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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 062

Date:  Thursday November 12th, 1998  7:44 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Nitro Extra for November 10th, 1998
By Steve Appy

Rey Mysterio Jr.defeated El Dandy via disqualication
The LwO ran in to cause the DQ; Kidman made the save, and accidentally
dropkicked Rey. They ended up cleaning house, & they make either great
opponents or would probably make a great tag team.

Saturn defeated Sick Boy via submission
Booker T pinned Disco Inferno
Steve McMichael pinned David "Fit" Finlay
WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg pinned Meng
WCW Thunder Report for November 12th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Glacier defeated Chris Adams via submission in 3:54
Glacier is back on his trash talk, once again claiming to have
invented The Cryonic Kick (The Superkick).
Adams hit the Superkick
for a near fall, but this was all to no avail when Sonny Onno and
Ernest Miller interfered on Glacier's behalf. Glacier used a
variation of the sleeper for the victory.

Kenny Kaos pinned Kendall Windham in
I guess Kaos in officially not a Tag Team Champion, although at this point it almost doesn't matter. Although
Kendall was never the equal of his brother he was a fine worker. That was the past, the far past. Kaos
won after a top rope clothesline.

Stevie Ray (w/Vincent & Scott Norton) pinned Jerry Flynn in
Maybe after Booker T faces Stevie Ray WCW will finally remove Stevie Ray from TV. Stevie Ray won after using The Flapjack.

Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Juventud Guerrera Jr. in
A super match. Two of the best in the world! The winner of this
match goes on to face Kidman at World War 3. I wouldn't even attempt
to provide play by play; I couldn't do these two justice. The time
limit expired in
13:24 (an odd time!), and the match was restarted,
since a #1 contender is needed to face Kidman. Great idea, especially
for these two. Give WCW credit for giving these guys enough time to
put together a great one. Rey pinned Juvi after a top rope Huricarana.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Kidman defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. via
disqualification in
The offense was exchanged equally, with Chavo losing momentum when he
went into his crazy act. This match paled in comparison to the
previous bout. Kidman really has great timing on those near falls.
As Kidman was primed to hit The Shooting Star Press, the LwO ran in to
cause the DQ. Kidman and Chavo worked together in fighting them off
and Rey Mysterio Jr. joined the exchange. Rey accidentally hit Kidman
with a missle dropkick, mirroring Kidman's miscue from Nitro Extra.

Dean Malenko defeated Kanyon (w/Raven) via disqualification in 9:45
Kanyon's so tall that Malenko almost looks like a midget next to him.
Good thing he's one of the best in WCW, that's what closes the gap.
Raven walked away from ringside, which distracted Kanyon. As Malenko
had the Texas Cloverleaf hooked,
Lodi ran in to cause the DQ. Chris
Benoit promptly made the save

The Giant defeated Konnan via disqualification in
Konnan tried to bodyslam The Giant, which misfired and caused The
Giant to take the advantage. The Giant tried to elbow Konnan into an
upright table, and Konnan avoided the blow. Konnan was then DQ’ed for
hitting The Giant with a chair.
ME VIA EMAIL. WINNERS will be posted in next issue. Thanks and GOOD

LAST ISSUE's Trivia: Macho Man Randy Savage Trivia!!!!!
1. Who did Savage's team defeat(pin) LAST at Survior Series 1989?
2. Who did Savage team with at WrestleMania 6?
3. Who did Savage beat to be KING of the WWF in 1989?
4. What former wrestler is Randy Savage's brother?
5. Who did Savage wrestle at SummerSlam 1990?


ANSWERS: 1. Bret Hart, 2. Sensational Sherri, 3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan,
4. Leapin' Lanny Poffo, 5. Dusty


LAST ISSUE'S WINNERS: ECWJustin, VanDam32, GHarb77, BgDaddyJew,
WARL0KIAN, DogInk316, PSYCH0TOGA, MArticolo, Gostdamost,, Fraggle600, Gbear316, Sting833, IR1SHBOY,


THIS ISSUE'S FOCUS: WWF Tag Team Trivia!!!!!
MATCH THE TEAM WITH THE WRESTLERS (in this form: 1A, 2B, etc.)
1. The Wild Samoans A. Haku & Tama
2. The Killer Bees B. Warlord & Barbarian
3. The Islanders C. Sato & Tanaka
4. Demolition D. Rex & Spot
5. Powers of Pain E. Luke & Butch
6. The Bushwackers F. Afa & Sika
7. The Headshrinkers G. Ax & Smash
8. High Energy H. Samu & Fatu
9. The Moondogs
I. Koko & Owen
10.The Orient Express J. B. Brian & Jumpin' Jim


Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Ruttenbas
The story behind Ultimo Dragon is that he went into
Atlanta from his
home in
Mexico for routine elbow surgery to remove bone chips in his
elbow. It was only supposed to be a 2 month recovery time, but
apparently the doctor messed up Ultimo's operation, and as a result he
announced his retirement from pro-wrestling in
Japan 2 months back. He
is planning on suing the doctor who performed the operation for
negligence. It’s a sad loss for the wrestling world. Still Ultimo plans
on continuing his school in
Mexico training such future stars as Tokyo
Magnum, and Dragon Kid, and will be opening a new federation in

in Jan. of 1999 with Tokyo Magnum's Japanese debut.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Ginasdaddy
If I were Paul Heyman, I would make the next ECW PPV huge. Here's how
they should do it:

Bring back ECW Christmas Brawl at the ECW Arena. At this show Sabu and
Taz argue about who the #1 contender is for
Douglas's belt. Shane comes
out and challenges them to fight for the spot. They do, but The Triple Threat, with new member (I think Justin Credible would do nicely) interfere. Deciding its too hard to determine a top contender they just make a 3 way dance for the PPV.

Now the tag title situation. Balls Mahoney & Masato Tanaka come out
at CB and claim to be the most hardcore tag team in ECW. New Jack and
Kronus come out and they set up a match, which ends when 2 masked men interfere. They cost Balls & Tanaka the belts and then double team New Jack. The masked team beats Balls & Tanaka at the next show, making them top contenders. At the PPV Kronus & Jack face this masked team. During the match the masks are taken off and the team is none other than PUBLIC ENEMY, who go on to win the belts.

A nice grudge match for the PPV would be Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten
(if healthy) taking on Tanaka & Mike Awesome (if he comes back). I
think after Balls/Tanaka lose the belts Masato begins the FMW invasion
of ECW with Awesome and others later on.

Also on the card is Terry Funk vs. Tommy Dreamer. The usual stuff. Funk
keeps beating on guys but Tommy is to "depressed" to beat up Funk.
Finally he snaps and agrees to fight him.

Finally, the undercard matches for the PPV. Rob Van Dam wins a #1
contenders match to the ECW World Title against Justin Credible, which could be a great match.


VADER makes an appearance on this card taking on Spike Dudley. At Christmas Brawl Vader can beat up 2 jobbers and challenge someone to a fight. Spike does and beats him, and a rematch is set for the PPV.
Since this match isn't impromptu, Vader wins ending Spike's giant killer thing. Also have Chris Chetti join the FBI and set up some kind of a match vs. former friend Tommy Rogers.

MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Taz wins the ECW belt from
Douglas. Sabu is taken

out by Van Dam, who claims he was doing it "for his own good since he
was hurt". This leads to a break up later on and Sabu winning the TV belt from Justin, who wins it from RVD. Van Dam ends up winning the world belt from Taz and a battle of champions at the next PPV, ECW SUMMER SIZZLE.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: clarita (
I agree
Jericho is great. The guy shoots more shit than a busted
sewer. NWO black and red decimated? Savage injured and on the shelf?
Now Sting? Looks like K-Dog got his tonight. I smell a layoff for
black and red. Looks like here comes the Calvary Four Horseman
style. More involvement and action for them. The only problem I see is
that the Horseman have no real size on their team. So how is WCW going
to sell the Horseman as realistic rivals against the bigger and larger


Flair is great but a little old and out of shape. While Mongo's their only man with any decent size, he doesn’t have the longevity and experience of many others. Plus, I don't think he's that great a draw.


The Hitman has been on a tear. Who will be the lucky babyface who
gets to do the nasty on him? Cause everybody knows after awhile what
goes around comes around.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Bennett, J. AT1 (
I have followed WCW for the last 24 years (when it was the NWA) and I
have to admit the quality of the matches has gone straight downhill.
It all seemed to all start when Hogan got to the WCW. I think its PAST
time to get rid of the NWO angle. If there is going to be a NWO black
and red to challenge the NWO black and white then at least put some
people in it!!! There are 4 members against Hogan's 13 or 14 people.
That's too much for any fan to believe!!! Keep up the good work on
this newsletter- I am presently serving on board the USS Enterprise
and this is the only way I can follow wrestling!!!!!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
I've been receiving this wrestling newsletter for over a month and a
half and I've kept quiet until now. It seems as though wherever
wrestling is the current topic at hand, repetition is soon to follow.
What do I mean exactly? Well, take a look at WWF/WCW television
programming on Monday nights. Most of you would have to agree with me
when I say that at least 75% of the show is the same as the week
before, which was the same as the week before etc. If you actually
took the time to analyze one of the many angles going on at the
present time, you'd realize just how long these feuds last.

Now look at us rasslin' fans who subscribe to this very newsletter.
Day in and day out we criticize World Championship Wrestling, judge
Extreme Championship Wrestling's PPV's because we felt it didn't come
up to par with the last PPV and sell out ourselves to "pop" wrestlers
and their booming commercialism. It seems as though no matter how
hard a company tries to entertain us, we remain totally merciless,
unsympathetic and selfish. If you ask me, we've got a long way to go
as far as the appreciation factor is concerned.

Now, as I finalize my comments I can't help but feel some pity for
those poor souls who lead their wrestling interests down the "popular"
path. Those people who venture into the wrestling world completely
blind. The ignorant. I just hope that one day EVERYONE can
appreciate and respect the effort of pro wrestlers such as Mick Foley,
Terry Funk, Hayabusa, Sabu and Rob Van Dam just to name a few. Until
then, open your eyes and realize that talent doesn't lie within
someone's words or how they're marketed, but rather their dedication towards their profession and how much they've worked to get the position in which they currently hold.


Thanks for the time,
James Connor
PS. Congrats to Jesse "The Body"
Ventura on his victory!

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BigHubzz
I am writing in response to the little article on ECW wrestlers
"Selling out". I am a born and raised Philadelphian. I have had the
opportunity to watch ECW grow, from a handful of fans in the most
famous bingo hall in the world, to several thousand screaming fans in
New Orleans.


What ECW does, is to put it simply, nuts. The hardcore wrestling style doesn't lead to a long career. A good example of this is New Jack doing sick balcony dives. One of these days he is going to land funky and he is going to break his neck. More power to these guys if they want to put their bodies through that kind of stuff.


Over the years alot of the founding wrestlers have came and left to go
up North or down South. Who can blame them. I am a diehard Chris Benoit fan. I am praying for the day that Uncle Eric will give this guy the way overdue push he deserves. It would be great if Paul E. and Mr. Benoit were reunited. If that day never comes, Chris Benoit will still be my favorite wrestler.  To quote Ric Flair: "He is the best wrestler pound for pound today". 


Let me ask you this, if you had the chance to double or even triple what you are making now at your current job, and work less hours would you "Sell out". Very simple answer to that is Hell Yeah. Give the Sandman, Raven, Saturn and all the others who have left ECW the respect they deserve. They have sacrificed their bodies to get where they are.

Thank you,
Jeremy Hubsher
Push Benoit
Join The Most Elite Fed! its well established, but needs you! Must
be able to RP at least 20 lines in a Max. of size 10 font. If
interested please send an E-Mail to CrtJester1
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