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Issue # 061

Date:  Tuesday November 10th, 1998  6:40 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WWF RAW Report for November 9th, 1998
By Steve Appy
WWF European Champion X-Pac fought The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) to a
No Contest in 1:23
X-Pac was hyped to be a huge underdog against UT, and he's elevated even being in a pushed match against The Undertaker. Kane stormed the ring and tried to throw a fireball at UT, which missed and hit X-Pac in the face. DX should have come out and beat the hell out of Kane, both for the fire and for interfering in X-Pac's match. The story is that
X-Pac suffered an eye injury, as The New Age Outlaws consoled him.

Vince McMahon and the stooges gave Mankind a pep talk, informing him
that he would defend his "title" against Ken Shamrock in a falls count
anywhere match. McMahon and Mankind have great chemistry together.

Val Venis defeated Steve Blackman via disqualification in 3:17
Terri Runnells tried to join Venis at ringside, which caused Val to
throw her out. The match ended when Terri hit Venis with a low blow
from behind, leading to Owen Hart & The Blue Blazer attacking Blackman. I keep hearing three names as possibly ending up as The Blue Blazer:
TEddie Hart, Phil Lafon, and sometimes Jeff Jarrett. We will see.

Head Banger Mosh defeated Road Dog Jesse James & D-Lo Brown in a
Triple Threat Match in 5:35 when Mosh pinned D-Lo Brown
Shane McMahon was the referee. The Headbangers carried their toy
belts to the ring. All three men had their tag team partners at
ringside. Unless its an all out brawl, these Triple Threat matches
rarely work. Mosh pinned James after The Stage Dive.

In a loaded interview, Jeff Jarrett and Debra McMichael challenged Al
Snow. Jarrett told Snow "that Debra has something for your little
head". Debra was intent to prove that Snow really is a man. Although
her character is trash, there is something appealing about her, a
nasty charisma.

Mankind was shown having his toe nails painted, mourning the loss of
Mr. Socko. He was happy to find a new family, though (McMahon,
Brisco, Patterson & Slaughter).

Goldust defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) via disqualification
Before the match Goldust told Terri to get lost. Goldust had
Jarrett ready for the Shattered Dream, and Debra distracted Goldust by
offering herself to him. Goldust responded by kissing Debra, a kiss
she seemed to enjoy. Jarrett then snuck up behind Goldust and nailed
him with the guitar.

Michael Cole interviewed The Rock, and he insulted McMahon and Mark
Henry. When the interview concluded, Jarrett and Golddust were shown
brawling in the back. This prompted The Blue Blazer to act, who attacked Goldust. Have you noticed that The Blazer always seems to be involved with Jarrett; maybe Jarrett plays the Blazer when Owen has to be seen, and the opposite when Jarrett competes.

"WWF Hardcore Champion" Mankind pinned Intercontinental Champion Ken
Shamrock in
8:10 in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.
Mankind wore a tuxedo in the match. Shamrock nailed Foley in the head
with The Hardcore belt. Good action, though tame by Cactus Jack
standards. Vince McMahon, flanked by The Boss Man and the stooges,
watched from the ramp. As they brawled near the executives, The Big
Boss Man cracked Shamrock in the head with his night stick. Foley
scored the pin on the ramp.

Off camera, The Rock was attacked backstage. He suffered a blow to
the back of the head. Maybe The Bossman hit Maivia with the nightstick?

We cut to an interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Big Boss Man
Austin, and they told each other back and forth that they
would kick the other's ass.  Blah Blah, just saved by both men's charisma (even Boss Man has tons of intensity).  They hyped their first round matchup in The Survivor Series.
Austin enjoyed a SteveWeiser after the confrontation.

An injured Rock was shown; Vince McMahon repeated the stipulations for
The Rock's match against Mark Henry. If Maivia can't defeat Henry
tonight, he will be fired from the WWF. If he wins, he will be
allowed back in the Survivor Series tournament. If he can't compete
tonight, that means The Rock hits the unemployment line.

Tiger Ali Singh pinned Al Snow in 2:19
Singh refused to wrestle the schizophrenic Snow, and sent Babu in
his place. Debra fondled Head against her bosom, which distracted
Snow. At that point, Singh ran in the ring, took Babu's place, and
scored the pin. There was no attempt to explain how this was legal.

Kane defeated Edge (w/Gangrel & WWF Lightweight Champion Christian)
via disqualification in
After The Brood interfered, Kane chokeslammed all three Brood members
and the referee. He stacked them all together and poured gasoline on
them, with the idea of setting all of them on fire. As he prepared,
other WWF referee's dragged all four out of the ring. Bizarre.

Vince McMahon was wheeled to ringside, preparing to watch The Rock VS.
Mark Henry showdown. Vince mocked the Rock, comparing him to The
Dallas Cowboys.

Vince was confronted by "The Lowly Referee" Shane McMahon. This time,
Shane tried to make up with his dad. After Vince warned Shane to get
out of his face, and Shane refused, Vince ordered The Big Boss Man to
attack Shane. Stone Cold ran out and saved his little buddy from a
beating. Does this make
Austin cool, since he's pals with the great
Shane McMahon?
Austin ran The Boss Man off, and chatted with his new


The Rock pinned Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown)
Maivia's entrance was delayed, since he was selling his injury from
earlier in the night. Rocky was still wearing his street clothes;
remember, if Henry wins the match, The Rock must leave the WWF. If he
wins, he gets to stay, plus compete in The Survivor Series Title
Tournament. The Boss Man tried to interfere, which Rocky reversed,
trapping The Boss Man with his own handcuffs. The Rock had Henry
pinned, which caused D-Lo to drag the referee out of the ring. Maivia
hit The Rock Bottom and The People's Elbow, and Shane McMahon ran to
the ring and completed the three count. Since The Boss Man was still
trapped, Rocky threw a defenseless Vince McMahon into the ring. After
Vince slapped The Rock he fell victim to The Rock Bottom and The
People's Elbow.

The Rock really is stealing Stone Cold's thunder; usually only Austin
or The Undertaker is allowed to beat up Vince. His popularity is
Here's Chris Jericho's official message to his fans, which can be
found at:
NP:Dream Theater-Once In A Livetime
Hello Jerichoholics!!
Sorry its been awhile since the last time, but Webmaster Lee once
again had the nerve to go on vacation to
Bermuda.  I hope he had a
great time, but its time to go back to work.  What do you think I pay
you for?

Well for everybody who always asks when my birthday is...its
tomorrow!  The strange thing is that I was born on
November 9 1970 in
Long Island, New York.  On November 9 1998, I'll be wrestling in Long
, New York!  What a coincidence, huh?!?

I'd like to shout out a well wish and a prayer to Mark Curtis.  Keep
on fighting, vato!

Good news for hardcore, true wrestling fans!  The WCW braintrust has
finally decided to book the long overdue series of matches between
Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrerovs Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko.  You
won't see a better tag team match than this and after seeing it,
you'll wonder what the heck Uncle Eric was thinking when he abolished
tag teams!  If you're lucky enough to be in
Knoxville, TN on Nov 29,
Philadelphia on Dec 29 and New York on Dec 30, be sure to check it
out.  There's also a date in
Kansas City as well, but I'm not sure
when exactly.  I feel
sorry for anyone who has to follow this match!!!

I went to the Tampa Bucs game last week vs the Vikings and it was a
lot of fun.  I'm going to see the Rangers play the Lightning this
Tuesday and it'll be my first game of the season, so I'm stoked!!

I went to NWO Sting's wedding yesterday and it was beautiful.  I was
joined by Brian Adams, Mike Rotunda and Black Cat and referee
extraordinaire Masao Hattori from New
Japan Pro Wrestling.  It was
great to see them again and I can't wait to return to

The movie of the week is Trees Lounge by Steve Buscemi.  I love that
guy, he plays a great loser.

As far as the shirts go, they've stopped playing the commercial
because they're selling so well.  They don't want them to sell too
well, because egos may be bruised.  Screw it I say!  Keep ordering
them at 1-800-WCW-8661.  Check on my page for more details.  Let's
sell so many of the darn things, that they'll never deny the power of
the Jerichoholics!!

Take care and god bless you guys!
Here's another message from Chris Candido to his fans. These messages
can be found at AOL Keyword: Sport Guy:
We just returned home,
4am sun./mon.. Sorry for not being on enough, but hopefuly our time at work will pay off with quite a few new stations being added to our ECW viewing area. Its been a long weekend, and looks to be a rough work week in the office and with personal stuff, but we should be on this Tues. to answer some questions, etc. Thanks again for the support. Talk more to you soon!!!!

Last weeks poll:
What show did you watch on Monday night?
A. Nitro 22 votes 27%
B. Raw/Warzone 57 votes 70%
C. Monday Night Football 2 votes 2%
Percentage of error: 1%
Total number of voters: 74
Total number of votes: 81

"B. Raw/Warzone. I hate football and old people."
"RAW.....shitty game on MNF tonight and nitro sucks ass."
"Nitro every Monday night baby!"


This weeks poll:
Who do you think will win Survivor Series?
Send all poll responses to
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Rhino8888
I agree with you about the Rock's popularity. Don't get me wrong,
Stone Cold is one of my favorite wrestlers anywhere. But the Rock is
just becoming THE MAN. He was stupid with The Nation, but now alone
he is great. He has a perfect gimmick for the WWF. He is funny and now
combines some great wrestling skills.

The People's Elbow is the best move in WWF, along with the Stunner.
Recently I attended a house show in
Charlotte, North Carolina, and
when The Rock did this move, the fans erupted. It gets everyone
going. If you watch Raw, Heat, or Shotgun, you can visibly see the
same results when the Rock does this move.

I think The Rock would make a great WWF champion for a while. I don't
think many fans would object to him winning Survivor Series and
holding the title for a few months. He should be the "People's World
Heavyweight Champion".

In the meantime
Austin should feud with others like Shamrock,

Undertaker, and Mankind for the Intercontinental Championship. Give The Rock his due and a chance to prove he is a worthy WWF champion!!!!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Jennifer Imparato (
Hi, I was just reading the latest edition of your wrestling sheet. I
agree with your comments on the recent ECW wrestlers that have left
for WCW. Being the hardcore Sandman fan that I am, I was a little
upset that he left for WCW, but I'm still a fan of his. There is a
possibility that he will do well in WCW, and I'll be in the stands
cheering him on.


Raven and Saturn I liked in ECW, they're doing okay in WCW. Malenko and Benoit are Horseman, good choices there. The ECW guys give 110% in the ring, and maybe that's why I like the fed so much, but when a guy leaves that kind of lifestyle for another federation less taxing on his body, he shouldn't be labeled as a sell out.


its exciting to see guys like New Jack jump off of balcony, but it isn't necessary, I'd like him regardless, he's already over with the crowd with the trash cans.


Sandman was the Extreme Icon, cane & beer % cigarettes, got beat down, got back up, got cheered. His entrance was the best I the fed. It would be great to see him do well in WCW. Enough of my babble. Keep up the good work.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
Hey Steve, to clarify who the silent bodyguard of Eddie Guerrerois,
his name is Chato Vega. He is Eddie s cousin. He lives in
Tampa and
wrestled on the independent circuit down here, He has wrestled for
CCW-Coastal Championship Wrestling. The largest Indy in the state with a huge TV contract in the large C. Fla area. Give credit to PrimeTime if you use this See ya
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Sting638
I know Barry Darsow personally and this golfer gimmick he has is his
5th grade son's idea and he is doing the idea to please his son
Try this E-Fed; we pride ourselves on having fun! If you think you've
got the sense of humor, the creativity, and the GUTS ... then just
drop president Brian Papa a line at

Attention All Wrestling Genius's This is your opportunity for you, yes
you to join the best trivia federation on the net.......and I realize
you may have heard that remark before but this is the truth and
nothing but the truth. The CCW is now accepting people into its roster
of great trivia stars to join you can contact me by e-mailing me at
ALSPLOW1 and when you e-mail me please include three wrestlers that you would like to be (due to availability). This fed has it all but don't take my word for it sign up today and lets see how smart you really are!
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