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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 052

Date:  Sunday November 1st, 1998  10:10 pm

The following report was written by: BRIEFXTC
ECW put on its 6th annual November to Remember on November 1.
Lackluster show, but here are your results.

The show opened w/ Joey Styles in the ring. He welcomed everyone to
N2R. Terry Funk then came out and did an awesome heel turn. This had
to be one of the best interviews I've ever seen. Terry is truly one
of the greatest.

Match 1: Blue Meanie and Super Nova vs Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill
Very slow start. Meanie does the People's Legdrop (hilarious!).  Meanie and Nova looked real good, Roadkill and Doring suck. Nova and Meanie win via the Blue Light Special. Not bad for starters. 2*

Match 2:
Tracy Smothers w/ The FBI vs Tommy Rogers w/ Chris Chetti
Very slow match. Both men are past their primes and don't belong in
ECW. Rogers Wins on the Tomikaze (devasting move). 1 1/2 *

Mabel then comes out as the newest member of the FBI. WHY?!

Match 3: Spike
Dudley vs Ulf Hermann and Mabel
SPIKE IS GOD!!! Spike wins when he hits both men w/ the Acid Drop. I
love how they bring in big men to job to Spike. He truly is a giant killer!

Match 4: Lance Storm w/ Tammy Lynn Bytch vs Jerry Lynn (Mikey
Whipwreck and Tammy Lynn Sytch as special refs)
Awesome match! Very fast paced. Styles couldn't even call it! Too bad
it couldn't end cleanly. The end came when Whipwreck reversed a
small package giving Storm the win. The women are too hot! 3 1/2*

Match 5: The Dudleys w/ Joel Gertner, Sign Guy Dudley, and Big Dick
Dudley vs Masato Tanaka and Balls Mahoney w/ Axl Rotten: Tag Team Title Match.
AWESOME BRAWL!!! Lots of near falls. Tanaka kicked out of the 3D.
Dudleys kicked out of Tanaka's and Mahoney's finishers. Tanaka and
Mahoney win w/ help from Sabu and Rob Van Dam. Best match of the show.
4 1/2* and you have new tag champs!

Match 6: Justin Credible & Jack Victory vs Tommy Dreamer & a mystery
Dreamer's partner turned out to be Jake "the Snake" Roberts. This was
billed as a "Dream Partner Tag Match". You're telling me Roberts is a
dream partner?! I doubt it! Anyway, same shit over and over again.
Credible is so talented and they totally waste him on Dreamer. Rod
Price and One Man Gang ran in for Credible and New Jack and Kronus for
Dreamer. Roberts hits the DDT on Credible into a ladder for the win.
Really a waste of Justin Credible's time, there is no reason he should
put Dreamer over! 3*

Funk comes back out and kicks Dreamer's ass. Another classic Funk

Match 7: Shane Douglas (World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Francine, Chris
Candido, and Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sabu, Rob Van Dam (TV Champion) and
Taz (FTW Champion) w/ Bill Alphonso.
Not bad, but disappointing. Van Dam, Sabu, and Candido are very
talented. Hell, Van Dam is one of the best in the world. They did
get to shine tonight, but not as much as they should have. The match
was very hard to follow, too much action and not enough cameras. The
end came when Taz had
Douglas in the Tazmission and Sabu came off the
top rope w/ an Atomic Arabian Facebuster onto Taz. Sabu then pinned
Douglas for the win. After the match there was turmoil between Taz
and Sabu (who couldn't see that coming?!). Decent, I guess, but poor
for a main event. 3 1/4*

Overall: Decent show. Not as good as the last one, but better than
most. Paul E. has so much talent. He's gotta get Credible and Van
Dam in a program. GET RID OF JACK VICTORY!! He is a piece of garbage.
This may have been Bam Bam's last show and if it is oh well. BBB sold
out just like Raven, Richards, Saturn, and Sandman. I wish him the
best and I hope he somehow outshines the powers that be in WCW. Other
than that, not a bad show, could've been better, but I'm not
complaining. If you missed it, catch the replay, you won't be disappointed.
Later on.
Sunday Night Heat Report for November 1st, 1998
By Steve Appy
Tonight's show was dedicated to Vince McMahon, amidst rumors that he
would "resign" as CEO on Raw tomorrow night. Commentary was by
Michael Cole and Jim Cornette.

Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated LOD Animal & Droz (w/Hawk) in 1:25
Droz spent the whole match arguing with Hawk, which left Animal to be
double teamed by the Hardy's. Jeff Hardy scored the pin on Animal.
After the match, Hawk was so fed up with Droz's disrespect that he
challenged Droz to a match on Raw. Animal seemed to take Droz's side.
This match, if it happens tomorrow, should be awful.

Steven Regal pinned Bradshaw in 1:36
Regal's gimmick has become very tongue in cheek. its not so bad if
its an acknowledged joke. Regal wore a hard hat to the ring, which
really contrasts with his Lord gimmick in WCW. Regal pinned Bradshaw
after a Bridge roll up. The Jackal approached Bradshaw after his
loss, and seemingly will join his stable. So far, we have Faarooq &
Bradshaw joining Jackal's stable.

The Brood (Edge, Gangrel & WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Christian)
defeated The Oddities (Kurrigan, Golga, & Giant Silva) in 1:59
Kane was spotted in the rafters, silently watching The Brood.
Christian & Gangrel double teamed Golga, until Golga was pinned by
Gangrel. You can't tell a whole lot in an under two minute match.

Steve Blackman gave an intense interview regarding Owen Hart. I've
never been a big fan of Blackman, but this interview showed alot of

Steve Blackman pinned D-Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) in 1:20
Henry carried a sign "I miss you Chyna". The Headbangers attacked
Brown, which led to Blackman scoring the pin. It was announced that
The Headbangers would face Brown & Henry on Raw tomorrow night, with
the winner facing The New Age Outlaws at Survivor Series.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) pinned Val Venis in
As always, Debra looked fabulous. Venis walked to the ring without
Terri Runnells.  Terri ended up at ringside, and Debra McMichael ended up pretending to want Venis as well. The ruckus outside distracted Venis, and Jarrett scored the pin. Terri announced to the world that she that is pregnant, and Venis shunned her. I guess Venis is a heel now, right?

Dan Severn was interviewed live. He wore a heavy neck brace and
challenged Owen Hart to confront him at Raw tomorrow night. A little
speculation; could
Severn end up being The Blue Blazer? It would give
Owen a chance for a new start and it would give
Severn potential heel
heat. Let's see.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Shane McMahon. Shane claimed to have no idea
about Vince's future plans. Shane still comes off as a major geek.
As big a heel as Vince is, Shane is a heel as well. He looks like a
crybaby and ungrateful to his father, who he owes his position to.
While the WWF is putting alot of work into turning Shane into a babyface, I don't think it'll work.

Kama "The Godfather" defeated The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) via DQ n
Triple H was announced as participating in the Survivor Series tournament;
I don't think he'll be ready to return at that point.
Kama, of
course, was flanked by three hoe's. The Godfather offered The Undertaker a crack at his hoe's, which UT refused. Undertaker immediately slammed the referee, which led to a disqualification. As the show went off the air, Kane was shown in the rafters, preparing to attack UT.
Last weeks poll:
Who is your favorite wrestler?
Total number of votes - 154
Stone Cold Steve Austin - 23 15%
The Rock - 23 15%
Chris Jericho - 12 8%
Shawn Michaels - 12 8%
Sting - 8 5%

"I have been coincidentally starting a Push Benoit" movement over the
internet, if any of you are interest (please e-mail me, and I'll get
you  some info when it becomes available.). I have had at least 10 different  e-mails today from Benoit fans wanting him to get a push."

Who is your least favorite wrestler?
Total number of votes - 145
Hollywood Hulk Hogan - 30 21%
Goldberg - 24 17%
Warrior - 13 9%
SCSA - 10 7%
DDP - 5 3%

"The turn to hell totally destroyed everything that he had worked for
his whole life. Bad, bad move!"

I was close in the most favorite with Rock tying SCSA. But, Hollywood
blew away everyone in the least favorite. Now, onto this weeks.

(For complete results, send a message to <>)

This weeks poll:
What show will/did you watch on Monday night?
A. Nitro
B. Raw/Warzone
C. Monday Nigt Football

Send all poll responses to: <>
Swami's pick: Nitro
Swami's pick to win: Raw
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ThuggBill
People, this is all in good fun; this is just an attempt to capitalize
on the new lame golfer gimmick of Barry Darsow, and to imagine the
sick situation in which he gets his push.

WCW WORLDWIDE, 11-7-98: Barry Darsow takes on Bobby Blaze and scores the victory. After the match, Darsow grabs a mic and throws out a lot of really bad lines, like, "No one is up to 'par' with me" and "I'm going to 'drive' my way to the top of WCW." He then challenges Jim Powers to a match at the next Thunder.

THUNDER, 11-12-98: Barry Darsow faces Jim Powers, ironically enough in
the main event match. Darsow gets the win with his new finisher, the
Sand Wedge (which is an arm bar, mind you, proving how lame he truly
is). After the match, Darsow once again gets the mic (damn you,
Penzer) and announces that he's going to win the Television Title
"Fore Life". He challenges Chris Jericho to a match at WCW Saturday

WCW SATURDAY NIGHT, 11-14-98: Barry Darsow is in the ring with a Gator
Golf game. Chris Jericho arrives with the TV Title. Darsow gets the
microphone from his new butt buddy, Dave Penzer, and states that the
match would be under Darsow's Rules; in other words, they play Gator
Golf to determine who's the champ. When the referee's back is turned,
Darsow knocks out Jericho with one of those little plastic clubs, then
hits the ball into the gator's mouth to get the win and the TV Title.

WCW MONDAY NITRO, 11-16-98: The show kicks off with Darsow going to
the ring, flaunting his new Television Title, or as he calls it, the WCW PGA Title. Darsow says that he's not only the best wrestler in the
squared circle, but also on the green. All of a sudden, Larry Zbyzsko
walks from the locker room and says some bullshit about him scoring a
perfect 18 down at Torrey Pines the other day. Zbyzsko then challenges
Darsow to play 18 holes at World War III.

For the next few weeks, Darsow shuts down all his challengers in games
of putt-putt, from Lodi to Brian Adams... hell, he even shuts down

WORLD WAR III, 11-22-98: (I'm guessing the date) Darsow and Zbyzsko
arrive at the green and waste the three hours of the pay-per-view playing golf. Tenay announces the name of every single swing (like we give a shit), such as the triple super-tope'-plancha-spinning 9-iron crunch. In the end, Darsow gets the win when Zbysko is attacked from behind by Tiger Woods.

WCW MONDAY NITRO, 11-23-98: Darsow heads to the ring with Tiger Woods
and announces the formation of a new group, nWo Fairway, the green and
the black.  Hollywood Hogan then walks to the ring with Dennis Rodman and challenges the nWo Fairway to a tag match at Starrcade: Hogan and Rodman vs. Darsow and Tiger Woods. Darsow accepts.

LATER IN THE EVENING: Brian Adams challenges Darsow for the WCW PGA
Title, this time in another game of Gator Golf. (After all, what could
be greater than playing a game of golf with a gator?) Tiger accompanies Darsow to the ring, and Rodman is with Adams. In the end, when Darsow is putting for birdie, Bryan Adams, the legendary Canadian singer with
the exact same name as Brian Adams, hits Darsow with a chair, allowing
Adams to get the win and the PGA Title.

WCW STARRCADE, 12-27-98: Darsow and Woods take on Hogan and Rodman in
the main event match. Since none of these four men have any wrestling
talent whatsoever, the match is quite the sleeper. In fact, a locker room argument between Roddy Piper and a computer over the use of the word icon is more exciting. In the end, the Warrior runs to the ring and attacks Rodman while Rodman is buying drugs from Konnan, allowing
Darsow to put the Sand Wedge on Hogan and get the win. The Warrior then reveals that he's a member of nWo Fairway.

WCW MONDAY NITRO, 12-28-98: Darsow, Tiger, and the Warrior head to the
ring.  Darsow says that he beat Hogan and deserves a shot at Goldberg's WCW World Title. Goldberg comes out and says, "grrrr.... uuuugh...
BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!", which Darsow takes as a yes. 18-holes for the
WCW Heavyweight Title are scheduled as the main event of Souled Out.

LATER IN THE EVENING: The Warrior and Tiger Woods face Brian Adams and
Bryan Adams in the main event tag match. Adams is just about to pin
Woods when who should run in but... Barry Horowitz! Horowitz beats
down the Adams Family, then announces that he's taken the role of Barry Darsow's caddy for Souled Out.

WCW/NWO SOULED OUT, 1-23-98: Darsow arrives at the golf course, as does
Goldberg (wearing one of those goofy-looking golf outfits, no less).
Barry Horowitz is naturally at Darsow's side, and Mark McGwire is
caddying for Goldberg. However, no sooner do they get through the
first hole (with Darsow going two under par and Goldberg hitting a
double-bogey) when McGwire collapses of a steroid overdose and dies.
An enraged Goldberg breaks his own golf clubs over his head, then eats
a golf cart. With neither clubs nor golf cart, Goldberg is forced to
ride a tricycle and hit with a pencil for the rest of the course, and
he goes 30 over par. Meanwhile, Darsow ends up eight under to become
the new WCW Champion! Tiger Woods, the Warrior, and Barry Horowitz
all celebrate with the new champ! Barry Darsow is the WCW Champ, and
nWo Fairway has prevailed, and they all live happily ever after! Yay!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Anfony20
This is in reply to the person that said that Taz will join the Triple
Threat. As for Bam Bam Bigelow, the ECW website had a story about BBB
and N2R. At the Q&A session in New Orleans, Paul Heyman confirmed that
WCW had made a substantial offer to Bigelow and were pressuring him to
not show up at November To Remember. However, Bigelow was at the
autograph session and will be wrestling at N2R. He has not signed with
WCW yet. If he does, Taz will not be the new member of the Triple
Threat. ECW has done that before, where Taz took off his jacket and
was wearing a Triple Threat shirt. Then he attacked Douglas. The only
way Taz will ever be involved with the Triple Threat is when he feuds
with them.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Krillian (
My two cents. Raven's losing, Sandman's coming, and now Bam Bam's
coming.  Raven, Sandman, Bam Bam, and Kanyon would make a good non-NWO heel group. Sandman and Bam Bam pick Raven up after a loss and suddenly
Raven gets his winning streak back. The Extreme Pack feuds with
ex-Flock members, squashing the likes of Riggs and Van hammer. They
could even be conceivable Horsemen opponents.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: NoDoubt297
Here is something that would get some excitement into tag-team the WWF tag team division
RAW (11/16)
At the beginning of RAW Shamrock comes out and announces that he is
forming a tag team with another superstar, and that he and his partner
will rule the WWF tag team circuit. He says that he will announce his
partner before the Main Event match that night between NA Outlaws and
Triple H and X-Pac/wChyna that night. RAW goes on as normal. Than before
the Main Event, Shamrock comes out and says that his partner is one of
the greatest athletes ever. He says please welcome H-B-K. HBK comes
down, fireworks and smoke go off. HBK talks a little. Than Shamrock
and HBK leave. The Main Event starts, The New Age Outlaws enter. Triple H and X-Pac join them. Its a long hard fought match. During the match Chyna goes to hit Road Dogg with a chair when she "accidentally" knocks out the ref out. Chyna than tries to hit Road Dogg again and this time
succeeds. Triple H wakes up the ref and goes for the pin but Road Dogg
kicks out and beats the crap outta Triple H. Triple H makes the tag. X-Pac beats
on Road Dogg and than goes for the Moonsault and nails it goes for the

RAW (11/23)
Shamrock and HBK come out and demand a match title match against Triple H and X-Pac. Triple H says that they gotta prove themselves and beat the NA
Outlaws. They agree and that match is signed as the Main Event. RAW goes on as normal. Its time for the Main Event. NA Outlaws enter. Shamrock and HBK enter.


and HBK use superb tactics and make handy work of the NA Outlaws. HBK
wins the the match via "Sweet Chin Music." A title match is signed for HBK and Shamrock vs. Triple H and X-Pac at In Your House on December 13 in Vancouver, B.C.

In Your House (12/13)
Its time for the Tag Team Championship Match. Both teams enter. In the
beginning Triple H and X-Pac have the clear advantage, beating up HBK.
Finally HBK makes the tag and Shamrock comes in scoop slams Triple H and
puts him in the Ankle Lock but Triple H grabs the ropes. Shamrock beats the
crap outta Triple H. Then Triple H tags X-Pac and X-pac beats up Shamrock
landing a moonsault and going for the pin but only gets the 2 count.
Shamrock tags HBK in and HBK makes quick work of X-Pac. He gives X-Pac
a little "Sweet Chin Music" but refuses to pin X-Pac. He says that he
wants Triple H. X-Pac tags Triple H. HBK and Triple H fight for a while each taking
the advantage at certain times. Finally HBK gives Triple H "Sweet Chin
Music." Stands over him and shows Triple H the DX crotch chop. Than Shawn
Michaels lands a moonsault and goes for the pin and gets it. WE HAVE
NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPS.  After the match, Shawn Michaels takes a lighter to a DX shirt and says he is outta DX
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
I am absolutely P*SSED OFF AT NBC!!! "Pro Wrestling's Greatest
Secrets" made the average wrestling fan look like a dumb *ss. I for
one know that 90% of wrestling is fixed, but so is everything else in
life (with a few exceptions.) Why do people watch Seinfeld, or
Frasier. They watch it to be entertained. And I for one think that no
one does it better than Professional Wrestling. Every Monday night I
am glued to the TV, watching RAW, and NBC runs a special "telling
all." But they forgot to mention some of the best matches in history.


For example, at the Hell In a Cell match between HBK & The Undertaker, now you tell me that it was fake when HBK fell 20 feet onto a table. falling 20 feet onto anything hurts like hell, not to mention a table. Or how about ECW wrestlers risking their lives jumping off of a balcony? I'll be d*mned if I let NBC make 24 million people look like Idiots. Vince McMahon & Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman made the world of wrestling into a great TV show, and NBC tries to take them for all they are worth. NBC ran that show off of the success of the WWF, WCW, and ECW. Now I have decided to boycott all NBC programming, with no exceptions. If I were you, I'd do the same.
-Isaiah Kondas
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