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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 050

Date:  Saturday October 31st, 1998  1:12 pm

Tomorrow's issue will have the results of the second round of The
Fantasy Tournament. Attkdonkey will accepting votes until
Midnight Tonight, Saturday Night. Votes sent to any address besides
Attkdonkey will be deleted and your vote will not count.

In the meantime, a quick news flash. As you may have heard, ECW
superstar Bam Bam Bigelow has been in negotiations with WCW.
Georgiann Makropoulos of 1Wrestling.Com has reported that Bigelow has
signed a three year contract with WCW. There is no word yet on his
role (I don't know if he will be nWo Black & White, Wolfpac, WCW,
Horseman, etc.). Bigelow has legit heat with several current members
of WCW dating back to his last stint in the WWF (the Clique springs to

Bigelow's last ECW appearance will be at tomorrow night's ECW November
To Remember PPV. I have no idea who will replace him in the Triple
Threat, maybe Lance Storm? I have one idea for Bigelow's role in WCW.
He could possibly replace Mongo in the Horseman. This would
immediately put Bigelow in the spotlight, and would be a good role for
Bam Bam. He could show up on Nitro at any point.
By Tom Misnk (MrECW)
Hello Once Again Everyone--
This Sunday Night, the eyes of the wrestling world will converge upon
the Big Easy,
New Orleans and the next major pay per view in this
business, ECW’s sixth annual November to Remember. The last few events
and things are being set up for this major event. You have time to be
a part of the festivities still either through being at the UNO Arena in
New Orleans or joining us on PPV.

The show was taped during ECW’s visit to
Cleveland, Ohio and the
Masonic Auditorium therein. We start the show off with last week’s
ending of the show, with Balls Mahoney and Masato Tanaka facing
each other in a match and then to be interrupted by the Dudley Boyz
which results in the teaming of Tanaka and Mahoney.

Back to
Cleveland and a tag team title defense for Sabu and Van Dam,
who are brought to the ring by someone who calls it right down the
middle, Bill Alfonso. The opponents are to be Mahoney and Tanaka- but
they don’t get to make it to the ring as Balls and Masato get mugged by
the Dudley Boyz as the new team gets left laying in a bloody mess are
Tanaka and Mahoney and also Axl Rotten who is still recovering from
his injuries. There most certainly have to be concussions involved
from this and we go to a break with the new team laying in their own

When we come back we do in fact get our tag title match, but it’s the
Dudleys taking on Sabu and Van Dam. Sabu and RVD putting on a clinic
in this one showing the Dudleys that they are going to want to end it
early until ref Jim Molineaux checks some out of the ring actions, the
original Triple Threat hit the ring and they go to work
on Sabu as BBB hits with the Greetings to Asbury park and then Shane
Douglas tries to snap the neck of Sabu. Sabu, with a history of neck
problems going back to the N2R 94 and Sabu being dropped on his head
by Chris Benoit. Taz tries to make it to the ring, but he gets
ambushed by Bigelow. Back in the ring though, Sabu gets hit with the
3D- the Dudley death drop and we have NEW ECW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS- Buh Buh Ray and Dvon Dudley as they are now holding the belts for a record tying forth time and they take the belts into the PPV this Sunday night.

Before the next match up which will see Jack Vicory take on Tommy
Rogers, we get comments from Axl Rotten about the challenge by Balls
and Tanaka for the
Dudleys this Sunday at the PPV. Axl promises that
the Dudleys blood and guts will be spilled all over the Arena and that
he is promising the fans of ECW that Balls and Masato walk out of the
PPV with those tag belts.

Match starts and is soon of the ring as also Rod Price getting
involved as well.  Just as it looks like
Rogers is about to get the pin on Victory, Rod Price gets involved and that also brings in Justin Credible with the Singapore cane. Credible uses the cane on Rogers head while the refs back is turned allowing Victory to get the win in this one. After the match they all keep beating on Rogers, but that brings out Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer’s appearance sends Credible & co. running as they want no
parts of Dreamer. Dreamer will be a part of the November to Remember as
Credible will team with Jack Victory and Tommy will have a mystery
partner in this one. Highlights of the first night in which Sandman
had left ECW and Dreamer ended up being beaten by Credible and his
thugs. The, er, highlights of that is shown again.

After the next break we get a review of the upcoming card for the PPV
this Sunday night as Joey goes over all the matches and wonders how
two guys in the hospitals with concussions like Balls and Tanaka will
be able to have the kind of chair swinging match they used to.  Will
the ref stop the match should chair shots start to save further damage
to Tanaka, Balls and Axl?  We’ll have to find out on Sunday.

Shane Douglas is in the ring with his original Triple Threat and he
addresses some of the matters concerning the other threat of Sabu, RVD
and Taz, that basically he had *alot* to do with the
Dudleys winning
the belts from them, the remaining belts don’t mean sh*t.  He threatens
to make Taz tap out in the match and that he calls Taz his b*tch as
well, saying he is the man who made this organization.

Out on a stoop in
Cleveland is New Jack. Jack is here to tell us that
the mystery is over- he’s going to be Dreamer’s partner in the big match.  His interest in it isn’t that he cares about winning or losing, it’s about the satisfaction and laying someone out and that is what he wants to do to Jack Victory. He just wants them to show up and he’ll take care of the rest. Just as he is about to talk more about the whooping of they asses, someone calls out New Jack’s name and Jack Victory and Rod Price show up and smash the guitar on New Jack’s head leaving him there out cold. Hmm, guess that takes him off the list....

After Joey goes over more of what is taking place on Sunday and a look
at the Lance Storm/Jerry Lynn match and how its going to be
interesting with not only the two guest referees in Mikey Whipwreck
and Tammy Lynn Sytch in the ring, we will also have Tammy Lynn Bytch
outside the ring- should make for an interesting situation.

We end up the show this week as traditionally as we do right before
the November to Remember-- the 11 minute video from the Guns and Roses
song November Rain as it gets interspersed with the events that got us
to where we are going to be this coming Sunday night and all of the
matches and also things like Little Spike beating Sal E Graziano,
Tammy Sytch ripping Tammy Bytch’s dress off, the historic embrace
between Taz and Sabu which formed a “new” Triple Threat, the damage
that has been done to Sabu’s neck, the situation with the Dudleys and
thier fued with Balls, Tanaka and Axl and it ends with how Tommy
Dreamer came to the ring bloodied and battered and wanting to take on
Justin Credible at the ECW Arena as a matter of revenge for himself in
what has happened.

We get comments from Tommy who is wearing a Hostile Take over Cap, he
talks about his history in New Orleans and how in his last trips there, he got laid out, New Orleans is where he lost his girl and this time out - its his time for revenge, its his time to shine, he means every word he says- they shouldn’t worry about who Tommy’s partner is going to be, but more on how much of November that Justin and Jack are going to remember.

As alot of you know, the wrestling business is a hot thing right now,
not only as we get ready for an ECW PPV, but also with all of the
shirts and caps you see from all of the federations. If you would like
to be a part of this growing phenomenon and start and run your own
wrestling merchandise business, call 215-579-2399 for the information.
Experience the Difference LIVE!  Be a part of the Extreme!

For directions to ECW events , 610-544-0421


UNO Lakefront Arena
New Orleans, Louisiana
TicketMaster (504) 522-5555 or
buy tickets online
call your local cable company
DSS owners- Event airs 8pm Eastern on USSB Channel 905
pregame show begins at 7:30pm Eastern
check out for travel packages
and to be a part of events on the Saturday 10/31


Main Event- the Battle of the Triple Threats
Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido w/ Francine
take on
Mr Monday Night Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Taz w/ Bill Alfonso

ECW Tag Team Title Match Up
The Dudley Boyz w/ Joel Gertner and Sign Guy
face Balls Mahoney and Masato Tanaka w/ Axl Rotten

Tommy Dreamer and a “mystery partner” will be taking on the team of Justin Credible and Jack Victory

Jerry Lynn vs Lance Storm
- two referees for this one, Mikey Whipwreck and Tammy Lynn Sytch

Reminding you all that.......
If you miss this Sunday’s November to Remember, its a regret you’ll never forget
Tom Misnk
WCW Thunder Report for October 29th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Wrath pinned Van Hammer in 3:11
About what you would expect. Total squash. At least if someone has
to be sacrificed for Wrath, its Van Hammer. Wrath won after The

David "Fit" Finlay pinned Alex Wright in 6:00
A rematch from Halloween Havoc. The announcers pushed big time what a
great fighter Finlay is. Ironically enough, Finlay played the heel,
telling Wright that he broke Steve Wright's leg years ago. Wright had
Finlay pinned, but the referee was knocked out. When he revived,
Finlay had enough time to recover to nail Wright with The Tombstone

The Disciple pinned Tuff Tom (w/Mean Mark) in 2:01
This is worse than WCW Saturday Night. Mean Mark tried to interfere,
to no avail. The Disciple won with The Stone Cold Stunner (Apocalypse).

Dean Malenko defeated Eddie Guerrerovia disqualification in 13:29
After complaining about the previous three matches, we're treated with
two of the best in the world. These two proved in ECW that they work
together as well as any two men in the business. They were given
time, but for some reason this match just didn't click. Eddie was
DQ'ed when the LwO jumped Malenko; Benoit & Mongo made the save.

WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho defeated The Disco Inferno via
submission in 5:22
In a funny exchange, Disco asked Jericho to forfeit the belt to him.
Actually a pretty good match. Their personalities really bounce off
each other really well. Disco controlled most of the offense until he
was locked in the Liontamer, which led to a submission.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. in 7:56
Once again, two great athletes. Chavo's crazy gimmick affects his
workrate. Instead of trying to sell the Cruiserweight division as a
separate, unique division, the announcers sold the division as a
rookie division. its that kind of talk that has paralyzed the
division for so long. Kidman reversed a flying bodypress for the

After the match, Eddie Guerreroand the rest of the LwO confronted
Chavo. Eddie told Chavo that to join the LwO, he must earn the
privilege. Maybe they can destroy Pepe. That would be funny.

Ernest Miller pinned Villano 5 in 1:47
Miller quickly defeated the talented Luchador, and was then approached
by Sonny Onno. Although initially hostile, Miller warmed up to Onno's
offer. One of the worst wrestlers in WCW paired with the worst
manager in WCW. A fine pair.

Scott Hall pinned Steve Armstrong in 3:26
Total squash. Hall acted sober, and just destroyed poor Armstrong.
After several Outsider's Edges, Hall scored the pin.

The Giant pinned Raven (w/Kanyon) in 2:55
Raven actually showed much more offense than I expected. Kanyon
openly interfered but it wasn't enough. Giant chokeslammed poor
Raven straight through a table. Raven's losing streak continues…
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Delnarr
Subject:THE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6:00 AM. The People's Alarm goes off.

6:01 AM. The Rock lays the smack down on the People's Snooze Button.

6:16 AM. The Rock gets up, stretches the People's Muscles, and takes
the People's Shower.

7:00 AM. The Rock convinces the People's Wife to lay down for some
early morning smack, if ya smell what The Rock is cookin'.

8:00 AM. Breakfast, The Rock wants Eggs Benedict but Jeeves, the
People's Butler, is home sick today so The Rock has to have People's
Crunch Berries.

8:30 AM. Practice eyebrow raising.

9:15 AM. Think of new things to say right before the People's Elbow,
the last time The Rock was forced to say "Milk, milk, lemonade, the
other side is where fudge is made... ya candy ass."

11:00 AM. The People's Limo arrives to take The Rock to the arena, the
traffic is at a standstill so The Rock has James, the People's Driver,
roll down a window so The Rock can show those jabronies The Rock Bottom.

12:15 PM. The Rock finds "Die Rocky Die" spray painted on The Rock's
locker room door. The Rock has a good cry.

12:45 PM. McMahon makes X-Pac apologize.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: FrehlysCmt
<< Would you go into an elementary school and point to your crotch and
yell "SUCK IT?" I doubt you would. Eight year olds are what are
watching, too. >>
Funny you would mention this. Earlier this week, a Berkeley middle
school student here locally was suspended when he did just that. He
was told by his teacher to sit down in his seat and stop talking. The
twelve year old replied by giving the teacher a crotch chop and
yelling out suck it.

If Pat Patterson were still active, would his ring music be "its
Raining Men."?
" Hey everyone. I own a new forming fed, 1 week old, the World
Wrestling Alliance. The future looks to only hold good things for the WWA. If you would like to join this soon to be excellent real wrestler, RP
federation, please contact ECW420469 ASAP!!! "
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: UMWChris
***Valid Point***An article by UMWChris
<<its NOT McMahon's responsibility. All you have to do is switch the
channel to TNT and Monday Nitro to watch old guys barely able to run
or run out of breath in the first 30 seconds of a match... Or just
plain and simple.. if you liked the WWF of the 80s and early 90's, then WCW is the one for you. All they've done is re-create old WWF feuds anyway... I, for one, love what the WWF has done in recent years and immensely enjoy their house shows and programming.>>

Wait, I have some retaliation to all of that. The fact that whoever
wrote this is a liar may have something to do with it. The fact is,
that if you turn on WCW, you are going to see a lot of young wrestlers,
while I watched THUNDER tonight, which isn't as exciting as NITRO, but
has better wrestling action than RAW is WAR, I seemed to have noticed
something. I saw Jericho, Disco Inferno, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Dean
Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and a lot more. The only guy that appears to
be aging at all is DDP. And that's because, he finally broke into
wrestling, after he was a manager for quite some time. It just took
someone like Eric Bischoff to see that DDP was actually star quality,
not to say that he could carry the company alone or anything.


Still, the fact is that Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are currently the only wrestlers in WCW, too old to wrestle. And the fact is, Hulk Hogan isn't too old to go out and do what he does, however he's just stale, and needs to retire for that reason. I will say Warrior sucks, always has, but he got the crowd excited while in WWF. I believe Bischoff needs to realize though, that most WWF wrestlers won't get over in WCW because the fans there are of a different breed.


Most WWF fans are more concerned about mike skills and storylines, etc. (ie. Kane and Undertaker being brothers).  What wrestling fan really cares about that stuff??? A fan that prefers sports-entertainment vs. a fan who likes a little flavor, some feuds and things, and some good quality matches. In fact, the main reason I like WCW is because of good quality matches. Okay, like I said, they have gimmicks, sometimes things there even get ridiculous (ie. Warrior appearing in the mirror), but its a more pure form of wrestling, and its the most pure form of pro wrestling out there, bar-none. I can't say every match is good, but you nobody can say that about WWF either. 


However, do you realize how embarrassing it is, when WWF comes on TV,
when you are sitting around with non-wrestling fans.  Well, I have
experienced that phenomenon more than once. You know what, I didn't
choose to turn it on, however they chose to flip channels and notice
Shotgun Saturday Night, and knew I liked wrestling. And you know
what, its almost impossible to explain the difference between WCW and
WWF to non-wrestling fans.


We had the pleasure of watching Kama talk about his hoes, then defeat Bradshaw in a crappy match, but somewhat decent. Followed by Al Snow, who I do like, embarrassing me, when he carried the head out, because of the way he does it in WWF, it just doesn't fit right. He fought D-Lo Brown, and it was poorly choreographed, to the point that D-Lo made it look like they rehearsed the match for hours on end. Then, I got up during commercial and they kept it on for a minute and said, there's a vampire coming out now. So, getting mad, I said this is considered an adult show, while WCW, which I watch, I said, is considered family entertainment, and they don't do all this ridiculous stuff.

That was my only defense to non-wrestling fans, but if you are a WWF
fan, look at yourself and ask these questions. WCW fans, do the same.
For WWF fans.
1.) How old am I?
2.) Who is my favorite WWF wrestler and why?
3.) Why do I like WWF better?

For WCW fans
1.) How old am I?
2.) Who is my favorite WCW wrestler and why?
3.) Why do I like WCW better?

Just use your mouse and highlight whichever one applies to you, then
ctrl-c, and then start an e-mail to UMWChris, and press ctrl-v on the body and paste those questions. Then, just answer them, and I'll publish some of the reasons, and give some info about the age groups, favorite wrestlers, why you like which promotion better, etc.
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