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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 064

Date:  Saturday November 14th, 1998  9:56 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet


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The program began with Announcer Joey Styles in the ring welcoming the
crowd. This was followed by a short highlight reel of ECW action.

Taz, wearing his FTW Title Belt, joined Styles in the ring. Taz
complained about Sabu stealing his thunder at the recent ECW PPV,
November To Remember (N2R) and now has a problem with Sabu as well as
ECW Champion, Shane "The Franchise" Douglas.
Douglas came to the ring
accompanied by Francine, The Head Cheerleader and Co-Winner of the
recent RTSC Queen Of Wrestling Pageant. Francine was looking even
finer than usual.


Douglas agreed with Taz that Sabu had screwed him at N2R. He talked about the history between him and Taz and then asked Taz to do him one favor. He asked Taz to take Sabu out prior to the next ECW PPV, Guilty As Charged, scheduled for January 10, 1999, in Orlando, FL (the BEST Place in the world). He said if Taz will do that, and make it easier for Douglas to beat him, he will give him Francine. The crowd went insane. Douglas and Francine left the ring.


Styles to Taz, "Obviously, you can't be bought." Taz responded as he
left he ring, "Obviously." He was not too convincing. What is obvious
is that Taz is not blind. Take out Sabu, get Francine. Not a very
tough choice.

The regular ECW opening was run.

The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray, D-Von, Big Dick and Sign Guy were in the
ring, along with their Advisor, Joel "Pass The 'Taters And Gravy"
Gertner. They were there for their Tag Team Title Match against Balls
Mahoney and Masato Tanaka (C). Gertner, in an extremely rare show of
dignity and class, dedicated tonight's program to Axl Rotten's 95 year
old grandmother, who is gravely ill with cancer. He said that Axl
isn't in attendance tonight as he is at her bedside in
Baltimore. He
got a big pop from the crowd and Styles complimented him for his
words. This was another first, Styles saying something nice about


Bubba Ray (BBR) took the mic and said that Gertner was wrong, that Axl's granny was ill all right, but not with cancer. He said "the old bag has syphilis." The crown began a chant of "@$$hole," as BBR continued his tirade. Sign Guy apparently thought BBR was off base and
told him so. D-Von and BBR thought Sign Guy was off base and decked
him. Sign Guy had best be careful, the Dudley Boyz have been known to
have other things on their Thanksgiving menu than turkey.

After a commercial, Styles apologized for BBR's comments. Balls and
Tanaka hit the ring and expressed their displeasure at BBR with fists,
not words. The match began as a free for all with all four men
fighting in the ring. They paired off, with Tanaka and D-Von out on
the floor, and Balls and BBR fighting in the ring. BBR swapped places
with D-Von. Balls hit D-Von with a Back Body Drop, but took a Flying
Forearm from D-Von. Big Dick joined BBR in assaulting Tanaka on the
floor. D-Von hit a Slam and went for an apparent People's Elbow,
getting Styles attention, but changed it into a Head Butt. He went for
pin, but Balls escaped. D-Von followed with another Slam and a
Dudleyville Jam. Balls again got out of an attempt at a pin.


Meanwhile, BBR and Tanaka continued fighting on the floor. D-Von was
caught on the top turn buckle and dumped off. Balls hit a Superkick
and Body Slam. He followed with a Flying Elbow off the top turn
buckle, went for the pin, but BBR made the save. Big Dick continued
fighting with Tanaka on the floor, and Tanaka threw him into the
crowd. BBR brought a cheese grater into the ring. This got the first
"Oh, my G-d" of the night from Styles. The second one followed almost
immediately as BBR used the grater on Balls face. This could be
considered as being cruel and inhuman punishment, but you have to have
seen Balls' face. What harm could BBR possibly do to it? Balls' face
fast became a crimson mask. BBR and Balls went out to the floor and
into the crowd. D-Von and Tanaka fought on the floor as we went to a

When we returned, Balls and BBR were back in the ring. BBR was caught
on the top turn buckle and hit with a Superflex. Styles said the ring
looked like it moved two feet with that move. Big Dick worked over
Tanaka on the floor. Hmmm. Is Big Dick in this match?? Not wanting to
be left out of the action, Sign Guy got into the ring and faced off
with Balls. His stupidity was one-upped by Gertner, who came in with a
chair. Being smarter than the average
Dudley (that makes him about one
step up from earthworm) Sign Guy took off as fast as his fat little
legs would allow him to.


Balls took the chair away from Gertner and returned it to him, right between the eyes. Gertner went out to floor as fast as he would go for seconds at a buffet. He was out colder than BBR's heart. All four men were in the ring with chairs and we saw Dueling Chairs, a standard when these four meet. The Dudleys got the worst of it and went down, also a standard. I told you The Dudley's aren't Rocket Scientists. Balls and Tanaka went for a double pin, but both Dudley's kicked out. Balls and Tanaka kept up their attack, but still couldn't get a pin.


Balls hit The Nutcracker Suite and Tanaka hit a Tornado DDT, but again the Dudley's both kicked out. Balls and Tanaka went for a repeat of their finishing moves, but both were blocked. The Dudley's hit Tanaka with The 3-D (Dudley Death Drop).  When he wakes up next week, he will find that he is no longer Tag Team Champion. Big Dick carried Gertner, who was still in lala land, back to the locker room for the victory celebration.

Winners - The Dudley Boyz and New ECW Tag Team Champions for the Fifth

Styles talked about The Dudley Boyz being Tag Team Champions again,
breaking their tie with Public Enemy, and becoming ECW's first five
time Champions.

The next match was for the ECW TV Championship, pitting Rob "Mr.
Monday Night" Van Dam (RVD) (C) v. Tommy "The Innovator Of Violence"
Dreamer. Prior to the match, we saw highlights of a previous meeting
between them. It was held in
Queens, NY on August 21, 1997, and won by
Dreamer with a DDT off the 2nd turn buckle.

RVD came to the ring accompanied by his partner Sabu and their Manager
Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso. The crowd chanted "Whole F'N Show." The match
started off with both men exchanging several basic wrestling moves.
The crowd kept up the chant of "Whole F'N Show." Tommy dropped RVD and
stomped on his head. Both tried several kicks, but the other evaded
the moves. The crowd began a chant of "Sabu," much to RVD's
displeasure. Tommy applied a Hammer Lock. RVD came back with a Monkey
Flip. Tommy hit a Spine Buster. A Clothesline by Tommy sent RVD over
the top rope to the floor, and into the guard rail. Tommy grabbed a
chair and leaped from the apron onto RVD, hitting him in the skull
with the chair.


RVD fought back by Irish Whipping Tommy into the guard rail, where he pounded him. RVD hit a neat Side Russian Leg Sweep as Tommy came in, dropping him to the floor. Tommy came back with an Irish Whip of his own. He picked up a chair, but Fonzie grabbed it, preventing him from using it. RVD nailed Tommy with a Springboard Plancha coming off the guard rail. This got the 3rd "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. They got back into the ring, where RVD hit a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop. This started the crowd chanting, "Whole F'N Show" again.


If you have never seen RVD in action, doing moves no one else even attempts, you have missed something. He is truly "The Whole F'N Show." We then saw another Slingshot Leg Drop off the top rope by RVD,
a unique move. RVD pinned Tommy in a corner and hit him with a variety
of kicks. Tommy fought back and put RVD in The Tree Of Woe and hit him
with a chair as he tried to extricate himself. Tommy hit a Hangman's
Neck Breaker off the top turn buckle, but RVD somehow managed to kick
out of a pinning attempt. Tommy missed an Elbow Drop. RVD missed an
attempt at The VanDaminator, but Leg Dropped Tommy head first onto the
chair. Tommy kicked out of a pinning attempt. RVD was caught on the
top turn buckle and hit with a Superflex onto the chair. Tommy hit a
Frog Splash, but RVD again kicked out. Tommy hit a Pile Driver as we
went to a commercial.

When we got back, RVD nailed a Slingshot Side Kick off the top rope
and then kicked Tommy in the face. He is a one man highlight reel. He
followed with three Forearm Smashes, but Tommy hit a Dreamer Driver.
He went to the floor and set up a table from the apron to the guard
rail, and dragged RVD onto to it. He set up a chair on one side of the
ring, apparently set to try one of Sabu's Springboard Triple Jumps,
but Sabu tripped him and he hit the chair face first. RVD set Tommy up
on the table and Sabu came off the top rope onto Tommy, putting him
thru the table and probably to
Brooklyn. Sabu rolled Tommy into the
ring, but he escaped a pin attempt. RVD then hit a Tumbling Senton
Splash, and once again Tommy got out of the pin attempt. A Suflex by
RVD, another pin attempt, another kick out. Tommy hit a Spiccoli
Driver in desperation. Sabu started into the ring to make a save if
necessary, but
Douglas charged to ringside and stopped him. Taz and
Chris Candido joined in the pounding on Sabu. RVD hit a Plancha onto
all of them except Sabu.


Justin Credible and members of The AWO (@$$hole World Order), (Jason and The Blond Bimbo's Bimbo) came to ringside. Credible got in the ring and hit Tommy with his Singapore Cane. He followed with a Tombstone Pile Driver on Tommy and then headed for the subway with the AWO following. RVD hit Tommy with a Frog Splash, but Tommy once again kicked out. It looked like RVD hurt his ribs on that move. He then crotched Tommy on the top rope. Sabu held Tommy by one leg so he couldn't get off the ropes and Fonzie held a chair in front of Tommy's Face. Tommy quickly checked to make sure his Last Will And Testament were in order and hoped for a last minute call from the Governor. The call didn't come, but RVD did with a major VanDaminator. Tommy can be awakened in about a week, if he's lucky.


The easy pin followed. RVD, Sabu and Fonzie celebrated. Tommy dreamed
of his next match.

Winner - Rob Van Dam - Retaining the ECW TV Championship

We saw a montage of several ECW stars. An obvious time filler, as the
program ended. Another solid hour from ECW.




The elation caused by the election of Jesse "The Mind" Ventura as
Governor of Minnesota, coupled with the stupidity of WCW's angle of
Old Baldy running for President, has apparently started the silly
season. In the past week I have read three Articles that had political
references in them. I agreed with what was said in one and disagreed
with the other two. Two were written by veteran Internet writers and
one from a newcomer. All three espoused an agenda that the author
would have you believe is the correct one. I am not talking about the
Slick Willie or Monica type joke. I am talking about ripping one Party
or Politician, or telling us how wonderful the Party or Politician
they prefer is.

I am a strong believer in the political process, however, do not think
that using a wrestling column is the proper forum for stating my
views. If I want to write something with a political overtone, I will
use a more appropriate theater. The rationale given by those that use
their wrestling column in this way is that they are stating an
opinion, and that makes it OK to do. I don't think so. Like Dirty
Harry says, "Opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one." People are
no more interested in reading about your political opinions in a
wrestling article than in reading about what you did on your family
vacation to Dudleyville last summer. Write whatever you want about
wrestling, but keep your political views to yourself. Don't pollute my
In Box with your vapid Democratic or Republican ideas, and I won't
waste your time telling you about my friends hangnail problem or
receding hair line. All are about as interesting as watching grass
turn brown, and half as important.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Rattwap
With all the different organizations in the WCW, like nWo, Black and
white, nWo Wolfpac, OWN, and LWO, it would only seem fit that they
make a new branch of the original nWo, the nWo Black and Blue. It
would be made up of all the jobbers and and injured guys in the WCW
and nWo. And who better to lead them into failure than the Giant?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: (Alberto Rizzi)
>Submitted by reader: Bennett, J. AT1 (
>I have followed WCW for the last 24 years and I have to admit the
quality of the matches has gone straight downhill, since Hogan got to
the WCW.

I have to agree with this fan (although I started to watch WCW. only
in 1994): but I would like to add one thing. I was a big fan of the
WWF until one/two months ago and never in my life I would have
considered the idea of changing my belief. I supported the WWF during
internet chats, but now I realize I was making a mistake. Lately, if
you try to put together a "Best of Nitro tape" and the "Best Of Raw"
tape you will see that the quality is a lot better in WCW than in
the WWF.


Yeah, I'm sure that (considering the average of all the matches in the two shows) WWF will win, but they aren't able to put on a stellar match
since KOTR 98. And I am talking about the CruiserWeight action, or
Goldberg vs. Page (maybe not stellar but really good), or Raven vs.
Saturn vs. Kanyon and Public Enemy vs. Disco/Alex from Road Wild.

So, to quickly summarize: if we consider 10 matches from both federations, the WWF will give to us 10 good matches, and WCW will reply with 4 of the worst matches we have ever seen - 3 average matches but also 3 matches that every federation (including the WWF) will love to have in their ring. That's the reason why, lately, I'm watching more WCW
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