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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 065

Date:  Sunday November 15th, 1998  11:40 am 

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Saturday Night Report for November 14th, 1998
By Steve Appy
David "Fit" Finlay pinned Scott Armstrong in
The Curse of The Armstrongs continues. Finlay scored the victory
after delivering a Tombstone Piledriver. Tenay mentioned that Finlay
would be missing World War 3 due to teaming with Jerry Flynn in
New Japan during the same period.

Van Hammer pinned Emory Hale in 4:06
Is Hammer a babyface or a heel? I'm not sure if he even knows.
Hammer won the match after delivering a Flashback (a screwed up

Raven and Kanyon began an impromptu interview, where Raven mentioned
his mother never cared about him. He was interrupted by Eddie
Guerrero, flanked by the LwO. He insulted Raven because of his
whining, mentioning that Raven and DDP get more interview time than
anyone else in WCW (very true!). Raven told Eddie that he would
get more interview time if he learned better English, leading Eddie to challenge Raven to a match later in the program.

Prince Iaukea pinned Norman Smiley in
Iaukea won after a springboard into a Senton (quote Mike Tenay

WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho defeated The Disco Inferno via
submission in
Disco and
Jericho play off each other so well its a treat to see them against each other. Jericho tried to hit Disco with a Lionsault, which totally missed his target. Somehow, the television time limit was 7:06; when teasing a draw, why not use a legit time (like ten or fifteen minutes). Disco tapped out to the Liontamer with four seconds remaining in the match.

Gene Okerlund interviewed David "Fit" Finlay. While Finlay acknowledged his delight in wrestling in
Japan he was also upset that he would miss World War 3. The interview wasn't anything special, although it does help flesh out Finlay's character.

Announced for this Monday's Nitro- Disco Inferno, Wrath, Chris
Jericho, Bret Hart, and WCW World Champion Goldberg.

Vincent defeated Johnny Swinger via submission in
1:07 with The Armbar

Meng pinned Scott Putski in
2:52 after what else, the Tongan Death Grip.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Alex Wright in
While Wright may not be active in the Cruiserweight Division, these
men are two of the best Cruiserweights in WCW. After Chavo scored the
upset after a reverse roll up, Wright beat on Chavo with Pepe. The
start of a feud? The work would be solid, although the storylines
would probably be awful.

Stevie Ray & Horace (w/Vincent) defeated Disorderly Conduct in 3:38
Stevie Ray scored the pin after a stuff piledriver.

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho.
Jericho once again claimed to have played professional football and
he guaranteed that he would win the World War 3 battle royal.

Announced for this Thursday's Thunder- Chris Jericho, Saturn, Juventud
Guerrera Jr., Wrath, and Kidman

Eddie Guerrerodefeated Raven (w/Kanyon) via disqualification in

Raven was DQed when Kanyon interfered; the LwO made the save. Too
short to allow these two to put together anything memorable.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Scott Levison (
Actually, I can see this scenario...
Barry Horowitz forms *his* own group....the Jewish World Order (you
will note he now has a Star Of David on his trunks). He tries to
recruit Goldberg (naturally), Raven (Scott Levy) and Rick Rude...
Well, its an idea....(incidentally, my mother's maiden name was
Horowitz...wonder if I'm related to him?)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: SKELETIN
What is with the Survivor Series? Is there a problem with the whole
WWF staff?

Hey, don't get me wrong, I think the WWF is the best by far and if it
disbanded and was never on the air again I would move to Philly, but
they are not following the tradition that made them the best. Is SS
now a KOTR and vise versa? SS was my favorite event ever since I
started watching. Until now. The four on fours were the best part
because it wasn't like your average tag match that time you and your
team would have to go through all four guys.


I always wanted a merge of SS and KOTR so the four men would advance, even if some were eliminated they would all come back for the next match. However, my idea is different because now SS is a KOTR. All
I'm saying is that SS was one of the greatest events they ever had,
and yeah, sometimes like the Royal Rumble they would have 1 no-name
Mexican/Japanese wrestlers fill spots for some unknown reason. (remember Shawn Michaels and his 3 Knights) but it was still good. I think they were better than WM, all of them. McMahon, bring back what brought you to the top.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ZzWiLLiEzZ
The WWF has Stone Cold, WCW has Goldberg, ECW has
Douglas. But wait a
second.  I mean, the fans like Austin and Goldberg, and even Douglas, but are they the best wrestler in the sport?

As Stone Cold would say, OH HELL NO???  See, if you have ever watched ECW you have the privilege to see a guy so cool he has a day of the
week named after him.

This guy, is Rob Van Dam. Another win for Paul E in making a
superstar with jaw dropping ability. McMahon, he made his own creation with
Austin, and Bischoff made Goldberg a star, but Paul E does things no one sees.


He has Sabu, a Main Eventer for ECW who goes all out, life and limb for this sport.  He has TAZ, a guy who I'm taller than, and he too is a headliner.

Rob Van Dam is the next Superstar. Heyman made him, and RVD continues to be a superstar in this sport. His amazing athleticism makes him second to none. While he isn't yet a World Champion because of some major angles with
Douglas. But his day is coming, and world title belt
or not, RVD is best wrestler in the world, and no one can deny that.
- The eXtreme Dream

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
11/16/98- The Brood comes out. Bob Holly is already in the ring
with 2 Cold Scorpio at ringside. Edge is set to take on Holly in a
one on one match. The match starts and Edge dominates it hitting all
his moves. Finally Edge goes for the Downward Spiral but as he drops
to his back, Holly holds onto the ropes and Edge elbows the referee.
Gangrel jumps up onto the apron. He distracts Holly while Christian
jumps him from behind and gives him the Tomakaze. Edge gets up and is
told to hold Holly by Gangrel. He holds him while Gangrel takes a
gulp of blood out of his glass. He spits it at Holly only to have Bob
move out of the way, and Edge get it in the eyes. Holly rolls him up
and the ref is slowly getting up and makes the
1-2-3. Holly runs out
with 2 Cold. Edge looks over at Gangrel, and walks away from him.

11/22/98- Gangrel comes out for a match against 2 Cold Scorpio.
Gangrel totally dominates it, and is about to finish him with the
Super DDT. As he picks him up Edge gets up on the apron and tells
Gangrel to hold 2 Cold. Edge grabs the cup of blood and takes a swig.
Gangrel realizes that the ref will DQ him if he sees it so he gives
him the Super DDT, knocking him unconscious. Edge prepares to spit it
in 2 Cold's eyes but as he does he nails Gangrel and blinds him.
Christian pushes Edge down of the apron and stares him down. 2 Cold
prepares to make the cover but Edge runs in the ring with a chair. He
kicks 2 Cold, drops the chair and gives him the Downward Spiral on the
chair. As he gets up, Gangrel grabs him thinking its 2 Cold and
gives him the Super DDT. Edge is knocked out. Gangrel revives him
and tries to apologize but Edge shoves him and walks out through the

11/23/98- Edge comes out and is ready to fight Gangrel. The match
goes on and Christian runs out and gives Edge the Tomakaze. Gangrel
looks at Christian in awe, like he's pissed at him, put he laughs and
walks out with him.

11/29/98- Edge comes out by himself with a microphone in his
street clothes. He speaks for the first time and does an interview on
how this Gothic thing was a load of Bull S*** and that Gangrel is a
F***ing Loser. He no longer wants to be a part of the Brood. He says
that he's sick and tired of all this crap, and he's not Edge. Next
Week on RAW he says that he'll unveil his secret to the world.

12/7/98- Edge comes out for another interview. Just as he's about
to speak Gangrel's music starts and he comes out from the ground into
the circle of fire. Christian and Gangrel walk out together and
prepare to jump Edge. They come out and confront Edge and take the
microphone. Gangrel tells Edge that he's going through a Crisis and
that he forgives him for what he has said last week. Edge grabs the
mic back and tells him to F*** Off because he meant what he says and
he'd say it again.


Just then a masked man runs in from the back with a table. He throws
the table into the ring, grabs a chair and runs into the ring. He
nails both of them with a chair and sets up the table. He lays both
of them on the table. He climbs to the top rope and double legdrops
both of them through the table and runs out.

12/13/98- Edge comes out and tells Gangrel & Christian that he'll
face them later that night at Rock Bottom, in a tag team match with
his mystery partner. They both come out to the rampway and nod.

ROCK BOTTOM 12/13/98- Gangrel walks out with Christian. They're
in the ring when some unfamiliar music starts. Edge walks out with the
Masked Man wearing matching tights. They run in and clear house. They
hit them with Powerbombs, Piledrivers, Hurricanranas until they're
both out of the match. Edge lays both of them out with a Double
Downward Spiral. The Masked Man brings in a table. They lay them both
out on the table. They climb the opposite turnbuckles and double
legdrop both of them through the table & pins them.


After the match
Edge grabs the mic and does another interview. He says he was never Edge and that was just a load of BS that Vince made him do. He says he is truly Sexton Hardcastle. The fans have no F'N' clue what he's talking about but they go along with it anyway. He then goes on to present his new permanent tag team partner... Joe E. Legend. The Masked Man takes his mask off and reveals himself to be Joe E. Legend. They will now reunite to once again become...
Sex & Violence.

12/14/98- Sex & Violence comes out and challenges the New Age
Outlaws for the Belts TONIGHT! The match starts and S & V are
trailing behind until Sweet Daddy Siki their trainer runs out with a
Chair and nails them while the ref's distracted. Edge gives them a
double Downward Spiral knocking them out. Joe E. climbs to the top
and legdrops both of them. Joe E. & Sexton make the double pin.
1-2-3! NEW CHAMPS!

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Cyclonus1X
I am a big Ultimo Dragon fan. Is he returning or retiring? If he is
retiring I think that Kaz Hayashi (aka Shiryu) would be a great new
Ultimo Dragon. Yes, I know there is Tokyo Magnum but I enjoyed him
more as a silly little valet to the Dancing Fools.

Second, I wish the WWF had a cruiserweight division even close to
WCW's. Right now they are just wasting talent like Taka Michinoku and
Kaientai (well Dick Togo mainly). Lightweights and The Luchadors are
some if not the hardest workers in the biz! Give them more air time!

Third, I wish Mick Foley would just say "screw you Vince" and be
nobody but Cactus jack. Its silly when you've seen matches like
Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk in
Japan then you see him jobbing in
America. For the Survivor Series Mick should bring over "Leather
Face" since he is cool also.


Next, I understand that Stone Cold is the cash cow but I think The Rock is the future of The WWF (him, Foley and a better light weight division) I say this because the Rock has is all (except maybe ground submission skills although everybody can't be Dean Malenko).  The Rock definitely works the crowd. I think The Rocks popularity began rising when Raw was in Detroit in September.
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