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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 060

Date:  Monday Nov 9th, 1998  11:26 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Wrestling Booking Sheet Presents:
by: Mark George.

Hello again fans,
Well, it is the moment we have all been waiting for. After weeks of
voting we have eliminated 14 of the 16 wrestlers and are ready to
crown our first Fantasy Champion. Before we do, I would like to thank
you all for voting. When I first thought up the idea of a fantasy
tournament, I wasn't too sure of how it would go over with the
readers. Well let me tell you, I am very happy. I have received
THOUSANDS of emails through the entire tournament and based off what I
have read, a majority of you love this tournament. This was the
readers tournament and you have voted for the ultimate winner. So,
without further delay, here are the results from the final match!!!!!!!

#1 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. #2 "The Rock" Rocky Maivia
The top two seeds squared off in an "All WWF" Final. The People's Champ took on The Rattlesnake in an all out war for the title. In the final match
Austin and the Rock battled in a Lumberjack match with the 14 other seeds patrolling ringside. As the match got underway, Austin raked Rock over the eyes and whipped him into the turnbuckle, flipping him to the outside.


The Rock was forced back into the ring after getting worked over by Hart, Sting and Flair. After giving Rock the "1 Finger Salute", Austin delivered the STUNNER and went for the pin. 1,2 and no.......Rock manages to stay alive.


Austin, amazed at Rock's stamina, tried the STUNNER again and the win when Rock reversed the hold and smashed Stone Cold with a POWERBOMB on the outside floor. The crowd went crazy, as all 14 wrestlers began
Austin with their best shots. Chris Jericho slipped Austin
in the LION TAMER on the outside and Rock came top rope with the


Austin escaped further punishment as the Rock took a beating on the outside giving Austin a chance to get back into the ring, with chair in hand. Once Rock got back into the ring, Austin came at him with a chair, but misfired after Rock ducked. With the crowd cheering, Rock raised the "People's Eyebrow" and delivered a hard blow to Austin's head with the chair and then finished with the ROCK BOTTOM and the win!!!! Upset!!!!!!!!!!!


The 1st Fantasy TOC Champion is "The Rock" Rocky Maivia...

WINNER: THE ROCK by pinfall...........
VOTING: 332-227 (Rock)
ROCK: 59%
Stone Cold didn't win?
By Steve Appy

This tournament exceeded all my expectations going in. While the
responses were mostly positive, there was a few grumbles. A few
readers were upset about the absence of ECW and Japanese wrestlers; I
agree with the sentiment. Only one problem. Reader's votes determined which sixteen wrestlers made the tournament.  I would have loved to see Misawa, Benoit, or Funk make the cut.  Unfortunately, not enough people agreed.

When the tournament started, I was POSITIVE that Steve Austin would
win. I figured we'd see a Austin VS Goldberg finale; The overwhelming
popularity of the Rock stunned me. Personally, I underestimated his

Do these results mean that The Rock is more popular than
Austin? No,
although it might indicate that he is bigger amongst our readers.
its possible some of you may feel
Austin is overpushed, especially
since Maivia's mega push has just begun. While I'm not sure exactly
what this result means, one thing is certain: The Rock has become a
bona fide superstar.
From what I hear WCW is contemplating having the heavily anticipated
rematch between Goldberg and Hogan for the WCW title at the same
location that the first match took place. The next Georgia Dome Nitro
is going to be held on
January 04, 1999 and this is where the rematch
could be held.


Georgia Dome Nitro events have been huge with record Nitro attendances and some of the biggest Nitro's ever (Believe Schiavonie on that one). WCW has been making noise about wanting to start 1999 Nitro with a huge show so it looks promising. Should this happen I look for an inconclusive finish to leading a 3rd bout on PPV, seeing as the potential buy rate that WCW lost the first time around by not having Goldberg vs. Hogan on PPV would have been huge.

The rematch could happen at Starrcade also, which is a less likely but
possible scenario, where the winner of WW3 is to get a title shot.
However Hogan is not one of the favorites to win the battle royal.
-Mike Green, Courtesy of The Big 3 Newsboard

Atsushi Onita and Gen'ichiro Tenryu had a meeting on 11/7 to discuss a
possible alignment. Tenryu disregarded Onita and said he would have
nothing to do with him. Chono, meanwhile, is entertaining the offer to
team up with Onita at the
1/4/99 Tokyo Dome show. However, Chono's
health is in serious question. His return to the
1/4/99 Dome show is
listed as 50/50. (Micaca)

Here is a message Chris Candido sent to his fans regarding the Bam Bam
Bigelow situation. I still think Bigelow is going to WCW; still, it
does appear not to be a 100% anymore. Here's Candido's side:
I have been friends with Bammer since I was 11 years old. He lost his
job in the WWF because he stuck up for Tammy and I when Shawn, Razor
and Kevin were spreading rumors, so we are very close. WCW did offer
him a deal. He DOESN'T want to go, he and Paul are working on a deal
for him to stay. His departure is a last resort, he more than likely
will stay!!! Sorry we haven't been on more, but stuff is hectic in
the office right now, not to mention, we just bought a new house. Not
loads of time, but we promise to check in more often. Thanks for the
compliments, and constructive critisism.------CC&TLS”
WCW Nitro Report for November 9th, 1998
By Steve Appy
An announcement was made that the President of the United States would
be at Nitro tonight. Bad. I think we all realize Hogan is the
"President"; is this false advertising, despite the fact that NOBODY believed that Bill Clinton would be in attendance?

The Wolfpac and nWo
Hollywood arrived at the arena at the same time;
of course, a brawl was next. Short, with Nash & Hall going toe to toe.

Juventud Guererra Jr. pinned Kaz Hayashi
Awesome match! Juvi is one of the best around, and Hayashi was
elevated a level by his performance. Matches like this make the
Cruiserweight Division unique to Amercian wrestling. After a fairly
equal exchange of offense, Sonny Onno and Ernest Miller came to
ringside. The camera's ignored the match for around a minute, killing
us with close ups of Miller & Onno. When Miller distracted the ref,
Onno ran into the ring and kicked Kaz, which enabled Juvi to reverse a
pin attempt. Guerrera had no idea Onno interfered. It cheapens a
great match like this to have a lame finish like this. With all the
terrific moves exchanged during their match, it would have required
Joey Styles to provide proper play by play.

Alex Wright fought Barry Horowitz to a No Contest
As a cheap way to get heat, Wright asked the fans to be quiet during
his match. This guarantees a negative crowd reaction, which is a
substitute for really being over. That said, Wright is very good.
The Wolfpac howl was heard, and Nash, Konnan & Luger entered the ring.
This ended the match in progress.

The Wolfpac challenged NwO Hollywood to a tag match. I thought it
made them look like punks, interrupting a match with participants that
have nothing to do with their feud. Eric Bischoff accepted their
challenge, claiming that if "they wanted the black & white, they would get the black & white". Will a match take place, or one of Bischoff's lame tricks? Nash continually called Bischoff "Estrogen Boy".

IWGP World Champion Scott Norton (w/Vincent) pinned Lodi
After around eight seconds, Norton scored the pin after a Powerbomb.
Is Norton worthy of a monster push?

Tony Shiavonie interviewed The Disciple, who claimed to be a man, not
a fish. Wait, wrong year. Horace, Stevie Ray & Vincent confronted
Disciple, and promptly beat the hell out of the untalented piece of
trash. Sadly, among the four men in the ring, Disciple is the least talented of them all. The Barber made several Hulk like comebacks, to no avail. Finally, The Warrior made the save and cleared the ring.

The poor announcers had to sell this stupid President angle. A
motorcade drove up, and the fake Secret Service pushed Gene Okerlund around. Finally, "Hail to the Chief" played, and Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff walked to the ring. If WCW's announcers had any credibility left, they lost it all here. Did anyone watching at home think that Bill Clinton would really be at Nitro? Hogan congratulated Jesse Ventura, as leaflets fell from the ceiling. Hogan didn't announce his running mate, as was promised from Thunder. This angle has plenty of potential comedy wise, though tonight wasn't a promising start.

Bret Hart was interviewed, bragging about injuring DDT and Sting. He
accepted the nWo challenge for later tonight, promising revenge on Lex

Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Eddie Guerrero
Eddie flashed the LwO shirt to Mysterio; Rey responded by flashing his
own shirt. After an initial flurry of offense, Eddie worked over Rey's
recovering knee. Rey sold the knee the entire match, which made the
match slower paced than their better matches. Although Rey sold the
entire match, few do it better. Chavo Guerrero Jr. snuck to the ring
and stole an LwO shirt, which distracted Eddie enough to allow Rey to
roll him up. This brought out the LwO, and they pounded on Chavo
until Rey made the save.

Eric Bischoff (again) and Elizabeth entered the ring. Bischoff
announced that Flair can't wrestle due to old age; he also rescinded the fines of Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell.


Bischoff, angry over the fines, beat the hell out of three front office employees. Although the segment was lame, his karate kicks did look kind of cool. Now's that he using his position to get over as a tough guy, what's next?

Scott Steiner "defeated" Chris Adams
Referee Mickey Jay announced that no referee will work a match
involving Scott Steiner, he called it an unsafe working environment.
Finally some logic to go with the storyline. Buff Bagwell announced
that the nWo will buy their own referee. Scott ended up squashing
poor Adams, although the match wasn't official since there was no
referee. Rick Steiner made the save, and Rick challenged Buff & Scott
to a World Tag Team Title match later in the evening. No mention of
his partner; I guess poor Kenny Kaos was a one shot wonder? I hope so.

A video aired of Lex Luger that emphasized how intelligent he is.
While I have no idea how smart he is in real life, his character has
never been shown to be especially intelligent. How many guys have
double crossed him over the years (The Horseman, Barry Windham, Curt
Hennig, The Giant, Davey Boy Smith, etc).

The Nitro Plus, a one hour show on TNT Tuesday night, was hyped. The
matches will consist of matches taped tonight. This show is strictly
to make up for the NBA strike; talk about over saturation. If
interested, it will be shown 8:00 Tuesday on TNT.

Judy Bagwell was Rick's partner for the night. Scott threatened to
slap Mrs. Bagwell, which didn't seem to bother Buff. Rick Steiner &
Judy Bagwell will defend the tag team belts against Scott & Buff at
World War 3; WCW has really made the tag team belts a joke. Several
readers have asked if Scott's suffering from Roid Rage; scary.

Another Jericho-Holics commercial aired for his shirt. While I
realize I say this every week, Jericho may be the funniest man in the business.

Konnan defeated Bret Hart via disqualification
Useless Trivia: Back in 1991, Konnan was the one who showed Bret Hart
how to apply the Sharpshooter. Hart spent most of the match working
over Konnan's left knee. An audible "We Want Sting" chant began.
Hart was eventually DQed after nailing Konnan's knee with a chair,
prompting Luger to make the save. Konnan sold his injured knee,
building up The Hitman.

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho.
Jericho announced that tonight was his birthday. Jericho's out of
shape bodyguard assured Jericho that Goldberg was not in the building;
Goldberg was shown tearing apart his dressing room. Of course,
Goldberg stormed Jericho, and speared him on the ramp.  Will they wrestle, or is this the end of the "feud".

Kevin Nash & Lex Luger defeated Scott Hall & The Giant via
Since Hall walks with a natural swagger anyway, its hard to tell if
he's supposed to be drunk. I'm not sure if The Giant or Luger would
be considered major stars anymore. Since Hall is the only decent
worker of the bunch, this match lacked any intensity. Luger was
worked over most of the match, before making the "hot tag" to Nash.
Hall & The Giant were DQed when Bret Hart interfered and attacked
Nash's knee. Lame match. Does anybody ever do a job in Nitro main
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: SlickVenom
--Kaz Hayashi, on the other hand, has been around several years. I
remember watching him in Michinoku Pro as far back as 1994. Wrestling
with a mask as Shiryu, he was one of the original members of Kaientai
DX : Yatsuatari ---
Amen brother, finally somebody acknowledged the man Shiryu. As good as
we think Kaz is now, I remember seeing him doing things that blew me away at least 5 years ago, even. He once wrestled in a hideous imposter Ultimo Dragon/Randy Savage getup outfit, but he later switched to a rather cool blue mask with silver trim. He was a major factor in the KDX vs M-Pro fued, and was part of the best tag team match of all time (in my opinion) that being the 10 man tag on 10/10/96. I would love to talk Japanese wrestling with some people. Yatsuatari, email me or
something, we can talk. Take care everyone.
Zak slickvenom
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
Another good point made: the "Rock" is now a solid number two behind
Austin in the WWF push department. A long way from the ugly ring getup and the good guy persona he had in late 1996 and the I-C reign that had him wrestle the Sultan on pay-per-views. Again McMahon deserves credit, for the "Rock" is young, strong, charismatic, and much improved in the interview department and a key player in the WWF's future. As for Mero- well, let's hope he is enjoying the money he's making, because he isn't doing much to earn it these days, is he?
Reader Mailbag.
Submitted by reader: CoachBoze
I agree with your opinion on this wrestling special. You have the
same feelings about it that me fellow magicians, amateur and
professional, felt about the Masked Magician. NBC took those specials,
and used the same script, only with wrestling being the difference.
Were we hurt by it? Maybe some of the guys that still do those 25
year old illusions. But not really. He only showed us that you can
be more creative. Some of these illusions were created for the
special. No one had performed them before.

Just like the thing about the signs, the old lady in the crowd, and the heel ripping the kids autograph. Wrestling wasn't hurt by it, in fact, the workers and promoters I know are laughing at it, just like magicians are laughing at the Masked Magician. Too bad NBC couldn't be more original (Fox got good ratings from their Masked Magician)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Trish Ranney (
During the weeks leading up to World War 3, Nash interferes in all of
Hall's matches, making the save in every one. They seem to be getting
along pretty well, which disturbs both factions of the nWo.

World War 3
Eddie Guerrerochallenges Rey Mysterio to another match where if
Guerrero wins, Mysterio will join the lWo. The only hitch is that it
is a no disqualification match. Rey and Eddie are starting to tire
when the rest of the lWo come out and beat Mysterio up. Since it is
no disqualification, the ref can't stop the match. Just when you
think Rey can take no more, Eddie once again tells Rey that if he
joins the lWo, the Luchadors will back off.


When Rey looks on the verge of accepting, Konnan and the rest of the Wolfpac makes the save and offers Mysterio a place in the Wolfpac. Rey accepts the Wolfpac's offer, and they beat the crap out of the lWo.

During the 3 ring brawl, it comes down to the Warrior, Hall, Nash, and
Hogan. Warrior scares Hogan so badly that Hogan jumps out and runs in
fear of the Warrior. As Hogan jumps out, Hall pushes the Warrior out,
leaving him and Nash. Nash looks to be telling Hall that he wants to
re-form the Outsiders and go after the tag belts. Hall and Nash shake
hands in the middle of the ring and then Nash picks Hall up and gives
him the Jackknife Powerbomb. As Nash dumps Hall's limp body over the
ropes for the win, he gives him the crotch chops.

Join the EWO, where nobody rps less than 60-150 lines. In the EWO
matches are decided by entertainment and quality, not quantity. E-Mail:
efed1icon to join. You must have a sample rp and must be experienced.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: WolfPac453
ECW is an awesome federation. It is pure hardcore! Many ECW fans are
disappointed by the fact that they are losing all of their stars. At
one point they had a dream federation: Triple Threat, RVD , Tommy
Dreamer, Sandman, Sabu, Taz, Gangstas, Dudleys, New Jack, Public Enemy, Raven, Stevie Richards, Terry Gordy, Blue Meanie, Cactus Jack, Pitbulls, Al Snow, Brian Lee and many others.

There has never been a promotion like that. The problem is MONEY!!!
Because of the amount of money they want, they lose popularity. For
example: Sandman will probably be a scrub in WCW. If all of those people stayed with ECW, ECW would become way bigger, and when it gets way bigger, ECW can make more money, and when ECW makes more money, so do they wrestlers. WWF has 1 ppv every month.  That is good because they get alot of money and they can afford to get more wrestlers.

Many of those ECW wrestlers listed above have alot of talent.
Unfortunately, Paul Heyman is not paying attention to that. He is
losing all of his young superstars that he could make alot of money
off. For example: Justin Credible a.k.a. Aldo Montoya will probably
get a great offer for WCW and will sign with them because of the MONEY!

ECW doesn't understand how popular they are. Many many people watch
it.  It is popular because it is HARDCORE!! No other federation has blood, weapons, and has 3 matches in a cage at the same time. There is nothing like ECW, nothing!!
Please respond to this and send you comments to WolfPac453
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