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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 059

Date:  Sunday November 8th, 1998  8:41 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Sunday Night Heat Report for November 8th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Bob Holly pinned Scott Taylor in
Scott Taylor told Christopher that he loved him; great, another homoerotic angle.  Before the match, Al Snow introduced Holly and Scorpio as the two newest members of the Job Squad, WWF style. All the potential that Holly once had seems to be gone. It was revealed that Snow has kidnapped Mr. Socko. Holly scored the victory after a reverse rollup.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Val Venis; Venis claimed that he couldn't be
the father of Teri's baby because he had a vasectomy. This really is
Jerry Springer Plus.

X-Pac was scheduled to defend The European Title against Steven Regal.
Instead, Undertaker & Paul Bearer entered the ring and UT ended up
attacking X-Pac from behind. He chokeslammed X-Pac, which I guess is
to really make sure people realize that he is a heel. X-Pac has
become one of the most popular men in the WWF along with being one of
the best workers.

The stooges (Patterson, Brisco, & Slaughter) waited outside Vince
McMahon's limo, waiting to kiss ass. The Big Boss Man flanked Vince,
ready to enforce "law & order".

The Godfather pinned Marc Mero (w/WWF Women's Champion Jacqueline) in
This was Shane McMahon's first match as a referee.
Kama told Shane
that he will one day run the company and he offered Shane a ho for later tonight.  Mero has sunk this low; when was the last time he won a match. Vince McMahon watched Shane's performance on a monitor, making jokes about escaping the government's prosecution. The Godfather won the match clean, which led to Jaqueline slapping

A "training" video aired of Sable. Every shot involved her either
bouncing around or bending over. Total T & A show; trashy, but not
bad for what it was.

A pissed off X-Pac challenged The Undertaker to a match on RAW.

Vince McMahon announced that The New Age Outlaws would have to defend
the tag team titles in a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series
against The Headbangers and Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown.

Owen Hart provided some color commentary, still claiming to be
retired, and obviously not The Blue Blazer. its funny, his manner
really seems sincere, though.

Droz (w/Animal) defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) via
disqualification in
Debra really is pretty sexy, in my opinion, far more attractive than
Sable. Hawk stormed the ring and attacked Droz, which led to Droz &
Animal teaming up and beating the hell out of Hawk, including using
The Doomsday Device. Where does Hawk go from here?

The Rock confronted Vince McMahon about his missed title opportunity
at Survivor Series. Vince repeated his feeling that the grudge is
strictly because Maivia is "The People's Champion". Vince announced
that Rocky would face Mark Henry on RAW, and that if he lost, he would
be fired. If he wins, he will be allowed in the tournament.


The Rock is getting a super push; his popularity really may end up
Austin's (I can't believe I'm writing that!).
ME VIA EMAIL. WINNERS will be posted in next issue. Thanks and GOOD
LAST ISSUE's Trivia: PAINTED FACE Trivia!!!!!
1. Who did The Powers of Pain defeat at SummerSlam 1988?
2. Who did Sting team with to win the Crockett Cup tourney in 1988?
3. Who was The Road Warriors partner as NWA 6-man tag champs?
4. Who did the Ultimate Warrior wrestle at WrestleMania 4?
5. Who managed the Missing Link in the WWF?


ANSWERS: 1. The Bolsheviks, 2. Lex Luger, 3. Dusty Rhodes,
4. Hercules, 5. Bobby Heenan & Jimmy Hart. Heenan managed him shortly before trading him and Adrian Adonis to Jimmy Hart in exchange for King Kong Bundy in September 1985.

LAST ISSUE'S WINNERS: MrPrfct19, MArticolo, PG13fan,Delt75, DudeLuv6,


THIS ISSUE'S FOCUS: Macho Man Randy Savage Trivia!!!!!
1. Who did Savage's team defeat LAST at Survivor Series 1989?
2. Who did Savage team with at WrestleMania 6?
3. Who did Savage beat to be KING of the WWF?
4. What former wrestler is Randy Savage's brother?
5. Who did Savage wrestle at SummerSlam 1990?

ECW TV Report- By Tom Misnik
Hello Once Again Everyone--
Yep, this week its a funking hour of extreme television in the heart of
hardcore Dixie and her topless Louisiana friends as we kick off with
Terry Funk’s return to ECW At the November to Remember. The first
segment we see is of how Terry first shows up at the UNO Arena and
shows his displeasure that Tommy Dreamer didn't pick him as the
mystery partner. Dreamer felt that Terry was retired and had no
interest in doing it.

The opening takes on a
New Orleans flavor as well as we get some of
the squirrel nut zippers in the background with highlights of the
Halloween parade down
Bourbon Street and it even carries on during the
usual extreme opening. Dixieland music accompanies Joey Styles in the
background throughout the hour.

This week’s show is a showcase of some of the matches that took place
at the ppv as we get some history of that match up and then stills
from the actual match from the PPV. First up was the match in which it
was Lance Storm w/Tammy
Lynn Bytch taking on Jerry Lynn with guest
referees Mikey Whipwreck and Tammy Lynn Sytch.

We got new tag team champions in
New Orleans as Balls Mahoney and
Masato Tanaka took the straps from the
Dudleys in an extreme match up.
Wasn’t up there with the caliber of what we saw at the ECW Arena last
time, but then again Mahoney and Tanaka were still getting over the
beating that they took at Cleveland at the TV tapings the weekend

Also spotlighted in the show was the battle of the Triple Threats in
which it was the Franchise Shane Douglas with Francine teaming with
fellow Triple Threat members Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow as they
took on Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Taz as they are joined by the man who
calls it right down the middle, Bill Alfonso. Match with an
interesting ending as Sabu gets the pin on
Douglas which makes Sabu
the #1 contender and he gets the title shot at ECW’s next pay per view,
Guilty as Charged coming up Jan 10th from
Orlando Florida. Hmm,
Orlando in January- works for me. Needless to say Taz is pissed off

about Sabu getting the pin and that should dissolve the other Triple

The dream partner mystery partner match has been a highlight of past
November to Remember shows and this time we have mystery most
certainly being the optimum word as Tommy Dreamer’s partner in this
one is Jake Roberts. Jason ends up getting involved at more in this
one as its Jack Victory suffering the injury- Tommy gets the win, but
the big story out of this one is that Tommy and Terry get into a
fight after the match. Terry is still pissed off that Tommy didn't
pick him and then Tommy says that he won't ever fight Terry- he’ll
turn his back on him-- but he won’t fight Funk.  We then see Terry drag Dreamer to the ring and he beats on Tommy, but Tommy won’t fight back. Joey gives Tommy credit for not fighting back, after all, Terry has been his mentor and father figure.

Next week-- The aftermath continues as it’s to the Elks Lodge in Queens
and more ECW TV.  Very much liking the thought of Orlando in January this is......
Tom Misnik “Mr ECW”
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Yatsuatari
<< I'm still not sure if Magmum or Kaz Hayashi is the more promising
of Dragon's WCW students. >>
I agree that both of these guys are very talented and promising wrestlers. However, Kaz Hayashi isn't one of Ultimo Dragon's students. Living in Japan, I am fortunate to be able to watch Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon group on Michinoku TV. Ultimo Dragon's group of Japanese rookies based in Mexico include Magnum Tokyo (as he is called
in Japan and Mexico), Judo Suwa, Sumo Fuji, Shimu Nobunaga, Dragon
Kid, and SAITO. All of these guys have appeared on WCW Worldwide,
Saturday Night, or Nitro at one time or another. You can really get a
sense of how good some of these guys are when you see them compete
each other or against the Michinoku Pro wrestlers as opposed to being
quickly squashed in WCW.

Kaz Hayashi, on the other hand, has been around several years. I
remember watching him in Michinoku Pro as far back as 1994. Wrestling with a mask as Shiryu, he was one of the original members of Kaientai DX along with Sato (Dick Togo) and Terry Boy (Teioh); TAKA Michinoku and Shoichi Funaki were to join later.

From his experience in New Japan's Best of Super Jr. tournament as
well as years of competition in Michinoku and Mexico, Kaz Hayashi has
proven to be a top performer. Unfortunately, his role in WCW has been
such that he hasn't really been able to shine (Ernest Miller . . .
ugh!). I can see how it would be easy to mistake him for a green
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Hammerly99
If Flair and Anderson aren't going to let Barry Windham join the 4
Horsemen, why not have the fourth member be Booker T? If anyone
remembers, at the end of that whole 7 match series, Chris Benoit gave
a speech telling Booker T. that he has respect for him, and if he
needs a good man in his corner, to let him know. Could this lead to
Booker T. joining the Horsemen, and some feuding between him and
Stevie Ray?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Justagoyle
<<Many former and current ECW performers have faced this reaction.
Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero>>
I don't really think that these men were viewed as selling out ECW by
the fans, considering that it was announced even by Styles that due their leaving was due more to the working arrangement between WCW and New Japan and their relationships with New Japan than due to leaving for the greener pastures of WCW. I seem to remember Eddie and Dean receiving a standing ovation from the fans on their last night in the arena.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Oukami1
In response to the treatment former ECW stars have received....
Yes, I have this same feeling! I'm very disappointed how Terry Funk,
Mick Foley, and Scorpio have been treated in WWF.


I think I can sleep better knowing Mankind/Mick has a belt, although I bet it won't last he should definitely get his name in the spotlight for winning rather than getting his ass pounded like no one else.  He's a helluva guy, I wish him the best of luck and health.


Jericho is one of my favorites if not THE favorite wrestler. I think he is doing the best out of the now up north ECW stars. I'm very happy for him, he's hilarious, brilliant on the mike, and a goddamn good wrestler.  His birthday is l believe on Monday... I wonder if WCW will allow him to say anything...

"Thank you SOO MUCH!"
Reader Mailbag
Submitted be reader: KNash4Life
How about we do three things with one match. Retire Hogan, beat
Goldberg, and do the one thing that needs to be done in WCW, reunite the Outsiders and the nWo.

World War 3 Cruiserweight Title Match
Eddie Guererro vs. Kidman
This would be a great match to see. They could have this one go for a
long time, and it wouldn't disappoint. Finally in the end we'd have
to see the frog splash for the angles that I'm planning to work.
New Cruiserweight Champ: Eddie Guererro.

World War 3 Main Event
Hogan, Hall, Nash, and Stevie Ray are left. Nash starts going after
Hall but Hall jumps the ropes and Hogan hits him from behind. Then
Stevie Ray goes after Nash but Hogan throws Stevie Ray out. Nash gets
up and battles with Hogan. We see some more quality wrestling out of
these guys. Hogan rises to the occasion one final time, and Nash
matches the intensity. They both put on a show. But out of anger,
Nash takes Hogan to the top of the turnbuckle and is going to
powerbomb him out. Hogan takes Nash out with him, and no one knows
who the man will be at Starrcade.

Monday Nitro 11/23
J.J. Dillon announces that there will be a triple threat match at
Starrcade involving Nash, Hogan and Goldberg for the World title.
Also, DDP is injured and can't defend his title within the 30-day
period. So the title will go up in a tournament at Starrcade. Later
in the night Goldberg fights Scott Putski again for the world title,
Goldberg goes nuts, he loses it and knocks the ref out. He takes a
chair and beats Putski to unconsciousness. He then hits the spear,
jackhammer, and wakes the ref up to get the win. But the announcers
clue you in that this may not be the same Goldberg at Starrcade that
we've seen dominate all opponents.

Nitro's leading up to Starrcade.
Chris Benoit starts feuding with Chris Jericho. Benoit asks for a #1
contenders match. He says that if he beats Goldberg in a #1
contenders match then Jericho should give him a TV Title shot at
Starrcade. Jericho agrees and thinks that Benoit could never beat
Goldberg. Benoit brings out Jericho's fake Goldberg and beats him,
giving him a TV Title shot at Starrcade. its also announced in these
Nitro's that Ric Flair will be competing in the US Title tournament,
as will Curt Hennig.

Starrcade TV Title Match
Chris Benoit wins with ease over Jericho. After the Crippler
Crossface, Jericho goes whining and crying back to the lockerroom just
like at Slamboree. He says he's been cheated.

Starrcade US Title Tournament
Ric Flair vs. Curt Hennig Finals


Ric Flair and Curt Hennig go at it and Hennig gets help from nWo
Hollywood, Flair gets help from the Horsemen. The Horsemen eventually
clear the outside of the nWo and walk into the ring after the ref has
been knocked out. They surround Hennig and start to really beat on
him. Hennig is bleeding (because WCW by then will have allowed blading, I hope) and Flair slaps on the figure four as the ref awakens, and Ric Flair is the US champion. The Horsemen have 2 champs.

New US Champ: Ric Flair

Starrcade World Title Match
Goldberg vs. Nash vs. Hogan
Goldberg and Nash double team Hogan from the beginning. It gets to
the point where Nash hits the jacknife and Goldberg hits the Jackhammer on him. But when Goldberg is screaming to the crowd, Nash hits him with the big boot. He picks him up and Jacknifes him. 1, 2, 3, OH MY GOD GOLDBERG LOSES!!!!
New World Champ: Kevin Nash

Nitro after Starrcade
Hogan is nowhere to be seen. But Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out and says
that he wants to talk to the Wolfpac. The Wolfpac is nowhere to be found either, other than Konnan, of course, who wins another match against a jobber.

Next Nitro
Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out and asks if the Wolfpac would let him join.
They accept, and Mysterio goes out and beats all the LWO members
except Eddie in a gauntlet match. Eddie Guererro promises him a title match if he does, and he goes out and does it. At Souled Out Guererro vs. Mysterio is set up. The main event is set to be Hogan vs. Nash for the World title. But Hogan comes out and says he forfeits the match, but he calls out the whole nWo, Hollywood and Wolfpac. And says he has an announcement. And in one of the BIGGEST Nitros ever, Hogan retires.
But he goes out with a bang. He goes out nWo style. He announces
retirement, and then he goes over to the turnbuckle. With all of the
nWo in the middle of the ring, he says "Disciples GET EM!!!"


Hall, Nash, Hennig, Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Rey Mysterio Jr, and Eric
Bischoff (I hate him but its nice to have a guy in the front office)
attack the rest of the nWo. After that those 7 along with Hogan remain in the ring. Rey takes a mic and pledges to win the Cruiserweight title.

Nash and Hall both have a mic in hand. They give the sign to each
other and Hall says. "Hey Yo little man." Then Nash says, "Gotcha." WIth that Syxx runs down the aisle and takes down Mysterio. Nitro ends with the nWo in the ring, and Syxx giving Mysterio the Buzz Killa.

Next Nitro
To begin the show the new nWo enters the ring. Hogan isn't dressed to
wrestle. And he says he actually has retired. And that he will be
managing the nWo. Eric Bischoff says that Syxx has been added to that
Guererro vs. Mysterio match. Later in the show JJ Dillon says that he
has added Dean Malenko to the Cruiserweight title match and that it
wlil be a four corners match.

So, Uncle Eric, I got you back where you were when WCW was killing
WWF. You have the Horsemen vs. nWo. You have some new twists with the
Cruiserweight Title. And you have Eddie Guererro vs. Syxx again. This time Eddie has the LWO and Syxx has the nWo. Maybe if Bischoff could get back to this he wouldn't do the same thing, maybe if had another chance he'd go up not down.
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