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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 067

Date:  Monday November 16th, 1998  2:30 pm 

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

I'm still shocked by what happened with The Rock last night. Maivia's
popularity was rivaling Stone Cold's; I didn't even entertain the
possibility of a heel turn. Several friends suggested the idea and I
rejected it.

Still, it does make sense. All the strong challengers are babyfaces
(excluding The Undertaker), and there are several strong opponents in
line for a heel Rock. Mankind is one, possibly at Rock Bottom. Stone
Cold is the obvious choice, although I don't anticipate
Austin receiving a
title shot until Wrestlemania.  Shawn Michaels will be a fresh opponent for The Rock upon his return.

Either way, this looks to be an interesting period ahead. Maybe The
Rock VS. Mankind in December, The Rock VS. The Undertaker in January, a
tag team match in February, and The Rock VS. Stone Cold at Wrestlemania. The Rock is poised for super stardom and he seems ready for the task.


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Like Emperor Vince says, "Anything can happen in the WWF." And it did!
Did anyone see it coming? I think not. The Rock in cahoots with
Emperor Vince. Prince Shane still part of the Royal Family.

In turns that I doubt many people (if any at all) saw coming, The Rock
is the new WWF Champion, thanks to The Emperor and his Legions. With
SCSA obviously having Mankind beaten, a slow (or perhaps no) count
keeps the match going, until Mankind can pull out the win. But it is
Prince Shane that counts SCSA out and then gives him the finger!


Here we thought that SCSA and the Prince had formed some sort of alliance against The Emperor! We done be wrong. The result holds true to form.  It looks like Emperor Vince is setting his "adopted son" Mankind up for the ultimate reward, the WWF Championship. Wrong again. He has set us up!


For the past several weeks, it seemed that The Rock was in the
same class as SCSA in the eyes of The Emperor. We done be wrong again!
The fans were "screwed, [with apologies to The Canadian Crybaby, who
screwed himself], SCSA was "screwed" and Mankind was "screwed," The
Rock is the Corporate Champion. What's going on here? Does 2+2=4
still? Are there still seven days in a week? Can't we trust anything?
Anyone? Will Batman and Robin come out?

You got to love it. Don't we watch wrestling for the excitement, the
fun and when we can get it, the unpredictability? That's what makes it
so much fun. Not knowing what is coming next. We hate squash matches
(unless you are a masochist) because we know what is going to happen
and who is going to win. We sure didn't know that at Survivor Series.
Love him (Yuck) or hate him, you have to hand it to him. He keeps us
entertained. Emperor Vince do be The Man.

Tonight on RAW, The Rock will receive the WWF Title Belt. What will
happen? I don't see SCSA, or The Undertaker, Kane and who knows who
else, for that matter, stand idly by with a smile. It promises to be a
blast. Heck, we may find out that SCSA is really a double agent and
Emperor Vince's man. Nah, not even in my wildest dreams. Think The
Rock will defend the Title on RAW? Anything can happen, and usually

What I do see down the road (Can you smell Wrestlemania?) is a
meeting between The Rock and SCSA. It is shaping up to be what Old
Baldy v. His Holiness was when they met at Wrestlemania. We have only
seen the skirmishes so far, the real battle looms.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: UMWChris
I'm undoubtedly going to be called a mark rather than a hardcore fan
that pays attention to details, but I’m here to elaborate on something that nobody cares about.

Duane Gill was a jobber on Superstars and Wrestling Challenge for
years. He often teamed with Barry Hardy, another jobber. He was
famous for flying off the Legion of Doom's shoulders back in the LOD's
WWF hey day!!!! Just some insight for ya.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Triple Hdxarmy9
In response to Ted DiBiase's comments that WWF is aiming their show towards adults and their merchandise towards kids, well here' some new products that could be aimed at the adults who watch Raw:


*Val Venis Condoms
*Terri Runnels Pregnancy Tests
*Goldust Lingerae
*Sable sized Bra's
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Bane Harlock (
I just got home from the ECW house show at Wonderland Race Track in
Revere Ma. According to Tommy Dreamer, Jack Victory was sidelined after the ECW House show in Fall River Ma.


Last night, Dreamer claims that Jack Victory broke his knee in 5 places and will be on the sidelines for a while.  The One Man Gang is also rumored to be on the injured list, as Justin Credible brought out Big Sal E. Gratziano in his match with Dreamer, who was quickly brought down by Spike Dudley.

And apparently Axl Rotten is angry with Buh Buh Ray Dudley for his
comments on last nights ECW Television Spot as his Grandmother is
legitimately hospitalized with Cancer and Buh Buh has decided to make an angle out of it.
- Bane Harlock
Go Die Kore Promotions.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: (Rich Parker)
As the show opens, Vince McMahon comes out congratulating the Rock. He
also announces that at Rock Bottom, he has signed a match between
Steve Austin and Mankind to take on The Rock and Ken Shamrock.
McMahon promises a special guest referee to be announced later that

At the start of the second hour, Shawn Michaels comes out to a huge
pop and sits down at the commentators table to do the rest of the
show. At the end of the show, McMahon announces that the special
referee will indeed be Shawn Michaels.

During the main event of the Rock and Shamrock taking on the New Age
Outlaws, Michaels is commentating.
Austin attacks the Rock and a
brawl breaks out on the arena floor. As Michaels tries to separate
it, the Rock shoves Michaels back. When the brawl ensues in the ring,
Michaels tries to extract revenge with a superkick. Rock ducks, and
Austin has Sweet Chin Music played on him! The Rock and Shamrock
leave as Michaels is distraught.

Austin comes out during the opening calling Shawn Michaels out.
Austin asks Michaels whose side he's on and Shawn says he's trying to
be impartial.
Austin then challenges Michaels to a rematch from Wrestlemania and Michaels agrees only because he would like to even
the score.

As the main event is set to take place the Rock and Shamrock approach
the ring. The match goes on until the Rock comes in and hits
with the Rock Bottom. Shamrock attacks Michaels until Mankind comes
out and tries to make the save. Shamrock and the Rock leave after
winning the battle.

Austin comes out saying how he knows the conspiracy has been set up
against him and it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Michaels
denies siding with McMahon until Austin spits in his face. A brawl
breaks out as McMahon can be seen on the ramp laughing. Austin
promises that this Sunday he'll get to the bottom of this situation.

During the main event, Vince and the Stooges hit the ring and watch
on. Michaels remains impartial until he blindsides Austin with a chair
by accident (Mankind had brought it to the ring, and Shawn was trying
to get rid of it. He used it instinctively when Austin bumped into
him). Mankind inquires, but simply gets a Rock-Bottom. The Rock and
McMahon laugh as it seems Michaels has joined them. Out of nowhere,
Shawn blasts the Rock with Sweet Chin Music! Shamrock attacks
Michaels, but HBK is one step ahead with the chair! Austin STUNS the
Rock and Michaels counts 3. McMahon is in shock and HBK leaves before
any questions can be asked. Austin celebrates with Mankind and
McMahon is PISSED!

McMahon yells at Shawn Michaels for making him look like a fool last
night on Pay-Per-View. Michaels admits that he had sided with
McMahon, but only to reclaim the spot of the showstoppa. Michaels
says he was only back to get his WWF Title back and he doesn't care
who he has to go through to get it. McMahon tells Michaels that he
will put him in the Royal Rumble BUT Michaels will have to enter as #1
if he thinks he's going to get his title back. In the weeks leading
up to RAW it is announced that Rock will face the Undertaker for the Title.

Despite drawing number one, Shawn Michaels puts on a hell of an
effort. It comes down to Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Kane, and Steve
Austin. Austin and Mankind eliminate Kane and Michaels blindsides
Mankind with a clothesline to eliminate him. Austin blocks a
superkick and turns it into a STUNNER!!! Austin throws Michaels out,
but Michaels skims the cat! Austin is celebrating, but Michaels hits
the ring and nails Sweet Chin Music eliminating Stone Cold! Michaels
goes on to WrestleMania for a title match.

During the Rock-Undertaker match, Austin stuns the Rock to get
Undertaker disqualified. Any of Vince's cronies gets stopped for their efforts.

McMahon announces that at In Your House, Austin will meet Rock for the
WWF Title. And the winner will defend against HBK at WrestleMania.

In the weeks to come, Austin is repeatedly saved by HBK when he is
attacked. But one week Austin snaps and stuns Shawn Michaels for
always taking his back.

During the main event, Austin is once again attacked by McMahon's
henchmen. Shawn makes another save but then hits Austin with Sweet
Chin Music prompting a disqualification. Michaels high fives Vince
McMahon and leaves with the Rock and Vince. So Michaels has been in
the conspiracy all along!

Austin is looking for HBK and Vince DEMANDING a rematch with the Rock
and a shot at HBK. McMahon obliges him by stating that if Austin can
defeat Ken Shamrock in a non-title match tonight, he will compete in a
Triple Threat match at WrestleMania.

In the main event, Austin beats Shamrock after Rock miscalculates a
chair shot. Michaels, however, never interferes in this match.

HBK states that he never helped the Rock and Shamrock because he wants a shot at Austin in the Triple Threat match for what happened last year at WrestleMania. But he assures McMahon that with 2-on-1, they have
nothing to worry about!

During the triple threat match, the Rock and Michaels double-team
Austin! When Rock sets up the Rock-Bottom Michaels waits in the
corner. After the move is hit, Michaels winds up SWEET CHIN MUSIC!
The Rock drops to the floor and McMahon doesn't know what's going on!
Michaels covers and RECLAIMS THE WWF TITLE!

Austin is still confused, and McMahon calls Shawn Michaels an
ungrateful little shit. Michaels says that he just wanted his title
back and that NOBODY tells the Heartbreak Kid what to do, especially
McMahon! McMahon VOWS revenge at the April In Your House. Meanwhile,
Austin is also gunning down ol' HBK! McMahon signs HBK-Rock for the
April IYH. However, during the main event, Austin and Rock find
themselves beating HBK down

McMahon announces Austin against the Rock tonight on RAW. But Shawn
Michaels comes out during the main event. Antagonizing both of them.
When both men pull Michaels in the ring and beat on him again, it has
become evident that Austin has sided with McMahon JUST THIS ONCE.
However, there is someone not about to let his buddy be outnumbered!
KEVIN NASH storms down the ramp plowing through refs! Nash jacknifes
the Rock with ease. He stares down Austin as Michaels high fives him
as the show goes off the air.

Michaels states that he has been outnumbered in the WWF for TOO DAMN
LONG! He refuses to be the conspiracy victim. He then announces that
Kevin Nash, his only true friend, is back. And that is anybody had a
problem with it, Nash would steamroll right over them. Nash then
shoots on Austin and McMahon. McMahon books Austin-Nash for the PPV.

During the Austin-Nash match McMahon comes out. Austin, to everyone's
surprise, stuns McMahon! This gives Nash time to regroup and set up
the Jacknife! Nash covers Austin and wins. McMahon laughs over
Austin however as Shamrock is unleashed on him. Apparently, McMahon
was expecting Austin to turn on him so he could see it backfire.
Nash, not a big fan of McMahon's "master plans" heads back to the ring
and saves Austin by hitting Shamrock with the jacknife and attacking


Austin gets to his feet and Nash puts his hand up. Austin then realizes what's happened, and high fives Nash as the two walk away.

During the Michaels-Rock match, Michaels wins a hard fought-match
despite Shamrock, McMahon, and the others' efforts. Michaels walks off with his title as Shamrock and McMahon curse him out! Then Shamrock slaps the anklelock on him as McMahon calls the Rock a piece of crap. Nash, Austin, and Michaels chase them off and the Rock realizes what's
happened. McMahon had been playing them all for the past few months. All four stand in the ring posing as a new found group is found.  Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, and the Rock!
1. The Dudleys never met a tourist they didn't long as he was
seasoned properly.

2. The Dudleys believe in Family Planning. They believe you should
marry a sister or first cousin and have three children.  Then plan a nice Sweet 16 Party for her.

3. The Dudley's believe in a clean environment. They passed an ordinance in Dudleyville banning the uncontrolled burning of unused body parts.

4. They are against domestic violence.  The 3-D is the only acceptable
method for settling family squabbles (Dudleyville Town Ordinance No. DV 169).

5. Being a blood relative is a requirement for citizenship in
Dudleyville, however, this has not been a problem since they are all
related very closely by blood.

6. All products produced by the Dudleyville Sausage Co. are fully
inspected by the USDA (Under Some Dudley's Auspices).

7. Membership in The Dudleyville Country Club is limited to those
Dudley's with at least 18 off-spring, 18 farm animals, or any
combination totaling 18.

8. Your must have at least three teeth left to graduate from
Dudleyville H.S.

9. No Dudley has ever successfully broke into The Dudleyville State
Prison, although many have escaped from it.

10. The average IQ of a Dudley is unknown since none have ever been
able to spell their name correctly and submit a completed test.

11. The monetary unit of Dudleyville is the "Porker."

12. The Dudleys are strong followers of the Stock Market. They are experts at making "Midnight Purchases" of other peoples Stock and then
herding them to Market before daybreak.

13. Hollywood Hogan is a National hero in Dudleyville, and his latest book "Performing 1,000 Wrestling Holds" is required reading in
Dudleyvile HS.

14. Contrary to popular belief, Deliverance was not a history of the
Dudley's. However, Grandpa Dudley served as Technical Advisor on the

15. The Dudleyville Restaurant serves Sunday Brunch 24 hours a day,
every day.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Tom Kirkbride
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Darren Kramer

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