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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 063

Date:  Friday November 13th, 1998  11:17 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Here's the results from our DX Poll.

The Question:
Who is your favorite current member of DX?

1) X-Pac 31% 61 Votes
2) Road Dog 25% 48 Votes
3) Triple H 18% 36 Votes
4) Billy Gunn 16% 31 Votes
5) Chyna 8% 19 Votes
UCLA Communications Survey
Only send responses to: KNGOTHESKA

Communication Studies Survey- Pro Wrestling Fans and the Internet
Pro Wrestling Fans and the Internet Survey

1. Sex
1. Male
2. Female

2. Approximate Hours A Week You Spend On The Internet
1. 0- 1/2 hour
2. 1/2 hour- 1 hour
3. 1hour - 2 hours
4. 2 hours - 4 hours
5. 4 hours - 6 hours
6. 6 hours - 8 hours
7. 8 hours - 10 hours
8. 10 hours - 12 hours
9. 12 hours 15 hours
10. 15 hours - 20 hours
11. 20 hours - 25 hours
12. 25 + hours

3. What percentage of your time spent on the internet is related to
pro wrestling?
1. Less than 25%
2. 25-50%
3. 50-75%
4. 75%-100%
Answer: _______

4. In regards to information pertaining to pro wrestling: Where do
you get the information which you rely on?
Please rank
___Internet (web sites or e-mail)
___Industry Newsletters / "Sheets"
___Television News
___Radio (NOT from the internet)
___1-900 Lines
___Other (please explain)

5. How reliable do you believe information from these sources is?
1. Very Reliable
2. Somewhat Reliable
3. Not Really Reliable
4. Not At All Reliable
___Internet (web sites or e-mail)
___Industry Newsletters / "Sheets"
___Television News
___Radio (NOT from the internet)
___1-900 Lines
___Other (please explain)

6. How often do you doubt the reliability of what you read on the
1. Often
2. More often than not
3. Sometimes
4. Rarely
5. Never
Answer: _______

7. If you were not on the internet, how do you think you would spend
your "extra" hours? (Please check all that apply)
_____Watching TV
_____Reading Newspapers
_____Reading Books
_____Reading Magazines
_____Reading Newsletters/"Sheets"
_____Calling 1-900 Lines
_____Socializing With Friends
_____Socializing With Family
_____Studying/School Work
_____Other (explain)
_____Other (explain)

8. Are You A Student
1. Yes
2. No (go to number 9)

9. What has been the direction of you Grade Point Average since
starting to use the internet?
1. Significantly Lower
2. Lower
3. Relatively Similar
4. Higher
5. Significantly Higher

10. Please send your responses to kngotheska
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Moj8681
At the RAW following Survivor Series, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
makes his WWF return, but as an announcer. In a Kaientai match, The Dragon goes off on how Kaientai is a disgrace to Asian wrestlers. He brings up the pasts of
Togo and Taka, explaining that they were former champions in Japan and that they have lost the edge that made them champions.

He becomes a regular on Sunday Night Heat, and on the 22nd, a masked
man in a suit attacks Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock. Another Blue Blazer type incident is the reaction from the announcers.


This time, the Dragon vows to find out who this man is, only because everyone is sick of the Blue Blazer thing, and the Dragon wants to find out what is going on for the sake of the fans, so they don't have to endure another Blue Blazer-Owen Hart type angle.

The next night on RAW, Steamboat is seen in the back with the masked
man and he shoves the cameras away. Later on, Shamrock comes out and says he wants to know who jumped him. Steamboat denies finding out who the man was, but as a broadcast journalist, he vows to find out before the night is over.  Just as the showdown is ending, the masked man attacks Shamrock from behind. Steamboat and the man both beat up Shamrock. The mask is removed. its Masato Tanaka!

Heat- Togo and Taka are in a tag match. The Dragon, who is not
commentating at ringside, and Masato Tanaka, beat up Yamaguchi and the
other two members of Kaientai.
Togo and Taka help out Steamboat and Masato.

On RAW, the next night, Steamboat, with his cohorts, all in suits,
explains his actions, saying that he has recruited the best Japanese
wrestlers in the world and he will be their manager. This group is
the Yakuza. Masato Tanaka is announced to face Shamrock at IYH: Rock
Bottom, in December.
Togo and Taka are the new Orient Express.

All three men go on winning tears in the WWF. At IYN, Masato wins the
IC belt. The Rock defeats the Undertaker (who won the WWF title at
Survivor Series) for the belt. Immediately after the main event,
Steamboat challenged the Rock to face any one of his Yakuza members
for the WWF title the next night on RAW. The Rock says something like
"You can't come here and throw your weight around like you're the
boss. The Rock's gonna put you and your boys in their place because I
am the boss, and this belt says so."

The next night on RAW, the main issue is who will face the Rock. Will
it be the new IC champ, Masato Tanaka, the Orient Express Taka or
Togo, or the Dragon himself? Most people believe that Steamboat

himself will fight, and once the main event rolls around, the Rock
enters the ring, and Steamboat walks out alone, in wrestling gear. The
Rock laughs, thinking its a joke. Then, the Dragon grabs a mic,
saying he could kill the Rock any day of the week, but that it won't
happen because he's retired. He announces the man who will face the
Rock. its YOKOZUNA. Yoko, in a great match, wins the WWF title.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ROBDON33
Regarding the Superkick/Glacier


LOL. I thought this war was settled a LONG time ago! In fact, the
man who invented the kick was The Great Kabuki. Chris Adams took the kick a step further and made the superkick a household name long before Shawn Michaels and Stevie Richards did. BTW, how the mighty have fallen.  As I said in the past,
Adams would've beat the *$&% out of Glacier if this match took place in Texas. Very strange, huh? Adams still is a major force in Texas independents and jobbing in WCW. Iceman Parsons
probably made the wise decision not to go to WCW, he would've have the same thing happen to him too.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: OHart32
I have to commend Vince McMahon. I mean he is really putting on a good
show and whether some of you like to admit it or not he is even
fooling us "in the know" Internet fans sometimes. Look at the Survivor
Series tournament. We were all dreaming up our cards but no one thought of a 16 man tournament to crown a new champion. There were no rumors about it and suddenly on RAW Vince made it happen. Yes, even we were fooled.

My next point is The Blue Blazer. Now none of us are quite sure who he
is. Owen Hart? Wait, we saw them together. TEddie Hart? Wait, he was
released from training camp. Phil LaFon? Wait, the Blazer has blond
hair. People are tossing around rumors about it being everyone from
the Patriot to a thing where Jarrett and Hart switch roles. Hey
Vinnie's got us all guessing and that adds just that much more to our
viewing experience.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Mortgmoney
Former WCW Announcer Chris Cruise will be on Court TV Wednesday evening,
November 18, 1998 on a panel on Media and Violence. The one hour program, taped Tuesday, November 10, 1998 in Washington, DC, features Cruise and four Attorneys General (from Maryland, Mississippi, Minnesota, and Delaware), along with representatives from the National PTA, the American Medical Association, and the Coalition Against Censorship as well as conservative film critic Michael Medved.

On the program Cruise was critical of the recent direction of violence
in wrestling and discussed the fact that his 9 year old nephew is no
longer allowed to watch wrestling because of its violent nature.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: OStarr4834
Previously Chris Benoit promised to "have Stevie Ray's Back" (it may
have been Booker T). I would like to Him become the first African -American 4 Horsemen.  Then see he and Chris bushwack Bret Hart...yum yum.


Second, wouldn't it be great to see Hall and Nash reconcile and challenge The Undertaker and Kane.  What a show.

In addition, the WCW has the nWo B/W, NWO R/B, The LWO.  Why not a
AAWOorBWO?  There are reasonable resources of high quality octagon
combatants who could add some color to the game.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Brent Burke (znes11@xxxxpccess.ETSU.Edu)




Barry Darsow vs. Brian Adams
The proverbial thorn in the side of Brian Adams is linked back to the
early days of his career. The hatred between these two men runs deep.


Darsow blames Adams for the decline of the former WWF tag-team champions. The two have trash talked behind the scenes for nearly a
decade, but the feud comes to a boiling point at Starcade.


WINNER: Darsow's ring savvy wipes the mat with Adams. A clean cut
victory after a tap-out from Darsow's "Barely Legal". After the
announced victory both men shake hands and make least
until Adams turns on Darsow and motions to the dressing room. The
legendary Ax emerges as he and Adams pound on Darsow, delivering the
ruthless Demolition finisher as Ax passes Adams a make-up case,
Adams smears the colors onto his brow and the new Demolition is


Until, the crowd goes NUTS as Nikita Koloff runs from the dressing room, and "Russian Sickles" both Adams and Ax out of the ring. While helping Darsow to his feet, he hands him a red and yellow "CCCP" shirt. And with that, Barsow reverts to his old Krusher Krushev alter-ego and we have a return of the Russians! A great way to build this angle for further down the road.

Scott Hall vs. A MYSTERY MAN
We should of seen this one coming. The Scott Hall "drunk" angle was a
set-up for this angle. Bottom line, this is one crazy matchup. The
Internet is abuzz with who will emerge as the mystery man. Many vote on Ricky Morton, but better than that...The Sandman makes his WCW debut. A back and forth battle with Sandman showing off his new lucha-style arial assault.


WINNER: It looks as though he's put Hall away with the "FrankenSander", but a hooded man enters the ring and causes an instant disqualification. The masked man and Hall beat Sandman into oblivion, while security rushes to ringside. Hall removes the mask to unveil Al Perez! Hall and Perez go on to form a tag-team, under the moniker "Chicano World Order".

Alex Wright vs. Disco Inferno
Good matchup, several dance offs.

WINNER: Double disqualification after the original dancing maniac "The
Honky Tonk Man" makes an appearance, and nails both men with the
guitar. Shortly afterwards Wright regains consciousness and pummels
the Honky Tonk Man. Inferno joins in as the "Dancin' Fools" reform.
Inferno and Wright shake hands and dance in unison until a died black
hair Greg Valentine climbs from under the ring and connects with two
more guitar shots. Thus, "Rhythm and Blues" re-unite and feud with the "Dancin' Fools" for months to come.

Raven vs. Saturn/ Bigelow
Bigelow and Saturn have been named as spies and headhunters for a
"un-named Extreme federation". They've got orders to destroy the most famous ECW to WCW detractor.


Over the months to come, Raven is played as a face, Bigelow and Saturn are ultimate heels. Nitro after Nitro, Bigelow and Saturn team against Raven and JJ Dillon finally intercedes and calls for a handicap extreme matchup. Why? its WCW and they can do whatever the hell they want.


The night of the event, both men wait anxiously in the ring while Raven attacks them from behind via the crowd. Raven is torn limb from limb, Death Valley Driver after Death Valley Driver, Powerbomb after Powerbomb and Rings of Saturn after T-bonePlex. But, he never gives up. Dozens of kickouts at the 2 and a half count. How much more can this man take?! Much to the disgust of the announcers, Saturn and Bigelow stack up two tables in the ring...the fat lady's singing for Raven.


WINNER: Saturn climbs the top-turnbuckle, as he and Bigelow prepare
for a super-extreme powerbomb from the top rope onto two tables.
Suddenly Jake Roberts appears from nowhere and pushes Saturn down from
the turnbuckle, crotching himself on the top rope. Bigelow is stunned
and walks into a "Even Flow DDT" through a table. Roberts follows suit
and finishes Saturn with a wicked DDT through the remaining table.
Raven covers both men and gets the pin. Teacher and student embrace
afterwards, in a long rumored reunion.

Booker T/Rick Steiner vs. Stevie Ray/Scott Steiner
The split between these two legendary tag-teams finally comes to a
head at Starcade. Booker T and Rick Steiner take on the role of faces
with scenes of Booker T's mother cooking a down home supper for
Steiner. Booker refers to Steiner as his "brother of another color".
On the other hand, Scott Steiner takes on the role as a blood brother
to Stevie Ray. Stevie even goes so far as dying his hair platinum
blonde, and walking to the ring in sunglasses.


WINNER: The matchup takes place with a big push. Emotional interviews
from both Mothers are shown. The first classic tag-team matchup in
several years for WCW, very fast and action packed, both sides showed
why they are classic tag-team specialists.


Stevie Ray pulls a bag of white dust from his drunk and hurls
it into Booker T's eyes. The blinded Booker T is pushed from behind by
Scott Steiner, as he nails Rick Steiner with a Harlem Sidekick, and
covers him for the pin. Scott and Stevie Ray celebrate, but much to
their surprise Rick kicks out! Booker T clears the foreign
substance from his eyes, while Stevie Ray loads his hands up with
another dose of the white stuff.


Scott Steiner grabs Booker T from behind and readies him for another illegal shot of dust. Booker T ducks at the last moment, sending the foreign substance into the eyes of Scott Steiner. Rick Steiner clocks Stevie Ray with a forearm from behind that sends him into the blinded arms of Scott Steiner. Steiner, thinking he has Booker T, delivers a brutal Steiner suplex on his partner and pins him for the 3 count.

Sting vs. Warrior
This one is no frills. No smoke, no stables, no makeup. Both of these
men have had a rivalry since their beginnings as the tag team of the
"Blade Runners". Warrior has secretly been envious of Sting and his
popularity throughout the years, while Sting always looked down upon
his 'unstable' former partner. Both men surprise the crowd as they walk
to ringside without their traditional make-up. This one looks like an
all-out war.

WINNER: What could've been a smoke and mirrors type matchup between
the Renegade and NWO Sting, actually turned into being one of the best
performances by each grappler. Sting showed his lighter side, and the
charisma that he's been famous for, while Warrior overpowered with his
physique and turned it into a test of endurance. After several periods
during the match in which both moon look as though they are going to
shoot on one another, this one finishes with a classic 1-2 punch.


Warrior takes the lead as he pummels Sting from one corner to the
next, busting the superstar open. In the end, Warrior lifts the
battered and bloody Sting high overhead in a gorilla press, and drops
him face first. Warrior begins to charge up, but much to his surprise
he's grabbed from behind by his hair...Sting lands on his feet and
its time for the Scorpion Death Drop. With that, Sting places his
former teammate in position and nails the finisher with a sickening
thud, getting the 1, 2, 3!

Hogan (w/Bischoff) vs. Flair (w/Anderson)
Who doesn't want to see this matchup.  Maybe these guys are past their
prime, but hell, I'd love to see Flair stretch Hogan one last time.
Bill this as the be all end all of classic matchups, "Flair vs. Hogan:
The Final Chapter". A back and forth battle will both men giving it
their all, Hogan with his "hulk-ups" and Flair bleeding like a stuck


It boils down to the referee knocked down, Bischoff interferes.
Arn, always watching the champ's back, doesn't hesitate while tossing
Bischoff into the ropes and nailing him with his trademark Spinebuster.


WINNER: Flair wins via submission after Hogan taps out while in the
Figure Four Leglock.

Nash vs. Goldberg
This one is set in stone, the man versus the myth. Who will budge?
Tons of hype for this matchup, with each wrestler in the federation
taking sides on this one. The matchup is a very heated one, Goldberg
reversing several of Nash's power moves, while Nash impresses the
onlookers by overpowering the unbeatable Goldberg. A very well rounded
match that lasts over a half an hour. Goldberg finally spears the
giant killer, and begins pumping up the crowd for his infamous
"Jackhammer". Sure enough, he lifts Nash into position and nails a
picture-perfect delivery, as the ref counts 1...2...3...NO! Suddenly
the ref is pulled out of the ring just before the 3 count, as the
accomplice crawls beneath the ring, making Goldberg release the pin
and look for the ref.

Goldberg leans over the ropes, looking at the referee Mark Curtis when he's tapped on the shoulder from behind and...*WHAMO*!!! Superkick! Stevie Richards makes his presence known as Goldberg falls to the mat with a sickening thud! Stevie jumps out of the ring while Kevin Nash makes the cover for the WCW World wouldn't that be nice?!
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