PEDIGREE. He delivered a SPEAR then
finished him with the JACKHAMMER to remain undefeated. Close, but no

WINNER: GOLDBERG by pinfall.........
VOTING: 264-230 (Goldberg)

#4 Undertaker vs. #12 Kane
These two brothers from the underworld did battle once again.
Undertaker and Kane matched each other move for move. Eventually,
Undertaker's experience took over and wore Kane down. After 5
consecutive CHOKE SLAMS, Undertaker finshed Kane with the
After the 3 count, Undertaker proceeded to remove the mask from Kane
and show the crowd that he was not his brother, but Issac Yankem

WINNER: UNDERTAKER by pinfall...........
VOTING: 297-198 (Undertaker)

#5 Kevin Nash vs. #11 Diamond Dallas Page
Nash attempted to avoid the match with DDP by offering him a
chance to join nWo Wolfpack. Nice try. DDP laughed and then quickly
laid Nash out with the DIAMOND CUTTER. A quick attempt at a cover
failed and the two ended trading blows. Big Sexy proved to be too
strong and sexy for Page, as he battered Page into submission.
Kimberly ran to the ring to help her man, but Big Sexy stopped her
short when he delivered a JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB on DDP sending him
crashing into the beautiful Kimberly. Goodnight Now!!!!!

WINNER: KEVIN NASH by submission...........
VOTING: 341-153 (Kevin Nash)

Hollywood Hogan vs. #11 "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.........
Good old fashioned grudge match between nWo
Hollywood and The 4
Horsemen. The crowd was treated to an all out war. Hogan's lack of
skill showed at the opening bell as Hogan was "bitch" slapped by Flair
and quickly locked into the FIGURE FOUR. One by one, Hogan's nWo
goons came to the ring to aid Hogan and failed every time. The
Horsemen were waiting ringside and picked them off one by one. With
nWoites littered all over the ring, "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson gave
the crowd what it wanted by delivering a chair off Eric Bischoff's
head, killing him instantly!!!!! "Whooooo" screamed Flair as he
styled and profiled.

RIC FLAIR by submission.................
VOTING: 302-181 (Ric Flair)

#7 Sting vs. #10 Mankind...........
These two veterans locked horns in a vicious struggle. This
match was too close to call for the entire night. The master of
hardcore wrestling, Mankind, withstood everything Sting threw at him.
After the match entered the 59th minute, Sting delivered the STINGER
SPLASH and went for the win with the SCORPION. Mankind, on the brink
of elimination, used the energy from the crowd to crawl from center
ring to the ropes and break the hold. Mankind reached for his pal
"MR. SOCKO" and applied the MANDIBLE CLAW on Sting and forced him to
submit. Sting, drained and defeated, was then defaced by MR. SOCKO as
he rubbed off all his paint and cut his hair and turned him into the
old Sting.

WINNER: MANKIND by submission.............
VOTING: 259-249 (Mankind)

#8 "HBK" Shawn Michaels vs. #9 Bret "Hitman" Hart............
The most anticipated match in the 1st Round. These two hated
rivals meet for the first time since 1997 Survivor Series. At the
request of the confident Hart, this rematch would take place in
Calgary. Prior to the match, the two engage in a fist fight in the
locker room. Once the match starts, the two showed their hatred for
each other. Two of the best wrestlers in the business went all out by
trading holds and arial maneuvers. HBK played to the crowd, showing
no signs of a bad back, which irritated Hart. A desperate attempt by
Hart failed when he misfires with a drop kick. HBK quickly countered
with some SWEET CHIN MUSIC followed by a SUPERKICK knocking Hart to
the canvas. Adding insult to injury, SEXY
BOY gives the ladies in
Calgary a treat as he strips butt naked and forces Hart to submit to

his own move, THE SHARPSHOOTER. Looks like Hart got screwed again.

WINNER: SHAWN MICHAELS by submission.........
VOTING: 356-183 (HBK)

There are the 1st Round results. A couple of upsets, but otherwise a
good round. Now we move to the 2nd Round. Listed below are the 2nd
Round matches. Once again you, the readers, will vote for the winners
of these matches.

#1 Steve Austin vs. #8 Shawn Michaels
#2 The Rock vs. #10 Mankind
#3 Goldberg vs. #11 Ric Flair
#4 Undertaker vs. #5 Kevin Nash

1. Send votes to ATTKDONKEY
2 DEADLINE: October 31st!!!!!
 Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: SupStrPro
The unknown new member of the LWO is Florida star Chato Vega, a
mainstay of Independent Pro Wrestling and Coastal Championship Wrestling
-Patrick D
SuperStar* Promotions
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: SaxMan73
This is in response to reader CoachBoze, who sounded really
upset at the level in which the WWF is conducting itself as a company, etc. I think he needs to pay a little more close attention to the Saturday and Sunday mornings WWF shows on USA Network, when every "swear" is bleeped out, where every time Austin does his "salute" it gets blurred out, and parents need to have no discretion as to what their children are watching.

Has the WWF gone more towards adult viewers? Yes, they have... but
notice how they moved RAW is WAR from
8pm to 9pm (when most 8 year
olds should already be in bed). Vince McMahon has done what he can so
that the "obscenities" in the WWF shows are not viewed by young
children. If a 7 or 8 year old is up at 9 and/or
10 o'clock at
night, then its time for the parents to step up.

What's wrong with the toys?? I don't know of any
Austin action

figures pointing the middle finger, or any DX toys doing the crotch
point... It is NOT McMahon's problem who does or doesn't watch his

Enough of this... if you, as a parent don't want your children to
watch WWF because is "too obscene", DON'T!! I hate to break it to
you, but it is the parent's responsibility to look over what their
children are watching. its NOT McMahon's responsibility. All you
have to do is switch the channel to TNT and Monday Nitro to watch old
guys barely able to run or run out of breath in the first 30 seconds
of a match... Or just plain and simple.. if you liked the WWF of the
80s and early 90's, then WCW is the one for you. All they've done is
re-create old WWF feuds anyway... I, for one, love what the WWF has
done in recent years and immensely enjoy their house shows and
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: DefJef2000
Just a bit of criticism....I'm sensing a bias to WCW on your
part...and I'm just wondering why? It seems to me that WCW is wasting
their talented roster by having a 11 month old former nobody like
Goldberg be the champion. Ok...that itself is an insult to the hard
workers in the biz like Page, Sting, Hart, etc. for this guy who
practically has zero experience to get the belt just cause a bunch of
rednecks in Atlanta love the idiot and have to have canned chants to
support him. And I know if WCW weren't idiots and didn't cut the work
of Terry Taylor and so forth, who were responsible for good Nitros,
they should be ahead of the WWF, but its not the case. The WWF with
its limited, but full of potential roster is blowing away WCW in
terms of ratings, showmanship and general fan support.


Sure some of the stuff they do is for mature audiences, but right now that audience takes up a good chunk of the viewership.  Vince is just a genius with the booking and his acting.  Who cares if its overacting? Wrestling is a soap opera for guys, overacting is a part of it. So I just suggest that you lay off the WWF a bit, and perhaps recognize that Nitro is practically ˝ hour of decent programming and 2 1/2 hours of crap, while Raw entertains practically throughout its two hours.  Enough said.
Avid fan of wrestling, especially ECW and WWF...not WCW because of its lack of quality.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Ginasdaddy
This is a response to the letter from coachboze about WCW
being the federation little kids should watch since the WWF is to lewd and has to much inappropriate stuff going on.


Yes, the WWF does some bad stuff but WCW is hardly for kids. The Giant is still going around smoking on camera even though that was part of an angle with Sting from JUNE. You've also got Scott Hall coming on television "drunk" which tells kids that drinking and smoking is okay.


You have family feuding which tells kids if they get mad at a family member they should hurt them instead of trying to work it out.  They have gangs: nWo, nWo Wolfpack, HORSEMEN, LWO, etc., which tells kids gangs are cool.


Hulk hogan almost set the Warrior on fire on pay per view which tells kids burning a man is okay. Just about all the wrestling federations today are filled with violence, and if you want to show your kids old time wrestling with "cowboy movie violence" which even might not be appropriate go find a good indy federation and get your kids hooked on them.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
Another good storyline for RAW- isn't it amazing that the same goof
who wore bermuda shorts and a bad bleach job in the early 90's is the most popular wrestler in the world? Jesse James and Billy Gunn are icons?


Hawk and Animal prelim losers? One man has done it- McMahon. Like it
or not, he has withstood the TBS money flow and built a federation that
is as popular as it was back in the MTV heyday of the mid 80's. As
for Turnerland- well, another day, another dependence on Horsemen,
Luger and Rick Steiner. THAT, folks, makes for bad storylines.......
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: HNolan5613
No, Stone Cold should not have been reinstated... What is it going to
take to clean up pro wrestling?  Recently my Grandson had turned to a match. I have never seen such a display of stupid, lack of morals, and all the bad things that can be said for people who should be considered role models.

What can we do to cause the turn around of such actions?  Such language, nasty actions, and down right filth, that should not be allowed in public at these arenas, much less on national TV. I have contacted my congressman to see what I can do, and force him to take action with FCC.

Any time foul language that is used on public TV, that person should be banned for at least a year. CLEAN UP OR GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Deathlok
In my opinion, Gangrel’s gimmick is not actually supposed to be
vampiric. Although he dresses and acts like a vampire, there is
obviously no such thing as a person with vampiric powers. No one is
going to even entertain that idea. With Gangrel, the WWF have
basically tried to make a complete and utter maniac who is dillusioned
into thinking he is a vampire. Anyone who genuinely thinks he is
supposed to be a vampire in his gimmick isn't looking hard enough.

A vampire image is ridiculously far fetched. The WWF have made a very
deep and multiple sided character in Gangrel: Someone clearly insane who thinks in his own mind that he is a vampire, but who obviously isn't.

Many people aren't seeing the gimmick for what I believe it is. Vince isn't stupid enough to give someone a vampire gimmick without something
deeper to it: in this case it is Gangrel’s lunacy.

And besides, he is a perfect nemesis for Edge.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Karbase
Things that would be cool if really happened:
On November 13th the tournament that Vince McMahon announced is
fulfilled. The final match: The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The
Rock gets some early offense but
Austin quickly regains himself and
pummels Rock. Then when Austin is about to nail The Rock with the
Stunner the police confront the referee and then from the audience
comes McMahon who nails Austin with the WWF Championship belt. The
referee turns around only to see The Rock prepare to give
Austin the
People's Elbow. Rock connects with the elbow, and nails
Austin with
the Rock bottom. Match Over.

The next night on RAW
Austin challenges McMahon, Brisco, Patterson,
Slaughter, and Bossman to a tag team Handicap match. The Raw goes on normally except that Goldust shows up again while Val is in a tag team match. He is with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Venis ends up helpless, bleeding, and "dying" on the mat. Venis is declared critically injured and out for 6 to eight months, and Terri is Pregnant!

The Rock is awarded the championship belt in a big ceremony. McMahon and co. accept the challenge and give Austin two partners to be named later.

X-Pac beats Taka Michinoku. Jim Ross says that there will be a new superstar in the WWF to be announced on the Ross report. After a few more matches the main event. Austin, D-lo, and Mark Henry vs. McMahon and co.

The match is purely Austin's team till the Bossman steps in and with the ref distracted hits Austin with an empty gun. Austin falls into the
blood stain of Val. Then Bossman drags
Austin to his corner and has
Austin lifeless body tag in D-LO. D- Lo nails everybody until the
Rock and Shawn Michaels come out. Michaels is back!

Then the Rock goes into the ring, Rock Bottoms the ref, then D-lo, while Michaels Superkicks Austin and miraculously picks Mark Henry up and puts him over the rope.

Rock then delivers the People's Elbow and then Rock and Michaels nail
him with a Double Rock Bottom. Michaels and Rock leave the ring and
Bossman wakes up the ref, and pins D-LO, and Henry at the same time.
McMahon and
Co. win.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property
of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to
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Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail
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