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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 051

Date:  Sunday Nov 1, 1998  9:55 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet Presents:
By Mark George.
Hello again fans,
We have completed the 2nd Round of voting and have reached the
Semifinals! Once again, the results were voted by you, the readers. Listed below are the results from the 4 matches in the 2nd Round.

Similar to the 1st Round, there is a FANTASY recap of how the match played out followed by the total votes for each wrestler. Now that we have reached the semifinals you, the readers, will once again vote for the winners and send the results to me at attkdonkey.  Deadline for votes will be November 4th. So, without further delay, here are the results of Round 2!!!!

#1 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. #8 "HBK" Shawn Michaels
Once again, The Heartbreak Kid is involved in a rematch, this time
from 1998’s Wrestlemania, which happened to be his last match in the
ring. After destroying Bret Hart in the 1st round Michaels engaged
in a physical battle with
Austin. These two crowd favorites gave them
plenty to cheer about. As the match entered the 20th minute,
re-injured Michaels with a series of LEG DROPS to his lower back
followed by a SWINGING NECK BREAKER. A refuse to lose attitude by HBK
kept him in the match. After a SUPERKICK, Michaels went top rope for
a FLYING BODY PRESS. His attempt to hit
Austin failed as he caught a
forearm instead knocking him down and out.
Austin delivered the
STUNNER and the 3 count for the win.

Steve Austin- 347 Votes 57.5 %
Shawn Michaels- 256 Votes
42.5 %

The Rock vs. #10 Mankind...............
The People's Champ looked to "lay the smack down" on the filthy
Mankind in a no holds barred SUBMISSION match. In the opening
minutes, Mankind went ballistic with a barrage of blows to the body
with a chair and then delivered a DOUBLE ARMED DDT. Bloodied and
beaten, the Rock went below the belt catching Mankind from behind with
a blast to the groin, changing the match in a hurry. With Mankind
writhing in pain, Rock delivered the ROCK BOTTOM and delivered the
PEOPLE'S ELBOW to "Socko". Telling "Socko" to "know his role", Rock
then applied the MANDIBLE CLAW with "Socko" in hand, forcing Mankind
to submit.

WINNER: ROCK by submission.
VOTING: 403-197 (Rock)
Rocky Maivia- 403 Votes 67 %
Mankind- 197 Votes 43 %

#3 Bill Goldberg vs. #11 Ric Flair.................
Prior to the match, a savvy Ric flair announces that only MONGO
will be ringside and the rest of the Horsemen will remain backstage.
Meanwhile, as Goldberg walks to the ring with his normal security, he quickly realizes that the guards are none other than Benoit, Malenko and Anderson. The trio unleash a savage beating upon Goldberg just as he is ready to enter the arena. Goldberg enters the ring battered and bloodied, leaving the crowd befuddled. Flair gets over again. As the match gets underway, it is obvious that despite the beating backstage, Goldberg is far too strong for Flair.

He makes quick work of the "Nature Boy" as he delivers a pair of SPEARS. Preparing for the JACKHAMMER, Mongo gives Flair one last hope as he enters the ring with a chair.  Unfortunately, the inept Mongo hits Flair with the chair instead.  Goldberg again lifts Flair high in the air for the JACKHAMMER and the win, when suddenly Triple H flies to the ring for the save. Angered because of his close loss to Goldberg in the 1st round, Triple H delivers a blast to Goldberg's knee with a chair. With the crowd in a frenzy, Flair manages to roll Goldberg into the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK and get him to submit for his first loss. WHOOOOOO!!!! What an upset!!!!!


The Horsemen charge the ring and proceed to beat the crap out of the worthless Mongo and in a gesture of appreciation, invite Triple H to join the 4 Horsemen. Good riddance Mongo!!!!!

WINNER: RIC FLAIR by submission.
Ric Flair- 334 Votes 55.9 %
Goldberg- 263 Votes 41.1 %

#4 Undertaker vs. #5 Kevin Nash..........
These two big men went toe to toe for the first time in years.
Both wrestlers tried to prove who was the stronger man as they gave
the crowd a good show. The 2 men traded blows in the early going,
but Undertaker began showing signs of taking over with a series of
CHOKE SLAMS. Undertaker's winning attempt with the

when Big Sexy was able to reverse out of it and show an exhibition in
power by dropping Undertaker with a SUPLEX. Paul Bearer was unsuccessful to derail Nash when he entered the ring. Nash dumped the
fat man on his ass ringside and then delivered the JACKNIFE by dropping Undertaker off the outside railing and knocking him unconscious and unable to finish.

WINNER: KEVIN NASH by count out.......
Kevin Nash- 356 Votes 59 %
The Undertaker 247 Votes 41 %

There are the results from Round 2. One major upset in the
books with Flair's win over Goldberg, otherwise everything holds true
to form. We have reached the Semis. Listed below are the semifinal
matches. Remember you, the readers, will vote for the winners of
these matches.

#1 Steve Austin vs. #5 Kevin Nash
#2 The Rock vs. #11 Ric Flair

1. Send all votes to: ATTKDONKEY
2. DEADLINE: November 4th!!!!!!!!!!
3. Votes sent to any address besides ATTKDONKEY will be deleted.
WCW Saturday Night Report for October 31st, 1998
By Steve Appy
To subscribe to The Wrestling Booking Sheet

La Parka pinned Steve Armstrong in 5:38
its nice to see La Parka get a victory, even if it only over
Armstrong. La Parka controlled most the offense. Unfortunately, La
Parka needed to hit Armstrong with a chair to score the victory. The
LwO joined La Parka in the ring after the match. Eddie Guerrero, upset
about Chris Jericho's victory over Psychosis last week, challenged
Jericho to a TV Title match later in the evening.

Van Hammer pinned Trevor Blanchard in
Having Van Hammer wrestle on TV is a great way to get people to turn
off WCW Saturday Night. Hammer won with The Flashback.

Lodi pinned Scott Armstrong in 3:50
The curse of The Armstrongs continues.
Lodi does look to have
potential. On one hand its good to give a developing star like
television time; on the other hand, it is hard to sit through some of
these jobber matches.
Lodi hit Scott with a foreign object to score
the victory.

Bret Hart, Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, & Rey Mysterio Jr. were announced as
appearing on Nitro this Monday.

Sonny Onno pinned Kaz Hayashi in 0:05
This is awful. Onno challenged Hayashi to a match, and right before
the match started, Ernest Miller knocked Kaz unconscious. Onno never
laid a hand on Hayashi. Awful. Onno's another guy who is given way
too much TV time.

Barry Horwitz defeated Barry Darsow via disqualification
The two men challenged each other to a golf putting challenge. I
know. This new gimmick of Darsow's does not make for fascinating TV.
Darsow was disqualified when he broke his golf club over Horwitz's back.

Al Greene pinned Mike Sanders in 3:08

Jerry Flynn defeated Mean Mark via submission in 3:59

Chip Minton pinned
Lenny Lane in 3:30
Four jobber VS jobber matches in a row. Not good. Minton doesn't
look all that great.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Ciclope in 4:02
Chavo is so talented, I hope he loses this crazy gimmick. Chavo won
after applying the Tornado DDT to Ciclope.

Eddie Guerrerodefeated WCW Television Champion Chris
Jericho via
countout in
Although they are both great workers, these two have never worked
together all that well.
Jericho was counted out when he simply walked
away from the ring. This enraged the LwO, and they beat on
Jericho as
the show went off the air. WCW would be better of disbanding the LwO,
and team Eddie and
Jericho part time. They make far better partners

than they do opponents.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ODOG15146
Hey, as for the new triple threat member, look out for Taz to be the
new third man. I can't really explain it, but it just seems right to
me. I know I will probably get a lot of heat for this but I think it
is a plausible turn of events. Oh well, please give me your thoughts.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
I would just like to add my two cents on Bam Bam Bigelow's decision to
sign with the WCW. Now, I realize that Bam Bam wasn't the most
popular or most talented wrestler in the ECW but I do know that every
time I decided to stay up to 2:00 am and watch the show, "the Beast
from the East" played a major role. In my "humble" opinion, the WCW
is a career wrecking crew. They just sign ya', then ruin ya'.

I read in this newsletter that it would be interesting if he went to
the Horseman, but really, can you imagine Bam Bam Bigelow in the IV
Horseman? Can you imagine him in what is supposed to be the classiest
stable in wrestling history? Bigelow ain't classy. Again, this is
just my "humble" opinion, but when I see Bam Bam, I think of down and
dirty wrestling.

So Bam Bam, your first mistake was negotiating with the WCW, your
second was signing with them...Good luck jobbin' to people for the 2
1/2 years after your 1/2 a year of honeymooning with TEddie and Eric.
*** If you wanna join a great new roleplaying email fed that uses fake
wrestlers only, Send an email message to TANKABBOTT@xxxxpUNO.COM
requesting details on the it quickly because it starts in
just a few days***
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Si316
In response to comments made in issue 47 recently by RickXTN, I am
sorry but the WWF is far more superior to WCW because Steve Austin was a mid-card wrestler in that fed, he went to WWF and now is arguably the biggest draw in the biz!

His comments about the WWF only appealing to rebellious teens is a
whole heap of BS, take a look at the middle-aged balding guys and gals
in the RAW audience every week. That opinion is fine on its own - but
then to sing the praises of WCW instead is a joke! I am from England
ok, to me that is just like saying Stone Cold Steve Austin swears he
only appeals to teenagers, I prefer Big Daddy!!!!! Come on,
to use the phrase of a British comic "You're havin' a laugh!"

I fully respect that guy for having his opinion, there are good and
bad bits of every fed - personally I dislike WCW relative to WWF
however to make such a closed comment that WWF only appeals to
teenagers in their rebellious stage is a mistake.
its fine to say something like that but don't say that rebellious
teenagers are the only viewers. One more thing, its fine that you
think the more mature viewers watch WCW, you are obviously the most
mature of mature people. its typical of "mature" WCW viewers to
give their opposition feds such a "mature" label = (W)orst (W)restling
(F)ederation. This just shows the maturity of WCW fans!
Simon (Manchester)
CWF is one of the top ten rated feds on all of the Internet. We have
been around for nearly 3 years, and know what we are doing. If you
can RP at least 80 lines, and are looking to join one of the highest
rated E-Feds on all of the Internet, email ATYCA1 for more

Check out a website for a terrific E-Fed at:
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Brian Papa (
In one week of reading this newsletter, I have seen one thing that
makes me pretty upset. its all this "WCW sucks" "WWF sucks" bitching.
I mean seriously guys... they are TV shows... get lives. its like
fighting with someone over which is better, 90210 or Dawson's Creek
(cause we all know that 90210 is MUCH better. ;-)

I have been a wrestling fan for upwards of 10 years now. Back in the
day my only exposure was to WWF, and I watched it a bunch. I liked the
heroes like Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior, the Villains like
Andre the Giant and Rick Rude, and the cool stories they all had
behind them. I watched Bret Hart go from a tag team loser to WWF
champ. I saw the debut of the Undertaker, an amazing athlete for a man
his size. And I loved every second of it. I picked up the occasional
issue of PWI... so I knew of the Four Horsemen, Terry Funk, etc... but when they were on TV... I was kind of apathetic. They didn't have the same zing as the WWF did.

A few years later, something caught my eye... Hulk Hogan was
wrestling, but NOT in the WWF! I was shocked as hell to find he and
Randy Savage in this "WCW". But still, I thought it was cool...
"Stunning" Steve Austin, Flyin' Brian Pillman, Arn Anderson, Vader,
Ric Flair, the Harlem Heat... these guys were awesome! Forget about
the 1-2-3 Kid and Jeff Jarrett... I was really digging WCW. But after a
few months it got to repetitive for me, so I switched it off.

About a year or so later, I saw another shocking move: Diesel and
Razor Ramon were now in WCW... and holy crap... HULK HOGAN IS A BAD
GUY!!! This REALLY caught my attention, and I was hooked again.
Meanwhile, I saw on the other channel some weird stuff... SHAWN
MICHAELS of all people was the WWF champ!!! Vader was in town, and
some new guy called Ahmed Johnson caught my eye. And of course...
there was the Trash Talkin' butt kicking "Stone Cold" Steve Austin...
someone who I could barely make out from his WCW days. But he REALLY
caught my attention when he went on a rampage and broke into Brian
Pillman's house (he is in WWF too??? NO WAY!!!) Now I found myself switching back and forth all the time... Mankind, Syxx, these skinny Mexican guys... you name it, I watched it.

Finally I made my decision: It was the WWF for me. I got sick of the
nWo apparently before anyone else did, and I was especially into
Austin's feud with the Hart Foundation. I was then introduced to the
wrestling community on the internet, and in turn, became a "smart"
fan. I couldn't believe that wrestlers cut themselves to bleed... that
Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart really hated each other... or that Hulk
Hogan had such an influence in WCW. But it didn't really matter to me
what went on BEHIND the scenes. It was what was ON CAMERA that mattered. Sure, maybe Shawn Michaels doesn't want to cleanly lose his titles, maybe he has screwed over Hart and Shane Douglas... but as long as he goes out there and puts on a great show he can be a serial killer for all I care.

I watch what I like. Now my channel is tuned mostly to RAW (although I like Jericho, DDP, Goldberg, and of course the Hulkster) but that doesn't necessarily mean I am "WWF 4 life." I could be, as
long as they put on the better product as they are doing now. It all
comes down to one's personal choice... and its pointless to argue
about it. Who cares who is better? If you like WCW better, more power to you, but to quote
Austin (Powers) 3:16- "its just not my bag baby!"

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Rajun Cajun (
Why does WCW constantly have 2 specific big name wrestlers always
change from bad to good and back to bad? Bret "The Hitman" Hart is
one of the people I am talking about!!! So far he has changed to heel
or face 4 times in WCW, and he hasn't been there long!!! All this
does is lose all credibility for The Hitman’s "word".

The other wrestler I’m talking about is Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell. Why
does he continually say he is separated from Scott Steiner and then
betray Rick Steiner and say it was a trick all along? He has done
that twice!!!! He started out good-then changed to bad-then betrayed
Rick Steiner twice which calls for 4 more roll changes. In all he
changed from Face to Heel 5 times!!!

I am The Rajun Cajun™ and #15 in the nation is...Tulane?---can you
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