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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 066

Date:  Sunday November 15th, 1998  8:29 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Steve Appy

Mankind pinned Duane Gill
Vince McMahon introduced the participants and took great pleasure in
introducing former jobber Duane Gill.  I don't even remember Duane
Gill, actually.  Mankind scored a quick victory with the Double Arm DDT.

Al Snow pinned Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael)
Snow pinned Jarrett after hitting Jarrett with Head, leading to Snow VS. Mankind in the second round.

Dok Hendricks interviewed IC Champion Ken Shamrock. Shamrock promised that pain would be in Goldust's future.

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Big Boss Man via disqualification
The Boss Man was DQ’ed after nailing
Austin with the nightstick. He
pounded on
Austin relentlessly, seemingly setting Austin up for defeat
in the second round.

Michael Cole interviewed Vince McMahon. McMahon gloated about the
Austin would be in the rest for the tournament.

Steven Regal fought X-Pac to a double countout
McMahon, upset that this would send
Austin straight to the third
round, attempted to restart the match. X-Pac was too injured to
continue and the original decision stood.

Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock defeated Goldust via submission
The referee stopped Goldust when he went for The Shattered Dreams which enabled Shamrock to hit Goldust with The Hurricarana for the victory.

Rocky Maivia pinned The Big Boss Man in 0:04
Brisco & Patterson announced that Triple H was not in the arena tonight, and The Big Boss Man was announced as Triple H's replacement. As soon as The Boss Man entered the ring, The Rock rolled him up for a quick three count.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) pinned Kane
After Paul Bearer distracted Kane, The Undertaker locked Kane into the
Tombstone Piledriver for the victory.

Mankind defeated Al Snow via submission
Mankind dropped Snow face first onto a steel chair. It was revealed
that McMahon kidnapped Mr. Socko and tied him around Head. When
Mankind noticed this, he went crazy. Wearing Mr. Socko, he used the
Mandable Claw to secure the victory.

Rocky Maivia pinned Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock
The Boss Man tried to throw Shamrock his nightstick, which The Rock
intercepted. Rocky won the match after nailing Shamrock with the

Sable pinned Jacqueline (w/Marc Mero) to win the WWF Women's
Sable applied The Sable Bomb to Mero. Sable captured the
championship after a Sable Bomb, a further sign of how poor Marc Mero has really sunk pretty low.

Mankind pinned Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold stunned
Austin onto a chair; right before the ref finished
the three count, Vince McMahon attacked the referee. Shane McMahon
ran down to finish the count.

Right before the three count, Shane stopped counting and flipped
Austin off. At this point, the stooges ran in and nailed Austin.
Austin was beat down enough to enable Foley to score the
pin. The McMahon's and the stooges left the arena, with Stone Cold
chasing right behind them.

The Rock defeated The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) via disqualification
Kane charged the ring and chokeslammed The Rock, causing The Undertaker
to be disqualified. The Undertaker, enraged, starting brawling with Kane.

WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated The
Headbangers and D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry in a Triple Threat match
Billy Gunn wore shorts that were flesh colored in the back, making him look like Saturn's new pal. Gunn pinned Mosh to win the match. After the match, Gunn mooned the crowd, wearing a g-string. Very bad.

The Rock pinned Mankind to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship
The Rock had Mankind locked in the Sharpshooter for a few seconds and
Vince had the bell run. Mankind was confused, although this was cleared up when Rocky nailed Mankind from behind. The McMahon's crowned The Rock "The Corporate Champion".
Austin charged the ring and stunned both Maivia and Mankind.

its sad that McMahon is still obsessed with the Survivor Series
finish of last year.  The Sharpshooter, the premature finish. Not that the finish was bad, and I didn't anticipate The Rock turning heel. The Rock has finally reached the upper echelon.
According to Bob Ryder of, Ted DiBiase appeared on the "Wrestling Rap" radio show on Saturday and said he was "disappointed in Vince McMahon" for the direction he has taken the WWF.


DiBiase credited McMahon for popularizing wrestling in the 80's by steering Titan in a family oriented direction. But now he wouldn't think of allowing his children to watch Monday Night RAW due to the racy and adult nature of the angles. Ryder says that DiBiase noted he currently has one year left on his WCW contract and that he will not go back to manage, but may do color commentary.


DiBiase also said that he respects Eric Bischoff and for not resorting to the adult content to match the WWF's ratings.


Dibiase quoted the following: "They say they are appealing to a more
mature audience, but they continue to promote T-Shirts, dolls, and
video games...things directed at children."

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader:
This would never happen, but what the hell.

WORLD WAR 3 11/22/98- Rey Mysterio Jr. takes on Billy Kidman, in what
turns out to be a classic match. Kidman goes up for the Shooting Star
Press but Rey moves out of the way. Rey gives Kidman the Springboard
Hurricarana and pins him to become the Cruiserweight Champion.

11/30/98- Rey Mysterio pins Juventud Guerrera in another one of
their great 5 star matches. Eric Bischoff walks out with a mic and
hits the ring. He asks Rey to join the nWo
Hollywood and tells Rey that he'll get tons of money, tons of women &  tons of luxuries. Rey grabs the mic and tells him that he doesn't need all that as long as he has his fans.

12/7/98- Bischoff is out doing another stupid interview when Rey
comes out to tons of cheers. Bischoff gives him the microphone and
Rey talks. "I'd love to join the nWo, because my fans are a bunch of
fat Assholes!" Bischoff shakes his hand and gives him a nWo shirt.
Rey holds the ropes open for him and Bischoff leaves. As he walks
away Rey rips off the shirt, and nails Eric with a Springboard
Plancha. He grabs the mic and tells the nWo to kiss his ass!

NITRO 12/14/98- Bischoff is out and is saying that Rey wasn't
Crusierweight champion material in the first place and next week Rey
would have to forfeit the belt or join the nWo.

12/21/98- The whole nWo Black & White is out in the ring.
Bischoff says "I'd like to present to you, the newest member of the
nWo, Rey Mysterio Jr." Just then the Wolfpack music starts over the
PA, Sting, Nash, Luger, Konnan, & Rey Mysterio Jr. all walk out in
Red & Black T-shirts. Rey grabs a mike and says you didn't say which
nWo, Bischoff, you pansy ass wussy!" The two factions brawl, but the
Pac come out on top when they all pull out baseball bats and wail away
on nWo

THUNDER 12/24/98- Bischoff comes out and tells everybody that because
Rey joined the Wolfpac & Bischoff is in need of a Cruiserweight that
he'll have a surprise for Rey at STARRCADE. At STARRCADE it would be
Rey vs. ??? from the nWo.

12/27/98- Rey comes out to the Wolfpac music and is dancing
around with his new belt. Eazy E comes out the entrance way and does
the introduction...

"Ladies & Gentleman welcome to STARRCADE. Hey Rey!! I got a surprise
for you. From
Osaka, Japan weighing in at 175lbs. The current FMW
Brass Knuckles & Independent Champion. "Darkside" HAYABUSA!!!" Rey
has a shocked look on his face, while he stares at Eric.


Coming out from the entrance is Hayabusa, dressed in black garb from head to toe.  He runs to the ring, and nails Rey with a Spin Kick to the temple, which nearly takes off his head. He nails him with all these kicking combinations, a Powerbomb, etc. Rey is nearly unconscious when Hayabusa goes to the top. He jumps off and attempts the Phoenix Splash (aka 450) but Rey moves his masked ass out of the way.


He goes onto the apron in an attempt of the Springboard Hurricarana. As he jumps onto Hayabusa, he catches him mid air, and gives him a Running Ligerbomb. He Grabs him and puts him on the top tope and nails him with the Super Falcons Arrow! He attempts the pin put only gets a 2. Rey gets directly up and nails him with a Hurricarana. Bischoff sees this and gets on the ring apron distracting the ref. The Giant runs in and Chokeslams Rey so hard that he almost goes through the ring.


Hayabusa gets up to his feet and sees that Rey is out cold. Haya climbs up the turnbuckles with his back to Rey and nails him with the Stardust Press. 1-2-3! New Champion!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Moj8681
11/23 RAW- Mankind, who at Survivor Series, got an easy road with a
jobber mystery opponent, and with some help from the Boss Man in later rounds, comes out at the opening and asks his "dad" (Vince) to join him.  McMahon does so. Mankind says he wants to defend his title later on that night and Vince obliges.

Meanwhile, Scorpio loses a match for the
JOB Squad. Back to Mankind,
he faces Mark Henry for the Hardcore belt. The Boss Man interferes to give Mankind the win.

11/29 HEAT- Mankind again asks for a challenging match and on the next
night on RAW, Vince says he will get one.

11/30 RAW- Mankind beats Al Snow, once again with help from the Boss
Man.  Scorpio and Holly lose to the Headbangers. Scorpio looks upset.

12/6 HEAT- Scorpio loses again and is upset.

12/7 RAW- Mankind asks once again for a challenge. He beats Scorpio
with the Stooges helping out. Scorpio leaves the ring very angry. Mankind, after the match, asks Vince to stop interfering in his matches. He wants clean wins and a
REAL challenge. This challenge of Vince's authority obviously pisses him off. McMahon guarantees that Mankind will be shocked at his opponent at Rock Bottom.

The HEAT prior to Rock Bottom, Scorpio says he got a call from someone
who can help his situation. He says he's out of the
JOB Squad.

ROCK BOTTOM- Mankind's opponent is Jimmy Snuka! Mick is overcome with
emotion at the sight of his idol. He has resignations about fighting
his hero, but eventually puts on a great show, but Jimmy wins the Hardcore belt, with help from his protégé, Scorpio! (NOTE: Mankind is not on good terms with Vince. McMahon is happy that Mick lost.)

For the next several weeks leading up to ROYAL RUMBLE, Scorpio, under
Snuka’s tutelage, is on a clean win streak, and against quality opponents.  Mankind, meanwhile, is on a losing streak. At the Rumble, these two meet, since Scorpio cost Mick the Hardcore belt. Mankind wins, and at the February IYH, he will face Snuka.

Leading up to IYH Scorpio still does moderately well and becomes the
European Champion. Mankind and Snuka, both of whom are not favored by Vince, are put into a Ladder match. In a classic, they both climb to the top and both yank the belt, snapping it in half. So they are both the champion?

its all settled at Wrestlemania XV. Scorpio loses the Euro belt to
Steve Regal, but since he impressed McMahon so much, he will get a
shot at the winner of the Hardcore title match. On the other hand,
McMahon is furious that both Mankind and Snuka won't conform. This
title match is a cage match, with each half of the broken belt above
separate corners. The winner must get both belt pieces and exit the
cage. The loser must retire. Snuka grabs both belt shards and is ready
to leave. Mankind is down. Jimmy gives his patented Splash rather than
leaving. The war goes on. Mankind comes back and swipes both belt
pieces.  Foley also does a Superfly Splash off the cage, only this
time the opponent doesn't get up. Mankind wins.

Superfly is forced into retirement and Scorpio gets a Hardcore title
shot at the next PPV. The Superfly/Mankind match, while not the main
event, would no doubt be the match that lingers in everyone's mind. It
would be synonymous with WM XV.
STRONG!!!!!! E-

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